Finding successful dropshipping items to sell online can be difficult because there are so many products and so many suppliers to choose from.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a ton of time or energy doing manual research to find the best-selling dropshipping products.

A dropshipping product research tool is the answer. In this article, you’ll find a compilation of the 18 most useful dropshipping research tools.

FindNiche (Free Access)

FindNiche is a top-tier dropshipping product research tool, trusted by over 150,000 users.

FindNiche’s powerful features include a database of over 20 million best-selling AliExpress dropshipping products, a curated list of 20 handpicked winning products, and a huge network of successful Shopify products.

In fact, FindNiche provides all the tools necessary to quickly find and add in-demand dropshipping products to your online shop. It’s not just a search engine; it’s an arsenal of methods for accelerating your dropshipping business.

More than 20 million of AliExpress’s top-selling products are stored in this database.
List of 20 winning dropshipping products, hand-picked and updated daily.
More than ten million in-demand products in the Shopify marketplace
Products can be sorted by sales volume, average rating, and shipping zone.
Complete metrics for success, including revenue, customer feedback, and product rankings
Provides access to the best AliExpress vendors and the most effective social media advertising campaigns
Access is free, but premium options that provide access to more content and data require a subscription fee.

Ecomhunt (Free Version)

Ecomhunt is a robust dropshipping product database carefully curated by ecommerce and market research professionals.

The free version provides access to the hand-picked list of top sellers, as well as comprehensive analytics on sales, user engagement, product positioning, and potential earnings.

To be clear, free members have daily access restrictions on data for up to two products, and this data is locked until paid upgrades are made. There is also a three-day lag before you can see recently added items.

Access to all products, as well as access to advanced data like suggested ad copy, live Facebook ads, and links to competitors, is included in the premium version. This facilitates the speedy identification of potentially lucrative product lines across all e-commerce channels and the inspection of relevant rivals.

Ecomhunt is unlike any other shopping platform because it is constantly being updated with new products, allowing its premium users to discover new trends in consumer demand before anyone else. Furthermore, it comes with a slew of extras like a Chrome browser add-on.

Daily updates to a curated database of top-selling drop shipping items.
Extensive data on results, including sales volume and customer feedback.
Pricing advice including projected expenses and gains
Analysis of user interaction on social media beyond just “likes” and “comments”
Provider information and active listings from online auction houses and retail giants like eBay and Amazon
Targeting advice and proven Facebook ad copy
A free plan with a paid, no-limits upgrade option is available.

AliInsider (Free Plan)

AliInsider, launched in 2019, is one of the first and most sophisticated product research tools for locating successful dropshipping products on AliExpress.

All of the useful features of this innovative Chrome extension, such as viewing sales volume, estimated revenue, and selling price history, as well as a list of competitors and potential suppliers, are available in the free version.

In addition to the basic features, the premium version adds a curated database of over 30,000 best-selling items, a niche analyzer, and a tool for spotting emerging trends. You can quickly narrow down the list of best-sellers by selecting criteria like sales volume, annual growth rate, and top exporting nations.

It’s cutting-edge and simple to operate. The AliExpress Chrome Add-on
Including daily sales and revenue figures, in-depth product analytics
Effortless access to a potent research assistant program that can help you locate profitable products in a hurry
Count on this dependable sales tracker to look back at numbers, averages, and percentages.
We have a complete list of the 30,000 most popular AliExpress items.
Here is a list of reliable drop shipping vendors, along with their respective shipping rates.
Access to a paid premium version with additional capabilities is available at no cost to the user.

Niche Scraper (Free Access)

Niche Scraper is a powerful dropshipping and AliExpress product research solution built by former Facebook and Instagram employees.

Niche Scraper is one of the most innovative AliExpress product research tools available, boasting not only a robust niche scraper but also a competition analyzer, video ad generator, and a curated database of winning dropship products.

