If you’re interested in dropshipping or any other kind of online business, finding products with a high profit margin is the most important question you’ll face.

Finding products with high profit margins is harder than ever because of the increasing popularity of online businesses, especially dropshipping, which has become more common due to the rapid pace of digital transformation.

As a result, we have written this article to serve as a resource as you navigate the process of deciding upon and selling products that will drive revenue for your online store. If you don’t want to miss anything crucial, read this whole article to the end.

So, let’s just dive in.

Basics of High Profit Margin Products 

When selling products online, the best way to maximize profits is to price items so that you can make a sizable profit off of sales of a relatively small quantity of units. Dropshipping can be a lucrative business model, but figuring out your profit margin can be challenging.

Observant dropshippers know that as soon as a product is released online, competitors will spring up to try to grab a piece of the pie for themselves, so they time the release of high-margin products strategically.

Shopify includes a profit margin calculator that is useful for determining a selling price. Simply input your product’s cost and your desired profit margin. This feature will figure out how much that product should sell for and display that number.

Use this Shopify profit margin calculator to determine your margins.
First, we’ll go over what to keep in mind as you browse the list of high-margin products to sell online before diving into the specifics of the list itself.

How to Select the Most Profitable Products to Sell Online

shopping cart next to a laptop

Market Demand 

You should have some idea of whether or not the market is interested in the product you intend to sell. Yet, how will you be able to foretell this crucial variable?

We have mentioned a few criteria below to check if the product is going to perform or not.

While there is no guarantee that the product fulfilling these below-mentioned criteria will perform or not, there is a very high probability to get desired results by following these guidelines.

Problem Solving

Solution-oriented goods have the highest potential profit margins for online sales. Someone with a serious health problem is more likely to respond positively to an ad for a product that claims to be able to solve that problem.

This is where marketing platforms like Facebook and others come in handy. In this way, they can introduce people with the same problems to your products that can help them. What’s their secret? What is it?

If you have a backache, chances are you’ll look up solutions online and maybe even read some related Facebook posts. From that point on, every time you search for a solution to your back pain, Google, Facebook, etc. will mark you as a potential customer for their back pain solution.

Because of this, you will start to see promotions for remedies targeting people with back pain.

Dropshipping Products with a High Profit Margin

Social Media Engagement

Keep an eye out for the product’s virality on various platforms. Some dropshipping products have gone viral, resulting in widespread demand for them around the globe.

Participation in Social Media
Do you recall the craze for fidget spinners that swept the nation a few years ago? That’s just one of the examples that rocked the internet to its foundations.

Repeat Customers 

It’s possible that some products could attract regular repeat customers. Consumers need to change or replace products like clothing after a certain amount of time has passed.

This is why the Print on Demand (POD) niche is so fruitful for dropshippers. Simply put, if a customer likes the design of the t-shirt, they are more likely to buy another one even if they don’t need to replace the shirt.


The most successful dropshipping items are completely one-of-a-kind. You think a regular hair straightener will make a difference to a girl who is a hair maniac, right? Possible she already has one at home.

And a curling iron that also works as a straightener? The most self-conscious of beauty-obsessed teenage girls will be compelled to click through from Facebook and check out the product page thanks to this innovative 2-in-1 design. If you add a hair straightener to the mix, you have a winning combination.


Having a product that is hard to find in stores is a must for any successful online store. Using the impulse purchase method can be a highly effective strategy when selling high-margin products online.

In order to make a sale, you must entice your target market so much that they buy the product without giving it much thought. As a result, it’s crucial to launch or test a dropshipping product at the right time.

The product’s online demand will decrease and profit margins will shrink by the time it hits store shelves.

General VS Niche 

When deciding what to sell online, the type of store you plan to use to showcase the product to potential buyers is a crucial consideration.

There is much discussion about whether it is best to launch a general dropshipping store, a store specializing in a single product, or a store selling nothing but that product.

Customers are more likely to trust a store that specializes in just one product, and they are more likely to consider that store to be their only option for purchasing that product.

