Chinese-made goods have long been appealing to dropshippers because of their low prices.

Even though the nature of eCommerce businesses is always changing, China still dominates the market for product sourcing options. Keep in mind that this is occurring despite the worldwide health and economic crisis brought on by the spread of COVID-19.

Is it any wonder that dropshippers are drawn to China for their products? The year is 2022; what are the top dropshippable products made in China?

Soon enough, we’ll have the answer!

Best Made in China Products for Dropshipping

You need to exercise caution when selecting a Chinese product if you want to make a profit from it. Always keep in mind that the item you choose to dropship should be in high demand, profitable, simple to ship, and of high quality.

Exactly how, then, can one ascertain what will bring in revenue and satisfy consumer demand? Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for!

The following are examples of popular, high-demand Made in China goods that are ideal for dropshipping companies:

Smart Watches / Health Trackers

The popularity of smartwatches that can monitor vital signs, steps taken each day, calories burned, and other health metrics is on the rise.

The Top Dropshipping Products Manufactured in China 4

goods manufactured in China
You can buy this item in bulk from China at a low price and then resell it at a much higher markup. Dropshippers will find that feature particularly useful.

The next logical step would be to find a dropshipping agent who can assist you in private labeling a smartwatch. Launch a single-item online store and you’ll be set!

Galaxy Projector Room Lamps

There’s something very alluring about making your room look like the sky at night. Actually, everywhere you look, you’ll see a rise in sales of projector lamps for the bedroom.

Many online retailers offer them for as little as $30 for a generic version, while others choose to brand them and charge three times as much. The potential is enormous.

3D Modelling Pens

Due to the increasing accessibility of 3D printing technology, the cost of 3D pens has decreased dramatically. And now, the dropshipping industry is beginning to ride this wave of success.

One can purchase a 3D pen for anywhere from $10 to $40, and then resell it for significantly more.

Selfie LED Ring Holder

Welcoming you to the TikTok era. Taking selfies and TikToks now requires a tripod cell phone holder with a LED ring light.

Due to the ever-increasing popularity of social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, this innovative Chinese import is here to stay.

Portable Air Purifiers

The portable air purifier is another hot item that comes from China. The global population is becoming more health-conscious, and consequently, air quality has become a major concern.

Demand for these portable air cleaners has risen as people become more concerned with maintaining and improving their lung health. Now, everyone has one or plans to get one within the next few years.

Stainless Steel Straws

Taking care of our planet and the dire consequences of climate change are two more lessons we’ve learned from Covid-19 this past year.

Many organizations and people have responded by changing their practices and the things they make and use.

goods manufactured in China
The increasing popularity of stainless steel straws is indicative of this shift. These reusable straws are a great alternative to the disposable plastic straws that contribute to waste and pollution.

Organic materials and packaging for environmentally friendly products will remain on-trend well beyond 2022.

Wireless Cell Phone Gadgets

The popularity of wireless mobile phone accessories continues to rise. Everything from wireless earbuds to wireless docks, power banks, and even phone holders that charge wirelessly while you drive is currently on the market and popular among consumers.

The Top Dropshipping Products Manufactured in China 3

goods manufactured in China
The driving force behind this trend is the rising demand for mobile phone accessories due to people’s increasing reliance on mobile phones.

Therefore, whether you decide to sell just one of these items in a one-product store or to try your hand at selling them all in a general store, you can count on good fortune.

 VR Phone & PC Glasses

The concept of private ownership of VR goggles is still relatively new. To us, it was cutting-edge technology, and it was also quite pricey. Things have certainly evolved since then.

The Top Dropshipping Products Manufactured in China 2

The price of virtual reality glasses has dropped to below $20. A high-quality VR headset can be the centerpiece of a successful one-product shop if you approach it strategically.

Phone Screen Amplifier

Have you ever wished you had a tablet but realized you didn’t actually require one? You won’t need it anymore, though.

In order to better see what’s on your phone’s display, you can use an amplifier designed specifically for that purpose. It’s a case for your phone that doubles as an amplifying screen, so you can watch movies on a display that’s more like that of a laptop.

Skincare Tools

The Top Dropshipping Products Manufactured in China

And now, the skin care tools you’ve been waiting for!

goods manufactured in China
In recent months, we have seen a significant uptick in sales of facial massage rollers, blackhead extractor rollers, derma rollers, and similar devices. These low-priced Chinese imports have a high potential for resale profit.

Only ten of the many popular dropshipping items for 2022 are listed here. Make sure you’re involved in the dropshipping community and up-to-date on all the latest information if you want to find even more products.

Google Trends is a useful tool for double-checking the product keyword or search term. The trend trajectory line can be visualized with this tool, allowing you to anticipate future price movements.

