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Make wish boards for products
Make wish boards for products

Here’s why it’s a good one… Smart Dropship Corporation users use Product Wish Boards to speed up their research on new products to sell when they need to decide what to sell next. Product Boards are like Pinterest boards that you can use to organise your research for different markets. Dropship Corporation makes it easy to add a lot of products and group them into boards based on the niches you choose.

This makes it easier to see what your possible products will look like and decide which ones you want to sell in your shop. Here’s where you can see this cool feature in action:

  • You can make your own research product boards by going to AliExpress.com and then:
  • Find the items on AliExpress that you want to buy and save on.
  • Open the Dropship Corporation extension and click the “Save for Later” button.
  • Once you have saved a few items, you can look at them in your Dropship Corporation. This is how:
  • Go to the Not Connected tab under Products > All Products.
  • Click the Board button on the product, then choose the name of the board you want to add it to.

If you don’t already have a board, you can click “Add New Board” to make one.
And if you want to add more than one product to the same board, choose each product you want to add from the same category in niche, click Board, then choose the board you want to add them to or make a new one.
To look at your boards, go to Products > Boards.

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There, you can see all the boards you’ve made, make new ones, and look at all the products in each board.

Yes, it’s that easy to make a product research board and add items to it. Then, if you want to sell something, just click “Send to Shopify” on each product you want to sell, and it will show up in your shop. These are great for keeping your research on products organised and making it easy to find things you were interested in but weren’t ready to sell yet. Product Boards are included in ALL Dropship Corporation plans, so if you want to review a lot of products, make sure to start using this feature right away. Happy Selling, Dropship Corporation Team!