The other potential problem with introducing your highest-margin products via a general store is that your visitors may already be familiar with some of the other products you provide.

If they discover that you have overcharged for an item they have previously purchased from you, they may lose faith in your business.


For some high-margin items, a certain pattern has emerged. With the introduction of a brand-new product, the market will gradually begin to favor it, leading to an upward trend.

There are a number of ways to research a product’s popularity. The list below includes a few of them.

Search Engine Results Social Media Go-Viral Items on AliExpress’s Dropshipping Center


Seasonality can affect the performance of even the highest-margin products. Except during their peak seasons, there is little chance that these trendy products will sell.

For instance, as the 2016 US election neared, t-shirts featuring Donald Trump memes sold in unprecedented numbers. For this reason, dropshippers were constrained to only conduct business during the specified time frame.

Similarly, it’s not a good idea to sell seasonal items like Halloween costumes in the middle of the year.

Competition & Saturation 

It’s time to think back to those nifty little fidget spinners again. There is a very narrow window of opportunity during which the sale of such items makes sense monetarily. Fidget spinners may not sell as well now, but you might try.

Product saturation describes this condition. Because almost everyone who might have been interested has already purchased it, there is almost no demand for it going forward.

As soon as a dropshipper finds a successful product, competition increases rapidly. That’s because rival dropshippers are constantly checking out each other’s ads to see what works.

If you find that the competition for a particular product is too fierce, you may want to consider diversifying into related markets.

High Profit Margin Products for Dropshipping

Now that we’ve covered the essentials of selling high-margin dropshipping items, you’ll have a better grasp of the list of most profitable items to sell online that follows.

Without further ado, here is a rundown of some hot-selling items that are sure to bring in some serious cash.

Health & Wellness Products 

The health and wellness industry is one of the most lucrative but also one of the most cutthroat. For the simple reason that people are willing to shell out cash for remedies that may help them feel better or stay healthy.

Here are the three products that have the best combination of high profit margins and low levels of competition.

Visual Ear Sticks 

There are earbuds for everyone in the family, and cleaning our ears is a daily ritual. But have you ever been curious about what’s going on behind the scenes in your ear?

These incredible Visual Ear Sticks feature an integrated mini camera that streams live images from inside your ear to your mobile device. You have to admit, that’s pretty cool.

When you factor in shipping, the total for this item is close to $. This could be one of the best products to sell online if you’re able to reach your target market via various social media channels.

You can make back the price of this health tool and then some in just a few months. With a successful product launch, you could make as much as $40 to $60 per transaction.

Premium products: the visual ear stick
For this product’s advertising, you might consider appealing to the following niches:

Maintaining your physical and mental health
Taking care of oneself
Treatment of the Ears

Acupuncture Socks 

Products like acupuncture pens, acupressure massage guns, etc. are sure to be familiar to any dropshipper or customer who has followed the dropshipping industry for any length of time.

This product is easier to use, less expensive, and more original. These are socks that feature a pattern reminiscent of an acupuncture chart. It reveals where on your body massaging will have the most beneficial effects.

It’s a given that everyone needs socks, but this innovative product has a niche market among people interested in massage, foot pain, acupuncture, and related fields.

They would definitely consider getting these socks for their next round of self-physical therapy.

The product has a low production cost (less than $5), a high retail price (over $24.99), and a high profit margin (around $20). Wow, that’s a good way to make some money!

The Use of Acupuncture Socks
Facebook ads should take into account these preferences of the target audience.

Foot Massage Using Acupressure

Home Gym Band

Only truly dedicated fitness fanatics will appreciate this product. Since many public gyms and parks have been evacuated due to safety concerns, the Home Gym Band is a great option for those who enjoy working out but cannot currently access a suitable facility.

This is a slightly pricey item, with a price tag that starts at around $30 before tax and shipping. However, higher margins can be found in high-priced items as well.

A Home Workout Band
Although the profit multiplier isn’t particularly high, the product can be priced at either $49.99 or $59.99 with immediate effect to generate a healthy profit for your online shop.

