The way customers feel about a business has become a key part of what makes it successful.

When it comes to online shopping, buyers put the shopping experience ahead of everything else.

Things like letting customers know when their goods will be delivered, how they can track them, and when they will arrive can make online shopping less scary and help customers trust the company.

A good way to improve the customer experience is to let customers know where the items they ordered are at every step of the delivery process.

The order tracking system also makes them feel good about their purchase and gives them a sense of safety.

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how to do order tracking on shopify effectively

What Does It Mean to Track an Online Order?

Before you get your goods, your order will usually go through a few steps. They are order received, in progress, shipped, delivered, and finished.

The exact steps may be a little different from one business to the next, depending on what the store owner wants.

The tracking number was made once the order was received by the website. This is where tracking an order starts.

The process of tracking an order is all about tracking the delivery, figuring out when it will arrive, and getting frequent updates on the status of the order. Every step is important and strong in all ways.

Once the tracking number has been made online, the tracking process can be done by both the seller and the customer. You can keep track of all your online orders and shipments at any time with e-commerce order tracking.

Customers can also ask about the status of their orders, or you can give them a tracking number and a place where they can check on their orders themselves.

Overall, the tracking process keeps everyone on the same page and keeps buyers and sellers from getting confused.

There are some important reasons why both sellers and buyers need to be able to track orders.

For Sellers:

Spend less

In e-commerce, customer service has always been a busy area. It can be too much to deal with customer complaints or questions.

When customers keep asking about the status of their packages, it takes a lot of time for the seller to deal with them.

If you don’t have a good way to let your customers know how things are going, you may have to hire more people to keep them informed, which will drive up your costs.

Luckily, this problem is easy to fix with solutions for tracking orders. The tracking number lets buyers know what’s going on with their package.

So, it cuts down on the number of customer service requests and saves money by not having to hire more people to handle them.

By saving time and money, your customer service team has more time to improve the customer experience in other ways.

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Increase transparency and trust

Openness and Boost TrustTracking numbers for packages make it easier for sellers to be honest with their customers.

No one will buy from a seller who keeps secrets. Customers will know if their order has been shipped and where it is if they use order tracking. Each step is clear, which gives customers more confidence.

Customers’ needs are met by letting them track their orders, which gives them the up-to-date information they want.

When customers are happy with the service and know what’s going on with their order and when it’s supposed to be delivered, they tend to trust the seller more.

This can make customers more loyal, which can lead to more sales and better customer retention for the business.

Minimize Delays

After a product is shipped, it usually has an exact date or a range of dates for when it will arrive.

If the shipping company couldn’t track the order, they might not take it seriously and always be late.

But the order tracking can let you know if there might be a delay. It also gives you enough time to be proactive about fixing these delays and ask the shipping company why the delays are happening or apologise to your clients ahead of time.

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For Buyers:

Meet what the customer wants

By giving customers the information they need, they are better able to keep track of how their packages are moving.

Also, they have more control over online purchases when they can keep track of their orders at every step of the shipping process.

When the customer knows how long it will take to get their order, they can make plans.

For example, if you need to fly to another country on Sunday and your order status says it will arrive on Friday, you know you can take it with you.

When a customer’s expectations are met, they will be happy and may buy from you again.

Find a lost package.

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Do you ever order something online, wait a few days, and then find that you never got it? When we shop online, it can happen sometimes.

The goods could have been lost because of bad planning, while being shipped, or because they were sent to the wrong house on the customer’s street.

A tracking number can help you find lost packages and get them to the right place more quickly.

Reduce Customer Stress

Using a tracking number can help customers feel less worried, which is one of its benefits.

Customers can be tortured and stressed out when they don’t know where it is or when it will arrive.

What if, for example, the goods aren’t what we want? We want to get it right on time so we can plan for what will happen next.

How to Keep track

There are a lot of helpful tools online that can help you keep track of orders in a better way. Different platforms have been put on the market to help you based on your needs and functions.

For example, there is a kind of platform that can keep track of your orders no matter where you bought them.

Apps like Ship24 and 17Track can help people keep track of their orders.

Just put in the tracking numbers and other information asked for, and the product’s status will show up.

Not only does order tracking work for traditional shopping, but it also works for dropshipping. Some plug-ins, like Shopify and WooCommerce, only work on certain websites.


The process of tracking orders affects e-commerce in every way, for both sellers and buyers.

For sellers, it can cut costs and help them build trust with customers by making their services easy to understand.

It also gives a way to keep the order from being late as little as possible, which looks good to the public.

For buyers, order tracking lets them keep an eye on the status of their package and make sure it’s what they expected.

They can find out exactly when the package will arrive and whether or not it was lost.

So, their doubts will be gone, which will make them trust the sellers more. Order tracking is not hard in and of itself, but it can make a big difference in how customers feel about your business.

After all, how well order tracking works can have a big effect on an e-commerce business, and it’s an important part of any business today.

Merchants need to make sure that their clients can track their orders well.