In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to launch a successful dropshipping enterprise. Competition is extremely high, making the search for a truly successful offering feels like a wild goose chase.

Many times, after extensive research and development, you find out that the product you just tested did not sell.

Since Facebook is such a popular platform, we figured it would be helpful to shed some light on one of the most convenient and fruitful product research methods: finding successful products on Facebook.

This Frequently Asked Questions article will arm you with the knowledge you need to employ efficient strategies for discovering viral products on Facebook.

Okay, so let’s get going.

What Is a Winning Product on Facebook?

There is no guarantee that a product with a lot of social media buzz will succeed. Before declaring a product a success, there are a few benchmarks you should examine.

In order to determine whether or not a product is suitable for dropshipping, you should consider the following factors.

Check the Upload Date

A Facebook post or ad shouldn’t be older than a year from the time it was uploaded. Within a year, much can alter. In a matter of months, a market could become oversaturated.

Look at when it was uploaded.
The above screenshot shows encouraging engagement and views, despite the post’s relatively old date. Therefore, it might not be the wisest decision.

Due to the high level of competition in the dropshipping industry, it is not uncommon for a product to become oversold in a matter of days. The reason for this is the growing popularity of dropshipping.

Accordingly, the best practice is to upload content that has occurred within the last few months. If only we could get closer!

Check the Engagement 

To find out how well received the Facebook post was, you must examine the comments. More than usual interest in the product would be indicated by a high number of reactions to the post (likes, comments, and shares).

Discovering Successful Products on Facebook The Ultimate Resource

Check the Region of the Facebook Post

As you search for the perfect product, you may come across Facebook posts that have astronomical levels of engagement. But unfortunately, that isn’t adequate. You need to see where in the world people are responding to that particular post.

If a Facebook post only goes viral in Nigeria, for instance, it may only be available in that country. Another possibility is that a Nigerian businessman imported a large quantity of the product and only advertised it within Nigeria.

Since you would likely be aiming at different parts of the world, you can’t call it a winning product.

How, though, can one determine if a given product is intended for a particular geographical area? In the comments section, you can see the location of the active users. Doing so will give you a more complete picture of the area.

Check the Content of Comments 

There can be a lot of interest in a product that ultimately fails. People may tag each other in posts about humorous products. Reading through some of the responses is another good way to double-check the accuracy of this statement.

Check to see if there are a lot of people in the reviews inquiring about the cost of the item. That product might then be considered legitimate.

Check the Buy Now Link

If you want to learn more about the site, try exploring the product links or the Buy Now buttons available. If the site appears to be based in your country only, you might want to reconsider considering the product a top contender.

If the website is well-designed and geared toward a global audience, the product has a better than average chance of being a success.

How Can I Search for Winning Products on Facebook?

Using Facebook’s search bar to zero in on a winning product is the absolute simplest and most fundamental method. However, it can be done at any time to discover the next best selling item.

You may need to use specific phrases in the Facebook search field. Read the following and see if it has any answers.

50% off. Alternate forms are also worth a shot. Those discounts include 60%, 50%, and 25% respectively.
Only available for a limited time
Until supplies last
Currently available once again
We ship everywhere in the world.
Shipments are free of charge.
Pay for Yours Now
Discover It Here
Successful products can be found on Facebook.
Any reputable dropshipper will use these phrases frequently. You can also try pasting the keywords from competing ads into Facebook’s search field.

How Do I Find Dropshipping Product Videos?

The vast majority of viral Facebook ads are videos. Promoting a product through a video is a simple and effective way to increase sales. For this, you can make use of Facebook’s “watch” function.

Simply use the aforementioned search terms to locate the relevant video ads. Drop any that don’t seem like they’d sell well as dropshipped items and keep looking until you find the right one.

During your video search, make good use of the filters provided. Your search results can be arranged in two ways: either by the most recently uploaded videos or by the date the videos were uploaded.

How Can You Find Trending Products on Facebook?

