To find profitable dropshipping products for your online store, one of the most widely used research tools is Niche Scraper.

However, with a high monthly membership fee and no free trial, it’s not the best research solution for everyone, particularly those who have a small budget.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 8 alternatives to Niche Scraper for your perusal. There are a variety of free and cheap options for finding profitable dropshipping products below.


FindNiche has quickly become the most popular alternative to Niche Scraper due to its multiple cutting-edge tools for finding successful AliExpress products and spying on competitors, as well as its low-cost plans starting at only $9/month.

Shopify and eBay dropshippers can use FindNiche to quickly find top-selling AliExpress products and analyze performance data, such as total sales and top suppliers. FindNiche has a database of more than 90 million items.

In addition to its innovative Ad Spy tool for discovering profitable social media advertising campaigns, FindNiche also includes a database of best-selling products from active Shopify stores.


There are a variety of FindNiche pricing tiers, each of which grants you access to a unique set of features and resources. Subscribing to the $9/month basic plan grants you entry to the hand-picked collection of top-rated AliExpress items. The elite plan costs $59/month and further includes access to the Shopify database.

If you want access to everything, including the AliExpress database, the Shopify database, and the Ad Spy tool, the most popular option is the premium plan, which costs $99 per month.


Comprehensive set of drop shipping market analysis instruments
You can quickly locate top-performing products in any market.
Popular items on AliExpress are cataloged in a database.
Detailed metrics include things like full-year revenue.
The Premium plan has a 1-dollar trial that can be purchased for free.

 Dropship Center

The AliExpress Dropship Center is a free resource that can help you locate popular items and reliable vendors on the AliExpress marketplace.

The Dropship Center is an online resource for online retailers that includes a curated database of AliExpress’s best-selling products and a product analysis tool that allows users to quickly review the marketplace’s sales data for any product by entering its URL.

The most significant benefit of using the AliExpress Dropship Center is the availability of trustworthy and precise information gleaned from the actual actions of AliExpress buyers.


AliExpress’s Dropship Center is available at no cost to users. You can use the tool after signing up for an AliExpress account at no cost. AliExpress doesn’t charge you a membership fee or limit the number of items you can examine in detail.


AliExpress provides a free research platform ideal for dropshippers.
Database of over a thousand best-sellers, hand-picked by experts
Examine the AliExpress item sales history and statistics.
Features specifics on the quality and dependability of the vendor


Similarly popular to Niche Scraper is Ecomhunt, a robust curated database of best-selling AliExpress dropshipping products.

Experts in the field of market research selected thousands of best-selling products for inclusion on Ecomhunt, along with in-depth metrics on their sales, profits, social media followings, and suppliers.

It’s free to search our extensive catalog of best-selling dropshipping products, but upgrading to Pro gives you access to all of our data and early notification of any new additions.


Joining Ecomhunt and searching their extensive catalog of best-selling dropshipping products is free of charge. Access to all product data, including links to competitors’ products, social media ads, and engagement statistics, is available in the pro version for only $20 per month.


A curated list of best-selling dropship items
Product sales and financial data at a higher level of detail
Providers, rivals, and real-time social advertising links
Basic plan costs nothing, and the premium upgrade is only $20 per month.

 Product Mafia

You can easily find and import top-selling products to your WooCommerce or Shopify dropshipping store with the help of Product Mafia, a free curated database of winning dropshipping products.

Advanced performance data, such as product cost, selling price, and estimated profit margins, as well as links to top suppliers across multiple platforms and active social media ad campaigns, are included for every product in the Product Mafia database.

Everything (including products and information) is available in the free version. The PRO version grants you early access to new releases and allows you to bulk import products into your store with a single mouse click.


Joining Product Mafia and gaining access to their vast catalog of hand-picked dropshipping products is completely free. All information, including links to vendors and social media campaigns, is freely available. The PRO upgrade costs $49 per month and grants early access to brand new offerings.

With the paid Pro version, you can also import all of the products in the Product Mafia database into your Shopify or WooCommerce store with a single click.


Successful dropshipping products database available at no cost
Comprehensive product information, including user engagement rates
Support for multiple-platform links to reputable vendors
The PRO version gives you early access to brand new offerings.
Importing to Shopify and WooCommerce is as simple as a click.


AliInsider is the most sophisticated research tool for analyzing and finding popular AliExpress products to dropship, and it has a number of useful features.

If you use Chrome, you can get instant access to sales data and analytics for any product on AliExpress by installing a handy browser extension. AliInsider gives you access to a wealth of useful information, including daily sales figures, projected earnings, and available shipping methods.

As an added bonus, AliInsider includes a database of over 30,000 winning dropshipping products that is updated daily, making it easy to locate products that are selling well in your market.


If you use Google Chrome, you can add the AliInsider extension for no cost. The free version only gives you access to basic product information. Access to all features and the database of 30,000 best-sellers is included in the premium version, which costs $19.95 per month.

When you pay quarterly or yearly, you can save up to 80% off the regular price. Promotional sales for even deeper premium version price cuts are regularly available on AliInsider.


The top dropshipping research tool for AliExpress.
Quickly examine information for any AliExpress item.
Premium version includes access to a curated database and links to numerous top providers and competitors.

