Merchants who have both brick-and-mortar and online stores may find it hard to come up with deals and discounts.

People who have a store on Shopify might have it a little easier, but most apps only offer a couple of ways to advertise.

When you have to pay for multiple apps that do different things, your costs go up. Also, it will be hard to keep track of your discount list.

Shopify merchants now have it easier because of Ultimate Special Offers. This app will explain what Ultimate Special Offers is, how much it costs, what its main features are, and what customers say about it.

Do You Need This Plugin A Review Of The Ultimate Special Offers Plugin
Do You Need This Plugin A Review Of The Ultimate Special Offers Plugin

What does Ultimate Special Offers mean?

Pixel Union made an app for Shopify called USO, which stands for “Ultimate Special Offers.” The app is a one-stop shop for sales for its users. You can start eight different kinds of sales, which are also the main things about USO. It even lets you make special deals for customers who are tagged and signed in. The app also lets you use unique links to tell people about your sales. You also get to decide which deals your customers see.

Pixel Union and Shopify have kept adding new features to the app to make it easier to use. Ultimate Special Offers works well even when your Shopify store is full of customers.

Ultimate Special Offers What’s Important:


Discounts are a classic sales technique. With Ultimate Special Offers, you can offer discounts on individual items, collections, or even your whole catalog. USO makes it easy to add discounts to your Shopify store.

Just set the percentage discount for the product, collection, or catalog. This discount will show up on the selected items, and the same amount will be taken out of the customer’s shopping cart.

Discount is a type of sale that works well for low-selling products and collections. You can also use it to get more people to come to your store on special days, like Christmas.

Buy One Get One (BOGO)

The Buy One Get One (BOGO) feature is a way to get people to buy something because they will get another one for free. Ultimate Special Offers doesn’t have to give you one item for every item you buy during a BOGO sale.

This kind of sale works like this: Buy ‘x’ number of items and get ‘y’ number of free items. This means that you can offer two products for every offer purchase.

Under the BOGO feature, USO lets you make a percentage offer as well. This means you can give a discount on the second product if the first one has already been bought. For example, if you buy one item at full price and the next one at 50% off, that would be part of the sale.


The bundle sale in Ultimate Special Offers can include offers for products that go well together, a certain group of products, or all of the products in your store. We suggest that you use bundle deals for products that go together. For example, you could offer bundle deals for all of your clothing. The same is true of jewelry.

You can get deals on necklace or earring collections as a set. Photography is a key part of getting the word out about your bundle offers. Make sure you use clear pictures that show the bundle collection or products that go well together, like the necklace and earrings.


A bulk sale is a kind of sale that looks at how many items a customer buys. This type of sale should be used when the buyer is more likely to buy more than one of the same product.

A bulk sale will get people to buy a certain number of items so they can get a discount. To set a good bulk amount, first look at how many of your products are bought on average per order. Set the bulk amount higher than this average. Say you sell tea bags and the average number of bags per order is 3.5.

Set the minimum number of units to five, and give a discount to anyone who buys at least five. This will make people want to buy more items so they can get the discount. With the help of Ultimate Special Offers, it’s easier to analyze and set the bulk amount.


Upselling and cross-selling are used by successful eCommerce platforms like Amazon. With Ultimate Special Orders, you can sell more and sell different things on your Shopify store. To “upsell” is to try to get your customers to buy more expensive items.

Cross-selling means getting your customers to buy products that go well together or are related. Upselling and cross-selling can be done in two main ways: using pop-ups and upselling and cross-selling in the shopping cart.

As your customer looks at your products, pop-ups will show them the products you want to upsell and cross-sell. Amazon makes a lot of money through in-cart upselling and cross-selling. On some product pages, you may have seen a list of products below the description of the product.


Goal selling is also something that Ultimate Special Offers does. The order value is used in goal selling to get customers to buy more. When they reach a certain order value, you will give them a discount. This discount can be a dollar amount or a percentage off.

When you have a number of items with different prices on sale, you can reach more people. For instance, you can have a collection of things that cost between $10 and $50. You can decide to take 20% off purchases of $100 or more, or you can give a $20 cash reward for purchases of $100 or more.