Features such as in-depth analyses of product sales, suggested retail prices, and persuasive Facebook ad copy are also included. Whether you’re selling on eBay, Amazon, Shopify, or WooCommerce, this tool will help you find products to sell.

When it comes to cost, Niche Scraper offers a free membership that grants access to a subset of the service’s features. Full access to all features, as well as private data like links to suppliers and competitors, requires a professional membership.

Expertly crafted software for scraping product data from AliExpress and Shopify
Access to a curated list of over 1.5 million high-quality dropshipping products
Comprehensive sales and profit figures, among other advanced performance metrics
Find the best leads by selecting the appropriate parameters, such as sales volume, shipping address, and engagement score.
Price, estimated profit, and ad copy are all included.
Simple one-click product upload to Shopify with images and descriptions included.
Rapidly produce high-quality Facebook video ads

Dropship Spy ($20/month)

With its extensive range of cutting-edge features, including expert product descriptions, links to top suppliers, performance statistics, and direct integration with Shopify, Dropship Spy is an affordable database of successful dropshipping products.

More than 2500 products from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are catalogued in the database. In other words, these are dropshipping products that have generated a lot of interest online thanks to their thousands of likes, comments, shares, and views.

In addition to a database of successful products, Dropship Spy provides a number of other business-building resources, such as revolutionary store spy software for analyzing profitable dropshipping stores and a directory of social media influencers for use in advertising campaigns.

We highly recommend using Dropship Spy if you’re interested in learning more about dropshipping. All products and features are available to you for $39 per month. You don’t have to sign up for Dropship Spy to take a look at some sample products and data that they have posted on their site.

An exclusive catalog of top-selling dropshipping items across all industries
Easily import products with a single click thanks to Shopify’s seamless integration.
Comprehensive reports on the product’s performance, including sales and projected profits
New database and spy app to monitor social media influencers
Insights into the best dropshipping vendors on AliExpress
A library of pre-cut videos promoting products, complete with tried and true Facebook ad copy
Quickly incorporate the star ratings and reviews already present on AliExpress.

Thieve (Free Version)

Thieve is a free resource that compiles the recommendations of a worldwide community of artists, including bloggers, photographers, and social media influencers, on more than a thousand of the most sought-after items available on AliExpress.

Thieve makes it easy to find the best-selling items on AliExpress across all categories, including electronics, apparel, kids’ toys, stationery, and pet supplies. The tool also offers AliExpress product links, allowing you to begin selling products without delay.

Thieve is an excellent resource for new dropshippers seeking novel product ideas and niche markets because it is free to access the list of tending products. You can also pay extra to unlock hidden features and gain access to premium content.

Free and robust platform with an available paid upgrade.
Professionals have culled a massive database of successful products for sale.
You can narrow down your search by popular items, lowest price, and speediest delivery in the US.
Find the top products in any market niche or broad market with ease.
Excellent no-cost resource for coming up with fresh and innovative product concepts
Innovative product discovery app that works like Tinder.
Clear, well-designed, and straightforward to use; a great example of modern web design.

AliShark ($20/month)

To help you find winning AliExpress products and profitable dropshipping niche ideas, AliShark was built as a powerful research tool.

AliShark is a one-stop shop for market research, boasting a database of over 2 million carefully selected dropshipping products and nearly real-time analytics like total daily sales, overall sales, and wishlist activity.

Links to the products on AliExpress and a comparison to similar offerings on Shopify and Amazon are also included in the tool’s features.

AliShark’s cutting-edge UI and one-of-a-kind browsing features make it easy to locate profitable dropshipping products in a short amount of time. The products database allows you to narrow your search by a variety of criteria, such as category, sales, top countries, price, date, and more.

There are over two million carefully curated AliExpress dropshipping products available here.
In-depth data on results, such as daily sales and orders.
Hourly updates ensure accurate, nearly real-time stock information
Convenient options for sorting outcomes by requests, cost, and popularity votes
You can perform a keyword search or a top-level category perusal.
Connect to Shopify and automatically upload your products.
Trial membership (full access) for only $1 for 2 days.

