Ecomhunt is a robust market research and competition analysis program on top of being a cutting-edge product research tool and curated database of successful dropshipping products.

Ecomhunt saves time by eliminating the need to manually find, research, and test dropshipping products. It features thousands of top-selling products handpicked by dropshipping experts, along with comprehensive performance analytics such as sales history, profit margins, and recommended Facebook Ad copy.

When you upgrade to the $20/month premium membership, you gain access to all features and data, including the complete database of products, which is not available in the free version.

All of AliExpress’s Marketplace Features Work
Chrome add-on and web app
Starts at $20/month (free version)
More than 2,000 top-selling dropshipping products were hand-selected for this database.
Analytical tools for assessing performance at a higher level, such as revenue and margins of profit
Advertisements from popular social media platforms and links to various AliExpress vendors.
New, popular items hand-picked by a team of market researchers.
Targeting suggestions and associated CPAs for Facebook ads
Access is restricted to the free version, and a $20 monthly membership is required for everything else.

What is Ecomhunt?

Ecomhunt is a cutting-edge dropshipping research platform founded in 2018 by Mordechai Arba, a 6-figure dropshipping expert.

Ecomhunt has extensive performance analytics, such as total sales and estimated profit margins, and a curated database of over 2,000 best-selling dropshipping products across all major categories and niches.

Rather than spending a ton of time and money conducting market research and testing ad campaigns, ecommerce store owners can use Ecomhunt to quickly find top-selling dropshipping products.

Ecomhunt is one of the most well-established and trusted dropshipping platforms for finding winning products to sell online, with thousands of success stories from around the world.

With a free plan that gives you access to a small number of products and a premium plan that gives you full access for only $20 per month, Ecomhunt is also one of the most affordably priced dropshipping research tools.

Simply put, Ecomhunt dominates the dropshipping sector of the market.

Features & Benefits

Ecomhunt offers a plethora of state-of-the-art functions and advantages. Ecomhunt has unrivaled functionality, including a database of over 2,000 carefully selected dropshipping products, detailed performance analytics (such as total orders and ratings), and links to reliable AliExpress suppliers, social media ads, and competitors selling on Shopify, eBay, and Amazon.

From a database of millions, the best dropshipping and market research experts hand-pick the winners that are added to Ecomhunt every day.

There are thousands of top-selling dropshipping items available for every market.
Products are updated daily and are carefully selected by a team of dropshipping experts.
Analytical summaries of all relevant metrics, such as sales volume, customer feedback, and product rankings
Information on the best AliExpress vendors, rivals, and social advertising campaigns
Price points suggested for sale alongside projected expenses and gains
Private sector market saturation testing for optimal openings.
In-depth analysis of your social media activity, including your total number of likes and shares, comments, and likes.
Targeting options and daily estimated results are provided for Facebook ads.
Easily add any product in the database to your Shopify store with just a click.

Pros & Cons

One of the many benefits of using Ecomhunt is that it helps you save money. However, there is a set of drawbacks that should be taken into account. For instance, Ecomhunt is among the most widely used dropshipping research tools, with customers all over the world.

As a result, there may be many other sellers to contend with, especially when it comes to the newest hot products that come out every day.

Also, every one of Ecomhunt’s goods comes from a Chinese supplier on AliExpress or Alibaba, which means long shipping times (6-8 weeks).

One could safely say that Ecomhunt is best for those looking to dropship products from China via an online store. Here’s a deeper dive into the benefits and drawbacks of using Ecomhunt to discover hot products.


Best place to find dropshipping products.
Thousands of carefully selected items, each with in-depth data analytics
Web page design that is both up-to-date and aesthetically pleasing, making it simple to navigate.
Discover high-profit items in any market niche or product category.
Contains references to competing ads and those that were successful.
Obtain basic performance analytics and use the service for free.
Straightforward pricing: $20/month for premium access.


Almost all of our products come from factories in China.
Distribution delays due to insufficient stock at US, UK, and EU warehouses
Few options for limiting the scope of the database of items
grossly inflated markups and price tags


You can use Ecomhunt to find successful dropshipping products to sell on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, or on your own ecommerce platform like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or Shift4Shop.

It’s worth noting, though, that the vast majority of Ecomhunt’s offerings come from dropshipping suppliers in China that advertise their wares on AliExpress, Alibaba, and other sites.

