Even though stock photos are cool, studies show that customers are more likely to like photos made by other users. The reason for this is that these photos are real and were taken by regular people.

These pictures are much more trustworthy because they show real products that were bought from an online store. They are not marketing photos taken by a professional photographer. Customers know that stock photos are edited in some way to make them look their best.

You should have these on your online store for sure. How then?

The solution is Loox, an app you can add to your Shopify store that lets your customers post photos of the products they bought from you.

Why Do You Need A Photo Review App Like Loox
Why Do You Need A Photo Review App Like Loox

What is it?

Loox is an app for reviewing photos. It lets your customers review your products, but they can do so with pictures. Most of the time, people can only leave feedback in text form. But the internet has changed, and young people today like to look at photos and videos.

With photo reviews, your happy customers will spread the word about your brand, which is like free advertising.

And as more and more people post positive reviews with photos on your online store, your store’s credibility will go up, and people who haven’t bought from you yet will be persuaded by your loyal customers.

Features of Loox

This app for reviewing photos has a lot to offer. You don’t just get a photo review app; you can also import product reviews from AliExpress that have a picture.

Here are the most important things about Loox:

AliExpress Review Import

If you are a dropshipper who imports products from AliExpress, this app is best because it lets you import reviews from the same product.

Say you want to sell Bag A. All you have to do is download the Loox app extension and install it on your browser. Once you’re on the product page for Bag A on AliExpress, just click on the app extension and choose “Import.”

Now, the reviews and pictures of Bag A will show up on your store. This works best if you have a product that hasn’t sold yet. You can add reviews to your website, but these reviews come from people who bought your product on AliExpress.

One-Click Set-Up

It’s easy to set up the app. You just have to choose it from the Shopify app marketplace and install it. When you’re done, you should be able to use it.

Compatible and Adjustable

All Shopify themes can be used with the app. It is also mobile-friendly and will look different depending on what kind of phone or tablet the customer is using.

You can also change the app’s colors, fonts, and placement so that it doesn’t look weird when it’s on your store.

Automatic Email Reminders

Customers sometimes mean to write a review but forget. One thing you’ll love about Loox is that you can set up an email message to remind them to leave a photo review. Once the customer has received the product, the app will send them the message.

You can change what’s in the email and when it goes out. You can also change the question in the feedback survey with the app.

You can also add your brand’s logo to the email, and if you want, you can change the subject line.

Reviewers can get discounts

Some customers need a little push to do what you want them to do. You can get your customers to leave reviews by giving them something in exchange. If they write a review, you can give them a discount.

Use the app’s settings to do this. If a customer leaves a review, the app will automatically figure out who he is and send him a discount coupon that he can use on his next purchase.

Respond and Calm

When a customer leaves a review, you can respond and thank the customer for the good feedback. All of the responses you leave will be seen by the public, so use this chance to thank your customers.

You can choose which reviews to show and which to hide using the app. You can go to the admin panel and choose not to show the review if you find it offensive.

Text Looks at

Customers don’t have to include a photo with their review. They can use plain text, but they can add a picture later if they want to.

Carousel and Pages That Belong to It

You can make a page that only shows the reviews if you want to. This is a page called “Happy Customers.” Some people who shop online would like this because they want to see in one simple view what people are saying about your store and your products.

You can make a carousel that people can swipe through if you want to. The reviews with pictures are what the carousel is made up of.

Widget for Rating Products and Pop-Up

Each product has a star rating, and your customers can see if that one product has a lot of good reviews or if it’s not doing as well as other products. You can choose to show this rating widget on your collection pages or on your product pages.

You can also set up the app to pop up a box with a review of a product. This will pop up sometimes when a customer is looking at a product on your site, and you can expect it to make him more likely to buy.

Price of Loox

Loox is not free, but you can try the app for 14 days without paying anything. After that, you will have to start paying a monthly fee.

The cheapest price is $9.99 per month, and you get everything you need to run your online store.

The only difference between the different plans is the number of emails you can send to your customers asking them to write reviews about their purchases.

Loox Benefits

Why do you need this kind of app?

Here are some of the benefits of paying for a subscription:

  • Credibility: When new people come to your site, they will believe what other customers say.
  • Social Proof: You can share this on your social media accounts, and people who see it will know that you are a real business and not a scam.
  • Email Campaigns: You can add new deals to the reminder emails.
  • More Sales: If you give people discounts for leaving reviews, they are more likely to buy more products so they can use the discount coupon.

Loox: Does it make sense?

The app is definitely worth it. Even though it costs $9.99, the benefits you’ll get will be worth much more than that.

If someone gives your online store a good review on Loox, you can show it on your Facebook page. And because this is social proof, it makes it more likely that people who see your product will decide to buy it.

In the customer satisfaction industry, it is always said that one happy customer is better than paid advertising for getting new customers.

When it comes to growing sales, word of mouth is still the best way to do it. If a customer is happy, his family and friends may also be happy.

Because customers who leave positive feedback have nothing to gain from it, it is much easier to trust them on social media than ads.

A bad review, on the other hand, will hurt. The good thing is that if a customer leaves feedback that isn’t fair, you can choose whether or not to show it.

And what’s the best part?

By responding to their reviews, you can show your customers that you appreciate them in a public way. This will make you look like a business that cares about its customers and is run by people who are interested in what they have to say.