White labeling refers to the practice of selling dropshipped goods under your own store’s brand. Customers are typically more loyal to brands than stores, making this a fantastic strategy for expanding your business.

Despite its allure, white labeling is not a walk in the park. You should start by researching the viability of white labeling products in your market niche, and then prioritize those products that would be most appealing to your ideal customer.

Is it daunting to know how to get started? If so, you’ve found the right manual. We’ve done the legwork for you and compiled a list of excellent white label products across several categories.

Felt at home? Alright, let’s start from the beginning.

Invaluable White Label Products for Your Dropshipping Business 10

What Is a White Label Product?

First, let’s define white labeling so we can make sense of white label products.

Manufacturers frequently produce items whose designs or formulas are not protected by patent law. Therefore, there is no risk of infringing on any brand’s intellectual property by selling these products to other brands.

White label products are those that can be purchased with no branding and repackaged under a different name for sale. A customer might be fooled into thinking that your dropshipping store actually made the product.

Is White Labeling Legal?

The practice of purchasing goods and reselling them under your own label may look unethical to some. However, it is lawful because no foul play is involved.

Manufacturers create generic versions of their products on purpose to sell to name-brand retailers. They care more about getting their product out there than they do about promoting their own brand. So, if you purchase such items, you can resell them however you see fit.

There is nothing dishonest about adding your labeling, which is just a marketing strategy. Customers trust a well-labeled product more because labeling provides information about the product and tells them where to seek redress in case of any issues.

Profitable White Label Products and Niches to Sell

Let’s check out a few white label product examples to see if they’re right for you.


T-shirts, caps, baby clothes, socks, and even picnic blankets are all examples of apparel. White labeling would work wonderfully with these products because:

are items that everyone needs and buys frequently
Produced with relative ease in a wide variety of generic styles that appeal to various consumer segments.


T-shirts have a massive fan base around the globe. On top of that, they are appropriate for both sexes and all ages. Making sure your t-shirt dropshipper can provide shirts in a variety of sizes and colors is essential for successful white labeling.

Create a variety of options that appeal to a wide range of tastes. T-shirts with various necklines, such as those with a round, polo, or v-neck, are very common. Comfortable, well-ventilated, and long-lasting fabrics may also pique the interest of buyers.

Invaluable White Label Products for Your Dropshipping Business 9

Think about providing custom t-shirt designs that can be printed on demand in addition to adding your labels to the garments. People who like to express their individuality through their clothing would be drawn to this.

In addition, a print-on-demand service promotes your company as being interactive and adaptable to the needs of its customers.


Similarly to t-shirts, hats come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Find the one that best fits your target audience’s preferences. You could also provide your clientele with a selection of alternatives, such as:

Wearing a bucket hat
Caps shaped like baseball bats
The methods used for branding by your hat dropshipper or branding service provider should be carefully observed. The unappealing appearance of your hats due to poor branding can have a negative impact on your business.

The quality of the fabrics used to make the white label hats you purchase should also be taken into account. When trying to print or embroider on low-quality fabrics, you may experience difficulties.

Baby Clothes

Popular items to brand for babies include swaddle blankets, bibs, booties, mittens, rompers, t-shirts, and t-shirts.

Bear in mind, though, that infants are particularly vulnerable. Choose white label baby clothes that:

features gentle materials that are safe for infants
Is clearly marked with dimensions and care instructions
Produced employing ethical branding practices and free of harmful ingredients like toxic printing dyes
We have compiled a directory of China-based baby clothing wholesalers to save you time in your search for reliable vendors. Whenever possible, order some samples from potential vendors so you can check them out before committing to any long-term relationships.

Picnic Blankets

In the warmer months, picnic blankets see increased use for outdoor events. Warm, tastefully branded designs that are also comfortable are always well received.

Include some cozier items that can be used as throw blankets during the cooler months to appeal to a wider audience. It’s a plus if their fingerprints are particularly intriguing.


Different types of bags are required for various activities such as traveling, shopping, attending school, or just getting around.

As a result, they do well in sales and continue to attract consumers throughout the year. Furthermore, they have a sizable canvas upon which to display one’s logo.

How to Succeed at White Labeling Bags

Choose Diverse Designs

Aim to satisfy a wide range of customers by providing a selection of bags. Profitable markets exist for branded tote bags, backpacks, laptop cases, travel bags, and even toiletry bags.

Choose the Right Materials

In most stores, shopping bags are considered an essential accessory. They’d rather spend a little more money once on a high-quality bag that will last a long time. In light of this, it’s important to partner with manufacturers who care deeply about the quality of their stitching and the materials they use.