Products that are currently popular are likely to be successful. Finding a product that is currently popular on Facebook can be difficult. However, you can keep looking for the hottest content on Facebook.

Using a combination of Google Trends and Facebook, you can accomplish this. If you make a list of the products you’ve been looking for on Facebook, you can use Google Trends to see if those products are currently popular searches. Consider the market success of the posture corrector.

Ads for posture-improvement devices have been flooding Facebook lately. Ads using this keyword tend to have extremely high levels of interaction.

However, if you look at the Google trends data, you’ll see that people’s interest in this has dropped off in recent months.

Google trends data is highly comparable to that of Facebook, so you can use it to confirm what’s trending on Facebook.

In addition, there are tools that can be used to locate the most popular items to buy on Facebook. Some examples are provided down here.

Amazon Bestsellers

When it comes to online retail, Amazon is undoubtedly at the forefront of the industry worldwide. Thus, it makes sense to study its tendencies. If you look through Amazon’s best-sellers, you’ll find a ton of inspiration. Search those products on Facebook and AliExpress and there you go!

In any given market, buried deep within the categories is the one product that will prove to be the most successful.

Like I checked for the Amazon Best Sellers in the list of Baby and then for mom, I found the Best Seller # 3 to be a dropshipping product. Online retailers report high demand for this U-shaped pregnancy pillow. See the screenshot below.

Commerce Inspector

In order to discover what items are currently popular on a given website, Commerce Inspector is an excellent resource. If you click on a Facebook ad and are taken to an online store, you might find this resource useful in determining which items are hot sellers and what others are considering purchasing.

Simply add the Commerce Inspector add-on for Google Chrome to your browser to get started. So, you’ll have to activate this add-on every time you visit that page. If you want to know if a product is popular, it will give you all the information you need.

Sell the Trend

This instrument can also be used to track down hot items on Facebook. For a fee, you can use this app to discover the latest Facebook fads.

Using this app, you can quickly and easily discover the best-performing dropshipping products on Facebook.

What Are the Different Tools to Find Winning Products on Facebook?

Find out what products are popular on Facebook with the help of one of the many available tools. They are incredibly helpful in locating successful Facebook products with minimal effort on your part and save a lot of time. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss a few of these instruments.

Turbo Ad Finder 

This is a fantastic resource for discovering advertisements within your Facebook feed. This device relies on a straightforward mechanism. As a result, only Facebook’s sponsored content will appear in your news feed, hiding any other blog posts.

Not all of those ads can be for products you can dropship. These can be anything the Facebook algorithm deems relevant to your interests. However, if you’re interested in dropshipping, you can see if any ads pop up below.

Expert Tip: There is a clever hack to let Facebook know that you are an enthusiastic buyer of a product sold via dropshipping. In the following sections, we’ll get into that.

Ad Spy

It’s another great tool that will search Facebook and other social media sites for any kind of advertisement you want, not just those related to dropshipping.

This tool can be used to search Facebook’s advertisements for popular items.

The following are just some of its many fantastic qualities.

Advertising copy can be used as a filter.
Apply a criterion of commercial video content
Place Shopify and other ad types behind a filter
Videos can be sorted by various criteria, such as number of views, popularity, number of likes, shares, comments, and so on.

The excellent feature of this instrument is the ability to search for the advertisements according to targeting criteria. As an illustration, you can hide commercials designed for Americans.

Big Spy 

You can also use Big Spy, another powerful program, to look for successful commercials. This tool gives you a wide range of customization options from which to pick. It’s compatible with a wide range of social media sites, including Facebook and Instagram.

The key benefits of this instrument are described in detail below.

Phrase and keyword searches are both supported.
Ads related to online shopping can be found with a targeted search.
Searchable advertisements on e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Bigcommerce, Woocommerce, etc.
Use filters to narrow down the search results based on user interaction, video format, ad release date, etc.
Once you start using this resource, you’ll quickly realize how effective it is. The best part is that you can use this tool for free, albeit with fewer options.


Another excellent resource for discovering Facebook’s most popular and sought-after items. Applying this tool will help you discover what is currently selling well on Facebook.