The good news is that many AliExpress vendors have overseas warehouses in the United Kingdom, the European Union, and the United States to facilitate quick local shipping.

In addition to SaleYee, CJ Dropshipping, Banggood, and Chinavasion, you can find these products from other China-based suppliers with local warehouses. For more details, see our selection of top dropshipping companies in China.

Usage & Settings

Ecomhunt has a clean design and minimal options for customizing the dashboard, making it a breeze to use.

After signing up for free, you’ll have access to a database of over 2,000 best-selling dropshipping products and in-depth analytics for up to two products per day.

The collection of award-winning products is easily accessible from the homepage.

In order to gain access to the newest award-winning products, in-depth sales analytics, and premium features, a paid membership is required.

If you go to the products database, you can quickly narrow down the results by selecting a category, offer type, and time frame.

Another option is to conduct a keyword search within the database. If you find a product that interests you, you can get more information by clicking the “Show Me The Money” button.

The following page provides an executive summary of the product’s cost, selling price, and profit margin.

Along with the option to view the product on AliExpress or import it into your Shopify store, the proprietary saturation inspector is featured here.

If you scroll down the page, you’ll see a wealth of additional data about the product, such as how well it has sold on AliExpress, how many reviews it has received, and what its overall rating is, as well as how well it has performed on various social media platforms in terms of likes, comments, shares, and reactions.\

Links to competing stores on Shopify, eBay, and Amazon are also available to premium members, along with links to the best suppliers on AliExpress.

Facebook ads and targeting suggestions on Facebook are available to users with a paid membership.

It should be noted that free members can only view sales data and performance analytics for two products per day, while premium members can view as many as they like.

The ability to bookmark products in Ecomhunt is also very helpful. Multiple products can be bookmarked at once for later review, and you won’t have to worry about losing any of your selections.

This basic but helpful function is usually missing from competing dropshipping research tools. You’re allowed to “favorite” up to 5 items with the free membership. Subscribed users can bookmark an unlimited number of products.

Additional Features

Both free and paid users of Ecomhunt have access to a variety of extra functions. The first is the cutting-edge Ecomhunt Live tool, which provides an instantaneous list of the 50 most popular products in the Ecomhunt database.

Select Tools > Ecomhunt Live, then click on any product in the list to see detailed information about it, such as its order growth rate, daily sales trends, and daily wishlist adds, as well as its top countries and customer score.

Those who have difficulty deciding on successful products to sell can benefit from using the Ecomhunt Lucky tool.

To get a winning product idea with performance data like order growth rate, top countries, monthly visits, and profit margin, go to Tools > Ecomhunt Lucky and click the “Get Lucky” button.

Furthermore, you can activate various filters to produce truly original and fortuitous product ideas, such as trendy and high-margin products.

The next tool is Ecomhunt Tracker, which lets you keep tabs on the growth rate and 30-day sales history of any product listed on AliExpress.

If you’re looking for products that have potential to become best-sellers, the Ecomhunt Tracker is a fantastic resource.

The Ecomhunt Tracker will continue to improve as new features are added, such as the ability to monitor competing Shopify stores and Facebook advertising campaigns.

Adam, part of Ecomhunt’s suite of supplementary features, is a potent tool in its own right. Ecomhunt Adam is helpful for people who have trouble coming up with new product ideas because it acts as a virtual assistant that uses artificial intelligence to find successful products.

You can access Adam’s daily updated selection of products recommended just for you by going to Tools > Ecomhunt Adam.

You can refine your search by adjusting the order quantity and/or the price, searching for a more specific term, and adding any product to your Ecomhunt Tracker.

At long last, there’s a Chrome add-on called Ecomhunt that lets you easily find competing Shopify stores and profitable Facebook ads.

The extension has become a popular addition to Ecomhunt, with over 10,000 downloads.

Get this extension for Google Chrome by going to Tools > Ecomhunt Extension. Spying on your rivals is as easy as downloading and installing a browser extension.

There is a wealth of information available on Ecomhunt, such as the Ecomhunt Shopify Dropshipping Course and an ever-expanding library of free resources like eBooks, podcasts, and video guides.

The Ecomhunt Facebook Group is a great place to meet other people in the industry and swap useful information.

Those who have generated at least $5,000 in orders through the Ecomhunt platform are invited to join the private Winners Club.

Ecomhunt is one of the most innovative research tools because of the wealth of extra features it offers.