A product may fit neatly into a specific market because it is just on the cusp of being too specific for another category. For the same reason that this product is perfect for both home use and travel, it can be categorized under both of those umbrella terms.

If you’re going to advertise this product, you might want to target people who have these interests.

Conditioning Strength Training Exercise Equipment Fitness Center

Universal Products

There are some products that are so widely used that virtually everyone has at least heard of them. These ubiquitous items call for a massive pool of people who have no particular interest in buying them.

What strategies work best for identifying who might be interested in purchasing such items? In such a scenario, behavior targeting may be preferable to interest targeting.

Here is a list of products that fit that bill, both in terms of price and demand.

2-in-1 Shopping Bag

Everybody needs to buy stuff, like food and other goods, so they flock to stores to do their shopping. People need a way to transport their purchases, in addition to shopping, of course.

Since most nations have outlawed the use of plastic bags, there is a pressing need for eco-friendly alternatives. What if there were a bag that not only extended but also dragged on wheels? Problem solver par excellence!

It’s a Shopping Bag and a Tote!
With shipping included, the price per unit is close to $12. If you sell it for $29.99, you’ll make a profit of about $18.

The product’s practicality is much higher than you anticipated, making it a good candidate for an online store that can reach thousands of customers.

To target Facebook users more effectively with ads for this product, consider the following topics:

Grocery Shopping Bag Shopping Cart

Comfy Chair Cushions

How about if we switched up our usual seating and pillow arrangements? The internet is a welcoming place for all things adorable, and these extra-cute cushions are sure to brighten the day of everyone who is stuck inside due to bad weather.

Sofa Pillows
When you factor in shipping costs, the total cost of this product is about $23, and you can easily sell it for $50 to $60.

Since there are uncomfortable chairs in everyone’s home, we think this product has a lot of potential. This item will not only improve their comfort while seated, but also give their chairs a stylish new look.

This is a fantastic item for use anywhere: at home, in the office, or on the road. If you’re going to advertise this product, it would be wise to look for and test people with similar interests.

Pop-up Stationery Holder 

The office or kitchen table can now have an adorable new accessory. It’s a cute little holder for stationery, and I love it. Despite its apparent simplicity, this product offers elegant solutions to numerous issues plaguing the modern office and the remote worker.

Stationery Organizer That Pops Up
If you have a habit of losing things from your desk, this may be the perfect solution for you. This stationary holder is mobile, which is a nice bonus.

Customers will appreciate knowing they can take the holder with them wherever they go, whether it’s to class, the library, or the office.

If you add in the shipping costs of around $8, you have a product that can be priced at $29.99 with little trouble. Making $21 in pure profit on each product is not bad at all.

This product is so popular that dropshippers are selling it for as low as $34.99. The following hobbies and pastimes can be used to narrow your customer base.

Artwork for the home and office

Hobbyist Products 

Profit margins tend to be high for products aimed at the hobby market because hobbyists are passionate about their interests. If you decide to sell any of the following items, you will have a successful online business.

Electronic Blackhead Remover 

Most women count skincare among their favorite pastimes. In the skincare niche, the Electronic Blackhead Remover is the best product you can start selling right away for high profit margins.

Electric Acne Spot Treatment
Yes! Indeed, you have correctly guessed the correct answer. This product is a game-changer and the women of the world will go crazy for it. When lockdowns force beauty parlors and spas to close, women can pamper their skin at home with this item.

This is a classic case of the type of item that can be purchased cheaply and then resold for a profit. You can easily make $45 on the sale of this item, which only cost you $10 to $15 to produce. You can expect reasonable success with your dropshipping business if you aim for a profit margin of about 3 times your shipping costs.

You can reach out to people who are concerned with their appearance and skin care by utilizing the following hobbies.

Skin care
Taking Care of Your Skin
Amazingly healthy skin

Tactical Waterproof Pants

While tactical pants have occasionally been associated with dropshipping ads, this one has much more staying power.

