Nowadays, online store owners can’t get enough of Shopify. It has facilitated the development of fantastic new features for the web and made it much easier to manage an online shop.

Concurrently, businesses that specialize in processing orders are in high demand. For every kind of online store, it is crucial to partner with a reliable fulfillment service.

This is why we have compiled a directory of the top Shopify fulfillment providers. In particular, if you have orders coming in every day, you will have access to all the information you need about the best fulfillment businesses and how they can help your business.

Let’s start with the basics and define a fulfillment company so we’re all on the same page.

What Is a Fulfillment Company?

Third-party logistics providers, or “fulfillment centers,” are used by e-commerce stores to handle customer orders.

You can’t possibly keep enough stock on hand to fulfill all of your customers’ orders and have them shipped out each day if you run an online company and receive orders every day.

Because you’d then be operating as an independent company, shipping costs for individual items will be higher, adding to the time and money spent on this process.

There, fulfillment services step in to save the day for online stores. They say they will warehouse your goods for you, take care of them, and deliver them to clients when you receive orders.

In this short article, we discussed what a fulfillment center is and how it operates. What follows is a list of the top Shopify fulfillment partners.

Best Fulfillment Companies for Your Shopify Store

Shopify Fulfillment Network

What could possibly be better than obtaining fulfillment services from the very same platform on which your business is being built? Shopify is friendly and approachable, thus the company extends its fulfillment services to all of its customers.

They say that in order to make your business experience the thrill of cutting-edge technology, they will deploy robotics-driven technology to complete your orders.

Let’s weigh the benefits and drawbacks.


Benefits of having straightforward billing. Monthly Shopify fees cover the cost of fulfillment.
Makes best use of nearby distribution locations for optimum efficiency.
Even if you just place 3 orders every day, you may be eligible for this service.
Adjusted pricing based on how you conduct business.


Only American and Canadian warehouses are used.
A more recent development in the study of contentment.


It’s no exaggeration to say that ShipBob is among the world’s largest distribution centers. Beginning January 2014, it has fulfilled customer requests. In terms of fulfillment services, it is far and away the industry leader. Many online retailers rely on ShipBob to transport their customers’ purchases quickly and safely.

Let’s weigh the benefits and drawbacks.


Includes Shopify support.
Their services are not limited to the aforementioned marketplaces, though; you may utilize them on other networks like eBay and Amazon as well.
Options for tailoring prices to individual needs.
Guaranteed delivery within 2 days.
In the United States, there are numerous storage facilities.
Possesses storage facilities in a number of countries, including Australia, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.
Compatibility with well-known shipping companies such as FedEx and USPS.


Ideal for companies with monthly orders over 500.
High price tag for new Shopify stores.

FedEx Fulfillment

Even if you weren’t familiar with the term “eCommerce” at the time, you would have heard this brand name. They entered the worldwide shipping industry in 1971. E-commerce fulfillment services were introduced by them in 2017.

Let’s examine the benefits and drawbacks of this approach.


They have a leg up because they are already operating a massive delivery system on a global scale.
Provides comprehensive management of stock and shipments.
Faster, more precise service delivery.
The massive resources at their disposal.
Multiple locations for storing things around the globe.
The company has a fantastic and quick customer service crew.
More than 130 distribution centers around the country give them a commanding presence.


They have just been doing eCommerce fulfillment since 2017.


It’s an excellent fulfillment firm that’s been going strong since 2014. That they’ve chosen the moniker FAST to describe what they offer says a lot. It stands for “Accurately Fulfilled, Shipped Today.”

To better understand their fulfillment options, let’s examine both their strengths and weaknesses.


Customized product packaging and inventory management services.
Transportation Management Software controls the delivery process.
We have negotiated special rates with all the main shipping companies like FedEx, DHL, the US Postal Service, and more.
Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon services are also available.
They put forth extra effort to ensure that the products are packaged properly.
Formats tailored to safely stow away specific goods.


As far as I can tell, they don’t provide any sort of shipping or freight forwarding services.
This method is not suited for the distribution of bulky items.


It’s another fantastic option for entrepreneurs new and old to use when fulfilling Shopify purchases.

It’s ideal for young Shopify firms because it doesn’t charge for services that aren’t crucial in the early stages.

Let’s weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each.