Walkthrough & Screenshots

In this detailed guide, I’ll explain how to search the Ecomhunt database for hot sellers in any market segment.

The first thing to do is sign up for a free account and check out the homepage. The Ecomhunt data repository can be found here.

I’m going to use the database’s Category filter on the homepage’s search page to narrow my results to items in the ‘Pet Products’ subcategory.

As an additional criteria, I will choose products that have been added within the last 30 days.

If I apply the proper filters to the ‘Pet Products’ category, I am immediately shown a curated selection of award winners.

For more information about the “Automatic Swan Design Cat Fountain,” I’ve selected the “Show me the money” option.

After clicking through, I was given access to a trove of valuable data visualizations on the following page.

With an average selling price of $39.28 and costs of sale and promotion subtracted, I can see a profit of $26.

Upon scrolling down the page, I noticed that this product has been purchased over 3000 times and has received a 4.8 star rating from over 1000 reviews.

Moreover, I see that the content has generated a lot of interest on social media, with over 200 likes, 37 comments, and 51 shares.

It’s safe to say that this is a one-of-a-kind, high-demand product due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback from actual buyers and the widespread interest shown in it across social media platforms.

As a paid subscriber to Ecomhunt, I have access to premium features such as in-depth product data and direct links to suppliers on AliExpress and competitors on Shopify, eBay, and Amazon.

In addition, I can check out the suggested Facebook Ad targeting options and any available product video ads.

So now I have everything I need to find this product, make effective advertisements, and spy on rivals.

Pricing & Billing

You can use Ecomhunt for free, but it has few options. You can search our database of award-winning products and view limited performance analytics like sales data and competitor links without paying a dime as a free member.

Access to the daily new products is also restricted for three days with the free membership.

A premium membership costs just $20 per month and grants unrestricted access, as well as early access to award-winning and trending products.

Premium plans are currently on sale for $20 per month, down from $29 per month. Annual payments qualify for discounts of up to 40%.

Only PayPal can handle your payments.

Starting with the Free Plan, you have access to some basic metrics and features.
Upgrade to the Pro Plan for unrestricted use of all capabilities – $20/month
Professional (Annual): $17/mo. / 41% off with annual payment

Pricing Overview

Ecomhunt is a low-cost alternative to other similar research tools, with easy-to-understand pricing tiers and a free tier for those on a tight budget.

Therefore, Ecomhunt is accessible and affordable for both novice dropshippers and seasoned online merchants.

Not only that, but Ecomhunt offers a no-hassle 3-day money-back guarantee. So, you can try out the software and all of its advanced functions without worrying about spending any money.

Final Conclusion

If you’re interested in opening an online store where you drop-ship products from Chinese manufacturers, Ecomhunt is the ideal research tool for you.

Ecomhunt equips its users with everything they need to quickly stock their online store with trending and in-demand products with high profit margins, including a database of over 2000 best-selling products, detailed performance analytics, links to competitors, links to top AliExpress suppliers, and links to successful social media ad campaigns.

In addition to being a useful resource, Ecomhunt is inexpensive, with a free version available to new users and a $20 monthly premium version for more advanced users. One of Ecomhunt’s main drawbacks is that it does not have access to as many suppliers as Amazon or eBay.

Getting Started

Sign up for an account on the Ecomhunt website to get going.

Access the list of award-winning products and some basic analytics with a free membership.

If you want unlimited use of the service, you can switch to the premium plan at any time from your user control panel.

Remember that only premium members have access to the newest daily winning products and other special features like video ads, social media campaigns, and links to suppliers and competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions about using Ecomhunt to find profitable dropshipping products to sell online are answered below. Please visit our website at Ecomhunt where we offer both live chat and email support in case you have any further inquiries.

Check out the free ecommerce training courses, eBooks, podcasts, demo videos, and tutorials that can all be found on the Ecomhunt website.

Why use a tool like Ecomhunt?

Finding successful dropshipping products to sell on the internet can be time-consuming and expensive, but with the help of a product research tool like Ecomhunt, you can save yourself both time and money.

Ecomhunt’s database of top-selling dropshipping products is regularly updated by a team of dedicated product researchers.

As a result, you can swiftly identify popular items with high margins of profit and shift your attention to promotion and sales.

Is Ecomhunt free to use?

The free version of Ecomhunt has some functional limitations and only provides access to a subset of the available products and features. For instance, once every 24 hours you can gain access to the social media statistics, total orders, and ratings for up to two products.

