In recent years, dropshipping from Shein has been an increasingly lucrative option for online retailers. Our curiosity was piqued, so we paid a visit to the apparel boutique to find out what all the fuss was about.

A common question among dropshippers is whether marketplace—Shein or AliExpress—offers better conditions for doing business. Is Shein a dropshipping platform, as well?

Let’s have a look around and see if this webshop may help your dropshipping company.

Dropshipping on SHEIN What About Shein Can You Dropship There 1
Dropshipping on SHEIN What About Shein Can You Dropship There
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What Is Shein?

Shein is a Chinese e-commerce platform that serves consumers in over 220 countries.

The Shein app was the most downloaded app for apparel and online shopping in the United States in 2020, surpassing Amazon in the process.

Although the Shein platform features a wide variety of apparel and accessories, its primary emphasis is on trendy, low-priced women’s clothing.

Does Shein Do Dropshipping?

Shein was originally founded as a dropshipping business. Their business model has now shifted, and they now work with a variety of manufacturers.

Shein does not currently support or permit commercial drop shipment or reselling of its items. On the other hand, they haven’t made a blanket ban on the practice on their website.

Shein says you should not use their model product photos because they are copyrighted and hence illegal to utilize.

If you’re going to dropship with Shein, it’s best to take your own images and get in touch with the supplier beforehand.

Can You Dropship from Shein?

You are technically not breaking any of Shein’s laws or regulations if you take your own product images.

You should know a few things before deciding to dropship with Shein, though.

Product photos

According to Shein’s TOS, you cannot use the images of the persons who model their clothes for commercial purposes.

For this reason, and as we discussed before, you should take your own pictures of the things you intend to resale.

Branded packaging

Another issue you may face when dropshipping Shein products is that every single package will be clearly marked as belonging to Shein. That rules out the possibility of private labeling or white labeling for the product or packaging.

Customers won’t mind knowing they’re buying a Shein product as long as you’re honest about the brand’s origins.

However, we do not advise dropshipping with Shein if you are attempting to develop a brand or send the products in your company’s name.

Supplier contact

Always communicate with the supplier before deciding to drop ship from Shein. This will help you to understand what is expected of you and what is not.

It’s possible that various dropshipping vendors on the Shein platform have varying policies. As a result, it’s recommended that you shoot out a quick message before placing your order.

Can I Use Shein for Shopify?

When compared to Shopify, Shein lacks an API and integration. A while back, the Modalyst software allowed you to connect Shein with Shopify. That, however, is not a viable choice at this time.

You may now find the same product on AliExpress, SheinImporter, or Importify. As soon as you locate a product, you can add it to your shop through a dropshipping service like Oberlo or CJDropshipping.

How Do I Import Shein Products to Shopify?

You can import your Shein listings and products to your Shopify store in one of two ways, as we discussed above:

Buy in bulk

The first is to just buy things in bulk from Shein and resell them.

You’ll be able to ship products bearing your label when you use this service for white-labelling.

The more you buy from Shein, the more you save, because of their generous bulk pricing policies. So, you should expect savings and a higher dropshipping profit margin on resold items.

Use a third-party app

If you can’t afford to or don’t want to buy in bulk from Shein, you can still add their products to your Shopify store by using an app connection like SheinImporter or Importify.

Keep in mind that if you order from Shein, the products will come labeled with their logo. This could cause problems as your customers may feel betrayed.

As an added downside, they’ll see the retail price, which isn’t ideal for most dropshippers.

If neither of these solutions works for you, you should contact a dropshipping agency in China that offers comprehensive services to find the products you need at the lowest possible cost.

Can You Resell Shein Products?

At least in theory, that’s correct. However, when it comes to using their copyrighted model-based product photos, Shein has stringent regulations in place.

You should order the merchandise and take your own pictures if you want to resale Shein products lawfully and avoid legal trouble.

Then, whether you’re adding Shein products to your online shop or making a listing, use your own images rather than the ones provided by Shein.

However, keep in mind that Shein isn’t exactly dropship-friendly because all of their packages come with their branding on them.

Our advice, then, is to choose one of the following courses of action to prevent the loss of consumers and disillusionment:

You should probably let your customers know that their products came from Shein.
Spend less per item if you buy in bulk and do branding on your own;
Keep in mind that if you go with the second choice, it will be your responsibility to manage stock and distribution. The profit margins you arrive at should include the expenses for storage and shipping.

Is Shein South African?

No. Shein is a Nanjing-based Chinese corporation. On the other hand, you should realize that Shein can be used and shipped to South Africa.

