It’s common for dropshippers to express frustration with the shipping process. There are many of others who have had frustrating delivery experiences just like you.

As an online retailer, shipping orders may be a major drain on our time and resources.

What a treat for you if you can’t decide which delivery option to go with!

Here, we’ll discuss various techniques you can implement in your dropshipping company. You might find that this is the answer to your shipping woes. What are we waiting for?

ePacket Delivery

ePacket delivery is rapidly becoming a go-to option for overseas shipments.

The product was sold by shops in both Hong Kong and mainland China. And with good reason: it’s one of the quickest means of sending packages across oceans. With China Post’s ePacket monitoring, you can keep tabs on your packages’ whereabouts.

Parcel shipments sent using ePacket will be transported to a China Post sorting facility. The item will be delivered to the location where it will be shipped overseas.

When the package reaches its final destination, customs inspection will follow.

After the package has been cleared by customs, it will be delivered by a local carrier.

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Ease of tracking your package’s whereabouts at any point during transit is a major selling point for ePacket. Customers will feel more at ease with a guarantee that can be monitored.

Let’s say you’re concerned about both the cost and the timing of your shipment, and you’d also like the peace of mind that comes with having a tracking number. It’s not hard to see why ePacket is your best bet.

How to Calculate ePacket Shipping Rate?

ePacket’s shipping costs are determined by the package’s weight and the country of delivery. After signing up, you’ll have access to our shipping calculator, where you can view the most up-to-date ePacket shipping rates.

DDP Shipping

Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) is another name for “Delivered” in DDP shipping. This eliminates the need for customers to pay an additional fee once their orders have been shipped.

If you plan to ship goods to multiple nations or places, DDP shipping may be a good option for you.

As most customers will try to avoid paying tax by making purchases from abroad.

If you’re going to contribute, though, make sure you’ve thought this over well first. Use this duty calculator to get a rough idea of the import taxes that will be incurred when sending packages abroad.

Contact Suppliers with Shipping Questions

If there is ever a problem with shipping, you should contact the provider immediately. It’s crucial to check that your suppliers can handle the shipping problems and respond quickly.

Talking to suppliers is the best way to get a feel for how responsive and reliable they are.

If the supplier responds slowly or unprofessionally when you ask about shipment, you may want to find another one. Or, they may claim that they are unable to provide a satisfactory answer to the shipping problem.

Place a Test Order

You may get a feel for how the shipping and delivery procedure functions without buying every available product variant. If you’re not sure how each service handles shipping and handling, try ordering a little quantity from each.

Start Your Own Dropshipping Business Shipping Advice

order testing
Your comprehension of the vendors’ delivery procedures can be improved by placing some test orders. And how to know which ones to entrust with your clients’ picky requirements.

Charge Flat Shipping Rates

Customers could be put off by the astronomical logistics costs. This is especially important for global companies who may be shocked to see the total with shipping added in. How you charge for shipping can make or break a sale.

As a result, providing free shipping is the best option. Costing nothing extra for shipping and adding a small markup to the price of the product.

A flat rate for shipping is a great alternative to free shipping if you are unable to provide this service to your customers.

The shipping rate is a set amount regardless of the dimensions, weight, or shape of the item being shipped.

How much you can pack into the container is the deciding factor. Soon, they will be able to calculate exactly how much they owe.

When you choose a flat shipping charge, you can be completely transparent with your customers. It also does away with some tedious calculations.

Choose a Shipping Company

Now that we’ve covered some shipping best practices for your dropshipping operation, how do we go about selecting a reliable carrier? A variety of choices are available, including DHL, USPS, etc.

logistics provider
Let’s go over the most important criteria for making the appropriate choice.

Delivery Speed

Undoubtedly, this is the primary consideration. Not just because of the standard transit time. In extreme cases, having the option of an overnight or accelerated air freight service can save your life.

Don’t forget that choosing the fastest international shipping company will also mean paying the highest shipping costs. If you choose with the cheapest option for international delivery, you’ll save money but lose time.


You can keep your consumers calm by using tracking. Given the increased wait time for foreign shipments compared to domestic ones.

Customers’ dreams may turn into nightmares of dissatisfaction as they wait for their orders to arrive.

If customers aren’t kept up to date on the status of their packages, they can’t make an informed decision about which international shipping services to choose. Almost all carriers, however, will offer tracking so that disputes can be avoided.

Shipping Rates

Online businesses can save money by learning about and comparing different pricing structures. Plus, some foreign shipping companies provide discounts.

There needs to be a happy medium between delivery charges and everything else. Considering that the cheaper options may not be as efficient or reliable as the more expensive ones.

Shipping costs can also vary by country. Consider all the factors that could have an impact on your company before making a call.

Shipping Restrictions

Shipping limits can come in a number of different flavors, each of which is enforced by a different carrier.

Material handling is an important factor to think about. Due to the fact that not all businesses will manufacture or distribute goods that include harmful substances. When it comes to booze, some people are really stringent.

There are also limits on body mass and height/weight. The shipping companies have size and weight limits that you should be aware of. Which company you might do business with.


Shipping internationally is more dangerous than shipping within the country. It’s intrinsic unsafeness mandates that protection be provided by insurance.

If your product is lost or damaged in transit, what options do you have? You may get insurance from several different shipping providers, so shop around. It is recommended that you purchase a policy even if the firm you’ve settled on does not offer one.

Remote Area Delivery

Individuals from every corner of the globe can buy your wares. Additionally, not all of them are located close to sizable urban centers.

Find out if the international shipping company you’re considering delivers to outlying areas.

When shipping to a rural area, it’s important to know if there will be any delays or if package tracking will be compromised.

For delivery outside of major cities, you should inquire beforehand as to whether or not they will partner with a third-party carrier.

Shipping Recommendations

The shipping process is just one of several difficulties faced by dropshippers.

Depend on your suppliers to fulfill your orders and ship your purchases to you promptly. That’s how the system operates, and it sounds rather scary.

Most dropshipping vendors won’t tell you this. You should investigate the shipping times beforehand.

Consider the situation from the perspective of your target audience. And observe your providers’ transport procedures up close.