An excellent third-party logistics provider designed just for Shopify.
Approves of 2-day shipment.
It’s compatible with the likes of Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and even Walmart’s e-commerce platform.
It’s ideal for e-commerce because it provides direct-to-consumer (DTC) services.
Optimizing product descriptions, shipping labels, excellent product photography, shipment inspection, etc. are just a few of the other features.
Helps companies get their wares up on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etc.
It’s also useful for optimizing your products’ search engine rankings.


There is a recurring monthly fee that must be paid for integration software by businesses.
No good for B2B bulk orders.


Since its founding in 2018, Shipwire has been a leading provider of order fulfillment services around the world. Their yearly unit shipments are said to total just under a billion, and they claim to have served more than 1500 clients.

There is little doubt that this fulfillment firm is worth a shot, with a global storage capacity of about 18 million square feet.

The benefits and drawbacks of each are listed below.


The choice to use the warehouses on a regional, national, or global scale.
They can help with both forward and backward logistics.
Both business-to-business and business-to-consumer fulfillment strategies can benefit from their offerings.
Excellent option for expanding your company’s operations.
The dropshipping business strategy is supported by their extensive retail supply chain.
Over 120 Ingram bookstores may be found in over 30 countries.
There is no hiding anything with regards to stock or delivery.
It’s safe to say the goods are stashed away.


Instead of conducting the processes themselves, they rely significantly on third-party providers.


When it comes to processing orders for online stores, Boxzooka is the best option. They use cutting-edge technology to keep you informed at every step of the order processing and delivery process.

They boast of a “culture of continuous improvement” that sees them bettering their offerings with each order they process.


They have excellent customer service.
They handle things gently while packing and unboxing.
You can even have them design special packaging for your goods.
Plugins are helpful for online stores.
Offers monitoring displays to enhance oversight.
performs FBA and FBM tasks for Amazon.
Thanks to Boxzooka’s API, you may connect your Shopify store with it.


There is no need for standalone apps like this to be linked to e-commerce systems.

efulfillment Service

efulfillment service, which has been there since 2001, is yet another reliable choice for managing and transporting your products to your clients. They present themselves as an alternative to more expensive fulfillment houses while yet maintaining a high level of professionalism and dependability.

One of the most reliable choices for up-and-coming business owners is efulfillment Service, which offers a risk-free trial period and doesn’t require a minimum or constant order quantity.

The benefits and drawbacks are listed below.


This provider has won accolades for their excellent record of fulfilling orders on time.
Offers Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) services as well.
The products are kitted and sorted for efficient shipping.
They don’t have a minimum order quantity like some other businesses.
There is no cost associated with creating an account.
There will be no hidden fees for keeping your goods in storage for a longer time frame.
Integration at no additional cost.
Keep tabs on your stock using inventory alerts.
You may see everything from your current stock to future projections to past orders and their associated invoices and more.


They don’t offer a unified app for use on various devices.

Rakuten Super Logistics

In short, if you own an online company, this order fulfillment service includes everything you need. It provides assured support for operations, which is essential for any company.

Next-day delivery, two-day service inside the United States, and impeccable order accuracy are just a few of these guarantees.

The benefits and drawbacks of working with this logistics firm are outlined below.


Optimizes their delivery choices by integrating with industry leaders like UPS and DHL.
Offers services to connect online stores to major marketplaces like Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.
Includes a variety of fast and standard shipping choices.
Secure, climate-controlled, off-site storage is also available.
Superior assistance with packing, shipping, and tracking.


Ideal for larger orders or more frequent purchases.


ShipMonk makes it clear how easy it is for a company to outsource their fulfillment needs.

ShipMonk asserts that its customers only need to worry about making sales, while they handle all aspects of order processing and inventory management.

Here are some benefits and drawbacks.


Great cloud-based software helps them streamline their processes.
The program manages stock, orders, shipments, and the warehouse.
U.S. and European distribution centers placed in strategic locations for streamlined order delivery.
Because of the high cost of shipping, many customers will not complete their purchases, but they provide special shipping discounts to win back those customers.
Maintain complete oversight of orders and stock while providing unmatched customer service.
Recognized for excellence on a number of television programs.
won a number of awards for how well they deliver orders.


They entered the market in 2014, making them a relative newcomer.


The firm is a fulfillment center located in Hong Kong. It’s all in their catchy slogan. “Connect…Fulfill”. They provide straightforward and efficient fulfillment services.

