With the right Walmart Marketplace advertising, you can get more people to see your products, which could help you sell more. But it’s just as important to know how to use your market share and keep costs down in Walmart Marketplace Advertising.

So, keep reading this guide until the end to find out how to advertise on the Walmart marketplace.

How Do I Put Up An Ad On Walmart Marketplace
How Do I Put Up An Ad On Walmart Marketplace

How do I place an ad on Walmart Marketplace?

There are different ways to advertise on different online marketplaces. For example, marketing needs for Facebook Marketplace and Amazon Marketplace are not the same.

But with Walmart Marketplace, things are a little different. It only gives advertising options to sellers who meet the requirements, and if you meet those requirements, you can make ads to promote your product. Among the requirements you must meet are the following:

  • Having to do with the Walmart Marketplace
  • A monthly spending commitment of at least $1000 must be made.

Walmart Marketplace manages ads for campaigns with a budget of more than $25,000. For Walmart marketplace ads, campaigns with smaller budgets need to work with a third-party agency.

How to place an ad on Walmart Marketplace

Now that you know how advertising works on the Walmart marketplace in general, here is a 6-step guide that will walk you through the whole process.

Sign up to sell on the Walmart marketplace as a seller.

The first step is for your business to start selling on the Walmart marketplace. The application will take between 10 and 15 minutes and will include filling out the seller profile and linking the payment processes. So, finish these first tasks so you can move on to the next step.

Start the list of products

After putting your business on the Walmart marketplace, you should start by listing your products. Here, there are two ways to get things done, and they are:

  • Set up by matching products that your company already has on the market. As new products come out, information from similar listings will be used to build your product listing.
  • Full item spec, where you will make a listing that is 100% original. After downloading a template from the right category, your team will work on it.

When the product catalog goes live, there should be about 100 items in stock.

Send in your request to be able to advertise.

Once your catalog is up and running, you need to get advertising access. To do this, you need to give all the necessary information and commit to spending at least $1000.

The Walmart advertising webinar is not to be missed.

After you get access to advertising, your company will be told about the training webinar, and you must go to it. Your team will learn everything there is to know about advertising on the platform during the weekly webinars.

Sign in from Walmart to the advertising platform

Now you can use the Walmart ad platform, which requires you to log in before you can start making ads. You will also have to choose which team you will work with for Walmart advertising based on how much money you have.

Start the marketing campaign

The ad campaign will go live as the last step. After your team has finished making the campaign, go over the following:

  • Budget for advertising each month
  • Budget for each item
  • How long your marketing campaign will last and what you’ll be selling

With Walmart Marketplace ads, you can improve your campaign and make it work better.

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Final Thoughts

Walmart is a place where there are millions of possible customers and a lot of competition in the marketing field. Know how to advertise on the Walmart marketplace if you want to win the marketing competition. For the best results, plan out your marketing strategies and follow the 6-step guide. Your investment will pay off in a big way.