In recent years, more and more people have been starting dropshipping businesses. AliExpress, the largest online shopping platform in the world, has made it easier for entrepreneurs to find dropshipping suppliers and products from all over the world. It gives businesses a lot of convenience and flexibility because they don’t have to buy inventory or worry about how to ship things.

If you use the popular AliExpress site to add products to your dropshipping store, you can make your job easier by using chrome extensions in the Google Chrome browser.

Using AliExpress chrome extensions, you can automate your business so you don’t have to do everything by hand. This lets you save time and focus on other important things.

The Best AliExpress Chrome Extensions For Dropshipping Businesses
The Best AliExpress Chrome Extensions For Dropshipping Businesses

Why Add AliExpress Extensions to Chrome?

In terms of dropshipping and E-commerce, the AliExpress marketplace is used all over the world and generates almost 40% of all spending in the industry.

With a powerful tool and Chrome extension, you can automate and get help with things like order details, researching products, importing products, processing orders, shipping, tracking numbers, and more.

The best Chrome add-ons for dropshipping are –

  • Simple to use
  • Save money, time, and other things.
  • Offer free tools and features
  • Raise the bar for your dropshipping business or Shopify store.

The best Chrome add-ons for dropshipping on AliExpress

If you want to grow and improve your AliExpress dropshipping store, you can’t find a better and cheaper way to do it than by using a Google Chrome extension. In the Chrome web store, you can buy tools or get free add-ons.

Here is a list of the best AliExpress extensions that dropshippers might want to try.

POZNAN, POL – MAY 21, 2020: A laptop with the AliExpress logo on it. AliExpress is a Chinese online store that is owned by the Alibaba Group.

Shopping Helper for Alitools

Alitools is one of the most popular add-ons for AliExpress around the world. It is a great shopping tool for people who use the site. This extension makes it easy to look for AliExpress products, check the price history, find similar products for your store, etc.

The extension tells you everything you need to know about a product and shows you how the seller or supplier is rated, so you can find good suppliers for your own store. It’s a free extension that’s easy to download and install from the web store. You can use it to look up information about products and evaluate the reliability of suppliers.

After you install it, the extension will show the price and other information about the product in the bottom-left corner of your screen. It is a must-have tool for researching AliExpress product pages and learning everything important about them.


Ryviu is another useful dropshipping extension for Chrome that you can use to help your online business. With this tool, you can quickly add product reviews from AliExpress to your store. Customers like to read reviews before they buy something, and this add-on works with both WooCommerce and Shopify.

Open any AliExpress product page where you need customer reviews after installing the extension. When you open the tool, you’ll see a field that says “Enter product handle manually.” Paste the link to the product page here, and then click on Get Review.

Research shows that customers are 30% more likely to buy something after reading good reviews about it. Ryvio is an easy-to-use Chrome extension that lets you import reviews based on country, reviews with photos, reviews of more than one product, and more.


AliScraper can be used to import AliExpress products by people who do dropshipping through Spocket. It can be hard to sell each product through Spocket one at a time, and this extension makes it much easier to import products.

It works well with a lot of Ecommerce platforms, and all you have to do to use it is install the tool, click on the icon for the extension, and then use it. This is one of the best ways to import products from AliExpress. AliScraper has a support team that works all day to help you with your AliExpress orders.


If you don’t know much about technology, it can be hard to download product images from AliExpress category pages. The AliSave Chrome extension makes it easy to find and download photos and videos.

After you download and install the tool, every product image you open will have a download button right next to it. There’s no need to copy links or open more than one tool. Just click on the icon that says “download,” and you’ll get the picture.

Oberlo Product Importer for AliExpress

Oberlo is one of the most popular platforms for drop shippers, and this extension is perfect for those who work with AliExpress products. After you import the items, you get an AliExpress order form that is already filled out with the payment information.

The Oberlo extension shows you the details of an order, how long it will take to process, and whether or not epacket shipping is available, among other things. With this add-on, you can link order details from AliExpress to your store to make sure that a large number of orders go through smoothly. It will take care of everything, from packing to shipping to delivery, so you can work on making your business better and making sure your customers are happy.

Sell What’s Hot

Sell The Trend is a Chrome extension that helps you import items from AliExpress. It is one of the easiest to use. You can process and manage all orders through the tool’s dashboard, and its 1-click order fulfillment feature will save you time and effort. The extension is also great for researching products, and it can automate your dropshipping business with the help of AI technology.

Sell The Trend puts you in touch with trustworthy sellers and vendors and shows you the newest and most popular products. When you open a page on AliExpress, you can see pictures and read about the products.

This extension is getting more and more features, and you can use it with many E-commerce platforms.

ePacket Identifier for AliExpress

Most dropshippers choose epacket shipping for their stores these days. Most of them choose it because it’s cheap and gives them fast delivery of light items. But if you check each product page by hand to see if epacket shipping is available, it will take you hours.

With the AliExpress ePacket Identifier extension, you can find out if a product’s shipping method is available without having to open its page. Products are put into groups by their colors.

Green means that the epacket is free, blue means that it costs money, and red means that there is no epacket. This AliExpress Chrome extension also checks to see if SF eParcel shipping is available. This is another fast and cheap shipping option.

Free Bill Maker for Alichrome

If your dropshipping store is doing well and you get orders often, you will only be able to make invoices for some orders by hand. You will waste a lot of time and work if you do that.

Alichrome is a great add-on for AliExpress Chrome that makes customer invoices automatically. You have to download the tool and put it in your browser. Go to the order details page on AliExpress and look for the button that says “Download PDF invoice.” With this free extension, you can just click on it, download the bill, and send it to your customers.

PriceBlink has coupons and compares prices.

PriceBlink lets you know about coupons and deals, as the name suggests. This Chrome extension for dropshipping works with AliExpress and a lot of other online stores. Depending on the coupon, you can get more than 40% off your order.

PriceBlink tells you how much something has cost in the past and if you are getting the best deal. It will help you find a seller who is selling the product for the least amount of money.

Most of the time, the extension also shows ratings and reviews from other users, so you can see how good a product is before you buy it. Before you buy, check PriceBlink once to see if there are any coupons you can use to save money.

AliExpress Parcels

Every customer wants to know how their order is going, especially when it is being shipped. If you go straight to AliExpress to find out about shipping, you’ll have to look for the order and any available details to get to the information.

Doing this many times a day for different orders can be hard and take a lot of time. AliExpress Parcels, one of the best Chrome add-ons, makes it easy to track orders on AliExpress. Go to the details of the product and click on “Add Tracking.” This order will be added to the tool’s list of orders to track, which is easy to find.

You can check on an order at any time and make sure it gets to the customer on time.



To sum up, AliExpress Chrome Extensions are a great way to automate your dropshipping business and make more money. AliExpress Chrome extensions have a lot of useful features that can help you grow your business quickly. For example, you can use them to research products, fulfill orders, and track them.

With these AliExpress Chrome extensions, you can save time and money and make your customers happier at the same time. AliExpress Chrome Extensions are a great way to make your dropshipping business easier and more automated.