Consider Ethical and Eco-friendly Designs

Consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious. This has led many people to opt for purchasing only bags made from sustainable sources such as paper or cotton. Some people have a firm preference for vegan leather, also called leather made from plants.

Respecting these norms may help attract environmentally conscious buyers. Your online shop’s commitment to environmental responsibility through the goods it sells is a worthy cause in its own right.

If you’re interested in purchasing wholesale handbags from China, here is a list of manufacturers to consider.

Fitness Merchandise

Is it the general public who is interested in staying fit, or do you also want to reach out to recreational and professional athletes? As such, branded fitness merchandise may prove to be a popular offering in your dropshipping business.

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The great news is that there are a plethora of prospects for product diversification and upping your sales in this market. The ever-changing fitness industry provides ample opportunities for expansion.

Gear for working out
White-labeling products like these might be a good place to begin.

Yoga Mats and Exercise Mats

Both yoga and exercise mats have their uses in physical training, but they are not interchangeable. Due to the low impact nature of yoga, thinner mats are typically used. However, exercise mats are designed to absorb more impact, so they’re thicker.

Keep an eye out for stylish options that offer a wide range of sizes to suit your needs. It could be a good idea to team up with companies that make eco-friendly yoga mats and offer stylish branding options.


Dumbbells have the advantage of being portable and, often, cheaper than standard weights. Therefore, consumers frequently purchase them as home fitness solutions.

Invaluable White Label Products for Your Dropshipping Business 8

You could offer dumbbells in sets of varying weights, or you could sell them in pairs of the same weight. Each dumbbell is a great opportunity to spread your company’s name.

Make sure the dumbbells are made from rust-proof materials and that the handle parts are comfortable to hold.


Sportswear is a distinct category of clothing that can be marketed alongside other health and wellness items. What’s in it is:

Covers for the ears while swimming
We’re out of time
Make sure to exercise the same level of care when selecting fabrics for your white label sportswear that you would for any other piece of clothing. It’s crucial that they wick sweat and feel great on the skin so that users can move freely during exercise.


More than $12.8 billion will be made in the cosmetics market worldwide by 2022, according to projections. There’s no doubting its financial success, and there’s also considerable room for expansion in the future.

To try your hand at white labeling:

Invaluable White Label Products for Your Dropshipping Business 6

Makeup \sMoisturizers
Serums for the care of skin
Shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products
Find out which of these products, or others like them, are in high demand but in short supply by conducting market research in your niche. This suggests that starting with a product like this and moving on to other types of cosmetics may be a good strategy.

Moreover, customers are becoming more selective about the brands they buy because of concerns about the potential negative effects of cosmetics on health. White labeling cosmetics requires caution due to:

If you’re concerned about the safety of the ingredients, it’s best to stick to those that have been vetted by medical professionals, such as those found in natural products.
Most shoppers will avoid purchasing cosmetics that have been produced using cruel animal testing procedures. Give preferential treatment to producers who use sustainable methods and pay their workers fairly.

Water Bottles

People can carry around water to drink as they go about their day. The market is flooded with water bottles of countless styles and manufacturers, but your company can stand out from the crowd by opting for bottles that are:

Invaluable White Label Products for Your Dropshipping Business 5

Conveniently simple to disinfect
Portability and no-spill convenience
Made from BPA-free, food-grade materials
Excellently calibrated to aid users in keeping track of their water consumption
Including fruit and herb infusers for people who like to add flavor to their drinking water
Water bottles are used frequently, so it’s important to find a branding method that will last. Engraving is a good option.


Putting your store’s logo on a plain mug is a quick and cheap process. In addition, they are simple to upsell, and you can even give them away to reward your most loyal customers.

Invaluable White Label Products for Your Dropshipping Business 4

You might also want to add some travel mugs to your assortment. As a result of their high utility, they are frequently purchased as presents.


Writing implements, such as diaries, planners, notebooks, legal pads, and pens, are essential for nearly everyone.

Discovering white label designs that are both fashionable and functional is all that is required. Including features for left-handed authors would be a nice touch as well.

Invaluable White Label Products for Your Dropshipping Business 3

Before you add any writing supplies to your dropshipping store, make sure you check the quality of the paper. In general, people prefer whiter papers that don’t bleed and have crisp, unwavering lines.


Finding the ideal blend is the most important step in the white labeling process for coffee. There are many different kinds of coffee, but a blend is defined by the combination of beans used to create it.

Invaluable White Label Products for Your Dropshipping Business 2

The key is to find a blend that you think your customers will love among the many that are available from coffee manufacturers. The good news is that you are not restricted to a single choice but can instead provide a range of possibilities.

