We all use cleaning supplies in some way every day. We use cleaning products to wash our hands, do the dishes, do the laundry, and keep ourselves clean.

This is why dropshipping cleaning supplies is a good way to make money. They can’t be done without, and there will probably always be a market for them. The question is still how to find trustworthy dropshipping suppliers with whom you can work.

Lucky for you, we know what to do.

Come along, and we’ll look at the top 10 places that dropship cleaning supplies.

The best dropshipping companies for cleaning supplies 2

Sunrise Wholesale

Sunrise Wholesale is an American company that has been selling supplies for more than 18 years. It has more than 30,000 items in its catalog, which is split into more than 20 categories.

True to its name, Sunrise Wholesale sells cleaning products at wholesale prices to your dropshipping store. So, depending on how much you set the prices of the items in your store, you can make a nice profit.

This, along with the many cleaning product suppliers they work with, could be the answer every dropshipper is looking for. Plus, it works well with the best platforms for dropshipping stores, like Shopify, Amazon, and BigCommerce.

The price of their membership plan, $49 a month, may also be worth it because it comes with a lot of benefits, such as:

Stock alerts
Custom files for inventory
Good prices for members all the time
There is live customer service on more than one channel.


GreenDropShip is based in the United States and has warehouses in Pennsylvania, Los Angeles, and Dallas Fort-Worth. Its main goal is to put resellers in touch with suppliers of natural products that are healthier and better for the environment.

If you sell cleaning supplies from this dropshipping company, it could give you an edge over your competitors. This is because all of the products listed by GreenDropShip are made with natural ingredients instead of the harsh chemicals found in most soaps and detergents.

There are many different kinds, such as laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and surface cleaners. All of the products can be bought at wholesale prices. The company has a list of 20,000 suppliers right now.

GreenDropShip works with WooCommerce and Shopify, two of the most popular eCommerce platforms.

Worldwide Brands

World Wide Brands has been a certified dropshipper for more than 20 years. Even the wholesalers whose cleaning products are listed on Worldwide brands have been checked out and given a seal of approval.

This is important because it will give you peace of mind to know that the suppliers you are working with are trustworthy.

There are two types of cleaning product wholesalers on Worldwide Brands: light bulk wholesalers and bulk wholesalers. The first one would be great for a dropshipper just starting out, while the second one would be good for a large-scale dropshipping business.

Worldwide Brands offers services like integrating your suppliers, importing product lists to your online store, and automating your inventory. During the free trial period, you can check out the site before upgrading to a paid plan.

Every week, new hygiene products are added to the site.


Most dropshippers and people who run online stores have heard of Salehoo. It has more than 8,000 profiles of suppliers for products like cleaning supplies. It is also set up to work with dropshipping stores online.

Setting up to sell cleaning supplies on Salehoo is a simple process. Sign up for a Salehoo account, link it to your Shopify store, and then import the products you want to sell. Plans to join range from $27 to $97 for premium.

Wholesale 2B

Wholesale 2B does all the hard work so that you don’t have to. This platform puts together a list of all the products from different sellers.

Then, when you look at the site, you can easily import the products from your online store and start selling. You wouldn’t have to look at each provider’s website to see what they have to offer.

After you sign up for a free Wholesale 2B account, you can look at the cleaning products that are available and see if they are what your market wants. If they do, you can set up a membership plan that costs money and start bringing in hygiene products to sell.


Aliexpress is a place where you can find cleaning products and just about anything else from Chinese suppliers. The prices are easy on the wallet and mostly depend on MOQs.

Most drop shippers also like AliExpress because it has an established global shipping network and delivery times that aren’t too long. Once your online store is up and running, it will be easy to add your favorite cleaning products from AliExpress.

However, you should be careful about the suppliers you work with. AliExpress scams have hurt a lot of dropshippers, who have had to give their customers money back for orders that didn’t work out.


Oberlo is a good choice if you want a place where you can find a wide range of cleaning products and easily add them to your dropshipping store. It has a well-designed user interface that is easy to use and works with Shopify.

The basic plan of Oberlo is one of the few that lets you add free cleaning products to your store. Its paid plans are also very affordable, and they come with a lot of tools that could help your dropshipping business grow.


Doba has a list of companies from all over the world that sell cleaning products. Set up an account on the company’s website, and you can choose from thousands of products.

Before you export the products to your e-commerce store, you can sort them on the site. This is a good thing because it makes it easier for customers to find the hygiene products they need.

Once you’re done sorting, you can bring the items to your store and start selling them right away.


ShipBob is an easy-to-use dropshipping service that puts cleaning product suppliers in touch with people who want to sell their products. It gives you access to a wide range of suppliers of cleaning products, which means you can offer your clients a wide range of products.

This company has a lot of fulfillment centers, which makes their delivery times much faster.

The service is backed up by tech solutions that make the customer experience smoother. When you send ShipBob an order for dropshipping cleaning supplies, a computer system will choose the closest warehouse to make the delivery.

FAQs on Cleaning Supplies Dropshippers

Is It Profitable to Dropship Cleaning Supplies?

Certainly. So, you should find a dropshipping supplier with reasonable wholesale prices so you can set a good profit margin.

Is Dropshipping Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Worth It?

Yes, it is possible. As more people try to live healthier lives, cleaning products with natural ingredients that are good for the environment are becoming more popular. If they got the right kind of advertising, they could easily become best-sellers.

What Are White-Label Cleaning Supplies?

White-label cleaning products are generic products that are bought from manufacturers and labeled with the seller’s name to make it look like they were made by the seller.

For example, if your dropshipping store is called “Hearth and Home,” you might call your cleaning products “Hearth and Home Detergents.”

What Are Private-Label Cleaning Supplies?

Private label cleaning products are made by a company so that a seller can sell them under their own brand. These products are made specifically for your dropshipping store, which is different from white-labeling.

The best dropshipping companies for cleaning supplies

Final Thoughts

With the right supplier, it’s easy to drop ship cleaning supplies and make a lot of money. Also, because there are so many different kinds of cleaning products, you can find your own niche and do well in it.

This list is a great place to start your search for places that sell cleaning supplies.