Web scraping is the practice of automatically gathering information from the web. Either a dedicated software program or manual labor can accomplish this. You may want to scrape information from a website for a variety of reasons. Putting the information in a database for later use is one good reason.

What is a web scraping service?

A web scraping service is software that automatically gathers information from the web. Information such as website content, search engine rankings, and user profiles are examples. In addition to the core functionality of collecting data and keeping tabs on users, many of these services also provide a plethora of supplementary tools, such as machine learning and user tracking.

It’s possible to choose from a variety of commercial web scraping offerings. Scrapebox and Hootsuite are two of the most well-known examples. There are a few large, well-known providers, but there are many smaller, less well-known ones as well. You should evaluate your individual needs and expectations before settling on a web scraping service.

If you are new to web scraping, you may want to look into using a service like scrapebox. There is a wide variety of pre-made scripts and tools available through this service that can expedite the data collection process from various websites. You can get up and running quickly with this system because of the comprehensive documentation and active community support.

Hootsuite is great if you want to increase the volume of your web scraping efforts. Advantages of this platform’s robust automation features include the convenience of aggregating information from a wide variety of sources.

Types of web scraping services

Site data can be gathered in a variety of ways using a wide range of available services. Web scraping services are by far the most widely used. They automate the process of gathering information from the web. Therefore, it is unnecessary to seek approval from the website’s creators.

A few examples of web scraping services are as follows:

Data extraction services provide the means for mechanically extracting information from websites. There is no need to seek approval from the site’s creators.

Services that facilitate the use of scripts for the purpose of extracting data from websites are known as “script scraping services.” So, you’ll have to craft a script to scrape the data off the site.

Web scraping
Web scraping

Services that provide access to APIs on websites are known as API scraping services. Therefore, a developer account and API key are required.

How to use a web scraping service

Some things to consider if you’re looking for a web scraping service.

Your first step should be to define the specific information you need to pull from the source. Perhaps you’re only interested in the 10 most popular items on a particular website, or the 30 most read articles in a given month.

In the second place, you’ll have to select a web scraping service that fits your requirements. Multiple choices are available, ranging from no cost to a monthly fee for access.

Third, verify that the web scraping service you pick has the features you’ll need. While some services will only let you scrape specific pages, others will allow you to scrape the entire site.

Fourth, prior to using the service, please review the TOS and the P Policy. These contracts will spell out the web scraping service’s and its users’ respective responsibilities and entitlements.

How to choose the right web scraping service for your business

It’s easy to find a web scraping service that meets your needs. The question is, which one is best for your company? In this article, we will go over four guidelines to help you select the most suitable web scraping service for your company.

Consider your requirements. It’s important to take stock of your requirements before settling on a web scraping service. In what way would you like to scrape? Choose between automatic and manual data collection methods for your website. Specifically what information are you seeking?

Think about what you’ll get for the money. Thinking about the service’s cost and offerings is the next step. What is the monthly fee for this service? Approximately how many people can use the service simultaneously? Is there a free trial or do I have to pay to use the features?

Analyze the various options for service. After determining your requirements and settling on a vendor, it’s time to shop around for the ideal service. Think about the monthly cost, how well the service meets your needs, and how easy it is to use.

Get your questions answered. If you have doubts about the legitimacy of a service, you should clarify them before committing. Does it come with a guarantee if I’m not satisfied? In what ways are you limiting my use of the service? Is there a limit to the types of data we can collect?


ScraperAPI is a web scraping service that facilitates the retrieval of information from various online sources. Automatic page numbering, form data extraction, and more are all a part of it. It also provides a plethora of tools for scraping the most visited websites.


If you want to make the most of your Shopify store, keep reading! Try out Apify, a web scraping service that streamlines the process of gathering information from your site. Apify is a unified platform for data extraction, allowing you to quickly and easily gather insights about products, stocks, and customers. In addition, our service is intuitive, allowing you to launch your project without delay.

Bright Data

Gathering the necessary data to fuel your growth is a crucial part of running a successful ecommerce business. There are many ways to collect the data you need, whether it’s about product trends, customer data, or something else entirely. However, which option is ideal for you? Check out this collection of the best Shopify web scraping services currently available.

FeedBurner is widely used as a data collection tool for websites. It supports the collection and export of information from over 2 million websites, among them Shopify stores. With FeedBurner, you can gather information like email addresses, Twitter followers, and RSS feed subscribers.

The website data collection tool SimilarWeb is also widely used. It provides access to over 1 billion search engine results and 200 million unique web pages. Information like visitor numbers, audience size, and revenue can all be gathered using SimilarWeb.


For those using Shopify, Octoparse is a web scraping service that can be used to gather information from various websites. Cookies, pagination, and form data are just a few of the many features it offers. Octoparse’s support for Shopify means it can be used as a data scraper to extract information from your store’s online pages.


Diffbot is a wonderful choice if you want to begin scraping your Shopify store. It’s a service for “web scraping,” or quickly and easily extracting information from the web. Diffbot can be used to gather information from multiple websites, including your Shopify store. If you’re on the fence about subscribing to diffbot, there’s a free trial you can take advantage of first.

Use of Diffbot requires little in the way of instruction. To begin using the service, you must link your Shopify account after creating a free account. The next step is to give Diffbot the address of the page you want to extract data from. Afterwards, diffbot will begin its data collection process. The amount of data collected and the URLs of the pages scraped are both displayed in depth in the reports generated by diffbot.

Diffbot is the best choice if you want to easily collect information from your Shopify store.


Grepsr is a service for scraping the web for useful information. One of the many features of the service is the capacity to extract data from websites written in various languages.

A user can tell Grepsr which pages to scrape, and the software will locate the target URLs and collect the data for them. In addition to providing the ability to restrict the number of results displayed, this service also offers the capability to convert the results into a number of different formats.

Businesses and individuals who require information from multiple websites will find Grepsr to be an invaluable tool. It’s a potent instrument for data extraction from websites due to its ease of use and comprehensive feature set.