More and more people are automating their drop-shipping businesses with the help of a Chrome extension. To make matters more complicated, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of dropshipping Chrome extensions available for download from various online stores.

Here I’ll share with you the best ten Chrome add-ons for automating your dropshipping business.

You can use the following add-ons with eBay, Amazon, and Shopify, among others, to speedily locate suppliers and import dropshipping products.

Hustle Got Real

To import dropshipping products from over 50 top suppliers in the US, UK, China, and Europe, Hustle Got Real is an all-in-one dropshipping solution that includes a number of powerful tools, such as an innovative Chrome browser extension.

After signing up for Hustle Got Real and installing the corresponding Chrome extension, members can immediately import 10 products at no cost. In a matter of seconds, you can import any product from any supported website by simply visiting the site and clicking the Hustle Got Real icon in your Chrome browser.

The e-commerce platform Hustle Got Real can integrate with the likes of Shopify, Amazon, and eBay. Importing more than 10 products each month starts at just $25 a month.

Hustle Got Real’s automated inventory management and order processing complement the Chrome extension for importing products.


Automation tool for drop shipping that packs a punch
New Chrome add-on makes it easy to import products
Assimilable with more than 50 different dropshipping vendors
Ready to ship on platforms like Shopify, Amazon, and eBay
Completely hands-free stock tracking and pricing adjustments

DSM Tool

DSM Tool, launched in 2016, is another comprehensive dropshipping solution with a Chrome extension for importing products to eBay or Shopify from more than 50 trusted suppliers in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and China.

The DSM Tool Chrome add-on can be obtained at no cost to the user. Once the extension is installed, you can import products to eBay or Shopify by clicking the DSM Tool icon in Chrome.

With the free version, you can import 25 products from AliExpress and have them tracked and updated automatically in your inventory. With the premium plans, you can import more products from any of the 50 compatible suppliers for less than $25 per month.

Keep in mind that with just a few clicks and the Chrome extension, you can list hundreds of dropshipping products on eBay or Shopify.


Since 2014, a full dropshipping automation solution has been available.
Latest Chrome add-on for importing goods
Assimilable with more than 50 of the industry’s most trusted dropshippers
Conveniently upload multiple items at once to online marketplaces like eBay and Shopify.
For free, import and track up to 25 items from AliExpress.


Dropified is one of the most widely used automation solutions for selling dropshipping products via an online store, and it is compatible with more than 70 leading suppliers and 5 ecommerce platforms, such as WooCommerce and Shopify.

You can use Dropified’s free Chrome extension to quickly and easily find the best products on AliExpress. A premium membership unlocks additional features like direct importing from over 70 compatible suppliers through the Chrome extension.

Visit the website of a supported vendor, find the product you want to import, and then click the Dropified icon on that page. Information about products, such as descriptions, images, and specifications, will be automatically scraped by Dropified.

For total automation, Dropified offers a number of state-of-the-art features, such as synced inventory and prices, automated order fulfillment, and tracking info uploads.


The most well-known drop shipping platform for eCommerce businesses
To easily locate dropshipping products, download the free Chrome extension.
Premium plans for direct product import at affordable prices, compatible with 70+ dropshipping vendors.
With its built-in features, such as stock-checking and reordering automation,


AutoDS is another top dropshipping platform built for online marketplaces like eBay, Shopify, and Facebook, and it’s used by thousands of people around the world every day.

You can find best-selling dropshipping products from over 20 global suppliers with just a few clicks using the state-of-the-art Chrome extension.

AutoDS is an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to search multiple suppliers at once for the best-selling dropshipping products. You won’t have to manually search for the best products to sell or hop from website to website.

If you need a comprehensive service, look no further than AutoDS, which offers automated stock and order monitoring, as well as automated order uploads and tracking.


A leading drop shipping automation and sourcing platform
Winners can be quickly located and imported with a Chrome extension.
Easy access to more than 20 vendors’ catalogs for fast product research
Quantitatively and qualitatively automated stock-taking and pricing
Order processing and tracking data uploads have been simplified.


With over 150,000 customers, DSers is quickly replacing all other options for selling AliExpress products on a Shopify or WooCommerce-based website.

Once you’ve connected your online store, you can use the handy Chrome extension to begin importing thousands of dropshipping products from AliExpress right away. You can import up to 3000 products into your store at no cost after downloading the extension.

More product imports, in addition to access to premium features like automated inventory updates and bulk order processing, are included in the premium plans, which start at less than $20 per month.

