Ecwid is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ecommerce platforms for creating an online store, with over 1 million users in over 175 different countries.

An additional use case for which Ecwid is an ideal choice is the development of a top-notch dropshipping website. The 7 top dropshipping apps and tools for Ecwid sellers are compiled here.

The following resources will streamline the process of importing top-selling dropshipping products from top-tier suppliers in the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and China into your Ecwid store, as well as automating inventory management, repricing, and order processing.


With Wholesale2b, an all-in-one dropshipping platform, you can quickly add products from over a hundred US-based dropshipping suppliers to your Ecwid store.

In addition to its streamlined inventory management and one-click order processing, Wholesale2b also offers automatic tracking information uploads. Therefore, for only $29.99 per month, you can use Wholesale2b to set up an automated and expandable Ecwid dropshipping store.


We’re talking 1,000,000 items. There are over a million products available on Wholesale2b, and they source them from over a hundred of the best dropshipping suppliers in the United States.
Importation of goods in large quantities. Up to ten thousand items can be imported into your Ecwid store in a single go with the help of Wholesale2b.
Updating stock levels mechanically. Pricing and stock levels are automatically updated in Wholesale2b’s fully automated inventory management system.
Simple, one-button order fulfillment. With Wholesale2b, fulfilling customer orders is as simple as clicking a button and the system will automatically upload tracking details.


It relies heavily on American manufacturers. The majority of Wholesale2b’s vendors are situated within the United States. Because of this, sellers in the UK and EU should not use the platform.


Utilizing Wholesale2b with Ecwid is a steal at only $29.99 per month. In addition to unlimited monthly orders, automatic inventory updates, and one-click order processing, you also get automatic uploads of tracking information and access to expert technical support for no extra cost.

$10.00 per month for 5,000 listings
Pricing for Comma Separated Values (CSV) Files: $37.99/month
$37.99/month for XML Documents

Key Features

Automation and sourcing tool for drop shipping that packs a punch
One million items from one hundred and fifty manufacturers in the USA
It only takes a few clicks to import products into your Ecwid store.
Complete order processing and stock management with the click of a button


When it comes to selling online, Ecwid is one of the most popular options, but Syncee is a dropshipping marketplace and automation solution that works with over five other services.

You can join for free and begin importing best-selling products from over 600 top US, UK, and EU-based dropshipping suppliers right away into your Ecwid store. Daily stock updates, automated ordering, and streamlined product management are just a few of Syncee’s many useful features.


There are a lot of vendors. Syncee features millions of items from thousands of US and EU-based suppliers.
Rapid upload of the product. By using Syncee, you can easily add dropshipping products to your Ecwid store.
Updating stock levels mechanically. Syncee’s inventory is automatically updated every day to avoid losing money due to overselling.
Comprehensive display screen. The Syncee dashboard is where you’ll be able to keep tabs on everything related to your dropshipping business.


Incompatible with commercial environments. Unfortunately, e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay are incompatible with Syncee. Thus, if you want to sell your goods on online marketplaces, you’ll need to employ some supplementary tool or software.


There are a variety of inexpensive Syncee subscription tiers to pick from. The free plan allows you to list up to 25 products, and it handles bulk product management, order processing, and inventory updates automatically. More features and listings are available in the paid plans.

25 Ads – 500 Free Cost: $29 per month for listings
$79/month for 10,000 Listings
Promotional Price of $129 Per Month for 30,000 Ads

Key Features

There are over 600 dropshipping suppliers in the US, UK, and EU.
There are countless options in every market segment, totaling in the millions.
Toss some best-sellers into your Ecwid store in a flash.
Orders are processed automatically and stock levels are updated every day.


Spocket, another popular dropshipping marketplace and automation platform with thousands of users worldwide, is also fully compatible with Ecwid.

Spocket is ideal for those who want to begin dropshipping but need to ship products quickly because so many of its suppliers are located in the United States and the European Union. In a matter of moments after linking your Ecwid store, you can begin importing products from the best suppliers.


