Customers always want fast deliveries and great services these days. Because of this, Walmart Marketplace gives you different fulfillment options that you can choose from based on the price and type of product. Choosing the right fulfillment method is important because it can help your business make more money by making more sales.

Walmart Marketplace Offers Options For Fulfillment
Walmart Marketplace Offers Options For Fulfillment

Methods of Walmart Fulfillment

Walmart Marketplace gives your e-commerce business the chance to join a world-class supply chain, which can help you make more sales. The platform gives sellers fulfillment services from start to finish, but there are two different ways to do it. It can be hard to decide between these two, so here are all the facts you need to know.

Method of Fulfillment in Two Days

As the name suggests, this is a way to deliver a product to a customer within two days. With this method of delivery, your business can double the number of people who buy the product.

Three-Day Method to Fill

The three-day fulfillment method gets the product to the customer in three days and boosts conversion rates by 30%.

These are both great ways to stand out in the online market. But you have to choose one for your business based on the products, price, and what your business can do.

How should I go about selling my item?

Now that you know how different Walmart fulfillment methods work, here’s how you can sell your product on the Walmart marketplace.

Participating in the fulfillment program

To start using Walmart fulfillment services, you need to join the WFS program by making a marketplace account.

The WFS dashboard needs to be set up

After making an account, you must set up products on the dashboard.

Walmart will tell you how to choose your fulfillment method

Create an inbound order to test your inventory management and choose how you want to fulfill the order. For the best experience, choose one based on what the Walmart marketplace says about it. For the best savings, you must also use the preferred carrier program to make shipping labels at very low prices.

Pack items according to the rules for shipping.

Some of Walmart’s rules about preparing and packing your product have to do with the following:

  • What it weighs and how big it is
  • Time to take stock, etc.

Your product should be packed according to the instructions, and you should try to be as efficient as possible to get the best prices.

Mark the boxes and give them to the shipping company.

After you’ve done everything the way the instructions say, you only need to put shipping labels on the boxes. You have to drop off your boxes at the shipping carrier based on the fulfillment method and the requirements for the Walmart product.

The rest will be taken care of by Walmart marketplace, and if you want to be even more efficient, you can try Walmart marketplace advertising. So, you can use the Walmart marketplace to sell your goods.

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The Final Saying

With different Walmart fulfillment methods, it’s easier for businesses to offer better services to their customers based on what they can do. A business can also benefit in different ways from using the right Walmart fulfillment methods. So, if you want to start selling on the Walmart marketplace, make sure you know everything there is to know about the fulfillment options and choose the right one.