This app is unique in that it allows you to examine sales data from both AliExpress and Shopify stores independently to determine which products are performing better.

You can use the filters to search for specific items. You can refine your search results by a variety of criteria, including but not limited to: popularity among users, number of weekly orders, and product category.

This tool is designed to help you find the best products for dropshipping on Shopify. Make sure you use the top two filters I’ve listed below.

Product Cost Capacity Limits
The introduction of the product’s timeline.

Ecom Hunt

You can use the premium service Ecom Hunt to discover compelling Facebook advertisements. However, you can utilize its services without spending a dime.

Products from every market segment are displayed here. That being said, if you don’t want to sift through Facebook’s product listings manually, you can use this tool instead.

This will help you avoid spending a lot of time and energy. Visit their website to get a free preview of the products they offer. You can choose to subscribe to them if you like what you see and want more.

They don’t just give you product ideas; they also give you information about other features of the product that you might find useful. They’re all listed down here for your convenience.

Margin of profit
Promoting products on Facebook
Marketing strategies for an interactive product video’s intended audience
Amazing, right? This is the product’s suggested retail price. You can trust this to at least see if it will help you. How much more pleasant would it be if you didn’t have to bother with product research on your own time?

How Do I See Facebook Ads for Winning Products without Using Tools?

Professional dropshippers often employ this shrewd strategy. Instead of actively searching for products, you let Facebook know you might be interested in purchasing goods through their dropshipping service. What should I do? Let’s look into it.

Don’t ignore a dropshipping ad on Facebook just because it’s at the bottom of your news feed. Even if you don’t like the product, you must pretend to be interested in it. Feel free to click the link, leave a comment, and a like.

It’s perfectly acceptable to put something in your shopping cart but then decide against making a purchase.

In what way will this help? Your profile will receive a boost in the Facebook rankings as a result of this. Facebook will consider you a prospective customer for these goods and continue to show you dropshipping ads.

If you ever get the impression that Facebook isn’t delivering enough dropshipping ads, simply start the process over. Ads on Facebook will resume appearing naturally. Typical Facebook behavior.

You won’t just see dropshipping advertisements on Facebook; you’ll also see them on Instagram.

This is another fantastic Facebook hack that can be used to your advantage.

If you can help it, don’t try to fake it. Make it clear that you’re considering the dropshipping offers seriously. If the advertisement is a video, please view it in its entirety and rewind it if necessary. Do your best to keep those commercials for later.

If you can make a genuine low-cost purchase, Facebook will add you to its list of active buyers. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, Facebook will now display related advertisements.

How to Do Competitor Research on Facebook?

One of the savviest ways to find successful products to sell on Facebook is to investigate the offerings of competitors. A successful businessman is constantly aware of what their rivals are up to.

When selling generic goods, every other dropshipper is a potential threat to your business.

Finding your competitors and keeping up with what they’re doing is essential if you’re selling products in a specialized market. You should be familiar with their most popular offerings, products currently enjoying high demand, and any new offerings they may have made.

You can gauge where you stand in relation to the competition by doing so. How, then, can you use Facebook to learn more about the competition? It is very simple and you would also find it very exciting as well. Listen closely.

Half of the work is done if you know what the Facebook Library is. That Facebook provides this service shows that it cares about the integrity of its advertising practices.

Just visit the Facebook Library and do the following steps.

If you want to see ads from the United States, but not anywhere else, change the location to the United States.
Change the ad category to “all ads”.
At last, you have access to the commercials you want to see. From here on out, you can choose between the two below. You have two options for browsing the classifieds:

Facebook Fan Pages
These two choices are equally viable. Try coming up with a keyword that is so general that you know for sure the advertiser would have used it.

I’ve used the search bar to look up things like “posture,” for instance. You can see the final product in the screenshot below.

As you type, Facebook will suggest related terms that may help you find the page where you want to see ads.

While typing “gadget,” Facebook offered several suggestions for pages with the word “gadget” in the title. That way, you can check out the advertisements on any of the pages simply by clicking on them.

