It takes time to build an e-commerce platform that works well. But there are a lot of online tools that can help move things along.

You can find the best hosting site, payment method, and customer service system on the Internet. These Shopify themes are successful and will speed up your business.

Top Best Performing Shopify Templates
Top Best Performing Shopify Templates

Even better, all of this and more is available on Shopify. Shopify is quickly becoming the best place to set up an e-commerce site all in one place.

But as competition grows, it’s more important than ever to choose the right theme for your site. Here are the top 10 Shopify themes you should think about.


With 13 different styles to choose from, MyShop opens up a whole world of design possibilities. Shop owners can bring their site to life with elements that are either bold and trendy or simple and elegant.

With the extensions that MyShop offers, they can also keep track of their success. Connect to Instagram and post your favourite seasonal OOTD or try your hand at Google-rich formatting.


YourStore has 22 ready-made layouts, which is almost twice as many as MyShop. You can change things as you go, or you can choose a layout you love.

Headers, footers, and checkout options are all elements that can be changed. Not sure where to begin? This Shopify theme, like many others, comes with online tutorials and long-term customer support.


Are the things you sell online geared towards women and fancy things? If so, see how you like iOne. This theme is all about sophistication and ease.

It comes with 12 pastel design solutions that can do more than just look good. Here, the interface options let you add alternative images, product zoom, and even a menu that isn’t on the screen.


Jasper is the place to go if you need more add-ons to keep your customers interested. Jasper makes a normal product page feel like you’re shopping in a shop. This is mostly because of all the widgets, which make it clear what the product can do.

With this theme, your customers can quickly see what products you have and easily scroll through the different options. Make the experience even more interactive by adding scrolling reveals. Leaving the country? Include a currency converter so that everyone, no matter where they live, can know exactly how much they will have to pay.


Some people know exactly what they want and don’t want to waste time looking through all of your products. If this sounds like your ideal customer, Material is a great Shopify theme to add to your list.

The main thing that will make many customers happy is the mega-menu. This is the filter that turns a broad search into a specific need. Users can search for products by colour, size, price, and a lot more.

They might only want to look for shoes in their size or the perfect pair of black jeans for fall. For people who like to spend more time on your e-commerce site,

Material lets you add video. Videos are a great way to get people to remember your brand and keep them on your site longer. They keep people interested and let you show something about your brand that might not be obvious at first.


If you’re just starting out, it might be hard to imagine what your e-Commerce site will look like in two years. You might only have one line of accessories at the moment.

Or, you might have a plan for all kinds of home decor, but you still need artists to help you make it happen. Kagami can be used right now and in the future, which is good news. It lets you build your site over time, so you don’t have to set up each page at once. Just add more extensions to the sidebar as your product line grows.

The extensions that Kagami offers can also help you succeed outside of your domain. It was made to work well on mobile devices, which is a big boost to your SEO. Don’t forget that people are also trying to find you on social media. Thanks to built-in support, you can keep track of everything in one place.


Canopy is one of the Shopify themes that can be changed the most. What it lacks in presets, it makes up for with freedom in design and fun ways to be creative. This theme really lets you make your e-commerce site into whatever you want, right down to the rows on the homepage. You can add your own touch to every row, and the whole theme works for any size inventory.


A domain for online shopping that uses Shopify’s District theme has many ways to reach people. Both the email marketing extensions and the Instagram integration can be used by business owners.

Mobile responsiveness ties the whole design process together so that you can reach users everywhere. District’s design is a good mix of the best things that Shopify themes have to offer. It is bold and interesting, but not too crowded.

The combination of simple classics and fun photography makes design something that everyone can enjoy.


Mosaic is a set package that both the owner of an online store and a freelance writer will like. Many different industries can use the different settings. Still, they can be changed enough so that no two sites look the same.

The gallery layouts are the most interesting part of all the features. Businesses can show off their best collections or the products that sell the most in one place. Set up interesting photos or use a slideshow, but don’t miss out on this useful visual tool.


Startup is made for businesses that are just getting started, as the name suggests. But it has enough variety to keep as you get older. First of all, this is where your first line of products can be shown on just one page.

How straightforward can you get?

As your services change, so can Startup’s set up. It’s made for SEO optimisation, Instagram live feed services, and slideshows that you can change as time goes on.

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Choose from Shopify Themes.

Having the right theme for your e-commerce site can make the difference between attracting customers and losing them to your competitors. With the help of Shopify themes, you can reach out to more people. One of these options, which were all made by professionals, will take your design to the next level. Check out these apps that can help you make even more money with Shopify.