Manufacturers in the United States and the European Union. Spocket is home to a vast network of top-tier, locally-based dropshipping vendors across the United States and Europe.
It doesn’t cost anything to sign up. Joining Spocket and exploring the over a million available dropshipping products is completely free.
Faster product upload quotas In just a few clicks, you can use Spocket to add your top-selling items to your Ecwid store.
Updating in the nick of time. Spocket provides automated, real-time stock and price adjustments.


Pricing. As opposed to other options like Syncee, Spocket is quite pricey. As another example, online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are incompatible with Spocket.


Anyone can sign up for Spocket at no cost and start exploring the marketplace’s vast selection of goods and services. Start at $24/mo. for mass uploading of products, plus automated stock management and order processing. Those who opt for the more expensive plans will also enjoy branded invoices and access to premium products.

Advertise 25 items for only $24 a month

Pricing for 250 Ads is $49/month

The monthly fee for access to 10,000 Listings is $99.

Key Features

The most well-liked automated dropshipping market
Many hundreds of dropshipping companies in the United States and Europe.
You can quickly and easily add multiple items to your Ecwid store at once.
Completely hands-free product pricing and restocking systems

Inventory Source

Inventory Source is a comprehensive dropshipping automation platform and integrated supplier network, with over 200 US-based dropshipping suppliers.

Inventory Source is fully compatible with Ecwid and can be used to quickly upload products, sync inventory, and automatically route orders. Premium plans for inventory automation begin at $99 per month, while access to the directory of top US suppliers is free.


producers in the USA. More than 200 of Inventory Source’s dropshipping suppliers are located in the United States, allowing for lightning-fast, in-state shipping.
Authentic cost at the wholesale level. Only legitimate wholesalers with trade discounts can be found on Inventory Source.
A no-cost zone. Access to the supplier database is free, and premium plans with full automation are available at a nominal cost.
Adding multiple items at once. To quickly populate your Ecwid dropshipping store with products, you can use Inventory Source.
Positioning orders through a network. Inventory Source’s comprehensive automation service lets you instantly send orders to your preferred vendors.


There will be no free demo available. Unlike many competing dropshipping platforms, Inventory Source does not provide a free trial for premium users. Consequently, you can’t try out the most crucial features, like inventory automation, before shelling out the full price tag.


Dropshipping suppliers in the United States can be easily located through Inventory Source, and membership is free. Inventory management software is included in the premium membership price of $99 per month. Starting at only $199 per month, you can have full automation, which includes order routing.

Inventory Automation

Supports direct integration with over 200 vendors, which allows for rapid product uploads, synchronized inventories, and bulk product management.

50000 Ads for $99 a Month
250k Listings for $149/mo.
$299/month for Half a Million Ads

Full Automation

Also includes automated order routing, one-click order processing, and tracking information uploads, as well as all the features of inventory automation.

Listings for $199/month for up to 50,000
Two Hundred And Fifty Thousand Ads for $249 Per Month
Monthly Fee of $399 for 500,000 Listings

Key Features

There are over 200 major dropshipping vendors in the US.
Access the directory at no cost and search for items to sell.
Complete inventory management software for as low as $99 a month
Easy-to-understand pricing structures with built-in order routing

Best Ecwid Dropshipping Apps Tools
Best Ecwid Dropshipping Apps Tools


ApiDrop is a cheap dropshipping platform trusted by over 2000 users worldwide. It gives you access to thousands of products from dozens of top suppliers, such as Banggood, AliExpress, BigBuy, and BTSWholesaler.

Innovative tools like an automated repricer and unlimited order imports are just two of the many benefits of using ApiDrop to construct and manage your dropshipping enterprise.