In fact, Shein is one of the most well-known business-to-consumer (B2C) online marketplaces in the country, right up there with Wish.

Is Shein expensive?

Really, it’s not that bad. In fact, Shein is one of the best places to find dropshippers and cheap women’s clothing.

In addition, there are usually a great number of discount coupons available for usage at Shein.

Finally, you can save even more money by ordering in bulk and taking advantage of their discounts.

What Is the Shein VIP System?

Shein’s VIP program has no associated costs. There are three distinct levels: S1, S2, and S3. When your total purchases reach a certain threshold, you are promoted to the next membership level.

S1 may be the instant after making your first purchase, even if it was just a single cent. Then, after investing another $90 in the system, you’ll be at the S2 level. When your total order value is $300 or more, or when you have placed at least five orders, you will advance to the next status, S3.

If you make it to the top tier, S3, you’ll be eligible for perks like priority service and priority refunds.

Gaining points and exchanging them for discounts or future orders is another strategy Shein use to attract and retain clients.

Points can be earned for both reviewing products and making purchases on Shein.

Is Shein a Dropshipping Site?

No. When it comes to dropshipping, Shein is not your go-to destination. It’s a business-to-consumer e-commerce platform that uses a network of wholesalers to fulfill orders.

However, if you adhere to Shein’s rules for product photographs and content, dropshipping is an option.

How Are the Shein Reviews?

There seems to be a wide range of opinions on Shein items that we’ve experienced. We have concluded that reading through customer evaluations on Shein is the most reliable indicator of a product’s quality.

You may read reviews written by genuine customers of Shein items just like you can on AliExpress.

You’ll be able to see a star rating out of five based on these reviews.

Make sure the product has received positive feedback from customers before importing it.

What Is the Best Shein Alternative?

In the event that you determine that dropshipping with Shein isn’t the best fit for your business, there are many different suppliers from which to pick. We recommend these alternate options to Shein:


Dropshipping on AliExpress gives you access to a far larger niche market than Shein.

Additionally, it is considerably easier to identify vendors willing to drop ship and white label their products on AliExpress.

AliExpress is largely a business-to-consumer market, but you may still bargain with manufacturers there for a discount on large orders.

As it happens, AliExpress is a lot more accommodating to dropshipping than Shein. The longer than expected delivery timeframes are the only real drawback.


If you’re looking for a place to make bulk purchases, you might compare Shein to Alibaba.

Although the majority of Alibaba’s buyers are B2B wholesalers, the platform also features vendors willing to work with smaller orders. You shouldn’t be hesitant to give it a shot.


Wish is similar to Shein in that it offers international shipping. Complete dropship compatibility; nevertheless, brand safety must be maintained.

You can use Wish for product sourcing if you like. If you plan on selling things on the platform rather than purchasing them, however, it is imperative that you not sell a brand without the appropriate licensing.


Zaful is the best alternative shopping site to Shein. Zaful doesn’t offer a drop shipping service either, but their pricing can’t be beat.

This means you may set up a dropshipping store and buy things in bulk at wholesale pricing to resale to your customers.


Emmacloth is another internet retailer in the same vein as Shein. Our investigation shows that Emmacloth is competitive with Shein in terms of product variety and delivery time.


We recommend CJDropshipping if you’re looking for Chinese suppliers to dropship from because of their low rates and ease of working with dropshippers.

They work faultlessly with numerous dropshipping store builders, including Shopify, WooCommerce, and many more.

Product sourcing is another option, and they can do it on platforms like 1688 and Taobao that are both profitable and based in China.

What Are the Advantages of Shein for Dropshipping?

The benefits of dropshipping Shein items are as follows:

A retailer offering a wide variety of fashionable items
Price points that are reasonable
Lightning-quick turnaround on orders
Price breaks for large orders
serves customers in more than 220 countries worldwide

What Are the Disadvantages of Shein for Dropshipping?

However, there are some downsides to shopping at Shein, despite the fact that it is currently one of the most popular online clothes sites. Among the drawbacks you may encounter if you decide to dropship with Shein are the following:

Shein-branded packaging
You are not permitted to utilize any of their image files for commercial purposes.
Not able to white label or private label
Inconsistent quality control
Problems with sizing are common.
Doubtful morality and ethics

How to Choose between Shein or AliExpress?

Shein and AliExpress, both online marketplaces, provide reasonably priced garments. Here are some of the key distinctions between Shein and AliExpress to consider before making your final choice:

Product selection

In this respect, AliExpress is without peer. Despite expanding into other areas, Shein’s primary focus remains on women’s clothing and accessories.