They must think that giving first-rate fulfillment services from beginning to end will win over the hearts of their clients.

The following are a few of its advantages and disadvantages.


company that offers a wide variety of fulfillment options under one roof.
Targeted specifically at the needs of the online retail sector.
Recognized for their ability to perform under pressure and in times of crisis.
Orders placed through Amazon’s FBA and FBM programs are also fulfilled by them.
Full service, from storage to shipping and delivery.
Perfect for growing and scaling existing enterprises.
Equally suited to the needs of a startup.
Reduced complexity of price.
It has a number of premade connections to popular online stores.
With 24 distribution centers, they can serve customers anywhere in the world.
They offer global shipping.
They have formed alliances with numerous logistics firms, including FedEx, DHL, and DHL.


A total of 24 patrons have been attended to so far. You might want to learn as much as possible about their background and expertise.

Top Shopify Order Fulfillment Services
Top Shopify Order Fulfillment Services


Fulfillman is a great option for dropshippers. Why? As their homepage touts at the top, they offer dropshipping and fulfillment services from China.

Every possible concern of a dropshipper has been addressed. See what they have to offer in the ways listed below.

They facilitate your acquisition of Chinese goods.
They are useful for product branding.
They take high-quality pictures of your products so you may promote them on your website.
Their support for Shopify is specialized.
There are additional Woocommerce and Amazon integration choices.


Only concerned with conducting trade within China.

Xpert Fulfillment

You can also have your orders completed in this manner, which is a terrific choice. Their slogan, “Shipping: Single Handed,” suggests that they are serious about efficiently processing online orders.

The following are a few of its advantages and disadvantages.


They have daily order minimums in order to qualify for their exclusive deals.
Shopify, Amazon, and WooCommerce specific integrations.
You have full authority over all aspects of remote order management and stock administration.
Your e-commerce goals can be more easily attained when your stock is automatically updated in real time.
You won’t have to pay anything to get started using them.
There’s no need to worry about meeting a daily quota of orders to qualify for this service.
There are no additional fees for making a payment, receiving a shipment, etc.


Their fee schedule is a little complicated.


Cenports is a one-stop shop for all your fulfillment needs in the world of e-commerce. Their cutting-edge technology and automated processes streamline business operations and allow for rapid expansion.

This article will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using them.


Compatible with Shopify, et al.
Options for integrating with popular e-commerce APIs.
They use a computerized system to track stock and make adjustments as needed.
Their costs are variable and can be adjusted to meet the needs of any given enterprise.
They’ve got storage facilities in the US so they can provide quick shipping alternatives.


They do not have a clear policy for Amazon FBA. 


It is an American fulfillment firm that helps online store owners with day-to-day operations and regular shipments. They state that their services will help the firms expand.

Here are some of the primary benefits and drawbacks.


Large facilities in the United States for warehousing, picking, packing, and shipping.
The facilities’ combined size of 6.5 million square feet makes inventory management simple.
Warehouses and distribution facilities strategically placed around the United States to maximize distribution efficiency.
E-commerce fulfillment is just one of many services they provide; wholesale and ready-to-ship fulfillment are also available.
There is a long number of companies that can integrate with Shopify.


They don’t have any distribution centers or storage facilities outside of the United States.


It’s a fulfillment center that boldly advertises its global reach. They’ve been around for quite some time, and that stability has allowed them to perfect the art of providing excellent fulfillment services at reasonable rates.

Let’s weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each.


For more insight into your stock and shipments, hook up with cloud-based orders management software.
Its fulfillment centers are strategically located in key markets worldwide, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia.
They openly advertise two-day shipping within the United States, and their four US-based fulfillment centers all lie on the same coast.
They specialize in filling niches associated with image health and beauty with low-priced products.
They’ve worked with all the major carriers, such as FedEx, USPS, and DHL.
The company’s practices on verifying customer information have cut down on refunds and chargebacks.


Stores that don’t see a lot of traffic each day or each month can find the prices prohibitive.


You can trust Shipfusion to deliver on its promise of top-tier order processing and transport services for your online store. Their services for expanding enterprises are supposedly among the best in the industry.

Here are just a few of the benefits and drawbacks to these options.