However, premium members have first dibs on newly featured award-winning products, meaning that the free version is kept in the dark for an extra three days.

Premium users can gain entry to additional content, including supplier links from AliExpress, Facebook ad targeting recommendations, and user reviews of various products.

How much is Ecomhunt?

You can gain access to Ecomhunt’s database of over 2,000 winning products, daily trending products, performance analytics, social ad copy, and links to AliExpress suppliers with the purchase of Ecomhunt’s professional plan for $20 per month.

When you pay for your premium membership on an annual basis, you can save up to 40%, and you’ll also be eligible for other discounts and promotions throughout the year.

What payment methods does Ecomhunt accept?

As of right now, Ecomhunt only accepts PayPal for subscription payments. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can still use a credit or debit card to make a payment.

Log in to your Ecomhunt account, then select “Billing & Subscriptions” from the main menu to adjust your billing settings, such as upgrading or downgrading your account.

Email Ecomhunt directly to cancel your subscription and receive a full refund.

Does Ecomhunt have a refund policy?

Ecomhunt has a no-hassle 30-day refund policy. Therefore, you have nothing to lose by giving the platform and its premium features a try.

You have 30 days from the date of purchase to request a refund from Ecomhunt if you are not satisfied with the product.

The alternative is to use the free version of Ecomhunt to see if it meets your needs before investing in the paid version.

Where are the products on Ecomhunt from?

Most of the products listed in the Ecomhunt database are offered by Chinese vendors on AliExpress, Alibaba, and other online marketplaces.

As a result, the majority of the products are imported from China and take between six and eight weeks to reach their destination. It’s worth noting, though, that many AliExpress vendors based in China also maintain overseas warehouses in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

Alternatives to Alibaba and AliExpress include SaleYee, CJ Dropshipping, and GlobalSources. Read on for more info about the top China dropshipping companies that maintain warehouses in the United Kingdom, the European Union, and the United States.

What kind of product data does Ecomhunt provide?

Ecomhunt provides you with the most in-depth product analytics available, including the number of orders placed on AliExpress, customer ratings, social media engagements, saturation levels, suggested selling prices, and estimated profit margins.

In addition to providing live social ad campaigns and competitors on Shopify, eBay, and Amazon to premium members, Ecomhunt also provides a collection of useful links to the top suppliers on AliExpress.

Can I import products to my store with Ecomhunt?

Absolutely. You can use Ecomhunt to instantly add any product in their database to your Shopify store.

To import a product from the Ecomhunt database into Shopify, all you have to do is click the “Import to Shopify” button. Only Shopify-powered stores can use the import function.

If you’re not using Shopify, you’ll need to manually list the product or use a third-party dropshipping software or tool.

For more information, read our recommendations for dropshipping programs.

Does Ecomhunt monitor prices and stock?

Only wine-related dropshipping products will be found on Ecomhunt. As a result, the program does not track stock levels or prices. Using a third-party tool or app to automate AliExpress inventory monitoring and order processing is highly recommended.

Low-cost and user-friendly dropshipping management platforms include DSers, Hustle Got Real, and SkuGrid. Check out our best dropshipping software guide for more details.

What’s so special about the products on Ecomhunt?

There are less than one hundred thousand products in the Ecomhunt database, but each one was selected with great care by a group of market researchers.

Products were chosen based on demand, potential, and marketability in addition to profit potential, competitive strength, and overall sales.

The products on Ecomhunt are ideal for online dropshipping businesses because they are both popular and in high demand.

Where can I sell the products on Ecomhunt?

The products from Ecomhunt can be sold on any ecommerce platform, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Ecwid, and BigCommerce, or on online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

Products can be sold on Ecomhunt and other cutting-edge e-commerce platforms like Google Shopping, Facebook Shops, and Facebook Marketplace.

However, especially when selling on marketplaces, it is advised to use third-party dropshipping management software to generate listings and automate order fulfillment.

Our dropshipping solutions guide has all the info you need.

Can I use the Ecomhunt images and descriptions?

Absolutely. The product photos and descriptions from Ecomhunt can be used on your own website, as well as on other online marketplaces like eBay.

However, if you want to separate yourself from the competition and stand out from the sea of sellers on online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, you should come up with your own unique product titles and descriptions.

You could even change the file name and size to use a different primary image if that’s an option.

