What kind of customer is someone who uses Dropship Corporation?

Personalization of Products

Here’s why it’s a good one… Customers of Dropship Corporation know how to set up and use custom product description templates, so when they import new products from AliExpress, the products are already formatted correctly and fit the theme of their store perfectly, thanks to our product customization. That means that their products are imported and changed right away, saving about 10 minutes of editing time per imported product.

The average Dropship Corporation user imports 429 products. If it takes 10 minutes to set up each product, then using the custom description templates saves at least 71 hours (4290 minutes) when setting up new products.

71 HOURS saved! That’s some extremely valuable time that can be way better spent on growing their business… …or chilling out and relaxing on the beach. What about you? Could you use 71 hours more? When you import your products, do you use these templates to change them automatically? Here, you can see how easy it is to make your own description templates for your Shopify stores: Here’s where to find the section on product description templates in the

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So you can start making changes to your own templates with the Dropship Corporation App:

  • Click on the Stores button.
  • Go to the section called “Settings.”
  • Click on the button that says “Product Custom Descriptions” to start.

From there, you can make a template design for newly imported descriptions. These will be powered by Product Tags, which help you pull in the information and automatically fill in the template for you. So, when you import new products, you can choose the template you made and it will import and create the customised product description for you on the fly, so it’s ready to go in your shop.

Even better, you can make as many templates as you want, so if you have more than one store, you can make a different template for each one. This small but powerful feature will save you hours of time-consuming product changes… So make sure you log in and start making your own product description templates right away. Happy Selling, Dropship Corporation Team!