Fashion has become one of the most profitable areas of trade and business over the years. In fact, it’s even more popular in the eCommerce industry, where sales keep going up year after year.

Dropshipping the most popular types of womens bags in 2023
Dropshipping the most popular types of womens bags in 2023

Statista says the following:

  • In 2023, the fashion part of the eCommerce market is expected to be worth $0.88tn.
  • By the end of 2027, the segment is expected to grow by 11.51 percent each year.
  • This will make the market worth an estimated US$1.52tn.

One part of the fashion section that online shoppers always look at is the section for luggage and bags. More specifically:

  • In 2023, the luggage and bags market is expected to be worth US$153.60bn.
  • The CAGR for this section from 2023 to 2026 is expected to be 7.52%.

But this article doesn’t really say why these segments are growing all the time. To find out, you’ll have to look at it more closely. We’ve already talked about:

  • Most common watch types to dropship
  • Dresses that people dropship the most
  • Dropshipping the most popular types of sunglasses
  • Dropshipping the most popular men’s shoes
  • We’re finally going to start focusing on dropshipping the most-requested bags for women.

Is dropshipping women’s bags profitable?

Yes. Bags have always been a part of a woman’s wardrobe because they are both stylish and useful. Even though bags were originally used to carry everyday items, they have become a sign of sophistication and add poise and refinement to a woman’s style. Different occasions require different types of bags, so whether you are going to the movies, on a casual night out with friends, at a formal gathering, at a wedding, or a business meeting, a bag that suits the occasion will always be a necessity. Considering this conclusion and the numbers we looked at above, it’s safe to say that bags can help you make money.

Why would I want to dropship bags for women?

You might be wondering why you should dropship bags instead of just opening a store and selling them there. There are a lot of signs that, taken together, can point to the right answer. We’ll focus on the three most important: price, quality, and variety of products.


As a general rule, the prices of the bags in stores with real walls are much higher. Part of the reason for this is that the store owners have to take care of other day-to-day tasks, like keeping the store in good shape, depreciating the equipment used to run a smooth sales process, paying wages, benefits, rent, and any other costs that come up when running this kind of shop. Because of this, people tend to look online for deals and cheaper prices. Considering this and a few of these statistics about eCommerce businesses, opening a dropshipping store that sells bags would pass the success test and bring you money.


Again, the products sold in brick-and-mortar stores will be of much lower quality than, for example, those sold by some online stores. The reason for this is the same as what we talked about in the price section above: the owner has to pay ongoing costs to keep the store open and able to give full service. So, it’s only natural that the prices of low-quality bags will go up, and the prices of high-quality bags will go through the roof.

On the other hand, online stores can sell high-quality luxury bags for women at better prices because they don’t have to pay for all the things that brick-and-mortar stores do. Because of this, there is a lot more room for price changes. Also, there is no need to buy inventory before a customer places an order or to store all of the inventory somewhere. Dropshipping is a much more reliable business model that will get you more customers and increase your profits.

Various kinds of goods

As we’ve already talked about, brick-and-mortar stores have a much smaller selection of products because they can’t have thousands of bags on the shelves at once. On the other hand, the dropshipping model lets you list many products without having to worry about physical space. In fact, online stores can include a list of all the bags they sell. This gives potential customers a much larger selection of products to choose from, which makes your store more appealing and encourages them to buy something.

What kinds of women’s bags will be the most popular to dropship in 2023?

Putting together your inventory can be hard because it’s so important to know what kind of audience segment you’re going after with your products. Researching the audience market can give you the tools you need to make your product offer more appealing to even the pickiest buyers. Women’s bags are a great product to sell online because they have so many uses and can be used for many different things. In fact, this group can be split up based on the kind of bag a woman would want to buy.

What kinds of womens bags will be the most popular to dropship in 2023
What kinds of womens bags will be the most popular to dropship in 2023

Tote bags for women

Tote bags are one of the most popular types of bags for women because they are useful and their design is meant to look simple. In fact, the main things people know about tote bags are their shapes, which can be either square or rectangular, and their simple look.

This kind of bag is also called the shopper’s bag because it is big and easy to carry. There are many different kinds of tote bags that are made for different occasions and come in different styles that can please even the most picky fashionista.