One of DSers’ most innovative features is a supplier optimisation tool, which helps you locate multiple AliExpress sellers and compare their prices, feedback, and overall sales.


Importing from AliExpress with a Dropshipping Tool That’s State of the Art
Utilized by over 150,000 online retailers worldwide
Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, and more can all be used.
Add-on for Google Chrome that facilitates immediate access to your online store
Importing the first 3000 products is free, and paid plans start at just pennies per day.


When searching for dropshipping products with lightning-fast shipping from US and EU-based warehouses, ApiDrop is one of the best automation solutions thanks to its access to millions of products from multiple top suppliers like AliExpress, Banggood, and BigBuy.

ApiDrop allows you to quickly and easily import your products into Shopify, WooCommerce, Ecwid, and BigCommerce, among many others. The cutting-edge Chrome extension also allows you to quickly and easily add products to your store.

Using the Chrome add-on, you can import an entire category or group of products from any of the supported sites.

ApiDrop also performs automatic stock syncs and price adjustments multiple times per day to guard against losing money due to overselling.


Completely hands-off dropshipping sourcing platform available as a Chrome add-on, specializing in importing hot items
There are millions of items available in every major and minor market segment.
Intuitive to Shopify, WooCommerce, and more
Stock and pricing information are updated daily to avoid overselling.

Dropshipping Chrome Extensions
Dropshipping Chrome Extensions


Dropshipping on eBay has never been easier than with SuperDS, a robust non-API tool that works with multiple suppliers, including AliExpress, CJ Dropshipping, and Banggood. SuperDS is one of the few drop shipping platforms that connects only with legit wholesalers and other businesses serving the trade.

SuperDS is a Chrome extension that allows you to quickly and easily import products to eBay from your computer. If you use SuperDS, you can rest assured that your eBay account will not be flagged or penalized because it is not an API dropshipping solution.

SuperDS also supports multiple variants and has a sophisticated title builder and custom eBay templates.

SuperDS also includes a built-in UPC code generator and category selector, as well as VeRO protection for avoiding copyright complaints.


Non-API dropshipping tool that you can trust on eBay
Simple Google Chrome add-on for making ads
Purchase from a number of different wholesalers or merchants
Unique listing templates and a cutting-edge title generator.
UPC and VeRO security codes generated in-house


AliDropship, which launched in 2015, is now the go-to plugin for anyone running an online store on WordPress or WooCommerce and wanting to sell products from AliExpress.

AliDropship is a dropshipping service that, like many others, relies on a Google Chrome extension to streamline the process of adding products from AliExpress to your store, managing stock, and shipping orders.

You can quickly find the lowest price among numerous AliExpress vendors with the help of the AliDropship Chrome extension. Any product on AliExpress can have its rating, price history, and customer reviews instantly analyzed.

AliDropship is the best plugin on the market for dropshipping AliExpress products through WooCommerce.


The top dropshipping tool for WooCommerce from AliExpress.
Add-on for Google Chrome that facilitates product import
The selection is unmatched, with millions of products available in every imaginable field.
Orders are processed and inventory is updated automatically.
Examine AliExpress for the most affordable products and dependable vendors.


While this guide does include some automation solutions, AliInsider is not one of them. As an alternative, AliInsider is a cutting-edge Chrome extension made for discovering profitable dropshipping products on the AliExpress marketplace.

After adding the Chrome extension, you’ll have instant access to a plethora of new details about every product listed on AliExpress, such as sales figures, revenue, and customer reviews.

In addition, AliInsider includes a database of over 50,000 top-selling items for dropshipping from AliExpress.

The Chrome add-on gives you instant access to a database of award-winning products. To help you find the best-selling products that meet your needs, you can narrow the search results by category, shipping location, number of orders, revenue, and star rating.


No.1 AliExpress product research add-on for Google Chrome
Discover high-demand dropshipping products in any market, quickly.
There are over 50,000 top sellers in this curated database.
Find out how your rivals are doing in the market and examine critical sales information
Visit AliExpress to locate reliable dropship vendors.


Modalyst is one of the first automation platforms for dropshipping AliExpress products through a Shopify, BigCommerce, or Wix-powered store, and it has thousands of global users and millions of sold products.

With this simple Chrome add-on, you can start importing products from AliExpress into your store with a single click. It’s easy to add items from AliExpress to Modalyst; just click the “Add to Modalyst” button next to the item you’re interested in.

In order to avoid losing money on sales due to overselling, Modalyst will immediately update your store with the latest information on the item’s availability, price, and inventory once it has been imported.