SaleSource ($49/month)

SaleSource is an all-in-one dropshipping research software and winning products finder tool powered by cutting-edge machine learning technology and AI algorithms. The platform offers a wide variety of useful features, many of which are not available anywhere else.

SaleSource has everything you need to quickly find profitable dropshipping products in any niche or category, including a curated database of more than 150,000 best-selling dropshipping products and an innovative Shopify store analyzer.

SaleSource also has a sleek and lightweight Chrome extension that provides instantaneous analysis of AliExpress products, saving you valuable time.

A comprehensive dropshipping product finder and research instrument
Machine learning technology ensures accurate data and outcomes.
A massive catalog of more than 150,000 top-selling dropshipping products
Best AliExpress vendors with cheap prices, ranked.
Strong Chrome add-on for instantaneous AliExpress product evaluation
Total sales, revenue, and projected profits are just some of the metrics that can be gleaned from the available data.
Access to all features and tools during the trial period (7 days at no cost).

Dropshipping Center (Free)

AliExpress’ Dropshipping Center is a free resource that aims to assist sellers in locating in-demand items on their site.

Detailed product analytics, such as daily sales and order history over the last 14 days, are included at no cost to users, along with a database of top-selling AliExpress items.

Knowing that the product data is accurate and reliable because it is based on actual sales and buyer activity on the AliExpress platform is a major perk of using the AliExpress Dropshipping Center. This information has been gathered from reliable insiders.

Available at no cost, with no hidden fees or usage caps.
Locate the top-selling dropshipping items from AliExpress in a flash.
Sales and order data for individual products, updated in real time
Statistics and graphs detailing sales activity over the past 14 days.
Information compiled from hundreds of successful dropshipping businesses on AliExpress
Sales figures from actual AliExpress transactions, a trusted and reliable data source

Aliextractor ($29/month)

When you need a trustworthy and widely used AliExpress dropshipping research solution, look no further than Aliextractor. This Chrome extension allows you to instantly analyze sales, profits, and performance data for any AliExpress product.

Aliextractor allows you to quickly review the most important data from dozens of items with a single click, including cost price, selling price, estimated profit margins, monthly sales and revenue, total reviews, average ratings, and shipping costs.

You have access to all of the resources necessary to discover the next bestseller. You can use the Aliextractor extension by searching for a product on AliExpress and then clicking its icon. That’s how easy it is.

Because of an exclusive partnership between Aliextractor and AliExpress, you can increase your profit margins simply by making purchases through Aliextractor and receiving cashback on nearly all of them.

Chrome add-on for analyzing AliExpress products that is both robust and quick
Filter products based on their star rating, review count, and ePacket availability to increase sales and profits.
Features an algorithmic “hot product finder” and “niche idea generator”
Feedback and ratings for AliExpress products can be downloaded and imported.
Get complete product information and search results exported to a CSV or XLS file in a jiffy.
Enjoy special rebates on nearly all your purchases from AliExpress.

Best AliExpress Dropship Research Tool 1
 Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools

DropshipMe (Free Imports)

An innovative WordPress plugin, DropshipMe, features a database of over 50,000 top-selling AliExpress products, all of which have been hand-picked by top ecommerce experts and dropshipping pros.

After activating the plugin, you can pick from a wide variety of award-winning products and easily add them to your WooCommerce store. DropshipMe also has high-quality images, optimized product descriptions, and professional-sounding titles.

Use DropshipMe and you’ll be glad you did. Not only can you import reviews from AliExpress without having to edit the titles or descriptions, but you can also keep the originals.

The premium membership starts at just $29 one-time and gives you access to the full product database and the ability to import up to 50 items. Additional products can be imported into your WordPress or WooCommerce store with the higher plans.