Women’s Bucket Bags

These bags are made in a unique way, and they are big enough to hold and carry all kinds of things. Their structured bottom makes them safer and easier to balance, so they can be put just about anywhere. The body is almost always made of slouchy materials, and the drawstring, which is typical for this type of bag, is at the top. In general, this handbag can hold a lot of things, which is a nice thing to have. Add a well-known brand name to all of these things, and you have a winning fashion item to dropship.

If you want to sell luxury bags with a name brand, you could try the well-known leather bucket bags by Michael Kors or the useful bucket bags by Coach. These bags are high-end, state-of-the-art items that can easily catch the eye of stylish people and give them the feeling of safety that every brand has. Check out the Byblos Coral bags for a more casual branded experience. These hybrid bags can be a big hit with some customers.

Satchel bags for women

The satchel bag is a great choice for women who want to stay more organised in their daily lives. Students and professionals usually wear it because it is small and has a flat bottom, buckles, clasps, and straps. These keep the bag in place and let you wear it across your body. Because of these features, the satchel bag can be quite big and is therefore used to carry laptops, books, and other heavy items.

Coach’s line of signature luxury bags is made for people who like a mix of style and practicality. If you want something smaller, their mini crossgrain leather bag can be a great addition to your online collection. Last but not least, the Avril satchel bag by Michael Kors is sure to catch the eye of people with good taste.

Hobo bags for women

The hobo bag is shaped like a crescent moon and has no structure, showing that it is meant for casual wear. Because of this, women tend to wear it to more laid-back places and events, like the beach, when going for walks with friends, doing everyday things, etc.

Its loose design gives it a very roomy interior that can hold all of the things you need every day. The design was inspired by old cartoons in which the characters carried around a stick with a sack attached to it.

Hobo bags can be a fun addition to your dropshipping store, and they can bring in a variety of customers. Check out the Michael Kors Suri leather hobo signature bag if you want to add a touch of luxury to this type of bag for women.

Women’s Duffel bags

The duffel bag, which is often called a “weekender” bag, is mostly used for short trips or trips for the weekend. Its round shape makes it great for short trips with friends, and it can hold a lot of things, clothes, and other trip necessities. Because of how they are used, these bags are probably made of weatherproof materials to make them last longer. The horizontal position is very convenient and a great solution for those of you who only need to bring a few things.

Adding them to your web store will give it a new look and attract the right people. Also, if you add some high-end duffel bags to your collection, women travellers will definitely notice you. The Lamborghini duffel bags or the Versace travel bags could be a great addition to your store.

Clutch Bags for Women

The clutch bag is the next bag for women that you can dropship. This type of bag is well-known for its small size, which goes well with a nightdress or goes well with a party outfit. Because it is small, you can’t put a lot of things in it, like a smartphone, lipstick, a small bottle of perfume, and other small things. So, it is the perfect thing to wear to a formal event.

You can look at this list of branded clutch bags, which includes some luxury brands like Michael Kors, Coach, Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, Blumarine, etc., that you could sell in your online store.

Women’s Minaudière

This bag is a kind of clutch bag, but it’s much smaller. Most of the time, the minaudière is worn with a nightgown at exclusive and very formal events. Crystals, beads, and sequins are often added to the structured design to give these bags a touch of sophistication and glitz.

If you want to attract people who go to galas and balls for a living, you should check out the different clutch bags to see how they fit with your web store.

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Backpacks for women

Last on this list of women’s bags to dropship is the backpack, a classic item that everyone has in their closet these days. Even though the backpack is definitely useful, it has become a fashion statement in many parts of society. It’s the most useful bag because you can carry it almost anywhere.

Today, women wear backpacks everywhere: on a walk to the park, to work, to the movies, to a home party, or while running errands. The backpack is a small type of bag that is great for carrying all of your most important things as well as other things like a bottle of water, headphones, sunscreen, etc.

Today, there isn’t a single well-known brand that doesn’t have a line of stylish backpacks. So, if you want to sell some high-end items, be sure to look at the styles of Michael Kors backpacks and Coach backpacks. These can add more variety to your online store and attract even more fashion-conscious customers.


Putting together a business that will dropship bags can be a fun process, but the main focus should be on the quality of the dropshipped items. This is especially important if you want to reach a wide range of people, but it can also be helpful if you want to reach a specific group of consumers.

Still, bags will always be an important part of everyone’s wardrobe. As a result, they make up a big part of the fashion market and will always make money for sellers who enter the market under this niche. If you’re still not sure what kind of bags will be best for your dropshipping store, this article will help you make the right choice.