Do you think it would be a good idea to work anywhere you want, whenever you want? The world’s best affiliate marketers don’t just dream about this life—they really get to live it. People are increasingly interested in leaving their 9–5 jobs in favour of affiliate marketing, which allows them to choose their own hours and be their own boss.

The one drawback of this idea is the difficulty of becoming an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is becoming more challenging to sustain due to the rising popularity of digital marketing.

How, therefore, do you maximise your earnings from affiliate programmes like Shopee?

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How Does Shopee Affiliate Work?

After a successful launch in Singapore in 2015, Shopee has expanded to other nations and regions across Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and even Taiwan. Shopee has recently expanded into several South American nations, including Brazil, Chile, and Colombia.

Shopee Dropship Singapore was once a business-to-consumer market, but it has since expanded to accommodate dropshipping and other B2B dealings. The escrow mechanism the platform uses to pay vendors after they have confirmed delivery of an order is a major selling point for potential new partners.

Additionally, Shopee enables Singaporeans to bypass shipping costs by purchasing directly from Chinese vendors.

TIP: [Here are several alternatives to Oberlo that work just as well with Shopify and WooCommerce]

Products made in China are often admired for their great quality and low cost. The convenience of making global purchases online has become widely known. AliExpress is the largest online marketplace in the world dedicated to selling goods manufactured in China. It serves as a hub for online merchants, dropshippers, and individual consumers from all over the world to source high-quality Chinese goods at affordable prices.

Shopee has been explained here. However, you may not be aware that Shopee offers additional earning opportunities. Shopee’s Affiliate Program is so simple that anybody, anywhere may join, but how does it function? Do you think it’s a good idea to give it a shot?

The Shopee Affiliate Program is a low- or no-startup-cost option for launching a business online. Because all you have to do to earn a commission is sign up and start promoting products. Actually, there’s a way to do that, too: the Shopee Affiliate Program.

  • Those who have amassed tens of thousands of social media followers need only publish a product link with their followers, and some of them may actually make a purchase. If the product you promoted is bought after clicking on your link, you will earn a commission.
  • It’s important to note that joining an affiliate programme is not the best choice if you already have a sizable social media following; you’d be better off opening your own online dropshipping company.
  • Shopee’s affiliate programme offers a commission rate of between 3–10%, allowing you to create supplemental income online; a dropshipping business, on the other hand, can increase your profits by 200–300%.
  • Dropshipping is a popular option for people who want to avoid the overhead costs and hassles of running a brick-and-mortar store by operating solely online. This means that a third party other than the seller or retailer will be responsible for shipping the goods to the buyer. You’re just an intermediary who promotes the product in exchange for payment.

You only need a few dropshipping tools, such as Dropship Corporation, along with solid administration and advertising chops. When it comes to drop shipping, Dropship Corporation is the best option.

You can skip down to the final section of this post for specifics on how to dropship with Dropship Corporation.

Why You Should Become a Shopee Affiliate

With Shopee Affiliate, anyone can advertise Shopee products on the Internet. This is a chance that people who like to spend a lot of time on social media shouldn’t miss. Also, as was said above, people with a lot of followers can make money faster if they know how to market on social media sites like Instagram.

How to Start a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business with Shopee 1

So joining the Shopee Affiliate programme now is enough to start promoting eligible Shopee products on your various social media accounts (e.g., YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.).

You need to get creative when promoting Shopee products to make them look more appealing. The more people who buy what you’re selling, the more money you’ll make. See the note about the Shopee Affiliate programme below for more information on what you can get out of it.

  • Have the freedom to choose what products to sell and how to promote them.
  • Spreading the referral link is all it takes to earn commissions.
  • New users will get a commission of 10% or more.
  • For each transaction, existing users will get at least a 3% commission.
  • Payments will be made openly based on what people buy and how many people they refer.
  • Shopee doesn’t require you to sign a contract to make content, so you can be more flexible in your work to make promotional content as appealing as possible.
  • You are free to pick the product you want to sell.

How to Join Shopee’s Partner Program

Shopee works in a lot of different countries and regions, so let’s look at Singapore as an example.

How to Start a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business with Shopee 2

Step 1: sign up for a Shopee account.

Activate this link If you don’t already have a Shopee account, click “Sign up” in the top left corner to make one., Entering your phone number (WhatsApp) and clicking “Next” is the easiest way. I sent it from my Gmail account.

TIP: When you fill out the personal information, you still need the phone number.
You can also link your Facebook, Google (G-mail), or Apple account to your Shopee account. Feel free to use as you wish.

Step 2: Fill in the information about your account.

Information About Your Shopee Account – Dropship
Next, a pop-up window with delivery information and a verification code will appear. Just click “Send Verification Code.”

Please enter the 6-digit code that was sent to your WA number or G-mail (depending on which account you use to sign up), then click “Next.”

Step 3: Sign up to be an affiliate for Shopee.

You can now sign up for Shopee Affiliate since you already have a Shopee account.

Next, please fill out the whole form to register. There are two more steps you need to do on this page. In the last step, you have to wait for Shopee to let you know if the application you just sent them is accepted or not.

Step 4: Pick the products you want to sell

On the Shopee Affiliate Program platform page, you can get a custom link once your application has been approved. You can promote the best-selling Star Seller or Shopee Mall products on your social media accounts.

By making promotional content that is interesting, you can get people who want to check out the products and click on the link so they can buy something. The more people who buy through the link you share, the more commissions you will get.

Shopee will give you a commission based on how much the goods on the link you share sell for. Different parts of the world have different rules for the above-mentioned commission.

Members of this affiliate programme who want to be more successful at promoting Shopee products must come up with more creative ways to present unique and interesting content.

Dropship Corporation: The Best Dropshipping Solution and Affiliate Program

As I mentioned before, Shopee is a great place to launch a dropshipping business because it requires no initial investment in stock and is simple to use. You might be familiar with the concept of drop shipping, but you might be curious about whether or not it is ethical or still profitable. You’re correct in both cases.

dropship corporation 17

It is still possible to generate money with dropshipping. In addition, you may speed up your success in the dropshipping industry with the help of a variety of tools and solutions, such as Dropship Corporation. Admitad offers an affiliate programme to Dropship Corporation as well. Get familiar with the Dropship Corporation platform if you’re considering implementing the Admitad Affiliate programme into your dropshipping business. Once you sign up for our service, you’ll have access to all of these benefits.

Last Word

The Shopee Affiliate Program seems straightforward to manage so far. If you already have an internet business, you may use this to promote it and earn some extra cash.

Further, the process is straightforward: just share the product link you get from the Shopee Affiliate Program hub across your various social media channels to start making money.

Once again, you’ll need to use some imagination to enhance the visual appeal of the promotional content, making it more alluring to potential commission backers.