AliExpress, on the other hand, has literally everything imaginable for sale. Any and every imaginable goods, from high-tech devices to pet supplies, cosmetics, clothing, and more.

Product pricing

When compared to other entries in this group, it’s really close. When comparing Shein and AliExpress, you’ll find that both have very reasonable product costs. However, as was previously indicated, Shein contracts out its production.

AliExpress, on the other hand, connects you with suppliers on a one-to-one basis. Since this is the case, AliExpress may still be the best option for large orders.

Product quality

When shopping on AliExpress, the quality of your purchases will be determined only by the vendor you select. Perhaps some things will surprise you with their superior quality, while others may fall short of your expectations.

That’s why before placing an order on AliExpress, you should always look at user reviews, both positive and negative, and supplier ratings.

We have observed a range of customer reactions and attitudes about Shein items. While many of the products were of high quality, there were a few complaints about those who wore them saying that the materials were too see-through.

Shipping and delivery

Your nation (or the customer’s country) is always the determining factor in shipping time and prices. Although AliExpress typically has faster shipping times, Shein typically does not.

Shipping costs on AliExpress vary from product to product due to differences in the number of suppliers, origins, or warehouses involved.

You can set your delivery address and add several things to your shopping basket to see how much shipping will cost before making a purchase. The estimated delivery date will be displayed afterward.

Unless you discover an AliExpress vendor whose warehouses are located close to your consumers, you could be looking at a delivery period of 15 days or more.

Shein, on the other hand, only sells its own products and charges a flat rate for shipping. When your total is less than $9.90, shipping will cost $3.99. However, if you spend more than that, shipping within the United States is on the house.

White labeling

For white labeling and branded dropshipping, AliExpress is the superior marketplace.

The vast majority of AliExpress’s suppliers are comfortable with the concept of drop shipping and are willing to do it without attaching any paperwork or branding to the product they send to the final consumer. If you ask nicely, some vendors may even take the extra step of removing their invoice from the packaging and replacing it with a slip bearing your brand name.

Dropshipping with Shein, on the other hand, involves all parcels being branded with their logo whether you’re purchasing in bulk or sending them to individual clients.

What Categories Are Shein Products?

Clothing for both sexes, children, accessories, home decor, and more can all be found on the Shein platform.

Women’s apparel and accessories, however, make up the bulk of Shein’s offerings. Shein has been well-known for selling women’s clothing such shirts, dresses, slacks, etc., since its founding in 2008.

Dropshipping on SHEIN What About Shein Can You Dropship There 2
Dropshipping on SHEIN What About Shein Can You Dropship There 2

Who Is Shein Owned By?

Founded in 2008 and currently owned by Chris Xu, Shein is an online-only Chinese fast fashion retailer.

At the moment, Shein is one of the most well-liked U.S. e-commerce apps, and it trades in over 220 nations.

Is Romwe or Shein Better?

In the United States, both Romwe and Shein are listed as subsidiaries of the same parent firm. Because of this, they sell comparable goods.

Despite its name, Romwe sells more than just clothes for women. The website also features an extensive assortment of accessories, shoes, and even furniture.

When compared to Shein, Romwe stands out because its wares may be purchased on Amazon as well. Therefore, Romwe products can be had in as little as two or three days if you have an Amazon Prime membership.

How Long Does It Take Shein to Ship?

Shein’s standard processing time for orders is 1-3 business days after payment. Naturally, you will be notified as soon as your item is processed and shipped.

The time it takes to get your package once it has been dispatched varies on whether you opted for regular shipping or express shipping.

Orders placed within the United States typically arrive within 6-8 business days when shipped via regular postage.

However, if you select express shipping at checkout, your package should arrive in 2–4 business days.

Does Shein Manufacture Their Own Products?

Early on, Shein didn’t engage in product development or production. Instead, they got everything they needed at the Guangzhou wholesale market.

In 2014, nevertheless, Shein established its own network of suppliers. They still don’t create their own goods, but they have built a network of contract manufacturers who can meet demand.

The upshot is that Shein does not yet have its own production facilities, but it does have a network of partners who can meet its demand for goods when necessary.

Should I Have Privacy Concerns about Data Breach Dropshipping from Shein?

6.42 million Shein customers had their emails and hashed passwords exposed in a data breach in 2018.

Since then, Shein has made available on their site paperwork promising the security of customers’ personal data.