Military-grade, waterproof trousers
There is a lot of potential for profit thanks to this item’s many useful features, including its multiple pockets, its resilience, and its waterproof nature.

This fantastic item can be purchased for between $28 and $32. Thanks to its adaptability, this pant can be priced well above $70. It’s possible to find such products being sold online for $99 if you look hard enough.

Because of its adaptability, it has broad appeal, and almost every man wants one for himself.

This product has a wide appeal, but it’s still possible to narrow it down to the following hobbies and pastimes.

Outdoor \sCamping \sSurvival

DIY Cake Decorations

This is a fantastic item that could appeal to a wide variety of people, especially those who enjoy making baked goods. There have been competing products in the past, but this one is superior and offers more variety in terms of aesthetics.

Do-It-Yourself Cake Toppers
Products with a variety of designs can be purchased for between $2.50 and $3.50. With shipping included, you can easily sell this for $19.99 or more.

Making between $16 and $18 per unit is not a bad profit margin. Among the many possible passions to highlight in your social media product promotion are:

Baking and Decorating Birthday Cakes

Baby Products 

The market for baby goods is so massive that it will never completely collapse. Every day brings a new improvement to these products, and if you want to cash in at just the right time, you’ll need to keep up with the latest developments.

Here are the top three products in the baby niche that you can begin selling right away.

Whale Bath Sprinkler Toy

Babies of all ages benefit from regular bath time, and parents’ stress levels can be reduced by making the process more enjoyable. This product can be a practical version of babies’ all-time favorite rhyme “baby shark”.

products with a high potential for profit
This item sprinkles water and displays a spectrum of colors in the water, both of which are appealing and entertaining features. Therefore, this is an ideal bathtime toy for infants.

Price ranges from about $7 to $18 for this product’s various iterations. In the marketplace, you can confidently ask for more than 2.5 times the product’s initial investment. There will be a decent profit of $15 to $25 per item.

The following are some of the hobbies and pastimes that will help you narrow down your audience.

Babies and Moms, Baby Bath and Toys

Practice Copybook 

The ability to read and write fluently and quickly is a goal shared by all parents. In fact, that’s why we’ve included it in our lineup of low-priced goods with high margins of profit.

What a wonderful cookbook for encouraging young writers! The copybook can be used over and over again after being erased.

Textbook for Duplicate Practice
Including shipping, the total price is somewhere between $10 and $16. This instructional booklet is worth between $24.99 and $34.99.

Due to the fact that enhancing a child’s education is one of the best business ideas that also helps society, this product has a good chance of becoming successful.

This product can be tested on Facebook using these interests.

Educating Young Children at Home

Air Filled Bubble Balloons

When it comes to toys, this is right up there with the best of them, and any parent would be lucky to have the chance to give their child one. Inflated with a mixture of air and water, these balloons are a popular toy for children who love to jump, play, and have a good time.

Balloons filled with air for a bubble effect
A video ad for this product shared across social media platforms has the potential to go viral, especially among mothers who are likely to start tagging each other and sharing this inexpensive but fun plaything.

Because of AliExpress’s rock-bottom pricing (ranging from under $2 to $13 with free shipping), you can expect a four-fold increase in your profit after deducting your costs.

Before the competition gets too strong, early dropshippers can make as much as a fivefold profit on this item.

You can quickly identify the market that this product will serve, as well as the keywords that will be most effective in bringing in buyers. Examples of such things could be:

Toys and games for children Adult supervision

Pet Products

The market for pet supplies appears to be growing at a steady clip. Since people who are passionate about pets tend to have strong emotional ties to their animals, you can successfully market to them by appealing to these sentiments.

Here are the most lucrative items you can start selling today.

Plush Pet Beds

Animals have an incessant requirement for rest and sleep. How about a soft, breathable, and airy bed for them to relax in?

Products like pet houses and pet clothing saw a boom a few years ago, and dropshippers are well aware of this. This new Plush Pet Bed is one of our highest-margin items for sale online.