It is not uncommon for dropshippers to use premium services like AdSpy to monitor the most effective social media advertisements. In this way, dropshippers can monitor current trends in product advertising and gauge customer interest in various products.

You need only conduct a search on AliExpress or Alibaba to find out what products are currently trending in order to cash in on the market.

Made in China Products FAQs

Insight into what’s hot in the dropshipping industry can be gained from perusing our list of products made in China, we hope.

Now we’ll answer the most common inquiries about Chinese-made goods.

Are Made in China Products Bad?

Products made in China often get a bad rap for being of poor quality, especially among inexperienced dropshippers.

It’s not true what you say. This misconception originates from the frequent communication breakdowns that occur between wholesalers and dropshippers when trying to determine the proper fabric and shade for an order of clothing.

Keep in mind that as a dropshipper placing a product sourcing order, it is your duty to provide a detailed description of the product to ensure that the order meets your requirements.

A common dropshipping noob error is ordering a blue T-shirt. Blue is a very broad color. Don’t just tell your supplier “blue,” give them the specific hex code.

Naturally, we are not claiming that anything purchased from China will be of a superior quality. Many Chinese vendors are also of poor quality. To avoid this, be sure to check out previous customers’ experiences with the company or item you’re considering purchasing.

Which Famous Companies Manufacture Their Products in China?

China is the location of production for many well-known brands’ products.

Many well-known brands have products that were manufactured in China, including Apple, Canon, Converse, Vans, Victoria’s Secret, Mango, Zara, Oral-B, and many more.

Why Are So Many Products Made in China?

China has improved greatly over the years to become a leading global manufacturer. The odds are high that you have at least one product made in China in your home right now.

China’s manufacturing dominance can be attributed to many factors:

access to a wealth of raw materials;
The country’s ports and manufacturing infrastructure;
workers who put in long hours;
The government’s ability to manipulate the value of the national currency relative to the dollar, thereby lowering prices.

How Can I Buy Made in China Products?

China has improved greatly over the years to become a leading global manufacturer. The odds are high that you have at least one product made in China in your home right now.

China’s manufacturing dominance can be attributed to many factors:

access to a wealth of raw materials;
The country’s ports and manufacturing infrastructure;
workers who put in long hours;
The government’s ability to manipulate the value of the national currency relative to the dollar, thereby lowering prices.

Which Websites Sell Made in China Products?

AliExpress, Alibaba, Made-in-China, Chinabrands, Chinavasion, DHgate, etc. are some of the most popular platforms for importing goods from China.

goods manufactured in China
Websites like and Taobao are also available, where local vendors sell high-quality items at competitive prices. However, these sites are only available in Chinese, making navigation and communication more difficult.

How to Ensure Your Made-in-China Products Are High Quality?

If you want to avoid dealing with fake Chinese vendors and always receive top-notch goods, follow these guidelines.

Look for the feedback given by previous customers of the supplier;
Keep an eye out for and read up on customer reviews;
Check to see if there are any product photos uploaded by customers;
Examine the supplier’s credentials, looking for Trade Assurance, Buyer Protection, etc.
Provide correct information about the product’s features and specifications, including color designations, materials, and any other relevant factors;
You or your dropshipping partner should check the quality of a bulk order whenever possible;
Always order a sample before beginning to dropship a product, as doing so will allow you to inspect the product and determine whether or not the shipping time will be acceptable.

Is It Better to Buy Made in China Products from Websites or Through a Dropshipping Agent?

There are advantages and disadvantages to working with a dropshipping agent who will source products on your behalf as opposed to collaborating with an AliExpress supplier directly.

Just what should you stock your dropshipping shop with, and how can you tell? Dropshipping individual items from a supplier like AliExpress is a good place to start if you’re just getting started and don’t yet have a proven best-seller.

You can save money in the long run by working with a dropshipping agent who can source products for you at factory prices once you’ve found your winning product and are ready to scale your eCommerce store.

If you keep your stock with a dropshipping company, you can avoid stock-outs and enjoy more rapid shipping times.

In conclusion

We created this list of popular Chinese products in the hopes that it will spark some inspiration for your own market-topping innovation.

Try looking elsewhere for high margin products if these products made in China don’t suit your needs.

Keep in mind that this year is shaping up to be a watershed moment for climate change awareness, eco-friendly products, organic materials, and reusable product/packaging. Therefore, increasing sales is as simple as picking a product from this market.

Additionally, keep in mind that people spend most of their time indoors now, which means that all remote work or home office gadget sales are on the rise. Finally, smart home and kitchen devices, as well as wireless tech gadgets, are in high demand.

Have you had any success marketing and selling products originating from China? Can you think of anything else that is currently popular in China that would be ideal for dropshipping? Share your thoughts below!