An adequate number of storage facilities spread out across the United States and Canada.
A lot of attention is paid to making sure that the temperature in warehouses is maintained at a safe level.
The company provides a variety of storage options, including food-grade storage, for its clients.
State-of-the-art infrastructure for handling and delivering goods.
Shipping costs are competitive and can be negotiated for individual companies.
Moreover, they handle returns from clients. That means you can stop worrying about returns.
Everything that occurs with relation to your stock is reported to you.


There are just three storage facilities total—two in the United States and one in Canada.


This is a newer player in the market for fulfilling internet orders. However, they have a structure that seems good for speedy domestic US or Can delivery.

The key benefits and drawbacks of this fulfillment service are as follows.


They’ve teamed up with reliable shipping firms to streamline the distribution of their products. Among them are UPS, USPS, and Canada Post.
Their specialized fulfillment software is fully integrated with popular shopping carts like Shopify. WordPress Online Store, AWS, EBay, and Walmart.
If you place a large order, they will give you a discount.
They don’t need you to sign a contract with them for a fixed amount of time. You are under no obligation to continue utilizing their services if you decide to do so.
Provide both Amazon’s FBA and Enterprise fulfillment options.
On their site, you can see how often orders are actually fulfilled.
The most up-to-date information about your stock is beautifully displayed in an intuitive interface.


In order to fulfill your orders, we can only ship to the United States and Canada.


It’s another well-known company that’s been around for a long time providing order fulfillment services. They started in 2011, and now they claim to have helped over 100,000 online stores.

It’s a viable choice for shipping packages for e-commerce businesses with moderate to high sales volumes.

Here are just a few of the benefits and drawbacks to these options.


They provide connections to marketplaces such as Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc.
You can import orders from various sales channels, and they’ll dispatch them as instructed.
Shipstation’s cutting-edge automation solutions make it simple to keep track of orders and stock.
They provide you with tracking details that may be shared with clients for an open and honest delivery process.
They say they can help your company become well-known by sending out branded emails and text messages from your own domain.
If you’re looking to expand your online store’s operations, they provide convenient options for doing so, such as printing in bulk and sending out orders in batches.
Superior assistance for customers.


There is a lack of transparency regarding the locations of their distribution facilities and warehouses.


Deliverr is ideal for speeding up the order fulfillment process for rapidly expanding businesses. Deliverr’s ability to guarantee free 2-day shipping will go a long way toward earning the trust of your clients.

Let’s weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each.


Shopify, Walmart, and eBay are just a few of the sites that they work with.
You can place an order via Facebook or Instagram as well.
A transparent pricing structure with no surprise fees.
In addition, they provide you with badges advertising free 2-day shipping, which you may display on your website, social media pages, etc.
Additionally, they advertise on Shopify, Google, and Facebook, and provide next-day shipping.
Featured in a variety of high-profile periodicals for their outstanding work.
Their services are compatible with Amazon FBM as well.


There is a lack of Woocommerce and Amazon integration.
It appears that no other country but the United States is home to warehouses.

FAQs about Best Fulfillment Companies Shopify 

There are three main concerns that people have concerning Shopify fulfillment partners, and we’ve covered all three of them. Take a look at the solutions if you want further insight.

What Is the Difference Between a Warehousing Company and a Fulfillment Company?

Despite their superficial similarities, a warehouse company and a fulfillment company have significant functional distinctions. Below, we highlight the three most notable distinctions between the two.

A fulfillment firm will store and distribute your products to your clients, while a warehousing company will only store them.
The storage and transportation costs per unit of product for a fulfillment company are higher than those of a warehousing company.
Most warehouse companies service traditional businesses, whereas fulfillment companies focus on the growing e-commerce market.

What Are Fulfillment Costs?

A fulfillment facility incurs several expenses. They need to be able to accept delivery of your goods, keep them safe and secure, and dispatch them when you need them to. They’re losing money on all fronts because of their activities.

The fulfillment expenses can be broken down into three distinct groups.

The price tag of renting a warehouse.
The price of employing a team to manage a product.
Expenses associated with mechanical devices, storage racks, etc.

What Is a Typical Process at a Fulfillment Company?

A standard procedure for any fulfillment center involves receiving goods, putting them into storage, and sending them out for delivery after you give the go-ahead.

This uncomplicated procedure can be broken down into the following six stages.

Acquire the items you need stored there.
Arrange the goods in categories, as appropriate.
Keep the goods in a secure location.
Find and choose the necessary items.
Products will be packed as directed.
Send the goods to the buyers according to your instructions.