Low-cost. ApiDrop is one of the most cost-effective dropship solutions for Ecwid, with plans starting at just $29 per month for one thousand listings.
A plethora of products, numbering in the millions. ApiDrop features millions of items from thousands of retailers, such as Banggood and AliExpress, among many others.
Information about sales. To help you select best-selling products for your store, ApiDrop provides in-depth sales data on each item.
Method of automatically adjusting prices. To maximize profits, ApiDrop can automatically adjust listing prices and manage stock levels.
Managing orders is a breeze. The intuitive ApiDrop interface makes it easy to coordinate deliveries from a number of different vendors.


Don’t expect an automated ordering system. Unfortunately, automatic ordering is not available in ApiDrop at this time. As a result, you will have to manually place orders with your supplier.


The pricing for ApiDrop is straightforward and affordable. 1000 listings, automated repricing, and unlimited order imports are all part of the $29/month starter plan. More listings and perks like exclusive vendors are included in the more expensive tiers.

Listing Packages of One Thousand ($29/mo.)
For only $49 a month, you can have access to 5,000 listings.
$99/month for 30k listings

Key Features

Ecwid’s dropshipping solution is inexpensive and dependable.
We carry millions of items from hundreds of trusted manufacturers.
Using cutting-edge market trends data to create successful products
Automated product import and repricing for speedy turnaround


NextsChain is a leading dropshipping supplier based in China, offering a full automation solution with features like bulk product importing, automated inventory management, and one-click order processing for their more than 2,000 products across multiple categories.

NextsChain is an inexpensive dropshipping option that includes a free plan that allows you to import up to one thousand products with daily stock updates. You can start using Ecwid’s powerful app to import products from NextsChain into your store by signing up for free.

NextsChain offers a wide variety of products, including electronics, phone accessories, clothing, gifts, and jewelry, at prices that are lower than AliExpress.


Reliable vendor. If you’re looking for a reliable dropshipping provider, look no further than NextsChain, a Chinese company that serves a large clientele across the world.
Multiple thousands of items. NextsChain offers over 2,000 best-selling items ranging from apparel and jewelry to electronics and home decor.
This is a complete and total merger. NextsChain is an app that allows you to quickly connect your Ecwid store and begin importing high-quality products.
This strategy is free. NextsChain is a low-cost option, with a free plan that lets you import up to a thousand items into your Ecwid store.


Time of Shipment. Considering the NextsChain warehouse is located in China, delivery to the United States, the United Kingdom, or the European Union can take anywhere from one to two weeks. NextsChain does not, alas, maintain a storage facility in either the United States or the European Union.


NextsChain allows you to import up to a thousand products into your Ecwid store at no cost. Free users can still benefit from features like daily stock checks, batch order processing, and automatic tracking data uploads. Those with a higher price point gain access to a wider variety of products and a plethora of extra perks.

We offer a free listing service for the first 1000 and a low monthly fee of $39.90 for every 10,000 listings.
Price: $79.90/month for unlimited listings

Key Features

Numerous top-tier categories, with over 2000 products in total
A highly effective app that can be easily integrated into your Ecwid store.
Automate stock-leveling and product imports
Plan includes free importation of up to 1,000 top-selling items
Facilitates individualized brand identity and product packaging


Printful is the largest provider of print-on-demand dropshipping products, shipping over 1 million orders monthly across the globe.

With just a few clicks, you can add your own unique design, quote, image, or brand name to Printful’s thousands of high-quality products. Printful also has an innovative app that syncs and imports products directly with Ecwid.


Industry leader in print-on-demand services. Printful has more than a million customers, making it the largest print-on-demand dropshipping provider.
Massive selection of goods. Among Printful’s many fine offerings are garments, accessories, presents, and wares for the home.
Customization at zero effort. Adding a personal design, quote, logo, or image to a product is a breeze with Printful.
The addition of Ecwid. Connecting Printful to your Ecwid store is simple, and you can immediately begin importing an unlimited number of products.


Weak ranging potential. Printful offers tens of thousands of products. However, the vast majority are involved in the fashion industry in some way. There is a lack of electronic and technological gadgets and toys available for personalization on Printful.