Another perk of using Modalyst is the speed with which you can tweak your products by changing the titles, images, and descriptions to boost your SEO and set yourself apart from the competition.


Chrome extension for quickly importing AliExpress products; the first app of its kind for dropshipping
Orders and stock levels are automatically updated and processed.
Edit the text and/or upload your own images to create truly unique products.
Available as a free download with a Chrome add-on

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions (and their answers) about using Chrome extensions for dropshipping, and should help alleviate any concerns you may have. Please check out our other posts and guides if you need answers to issues not addressed here.

What is a Chrome extension?

Installing a Chrome extension is a simple way to add new features to your browser. There are thousands of Chrome extensions for doing everything from taking screenshots to checking web pages for spelling errors.

Professional web developers use languages like HTML and JavaScript to create Chrome add-ons that do one specific thing. In order to avoid being bombarded with ads while using Google Chrome, users can install special add-ons.

What is a dropshipping Chrome extension?

Chrome add-ons designed specifically for dropshipping are known as “dropshipping Chrome extensions.” It is common practice to use a third-party dropshipping website or software in tandem with a Chrome extension to gain access to all of the functionality of the latter.

The Chrome add-on makes it easy to find dropshipping products from multiple suppliers and quickly import them into any eCommerce platform. The Chrome add-on can in some cases be used to perform tasks like updating stock or processing orders mechanically.

What is the best Chrome extension for UK dropshippers?

With over 50 compatible dropshipping suppliers in the UK, Hustle Got Real is the best dropshipping Chrome extension for UK-based sellers. Additionally, the Chrome extension for Hustle Got Real is a dependable software solution that facilitates product import and automates a variety of tasks, such as inventory monitoring.

However, if you are a UK-based vendor looking for a dropshipping Chrome extension, you have several other choices. Both DSM Tool and AutoDS, for instance, work with a wide variety of dropshipping platforms based in the United Kingdom.

What is the best Chrome extension for US dropshippers?

Hustle Got Real is the best all-in-one solution with a powerful Chrome Extension for importing products and automatically updating stock and prices on eBay without using the eBay API, making it ideal for dropshipping from US-based suppliers.

Both DSM Tool and AutoDS, both of which have Chrome add-ons, are excellent choices for facilitating drop shipping from regional US suppliers. If you need to start sourcing products with quick shipping in the United States, Dropified is another great option to consider.

What is the best Chrome extension for AliExpress dropshipping?

When it comes to importing dropshipping products from AliExpress, the best all-in-one solution is Hustle Got Real, which is also available as a Chrome extension. The Hustle Got Real app also includes fully automated stock and price updating and monitoring.

But, if you’re using Chrome, there’s a seemingly endless supply of trustworthy add-ons for dropshipping from AliExpress. DSers, on the other hand, is a robust Chrome extension made expressly for dropshipping AliExpress products, whereas DSM Tool is compatible with both platforms.

What is the best Chrome extension for China dropshipping?

Several of the most popular Chinese dropshipping marketplaces, including Banggood, AliExpress, CJ Dropshipping, and DHgate, are all supported by the tools and services detailed in this guide.

While DSers and Modalyst were built specifically for dropshipping from AliExpress, the most popular online marketplace for sourcing from China, Dropified and SuperDS are compatible with several other dropshipping suppliers based in China.

How do I install a Chrome extension?

If you want to add a new feature to your Chrome browser, all you have to do is go to the Chrome Web Store and look for the extension you want to add. When you find the app you want, select “Add to Chrome” from the page’s menu.

Most dropshipping Chrome extensions require you to sign up for or log in to a separate service. For this reason, you may first need to sign up for the service on which the Chrome extension is hosted.

Is it safe to use a Chrome extension for dropshipping?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use a Chrome extension for dropshipping. Most Chrome add-ons are created by seasoned web developers who have been working in the field for many years.

You can rest assured that they are minimal in size and have been optimized so as to not interfere with your regular web usage.

If the extension does cause problems, such as slowing down your browser, you can easily remove it by going to the “More Tools” > “Extensions” section of your Chrome browser’s settings.

Final Word

As far as Chrome extensions go, the ones we just covered are your best bet for launching a successful dropshipping business.

In fact, the majority of the recommended add-ons in this manual constitute a turnkey system for sourcing vendors, importing goods, and automating inventory and shipping processes.

If you’re interested in dropshipping Chrome extensions, you should know that you have a lot of other choices. Check out the Chrome Web Store for additional options.