Most of the time, setting a price for multiple units of a product is the main focus of volume sales. You could list two units of a product at $100, for example. But the price per unit will go down a little when you list more units.

For instance, you could sell five of the above product for $200. The price has gone down by $50 for the given amount, which will make your customers want to save this $50.


You can also give customers gifts with Ultimate Special Offers. Like most other types of sales, for the customer to get the gift, they have to buy a certain type of product or a certain number of units.

The glasses that come with certain types or amounts of liquor, wine, or beer are a common example of a gift sale. Most of the time, special events like holidays are good times to sell gifts. You can also use them for times like when school starts again. As an example, you could give away a big notebook when someone buys a backpack.

Make sure the gift you give your customers goes with how much they spend. For example, if you sell pens instead of notebooks in the backpack gift sale, you won’t make as much money.

What does it cost to get Ultimate Special Offers?

Depending on which Shopify plan you use, the price of the Ultimate Special Offers will be different. But the first 14 days of all of these plans are free. For Shopify and Ultimate Special, there are four main plans.

So, the cost of USO will depend on which Shopify plan you are on. Among them are:

  • Basic. For the basic plan, you will pay $19 per month. This plan lets you use all the USO features and place as many orders as you want.
  • Standard: The monthly cost for the Standard plan is $29. You can still use all of Ultimate Special Offers’ features and get as many offers as you want.
  • Advanced: Any merchant on the Advanced plan will have to pay $49 per month. Your store can take as many orders as it wants, and you can use everything USO has to offer.
  • Plus For Shopify: If you are on the Shopify plan, you will have to pay $99 per month. All of the features from the old plans are available to merchants.

What Customers Have to Say About Ultimate Special Offers

Overall, 339 reviews on the Shopify app store gave Ultimate Special Offers a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. 277 of these reviews had a score of 5 stars. Ultimate Special Offers has a lot of features that have made its users happy.

Most merchants are interested in the fact that they can sell in eight different ways. It helps them make their store look better and helps them sell more items and make more money. They are also impressed with how easy it is to use Ultimate Special Offers. They like the regular updates that help keep the selling process stable.

Customers of Ultimate Special Offers also love how fast and helpful the app’s customer service team is. You can easily install and set up the different ways of selling so that you can use them. Some people are impressed that USO can be added to the shopping cart to make sure that the sales methods work.

There haven’t been many complaints about how long it takes for the automatic discounts to show up in the cart. But the delays have been fixed by the new updates.

Ultimate Special Offers is a package of different ways to sell that will help you increase the number of people who buy from your store. We give it a 4.5 out of 5 based on how well its features work and what past and present users have said about it.



Pixel Union, a reputable app developer, made the app Ultimate Special Offers (USO). It only works with Shopify stores. The app is a collection of different ways to sell that can help your store make more money. Before, Shopify sellers had to add and pay for more than one app to do some of the things they could do with Ultimate Special Offers.

Ultimate Special Offers sells in eight ways, which are also its main features. Among them are:

  • Discount: You can put discounts on your products and categories to get people to buy more of them. USO lets you set a discount that is based on a percentage.
  • Buy One Get One Free (BOGO): This way of selling gets people to buy ‘x’ number of products so they can get ‘y’ number of products for free or at a lower price.
  • Bundle: With Bundle, you can list a specific collection, the whole collection, or products that go well together. Most of the time, bundles are sold at a lower price.
  • Bulk: Most of the time, selling in bulk means selling a lot of the same product. The app will help you figure out how many orders you get on average. Set the bulk number higher than the average and offer a discount or lower price for bulk purchases.
  • Upsell: Upsell and cross-sell go hand in hand. Upsells show pop-ups of more expensive items and cross-sell lists of items that go well together.
  • Goal: Most of the time, the order value is what drives goal selling. You will give your customers a price goal. Once they reach the order value, you can give them a discount in the form of a percentage off or cash.
  • Volume: For volume sales, prices and quantities of products are grouped into tiers. This means that buyers will save money if they buy more products at once.
  • Gift: When you buy something at a gift sale, you get a gift. A free glass with a bottle of liquor is a good example. Usually, gift sales happen around holidays.

The price of Ultimate Special Offers starts at $19 and depends on the Shopify plan you already have.