When importing a specific product, sourcing agent firms are invaluable for locating reliable suppliers. Trying to find and hire the best sourcing agent in China can be difficult due to the lack of consistent industry standards.

Hiring a reliable China sourcing agent firm is essential for a smooth and successful import of Chinese goods. Some of them can offer more than just product sourcing; they can also perform quality assurance checks, manage production, and so on.

This article provides a list of the top China sourcing agent firms to assist you in making a decision. Keep on reading to find out more information.

List of Best China Sourcing Agents


NicheDropshipping is a Chinese business that was an early adopter of the dropshipping and sourcing agent model. Small and medium-sized businesses, like those who use Shopify, can rely on them to source a wide variety of products from China.

The services offered by this China-based sourcing agent go far beyond mere product sourcing, and include things like inventory storage, branding package creation, private labeling, and order fulfillment.

Their sourcing agents are highly skilled professionals who can put you in touch with the best Chinese manufacturers so you can dropship high-quality goods at competitive prices.

Tell them what you need, and they’ll provide a no-obligation quote for the products in question within two business days.

Ruizhi Sourcing

Shenzhen, China and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam are home to Ruizhi Sourcing, a China sourcing agent. Services like product engineering and sourcing are where their expertise lies. They have been in the business of sourcing for more than 17 years and work with manufacturers and wholesalers all over the world. It’s important to note that most online retail startups boast positively about their customer service. Their assistance was critical to the success of their business expansion.

In addition, Ruizhi Sourcing provides dropshipping services, including advice on what to sell and how to sell it, a photography studio, help with minimum order quantities, a packaging solution, storage space, and more.

In addition, Ruizhi Sourcing is a factory-direct sourcing agent whose employees are experts in their field. Built on a solid foundation of manufacturing expertise, they have access to a wide variety of reliable suppliers for everything from basic supplies to complex electronics. Ruizhi Sourcing’s extensive supply chains can accommodate any product requirements you may have.

Imex Sourcing

Imex Sourcing is represented by a Guangzhou, China office. The parent firm is called Imex Liaisons. Through their own branded online portals, Imex customers can gain access to goods produced in the market and factories. You can easily manage the Sourcing orders and keep track of the entire process with this.

On top of that, you get preferential treatment from the company’s devoted agents in terms of pricing and service. Agents from Imex Sourcing will conduct factory inspections, negotiate and agree upon terms and conditions, ensure that products are of the highest quality, and arrange for their shipment and delivery.

Foshan Sourcing

This firm’s address is Foshan, as might be guessed from the name. They’ve been in the business of product sourcing for over ten years, and they’re experts in all things related to furniture, tiles, materials, ceramics, doors, and windows.

All the way from product sourcing and warehousing to quality control and shipping, Foshan has you covered. It usually takes our Foshan China sourcing agent around 48 hours to get clients their quotations. Because of their bulkiness, most of the products sourced require shipping for delivery. This is a great option for large orders, distributors, and SMBs.

Import Dojo

It was import dojo that Manuel Becvar founded. Its main office is in Kwai Chung. The likes of Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, Metro, and many more have all relied on this firm to source products from all over the world. This firm’s product sourcing solutions have been helpful to businesses all over North America and Europe.

As of now, it has links to over 2500 manufacturers across many sectors. Thanks to this, customers can get their hands on anything they might need. In addition, import dojo provides a number of different bundle options at various price points.

Services like negotiations, product development, quality assurance, and feasibility analyses are also available at import academies. If you are a new Amazon seller looking for products sourced from China, it is one of the best agents to contact.


When it comes to importing goods from China, China2West is a reputable and established business. This organization maintains extensive records detailing its sourcing channels in China and the products they supply. The staff here is well-versed in introducing customers to a wide variety of products available on the market.

China2West offers a wide range of services, including product design, development, quality assurance and on-site checks, laboratory testing, logistics network management, certification, sourcing, customer support, factory administration, tooling, and project management. This organization serves Western firms looking to import from China.

Jing Sourcing

Jing sourcing agent is headquartered at Yiwu in China. Forty people are employed by this firm to assist customers in locating suppliers.

Their mission is to aid local enterprises by helping them locate the supplies they need at prices that are affordable.

If you’re worried about the safety of the products you’re importing, Jing sourcing has great solutions to help you out. Their sourcing service is free, while the other services are charged at 5 to 10% commission.

Agents in Jing’s sourcing department handle price haggling and immediate quality fixes.

Meeno group

Meeno is a Chinese company with headquarters in Yiwu. This sourcing agent provides the complete product sourcing services, right from the beginning to the end. The entire sourcing process is completely open to the customers, so they can make educated choices.


LeelineSourcing is a sourcing agency with a decade of experience in China. As requested, the agent searches for a reliable supplier for the business. When a client selects a provider, only then does the company collect a fee for the service.