 Dropship Spy

Dropship Spy, like Niche Scraper, is a platform for researching potential dropshipping suppliers. However, it has more than ten thousand users worldwide.

All of the database of over 5,000 top-selling dropshipping products is at your fingertips, and it’s free with the basic version. Filtering options include selection by category, suppliers, profit margin, and social engagement scores, among many others.

Access to sales trends, social proof, and reviews, as well as the ability to connect your Shopify store and import products with a few clicks, are all unlocked in the pro version.


Dropship Spy is a free service that provides members with access to a database containing information on over 5,000 winning products. With the pro version, you can import data directly into Shopify and gain access to advanced metrics for only $10 per month. When paid annually, you can save 20% or more.

It’s worth noting that Dropship Spy frequently offers discounts, and that the pro version’s price also fluctuates. Because of this, you might need to check the website to see the most up-to-date prices.


Research tool for dropshipping products
Access to the top-selling product database (over 5,000 products) is free of charge, but the premium upgrade is required for access to in-depth data analytics.
Simple product importation into Shopify


AliShark is a powerful and affordable dropshipping research solution developed by the same team responsible for Shopify’s most popular countdown timer app.

AliShark features a curated database of winning dropshipping products that is updated with fresh sales data virtually in real-time. Discover the best-selling items in any market niche with the help of data gathered from other dropshippers and online retailers.

AliShark users also have access to a regularly updated list of trending niches, which makes it easy for beginners to identify previously unexplored but rapidly growing areas of interest.


When you sign up for AliShark, you get unlimited access to everything the platform has to offer, including products, features, data, links to competitors and suppliers, and more, for just $20 per month. Currently, AliShark offers a 2-day trial for only $1. Therefore, you can test the platform and all of it’s features without a significant upfront investment.


Successful dropshipping products currently available online
All available sales and order information for a product
You can narrow down the search results by various factors such as:
Includes resources from leading vendors and competitors.
For just $1, you can try out all of the features for two full days.


If you run your online store on WooCommerce and WordPress, DropshipMe is the best alternative to Niche Scraper for finding and importing profitable dropshipping products.

Just by installing the free plugin, you’ll have access to the database of more than 50,000 hand-picked AliExpress dropshipping products. You can easily import up to 50 products into your WooCommerce store with the free version.

Adding more products to your store is as low as $29 per month (one-time). Quality product images and testimonials from past buyers can also be imported.


DropshipMe is a plugin for WordPress that can be easily downloaded and installed at no cost. You can import 50 products and search through the database of 50,000 award-winners without paying a dime. Importing up to 100 products costs as little as $29 once with the premium plan.


One of the most downloaded WooCommerce add-ons, this dropshipping tool has a database of winning products that was hand-picked.
Free importing of the top 50 selling items on AliExpress, with premium plans available for importing more starting at $29

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following FAQ addresses all of your concerns about searching for and utilizing alternate software to Niche Scraper. Please get in touch with the relevant service provider for assistance with any of the tools detailed in this manual.

What is the best Niche Scraper alternative?

FindNiche is the best Niche Scraper alternative as it provides access to the same tools and features for a lower price. FindNiche also has a number of additional features including an innovative Ad Spy tool and database of top-selling Shopify products.

However, all of the tools listed in this guide are viable alternatives to Niche Scraper. For example, Ecomhunt is one of the most popular curated databases of winning dropshipping products with a price of only $20/month.

What is the best free Niche Scraper alternative?

Those looking for a free option similar to Niche Scraper should check out the AliExpress Dropshipping Center. You can easily browse through comprehensive product data like total sales, reviews, and top suppliers with the AliExpress Dropship Center.

However, a premium tool is recommended if you need access to advanced data like links to multiple suppliers, competitors, and effective social ad campaigns, as well as ad copy, promotional videos, and high-quality product descriptions.

Don’t forget that many of the resources included in this guide offer free trials or full-featured free versions. If you want to see what products have won awards, you can use Product Mafia’s database for free. Also, you can import up to 50 products into WooCommerce with DropshipMe at no cost.

How do I find more Niche Scraper alternatives?

If you’re looking for an alternative to Niche Scraper, our guide to the top dropshipping product research tools has you covered. In addition to this dropshipping research tool review, you can peruse our other ecommerce guides and resources for more information.

If you’d like, you can also do a search for “Niche Scraper alternatives” on Google. The best dropshipping research tools and in-depth video guides to finding profitable products to dropship online can both be found on YouTube.

Do I need a dropshipping research tool?

When it comes to finding winning dropshipping products to sell online, using a research tool is the quickest way to discover popular items that are already producing great sales and results for other dropshippers or ecommerce stores.

While using a research tool is not mandatory, it’s highly recommended if you want to save a huge amount of time and effort. You can quickly populate your online store with fast-selling and trending products with proven sales and high profit margins.

Final Word

While Niche Scraper is a fantastic resource for discovering profitable dropshipping products, it is by no means your only choice. If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to Niche Scraper, try one of the programs recommended in this guide.

Remember that the difference between a few sales and a ton of sales is the winning dropshipping products you find. For this reason, it’s crucial to pick a dropshipping research tool that fits your needs without breaking the bank.

With any luck, this guide has provided you with some useful alternatives to Niche Scraper and pointed you in the right direction.