How often is Ecomhunt updated?

Daily product updates are made to the Ecomhunt database. Due to the rigorous “winning product” criteria, the daily rate of new product additions is unpredictable.

Ecomhunt now offers over 2000 best-selling products across over 40 main categories.

It’s worth noting, though, that for the first three days, only premium members have access to the brand-new products introduced every day.

What is the best way to find products on Ecomhunt?

You can use Ecomhunt in a variety of ways to locate best-sellers. Using filters and search terms, you can peruse the hand-picked database of over 2000 best-sellers.

In addition, you can use Ecomhunt’s many other special features, such as Ecomhunt Live and Ecomhunt Lucky. Ecomhunt Live gives you instant access to the top 50 products in the Ecomhunt catalog.

Quickly and easily come up with original, marketable product concepts with the push of a button using Ecomhunt Lucky. These are just a few of Ecomhunt’s specialized options.

Does Ecomhunt have products in my niche?

More than 2,000 items can be found on Ecomhunt, organized into 40 primary categories and hundreds of secondary ones. Award-winning products database can be quickly searched through by category or keywords.

Ecomhunt is a one-stop shop for the best in best-selling products for the whole family, including the pets, the kids, and the house. Still, Ecomhunt is at its best in general stores that offer a little bit of everything and anything.

It’s a tool for rapidly stocking your online shop with thousands of high-margin dropshipping items that have proven to be bestsellers.

What is Ecomhunt Live?

The Ecomhunt database includes over 2000 award-winning products, and Ecomhunt Live provides a daily updated list of the 50 most popular products from that database.

It’s a great extra function of Ecomhunt that’s accessible to both free and paid members in the ‘Tools’ section of the control panel. Those looking to find the most sought-after products in any given category or sub-niche can benefit greatly from using Ecomhunt Live.

What is Ecomhunt Lucky?

Those who are having trouble coming up with original, marketable product ideas can take advantage of Ecomhunt’s additional Lucky feature. With Ecomhunt Lucky, you can easily come up with a fresh product concept with the click of a button.

Advanced analytics such as growth rate, top countries, and profit margin are available, and you can narrow your results with filters like “trending,” “high margin,” and “top score.”

Ecomhunt will immediately provide you with a product suggestion. While free users are limited to four new ideas per day, premium users have access to an unlimited number of ideas.

What is Ecomhunt Tracker?

With the help of Ecomhunt Tracker, you can keep tabs on the daily, weekly, and monthly sales of any product listed on AliExpress, as well as the overall sales growth rate. It’s a great tool for keeping tabs on items you think will be bestsellers.

The integration of Facebook Ad tracking with Shopify inventory is also in the works. You can monitor up to 5 products with the free version.

Does Ecomhunt have a Chrome Extension?

Yes. Ecomhunt’s ingenious Chrome extension makes it easy to find competing Shopify stores and profitable Facebook Ad campaigns.

With just a single click, you can view your competition’s online shop, and by analyzing real-time Facebook ads, you can learn how effective they are.

Additionally, the Chrome Extension allows you to quickly add any product from AliExpress to your Ecomhunt Tracker list. The add-on is readily available at no cost in the Chrome web store.

How do I access the locked Ecomhunt products?

There are some products in the Ecomhunt database that are only available to premium members. Products will be made available to all users, including free members, after three days.

This means that paying customers can get their hands on the newest best-sellers before the general public does.

Purchasing a premium membership is required to gain entry to the protected content. You’ll find the appropriate controls in the Ecomhunt interface under “Billing & Subscriptions.”

What support does Ecomhunt provide?

As well as a knowledge base and FAQ section, Ecomhunt offers real-time communication with customers via chat and email. Free eBooks, podcasts, and YouTube video tutorials are just some of the many free resources that members of Ecomhunt have at their disposal.

In addition, Ecomhunt has a closed Facebook group where you can talk to other people in a similar situation and get advice, suggestions, and encouragement.

The Facebook group has over 80,000 members and is a wealth of information and insider tips for using Ecomhunt.

What are some Ecomhunt alternatives?

Some popular alternatives to Ecomhunt include FindNiche, AliShark, and Dropship Spy. However, Ecomhunt stands out as one of the market’s most affordable and feature-rich dropshipping research platforms.

Read our article on the best dropshipping research tools if you need a larger database of winning products or if you’re having trouble finding suitable items in your niche using Ecomhunt.