Besides this, LeelineSourcing also provides services like price bargaining, quality inspection, free warehousing, export document arrangement, shipping arrangement, etc. for Amazon FBA clients.

For online retailers like those operating on platforms like eBay, Shopify, and Amazon, LeelineSourcing is a fantastic tool.

Sourcing Bro

They have a sourcing agent in Shenzhen, China. It has long played an indispensable role in international trade. It’s possible for customers from all over the world to get their hands on a huge selection of goods.

With their years of experience, Sourcing Bro helps clients locate and acquire quality goods from China’s premier wholesale markets.

In addition to sourcing and inspecting products, Sourcing Bro also offers storage, commerce, and shipping services.

Sourcing Companies of all sizes, especially those involved in product development, can benefit from Bro Company’s services.

Dragon Sourcing

Dragon Sourcing can source any product from anywhere in the world thanks to its extensive network of suppliers and distributors. This Hong Kong– and Shanghai–based China sourcing agent first opened its doors in 2004.

Offices have been established in a number of other countries, including Kenya, the United Kingdom, the United States, Austria, South Africa, Vietnam, Kenya, and Italy.

Over the course of several years, it has assisted clients all over the world in sourcing goods from China, and its services have made an indelible mark.

Product and procurement source, sample development, supply verification, negotiation, quality checks, logistics, order administration, etc. are just some of the supplementary services that Dragon Sourcing offers.


In order to find the best suppliers at the lowest prices, Laz Panda has made it their mission. They contribute to lowering the overall risk associated with it. Shenzhen, China is home to this firm’s international headquarters. This business was founded by a man who knows all about the ins and outs of the electronic market.

B2C Sourcing

If you are looking for an agent to help you find suppliers in Ningbo and the surrounding area, B2C Sourcing is your best bet. Professionalism and expertise in product development and Sourcing are hallmarks of the team.

They have worked with notable companies like Philips Lumec, Disney, Amazon, and eBay. In order to help small businesses and entrepreneurs, B2c Sourcing focuses on platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Entrepreneur.


The main office of Riwick Sourcing agent is located in Longjiang town, Foshan city. They specialize in importing Chinese furniture for residential, commercial, and industrial use. It is also well-known for its ceramics, hygienic goods, home furnishings, and decorative accessories.

If you provide them with product details such as desired features, aesthetic, and preferences, they will scour China’s vast furniture markets to locate the items you need.

Consumers can visit warehouse clubs, massive showrooms, and even the actual manufacturers with Riwick. This way, you can get multiple quotes from different vendors and choose the one that best suits your needs.

In addition, Riwick provides a variety of other services, such as pick-up, quality checks, billing, labeling, translations, etc.

Guided imports

When it comes to sourcing agents, Guided Imports is among the best in the business. It offers complete solutions and services for international trade. Guided imports handle every step of the process, from conceptualization to manufacturing to importing for online sales.

Customers can browse the store’s selection and handle all order fulfillment and inventory tracking on their own. You can save time and money by effectively combining planning, financing, and buying in this way.

This firm fills the void by offering supplementary services that allow clients to reap the benefits of outsourcing production to foreign countries.

Guided Imports offers a wide range of services, including product sourcing and development, custom brokering, international banking services, product purchasing agent services, product quality management and delivery, sample consolidation, and validation.

Product photography and FBA prep are also available. If you want to start an online store, guided imports is the best sourcing agent to work with. When it comes to sourcing products, they offer a one-stop shop for all your needs.


Supplyia’s main goal is to make it easier for small businesses to connect with Chinese suppliers and import goods.

These services are offered at a fair price, and since Supplyia’s founding in 2013, the company has amassed the experience and knowledge necessary to manage any and all risks associated with imports.

This business goes above and beyond to ensure its clients have a pleasant and worry-free experience when importing goods from China. This frees up time, resources, and mental capacity for businesses and customers to devote to other, more fundamental aspects of growth and expansion.


NicheSources, with headquarters in China’s Yiwu, is an organization that handles supply chain management and focuses on sourcing products.

Free sourcing, private labeling, sample confirmation, quality inspection report, photography, custom packaging, and arranging shipment to Amazon FBA or third-party warehouses are just a few of the services offered by NicheSources to e-commerce business owners and small importers.

NicheSources can be your best partner and sourcing agent in China if you need help simplifying the process of sourcing and shipping from China while still ensuring on-time delivery.

You can rely on NicheSources to provide high-quality products at a reasonable price thanks to the extensive resources it has at its disposal across many different markets. Start by contacting them with your needs and they will get back to you with their best price as soon as possible.


When it comes to dropshipping, CJDropshipping is one of China’s most dependable sourcing and fulfillment partners. The slogan “You sell – We source and ship for you!” is one that they truly live up to.