Library of Facebook Ads
The names of dropshipping stores and their Facebook pages should be added to a growing list. Write the names of their Facebook pages in the Facebook ads library and periodically check their ads.

What Are the Famous Dropshipping Stores on Facebook to Find Winning Products?

You can keep tabs on the latest offerings from your favorite dropshipping retailers by following the links below. We’ve done our best to highlight the Facebook stores that carry a wide variety of goods. They keep releasing new Facebook advertisements.

You can connect with them on Facebook and ask for recommendations on products with a high margin of profit. These are the items in question.


It’s a Facebook page, like the one described above, that features a variety of products. Dropshipping is a viable option for many of these items. They consistently introduce new product concepts, so you can find your next big thing here.

As the seasons change, so does their content. For example, their profile picture was recently changed to read “Wish o ween” in honor of Halloween.


This is another instance of an online store that goes by the same name. In spite of the site’s extensive catalog, this section is where you’ll find most of the site’s giftware and children’s items.

It doubled as a Facebook store, complete with item descriptions and pricing. Use the suggestions made on this Facebook page to come up with your next best seller.


As the name suggests, this is a page that offers products like gadgets and digital items. If you’re looking for inspiration in this field, this Facebook page is where you should be looking.

This Is Why I’m Broke

They promote themselves as “The Shopping Mall of the Internet.” More than ten years have passed since this website first went live. As an added bonus, it suggests alternatives across all product types.

You should look into their offerings if you want to stock a best-seller at your retail outlet.

Dude, I Want That

In addition, it’s a great resource for finding new product ideas on a consistent basis. From this page, you can investigate a wide range of products. They advertise their wares in an engaging manner to pull in more customers.

Their website or page can be used to compile a shortlist of potential purchases before you make your final decision.


This is an excellent shopping portal providing access to a wide range of goods. It has a sizable fan base on Facebook, which suggests that people are already interested in the items it promotes.

If you’re interested in keeping up with the latest products, you can do so by following this page or visiting this website.

Quite a few extra pages can be found there as well. Each one has some connection to the home page. The following are some of them.

Oddity Mall – Outdoors Oddity Mall – Parents Daily Weirdness Mall: Animals

What Are Useful Chrome Extensions to Find Winning Products on Facebook?

Extensions for Google Chrome are powerful tools that make it simple to locate high-quality goods. Each and every Chrome add-on serves a different purpose.

In light of this, we have compiled a list of the most important and useful Chrome extensions that every dropshipper should have in order to locate profitable products. Check it out down here.

Facebook Pixel Helper

If you want to know if a website has a Facebook pixel installed, this extension for Chrome is invaluable. A Facebook pixel on a product page you just browsed indicates that the site uses Facebook advertisements.

Commerce Inspector

As was previously mentioned, this add-on will allow you to view the site’s product reviews.

Video Downloader for FB

In order to save a video from Facebook, you can use this helpful Chrome add-on. Video ads that perform well on Facebook are available for download.

Turbo Ad Finder 2.0

Using the Chrome extension we discussed earlier, you can filter out all but the sponsored posts and ads from your Facebook feed.

Can You Automate the Process of Finding Winning Products on Facebook?

Yes. Successful product discovery on Facebook can be automated. This procedure is not automated, but there are times when manual effort is required to fully automate a procedure.

In addition to the methods already discussed, there is also a quick and easy way to have someone else handle it for you.

One option is to hire a freelancer with experience and expertise in identifying Facebook products likely to be successful. Freelancing websites like Upwork, Fiverr, etc., are good places to find someone like this to hire.

Final Words

You have studied the many methods for locating successful Facebook advertisements. For more information, we’ve put together this Frequently Asked Questions article. In order to help both new and experienced dropshippers succeed, we’ve implemented a number of streamlined processes.

Don’t hesitate to let us know in the feedback section if you have any questions that we didn’t address. Reader comments and questions are always welcomed, and we strive to provide prompt answers.