The time and effort required to join Printful and begin dropshipping print-on-demand products is zero. The app for synchronizing your Ecwid store with Printful is also cost-free to use. Prices for orders and custom products are the only things that you’ll pay for when using Printful.

Key Features

Respected dropshipping printer with a solid track record
Hundreds of thousands of items, including fashion, presents, and home d cor
Add your own design or logo to products quickly and easily Uses the Ecwid app to integrate with your store

Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions about integrating a dropshipping app with Ecwid have been answered in this FAQ. Get in touch with the app’s developer for one-on-one assistance if you have any specific questions about the apps covered here.

Why build a dropshipping store with Ecwid?

When compared to other online store builders, Ecwid is both inexpensive and packed with useful features. A growing number of apps and tools make Ecwid a popular choice for creating a dropshipping website.

Ecwid is the preferred e-commerce solution for over 100k businesses because it allows even complete beginners to set up and manage a store. As a matter of fact, Ecwid can be used to create a high-quality e-commerce site without the need for any specialized knowledge or coding experience.

You can use Ecwid’s powerful dashboard to manage your sales across multiple channels, including popular online marketplaces like eBay and social media sites. Therefore, you can begin cross-platform dropshipping with the help of Ecwid and the other apps covered in this guide.

Is dropshipping on Ecwid allowed?

Absolutely. Drop shipping is a legitimate ecommerce business model, and Ecwid is just a tool for creating an online store. Third-party marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, as well as social media platforms like Facebook, support drop shipping.

As a matter of fact, thousands of retailers, including some well-established ones, use the dropshipping model to provide customers with a wider selection of products while keeping costs low. With Ecwid, you can easily set up a dropshipping store.

What is the best Ecwid dropshipping app for US sellers?

When it comes to Ecwid dropshipping apps, Wholesale2b and Syncee are your best bets for US sellers because they both feature extensive databases of US-based dropshipping suppliers and products. As a result, you can confidently offer expedited shipping to the US market without raising the ire of customs officials.

However, US vendors also have access to a variety of other channels. Spocket, as another illustration, is a widely used service that stocks and ships thousands of items from distribution centers across the United States. You should look into your options thoroughly to find the one that fits your requirements the best.

What is the best Ecwid app for dropshipping from China?

We recommend ApiDrop and NextsChain as the two best Ecwid apps for Chinese dropshipping. When it comes to dropshipping from China, NextsChain is the real deal, while ApiDrop is compatible with a number of the most popular marketplaces like AliExpress and Banggood.

Since both apps work with Ecwid, you can quickly begin dropshipping products from AliExpress and other Chinese vendors. Keep in mind that you can import up to a thousand products for free into NextsChain.

What is the best free Ecwid dropshipping app?

When it comes to free Ecwid dropshipping apps, Syncee, Printful, and NextsChain are your best bets. While NextsChain lets you import up to a thousand products for free into your Ecwid store, Syncee only lets you import twenty-five.

Printful is the best free print-on-demand dropshipping supplier if you want to sell personalized or custom products. After downloading the free Ecwid app, you can immediately begin adding an unlimited number of products to your store.

When it comes to free Ecwid dropshipping apps, Syncee, Printful, and NextsChain are your best bets. While NextsChain lets you import up to a thousand products for free into your Ecwid store, Syncee only lets you import twenty-five.

Final Word

Ecwid is quickly becoming a popular choice for creating a low-cost dropshipping website due to its straightforward pricing structure and cutting-edge features.

These apps are the best available for quickly importing dropshipping products to your Ecwid store, monitoring and repricing inventory, processing orders, and managing orders.

More apps are expected to become available, however, as Ecwid gains in popularity. If and when any new dropshipping apps are released for Ecwid, we will be sure to update this article.

Until then, we hope you were able to find an appropriate alternative on our current list and get started immediately establishing your Ecwid dropshipping business.