The simplicity and usefulness of their platform stand on their own. They offer a browser add-on that facilitates cross-platform product sourcing. The following extras are included for your convenience:

Imitation of importation of product reviews
Synchronization of your orders automatically
Keeping tabs on stock
Invoicing done automatically, and that’s not all.
Users benefit from CJDropshipping’s fast shipping options because the company owns warehouses all over the world.

They provide a wide variety of shipping methods, including the CJPacket, which was created by CJDropshipping.

In addition to that.

You can take advantage of many of CJDropshipping’s Pro features, such as:

Successfully Recommending Products
Photography and filmmaking
Workshops on Dropshipping
Help for customers all the time, etc.

FAQs about Sourcing Agent

What Is a Sourcing Agent?

Agents who specialize in sourcing help individuals, businesses, and organizations locate reliable suppliers who offer competitive prices. The goods are purchased in bulk quantities and then sold to the general public.

With this method, businesses can save money on production. A reliable sourcing agent will have built up an extensive network of industry contacts over the years.

Companies that act as sourcing agents have a keen eye for business and a talent for coordinating efforts that benefit both the business and its clients.

Companies that act as China sourcing agents guarantee that their clients receive competitive pricing on all orders.

Because of their established relationships with product suppliers and manufacturers, they can secure exclusive price cuts for you.

A company’s investment in a sourcing agent typically pays for itself and then some.

Why You Need a Sourcing Agent in China?

Agents who specialize in sourcing from China are invaluable resources for small businesses, large corporations, solo entrepreneurs, and large distributors.

Since foreign buyers and sellers are often unfamiliar with the Chinese market and the procedures necessary to acquire specific products, this is a necessary condition.

Here is where the help of Chinese sourcing agents comes in handy, as they will manage every step of the process of Sourcing from China.

What Types of Products Can You Source from China with the assistance of A Sourcing Agent?

China is a reliable source for many widely used goods. The term “household goods” encompasses a wide variety of products such as furniture, toys, hardware, home products, decor, garden items, tools, kitchen items, jewelry, clothing, etc.

By visiting their websites and speaking with support, you can learn which aspects of China sourcing these firms specialize in.

What Are the Services that A Chinese Sourcing Agent Is Capable of Delivering?

Access to Product Manufacturers

Contacting a real manufacturer in China can feel like an uphill battle due to the sheer size of the country. Finding the products you need for your business if you are not a Chinese national can be challenging.

An experienced Chinese sourcing agent can connect you with reliable manufacturers and suppliers in any of China’s major cities.

Product Production and Management

In China, sourcing agents are well-versed in managing the manufacturing process. You can trust that they will manage and direct production in an effective manner.

The Goods can be inspected for quality and the manufacturing process can be inspected by Chinese agents at the factory where they are made.

The outcomes will be smooth because these agents are fluent in the local language and can communicate with the Chinese product production company and manufacturers.

Quality Checks

Buying from China can save you money, but only if you focus on quality. Companies acting as Chinese sourcing agents can conduct in-factory quality inspections and ongoing quality checks on products all the way through to delivery to the end customer.

They are in charge of handling any issues that may arise with the product, and they inspect each item thoroughly.

Shipment of Products

The Chinese sourcing agent will update you on the status of your order’s shipment once it is ready to go. Furthermore, they will utilize their extensive network to find a reliable freight forwarder who will guarantee the product’s safe delivery to the end users.

Having a Chinese sourcing agent company deliver your goods to your customers means you can choose when and how your goods are sent via sea, air, or rail.

How to Find the Right Chinese Sourcing Agent?

Sourcing products from China can be a nightmare and a waste of money if you don’t work with the right Chinese sourcing agent. Some things to keep in mind while searching for a reliable Chinese sourcing agent are as follows:

Check Details of the Agent

Every single Chinese sourcing agency and manufacturer has their own online presence. That’s a must-have for any successful online store or company. Look around the broker’s website, including the services offered, the layout, and the business itself.

Get familiar with the site’s content by reading it in its entirety. Expertise can be seen in the high quality of their images, blogs, articles, and designs.

Communicate with the Agent

Reach out via their website and start a live video chat with an agent. This will help you get to know them better, giving you peace of mind that they can handle the sourcing of the products you need.

Top China Purchasing Broker Agencies

Begin with Small Orders

The first step in vetting a potential Chinese sourcing agent is to place a few test orders with them to gauge their ability to deliver on time and maintain quality standards. Seek assurance of competence, commitment to the order, and timely product updates.


With this comprehensive list of the top China sourcing agent companies at your disposal, locating and importing products from China will be a breeze. Gaining access to wholesale markets can help you reduce production costs and open new avenues for business growth.