Since then, there have been no further occurrences of a data breach, though of course no one can rule out a recurrence.

Is Shein Safe to Order from in 2022?

Yes. As we’ve already discussed, Shein suffered a data breach in 2018. There have been no more reports of data breaches since then.

What Is Wrong with Shein?

Shein, as a business, had a number of contentious difficulties that caused worry among their clientele.

Data breach

About 6.42 million people had their email addresses and hashed passwords exposed in a data incident in 2018. Many clients lost faith since the company couldn’t prevent cyberattacks against them or their customers.

Trademark problems

There have been multiple lawsuits filed against Shein, including both small and large businesses.

Major American brands like Levi’s, Ralph Lauren, and Dr. Martens have all publicly accused Shein of copying their designs.

Discriminatory and offensive designs

The company Shein has been accused of using a swastika in a design and stealing an image of a handcuffed African-American man. The corporation issued an apology to the public, but they still lost a lot of fans as a result of the incident.

Health and human rights

Finally, two Shein goods were pulled from sale because they contained lead levels over federal limits, which can have serious health consequences.

A further violation of human rights was discovered when it was discovered that numerous employees in Guangzhou were working 75-hour weeks.

Despite these problems, the Shein app has a higher rating than Amazon in the Google App Store at 4.7 out of 5 stars, and it has more downloads on the United States than Amazon.

Is Shein Low Quality?

How Badly Made Is Shein Clothing?
Perhaps, but not necessarily. It’s possible to purchase both high- and low-quality goods on Shein, just as you would at any other online marketplace.

Many of the internet comments from dissatisfied customers have to do with issues with sizing or the appearance of transparency in various fabrics.

However, before you commit to a large order via drop shipping, you should always order a sample. That way, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting before you start dropshipping it.

Does Shein Ship to PO Boxes?

Yes. Standard shipping at Shein includes delivery to post office boxes. Its express shipping technique, however, is not compatible with Post Office boxes or APO/FPO addresses.

Where Are Shein Products Shipped From?

Every one of Shein’s offerings is made and shipped from one of their many facilities in China.

However, in order to better service its American consumers and save shipping times, the corporation maintains facilities in the United States.

Does Shein Have Any Physical Stores?

No. There is no physical storefront for Shein; all business is conducted on the web. They are an internet retailer specializing in women’s attire, though they sell men’s and children’s clothes as well.

Before their massive 2020 popularity surge on the back of TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, they held a few pop-up shops.

No. Shein operates online-only. They’re an online retail store offering all types of clothing and apparel, especially women’s.

In the past, before they skyrocketed in popularity due to TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram in 2020, they did have several pop-up shops to attract the public’s attention.

Where Is the Shein Warehouse in the USA?

Shein ships their products to their US warehouse in Los Angeles, California from their Chinese warehouse in Foshan, Guangdong province (CA).

Do You Have to Be a Member to Shop at Shein?

No. There are no hidden costs when you shop on Shein. There is a Shein VIP program, but joining doesn’t cost anything and the rewards you receive are based on how much you spend rather than any sort of membership fee.

Why Was Shein Banned in India?

India will no longer permit use of the Shein platform beginning in 2020 due to security and privacy concerns.

People in India are prohibited from making purchases on the Shein website or mobile app, but they are permitted to purchase Shein items from other authorized marketplaces.

Why Is Shein So Popular?

TikTok advertising helped Shein explode in 2021, and the company’s e-commerce app quickly surpassed Amazon to become the most popular shopping app in the United States.

Also, Euromonitor ranks Shein as the largest e-commerce fashion retailer globally. In a funding round in April 2022, it was estimated to be worth $100 billion, making it more valuable than H&M and Zara put together.

Shein’s success may be traced back to the company’s lightning-fast approach to the fashion industry.

To be more specific, Shein didn’t mass-produce a single item and then have to throw away the excess inventory since it wasn’t selling well.

They started using data and algorithms to anticipate consumer demand, and they teamed up with local manufacturers to make 100 units at a time.

The most well-liked products were then mass-produced in response to the rising demand they had uncovered.

Shein’s success among today’s young consumers can be attributed to the company’s on-demand business strategy, rapid adoption of emerging fashion trends, and competitive pricing.

And let’s not forget how quickly they pick up on developing fashion trends—on average, just three days. Furthermore, they stock approximately 600,000 unique items.

Imagine: every day they add a total of 6,000 new pieces.

But the affordable costs and brilliant advertising that have helped Shein amass over 250 million followers across social media are also huge contributors to their brand’s success.