Luxury Pet Beds
The product can be marketed to animal lovers by appealing to their feelings.

Depending on the size of the beds, the price of this product ranges from about $11 to $45. Profit margins on these pet beds should be at least 2.5–3 times their cost.

If you want to reach potential customers, you should definitely think about the following social media sites:

Social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram

Automatic Pet Fountain 

No one can own a pet and not think about what to give her to eat. This item aids pet owners in providing their pets with a water fountain, ensuring that their pets always have access to water.

Water Bowl with Timer for Pets
The water fountain is powered by a USB cable and uses technology to entice pets such as cats and dogs to drink water. That’s why you should give this product a shot, because the margins are so high.

This product can be sold for as little as $20 each and as much as $49.99. This product has a high potential for a 2.5x margin of profit. That means you can make about $30 on each product you sell.

You should use social media sites like Pinterest and TikTok to spread the word about your store.

If you want to reach pet owners on social media, you should focus on their basic interests.

Cats and Dogs Products

Pet Car Seat Cover 

The vast majority of pet owners never go anywhere without their animals. However, car lovers who also own pets may not appreciate having their seats soiled by their pets.

There is a solution to their problem, and this product is on the list. Thanks to the Pet Seat Cover, animal-lovers can confidently transport their furry friends wherever they go.

Automotive Seat Protector for Pets
This seat cover not only keeps the car neat and clean, but it also protects pets from harm while they’re in transit. If you emphasize this in your ads the right way, you can increase your sales by a factor of four.

Concerning the profit margin, this item has a total cost of about $30 to $40 (including shipping costs), and you could probably make a safe profit of around $15 to $20 off of it, despite the fact that it is somewhat trendy.

In determining who to market this product to, consider the following:

Dog Safety Pet Accessories for Travel
So, I assume you found the aforementioned product descriptions to be both informative and entertaining. This is a well-researched list of products that could easily become your next bestseller.

Please give these products a shot, whether you end up using them all or just one.

Let’s take a look at the most frequently asked questions at the end of this piece.

FAQs about High Profit Margin Products

What Is a Good Profit Margin for Dropshipping?

250% to 300% is a good profit margin for dropshipping. Two and a half to three times the product cost is a good profit margin for a dropshipping product. They are interchangeable.

But as we’ve already established, there are a lot of variables at play, such as the product’s category, your price point, the level of competition, market saturation, consumer interest, etc.

Your profit margin is directly proportional to the product’s selling price. To avoid charging too much or too little for your product, you should do market research before settling on a price.

Use Shopify’s suggested prices as a starting point, and do the math to ensure you’re making enough money to cover your advertising and other costs, plus a little extra.

Where Can I Find Profitable Dropshipping Products?

Dropshipping products can be found on many online marketplaces. AliExpress is the best place to discover products suitable for dropshipping business.

There are additional dropshipping marketplaces where you can source high-margin products. These shops offer similar selections or even more variety than AliExpress.

Alibaba \sDHgate
Made in China Brands Offer Unbelievable Discounts
It’s possible to outsource product sourcing entirely by using a dropshipping platform that connects to your chosen e-commerce platform.

Which Product Sells Most Online?

The most popular item bought online is one that helps people in general. It could be something as simple as a magnetic phone charger or as complex as wireless headphones.

Both of these are highly successful dropshipping products, but we chose not to include them here due to the current market saturation.

As long as it continues to address the needs of its target market, the product will enjoy sustained success in the digital marketplace.

What sells best online is also the type of product that is difficult to find in places like Walmart.

You probably won’t buy something online if there’s a store right down the block from your house selling the same thing..


We have worked hard to compile a comprehensive catalog of items with high margins of profit suitable for drop shipping. There is a lot of room for profit in any of these products, and you can also use them as wholesale goods to sell from the comfort of your own home.

Increasing levels of competition are making drop shipping increasingly difficult. These products have an average profit margin of over $15 to $20, making them ideal for launching a profitable online business quickly.