Manufacturers in China often include the phrase “Made in PRC” (for “People’s Republic of China”) on their product labels. More and more people prefer it to the standard “made in China” label in recent years. However, many issues are being raised by both retailers and shoppers around the world.

To what extent does the phrase “made in PRC” indicate the quality of a product? For what reason does this label always mean “manufactured in China”? Can these terms be differentiated from one another?

Please don’t let all the rumors and hearsay confuse you. If you’ve ever wondered “what does made in PRC mean?” or “why is it written on so many products?” we hope this information will help clear up your questions.

It’s time to start educating ourselves.

What Does Made in PRC Mean?

All imported goods are required, by law in most countries, to bear a label indicating their nation of origin.

Many business owners and customers keep an eye out for these seals because they believe that products from different countries have different qualities.

The initials “PRC” stand for “People’s Republic of China.” Although it is China’s official name, most people just refer to the country as “China.” Furthermore, the name China is more well known than PRC.

Products that are “Made in PRC” are therefore made in China. Made in China and Made in China are synonymous terms that can be used interchangeably by manufacturers.

Products marked “Made in PRC” or “Made in China” are of identical quality, despite widespread belief to the contrary. You can never separate product quality from the manufacturer you go with, their level of skill, or the materials they utilize.

Why Do Manufacturers Choose to Use ‘Made in PRC’ Labels?

So, if both “Made in PRC” and “Made in China” labels mean the same thing, what’s the big deal?

The solution is obvious: they employ a branding strategy. In order to better understand this, let’s take a quick look at China’s industrial sector.

Made in China vs Made in PRC

China’s status as a major industrial hub worldwide has been on the rise for at least a decade. Because of this, it is sometimes facetiously called “the world’s factory.”

Products with the PRC label are more reliable than those with the Made in China label.
China has become a major manufacturing hub for products from all around the world. There are also thousands of domestic brands that produce goods domestically and sell them internationally.

The challenging phase is upon us now. Chinese factories crank out goods of varying quality. There are high-quality, long-lasting products, and there are low-quality, short-lived products.

Most shoppers choose mass-produced goods instead of more expensive, real specialty items since they are more affordable and appear the same. Merchants and wholesalers that are dishonest with their consumers may also be to blame for passing off low-quality imitations as the real deal.

Most people all around the world have only ever experienced low-quality products because of these kinds of hazards. Because of this, the phrase “Made in China” is now commonly used to refer to low-priced, low-quality goods that consumers do not feel comfortable trusting.

As a gesture of protest, some shoppers shun everything that comes from China. The vast majority of them view corporations who send manufacturing elsewhere, namely to China, as being unpatriotic and a major contributor to the loss of American jobs.

‘Made in PRC’ as a Branding Solution

The majority of buyers do not understand that a product marked “Made in PRC” actually originates in China. Because of this, Chinese factories started using it to avoid the stigma that comes with having their products labeled as “made in China.”

This method improves the competitiveness of Chinese exports worldwide. It’s true that consumers will learn the hard way that the goods they purchased originated in China.

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Even if people initially disregard them, at least they won’t use them with the assumption that they’re of low quality because of where they were made.

Plus, perhaps this is how the rest of the world will get to try some of the superior items that have already been recognized as winners in China.

Is Using ‘Made in PRC’ Legal?

In a word, yes.

Labeling products as “Made in PRC” does not constitute false advertising. Using PRC is the more proper and accurate method to refer to China.

In addition, rebranding is a standard corporate tactic, thus it’s not unethical to employ it. Perhaps the only distinction is that this is the name of a nation rather than a corporation.

How Do I Identify Quality ‘Made in PRC’ Products?

The war between ‘Made in China’ and ‘Made in PRC’ is clearly rooted in consumers’ doubts about the quality of Chinese exports.

You, as a dropshipper, may face a similar set of challenges. Is it possible to get quality goods made in China? Is it OK to risk losing sales for the sake of a price cut?

Before you go looking elsewhere, I’ll address your questions quickly: sure, you can get excellent things in China. Finding reliable dropshipping vendors is difficult.

You’ll find some advice that should help you out.

Quality Inspection

As was previously mentioned, a product’s quality is established by the expertise and methods of its makers as well as the components they choose. These are, therefore, the most crucial things to think about before signing on with a dropshipping supplier.

If your supplier is a manufacturer and they have a warehouse or factory in China, you should visit it. Research what goes into their products, how they make them, and how they make use of technology. Be very thorough in your testing and inspection of finished products.

However, if you are unable to travel to China, you may want to consider teaming up with a dropshipping firm or a sourcing agent. one that specializes in quality assurance inspections. This may help guarantee that everything you order is up to par.

Choose the Right Manufacturer

At first glance, sourcing from China can appear to be a breeze. Since there must be thousands of options, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

With so many options for factories, finding a reliable manufacturer can be challenging. The process of researching and assessing potential manufacturers can be time consuming.

A dropshipping service or agent might be helpful here, too. They have a more in-depth understanding of China’s various markets and can recommend reliable factories for producing high-quality goods.

Having access to their intimate information could help you avoid a lot of hassle, expense, and disappointment.

Consider Value over Price

The low price and high potential profit margin of low-quality products make them attractive. However, your dropshipping business could fail if customers aren’t satisfied with the items you sell.

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Most people, as a rule of thumb, are prepared to pay a slightly higher price for a product that provides exceptional value. Aim for reasonably priced, high-quality goods if you want your customers to return and tell others about your shop.

In conclusion

The bottom line is that either “Made in PRC” or “Made in China” is acceptable. The Chinese manufacturing industry is doing its best to dispel the stereotype that anything from China will be of low quality.

However, you should take care when selecting your dropshipping suppliers, and you should always test their products before giving them the go-ahead for your online store.