Research what coffee blends are trending if you are not familiar with the different types of coffee available. Google Trends, among other research tools, could help you narrow down your choices. Ask a person who knows a lot about coffee if you want some suggestions.

Cleaning Products

There is no place like home or the workplace where detergent and other cleaning supplies aren’t required. This explains why their sales numbers are usually quite stable and respectable.

Know what you’re putting into your home by researching the ingredients used in various cleaning products. It’s crucial that they don’t just work, but that they don’t harm people or the planet, too.

It’s possible that your clients would also value cleaning supplies that are:

Scent intensity is about average.
Conveniently packaged for ease of use Such as being airtight, resealable, or fitted with a measuring cup for ease of use.
Options for both hand and machine washing are provided.

Invaluable White Label Products for Your Dropshipping Business

Pet Care Accessories

Taking care of pets typically involves using a wide variety of supplies. There are many of them, such as

Bowls for feeding
Leashes \sToys
Costumes Beds for pets
Products for the Care and Maintenance of Animal Hygiene
With some careful curation, product sourcing, and private labeling, your dropshipping store can become a one-stop shop for pet parents.

This market segment is one of the most dynamic because innovations in pet care are constantly being developed.

You should stay abreast of these movements so that your listings for white-label pet supplies can always be as current as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About White Label Products

What Are the Benefits of White Labeling?

White labeling is the practice of purchasing finished goods from suppliers with the intention of reselling them under one’s own brand name. The benefits it offers are as follows.

White labeling allows you to enter the market without having to be an expert in product development. The manufacturer is responsible for every step of production.
Purchasing finished products shortens the time it takes to go from determining a lucrative market niche to launching a brand-name product into that market.
With pre-made goods, it’s less of a hassle to figure out who would be the best manufacturing partner. You can evaluate their competence without waiting for them to produce samples.
Compared to private labeling, white labeling saves money because generic designs and formulations are used.

How Do I Market White Label Products?

White-label product promotion is not radically different from product promotion in general. Simply put, your dropshipping ads should emphasize:

What issues this product addresses
The product’s exceptional ingredients and benefits.
Product features that set it apart, like its eco-friendliness or its sturdiness
Advertise on social media sites where users can find out more about the products you sell and the company behind them, such as Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

Customers may not have heard of your company if you are just getting started in the business of dropshipping white label products. To encourage purchases, you might think about providing incentives like sales or freebies.

What Is the Difference Between White Label and Private Label Products?

White label and private label goods differ primarily in how much autonomy you are given over the design process.

When you opt for white label products, you’re buying something that’s already been labeled with your brand name. The manufacturer decides on and controls all aspects of the product, including the ingredients and the design.

Private label goods, on the other hand, are made specifically for your company. You have the freedom to specify precisely how you want the manufactured goods you purchase to look and function, and the manufacturer will happily oblige.

Your product will be unique because the manufacturer cannot sell your product ideas to other brands.

How Do I Find Dropshipping Suppliers For White Label Products?

Note that not all dropship manufacturers and suppliers provide white labeling options. For this reason, when communicating with prospective vendors, it is essential to be as clear as possible.

You could start your investigation here:

Internet-based bazaars, such as Alibaba, host tens of thousands of vendors. Create a shortlist of promising candidates, and then contact them to see if they are interested in white labeling.
Use Google or one of the other search engines; there’s a wealth of information available there. You can find a few potential options to investigate further if you conduct a search for “dropshipping suppliers that provide white label products” in your area or elsewhere.
A sourcing agent is an intermediary who locates and negotiates with potential white-label product suppliers on your behalf. These services come at a cost but can be invaluable when trying to import goods from another country.
One example of such a business is a “dropshipping” company, which offers a wide variety of services to their clients. If you needed assistance finding white-label products, negotiating prices, finding storage space, or setting up a drop-shipping operation, they could do all of that for you.

What Qualities Should I Look For When Choosing Dropshipping Suppliers For White Label Products?

While every provider has their own specialties, a reliable one should provide you with the following:

Multiple options for product construction and style.
Additional services such as branded packaging or storage
Products of the highest quality, crafted with great care.
Guaranteed availability of white-labeled goods in adequate quantities
Reasonable pricing that leaves room for a healthy profit margin when drop shipping

In Conclusion

Using a third-party dropshipper to sell your products is perfectly acceptable. Nonetheless, white labeling is the way to go if you want to expand your brand’s reach. It’s cheap, can be done quickly, and doesn’t call for a lot of specialized knowledge.