Should you think about dropshipping with CSV in 2023? Dropshipping is a good business model that makes it easy to start an online store with little money. Since the pandemic, online shopping has gone up a lot, which has made the CSV dropshipping model grow. Because of this, it is becoming a popular way to sell unique and niche products.

csv file order
csv file order

With CSV dropshipping, you can order a lot of products at once by using.csv files. Dropshipping businesses used to place orders on AliExpress or their chosen marketplace by hand. These orders are placed one at a time as users place them.

This means that you have to stay up-to-date all the time and go through a lot of trouble. Because of this, CSV files are another way that orders can be placed. For bulk orders, you need to make a.csv file and use it.

What Are CSV File Orders

The best way to make a bulk dropshipping order is with CSV files. You can export the file and send it to your seller to place multiple orders at once instead of sending each order separately. This CSV file can also be used in a dropshipping tool to place many orders at once.

You can make the CSV dropshipping file in different formats based on what your seller or dropshipping tool needs.


What choices do you have for fulfillment?

There are many ways for dropshipping stores to get orders from customers and send them to the customer. We have looked at these choices:


The first way to fill orders on your dropshipping store is to get the customer’s information and place orders by hand. Name, product, shipping address, etc. are all part of the order details. Once the details of the product have been confirmed and collected, you can place the order directly with the supplier or AliExpress seller.

For instance, you can go straight to AliExpress, find the product, choose the supplier, and place the order for each customer separately.

This is the least convenient choice out of the ones given. At first, you may be able to place orders one by one, but in the long run, when you have hundreds of orders, it may be hard to keep placing orders one by one.


CSV dropshipping is the second method on the list, and it is the most convenient one. In this method, you need to export the order information from your e-commerce portal as a.csv file. Once you have the file, you can tell the seller how to ship the product or send the right product to the right customer.

Compared to the first choice, this one is easier because you don’t have to place each order by hand.


Using an integration app or dropshipping tool like Dropship Corporation is the last option on the list.

You can import the exported file into your tool with the help of a dropshipping tool. The tool will then help you choose the right seller for each order and place multiple orders on AliExpress. The shipping information will automatically sync to your Dropship Corporation tool, where you can track orders and help customers as well.

Let’s get to know the Dropship Corporation tool better:

dropship corporation 39
dropship corporation
  • Dropship Corporation is an AliExpress dropshipping tool that uses AI to help you choose which sellers to work with. For every order, you can find the right seller.
  • When you use the bulk order feature or import a CSV file, you can use the tool to place more than one order at once.
  • You can also sync your orders with Dropship Corporation, so you can easily look at the details from the dashboard. When you need to help a customer, you can check the dashboard for details.
  • The tool also lets you group orders together and place them all at once on AliExpress. The customer will get the bundle order without any extra work.

CSV Dropshipping’s Pros and Cons

No Processing by Hand

When the order is being filled by hand, each order must be placed separately. This means you have to go to AliExpress, find the product, compare suppliers, and place the order with the seller (who will directly deliver it to the customer).

You don’t have to put these orders in by hand if you use CSV dropshipping. You can make a CSV file that has information about the customers and orders. These CSV files can be sent directly to the seller or used in a tool to place a large number of orders at once. So, you don’t have to place an order by hand or spend a lot of time on the task.

Making exports easier

Your platform makes it easy to export a CSV file of orders. For instance, if you use Shopify, you can export the CSV file from the portal and use it to place a lot of orders at once.

How to Use CSV to Dropship

Follow this step-by-step guide if you want to start using the CSV dropshipping method.

Export to a.csv file

The first step is to export your orders to a CSV file. On the orders page of your Shopify account or any other marketplace, you need to click the Export button.

With this export function, you can get a CSV file of all of your orders.

Change the file

Once the.csv file is on your computer, you can send it to your supplier without changing anything. Just look over the file and send it on if you think everything is fine. If you didn’t get the file the way you thought you would, you can change the information to make it easier to understand or read.

For example, the following information, which is almost useless to your supplier, will be in your.csv file:

  • Payment method
  • Offer or discount coupon code
  • Payment date
  • How money is paid

Like these, you may have a lot of other things on the list that your seller may not need. You can easily get rid of these columns so that your seller can read the.csv file better.

Make a list of all the useful information that your supplier needs and only include that in your file. One option is to use Shopify’s EZ Exporter to choose the data you want to export to the CSV file. This will make sure that you only get useful information right from the start.

Bring into the Tool

You should put the final.csv file into a tool like Dropship Corporation once you have it. As we’ve already talked about, Dropship Corporation lets you either download the template or import the.csv file, depending on what you want to do. With this CSV file, you can quickly and easily place a large number of orders on AliExpress.

You don’t have to keep track of each order, add it to your list separately, or worry about forgetting one.

Order and Keep Track of

Lastly, once you have placed all of the orders from Dropship Corporation on AliExpress, the tracking information will be sent to your tool automatically. All orders can be tracked from the dashboard, so you don’t have to copy and paste tracking numbers. The user can get this information from the tool itself.

Also, whenever you need to help a user, you can look up their information on Dropship Corporation and give them the most recent information.


CSV dropshipping is an easier way to fill a lot of orders at once. Just export the CSV file from your e-commerce platform and use it to place multiple orders at once. To make this method more useful, you can also use the Dropship Corporation tool to import the CSV file straight into Dropship Corporation and place a lot of orders at once. Just read the guide above and start using CSV dropshipping as a better way to get your products to customers.