Over 50,000 proven AliExpress dropshipping products in one convenient database
Clear, grammatically correct titles and descriptions of products alongside high-quality photographs
Simple product import and push to WooCommerce.
Inherent markup of prices to maximize revenue and profits
Conversion rates can be improved by uploading existing AliExpress product reviews.
Shop smarter by narrowing your results by category, price, and more.
In the free, unlimited version, you can import up to 50 items.

HotProducts ($97/lifetime)

HotProducts is the best dropshipping research tool and product finder software available, with a database of over 5,000 winning items that can be used by online retailers to find profitable products in any category or niche.

When you sign up for HotProducts, you’ll have instantaneous access to a vast catalog of vetted dropshipping products, complete with trustworthy performance analytics like sales volume, social engagement, and competition statistics, greatly streamlining your product research process.

Other features include a cutting-edge product video creator and tried-and-true Facebook ad copy and campaign targeting suggestions.

HotProducts is a dropshipping research tool that, unlike its competitors, offers a lifetime membership for a relatively small one-time payment. There are no monthly charges included in this choice.

Access to a massive catalog of more than 5,000 best-selling dropship products
Accurate data on product demand, sales, and profits
Including the newest and most popular products in their category, this list is refreshed daily.
Simply click a button to have your product data (including descriptions) sent to Shopify.
Easily create engaging Facebook video ads in minutes
Gain access to a database containing information on over a thousand of the best dropshipping vendors
One can join for life for only $97, and there’s a money-back guarantee.

Pexda ($14.95/month)

With thousands of users across the globe and an impressive array of unique features, Pexda has quickly established itself as one of the most popular and successful product research tools available.

Pexda gives users everything they need to not only find hot-selling products, but also market and advertise them successfully, including a database of winning products that is updated daily, proven Facebook ad copy, and a list of targeting suggestions.

Links to similar listings, expertly written product descriptions, high-quality images, and data on the product’s popularity on social media are all extras.

There are no up-front costs to look through the catalog of goods. This will help you ascertain whether or not Pexda is the best research solution for your company.

Dropshipping products that have proven to be successful in any market, regularly updated
Analytics that can be relied upon, such as product sales volume, interest, and engagement Profitability data including suggested retail price, manufacturing costs, and potential returns
Effective Facebook ad copy, complete with suggested demographics
Provided product listings on eBay, Amazon, and Shopify
Comprehensive, well-written product descriptions accompanied by high-quality photographs
Starting at just $14.95, with a $1.95 (14-day) trial

ZIK Analytics ($29/month)

ZIK Analytics was established in 2016 as a specialist product research tool for locating hot-selling items on online marketplaces like eBay and AliExpress. Forbes Magazine, among other major publications, has recently profiled the rapidly expanding business.

ZIK Analytics is great for eBay bulk importers and dropshippers because it allows them to quickly analyze multiple listings to find popular products and niche market trends based on sell-through rates, total orders, and total revenue.

In addition to the aforementioned features, ZIK Analytics also includes an innovative eBay title builder, a growing database of top wholesale suppliers, and a sales funnel creator.

Use online marketplaces like eBay and AliExpress to discover in-demand dropship products.
You can narrow your search by selecting a specific region, price, feedback rating, and sales date range from the seller’s profile.
Specifics on the percentage of inventory sold, the number of listings that were accepted, and the amount of money made
Popular and high-selling items on eBay, updated weekly.
Expanding directory of reliable wholesale and dropship vendors
Title generator tool and online course for creating effective eBay listings
Beginning at $29/month with a yearly discount available

Intelligynce ($99/lifetime)

Considered by many to be among the best Shopify product research tools available, Intelligynce boasts a plethora of cutting-edge features like a database of over 2.5 million profitable Shopify products and a curated list of over 500K successful Shopify stores.

Simply search or filter the vast network of products, and then examine key performance data like daily sales, visitors, and social media engagement.

Intelligynce makes it easy to find the best-selling dropshipping products thanks to its user-friendly interface and straightforward dashboard.

When it comes to dropshipping research tools, Intelligynce is one of the few that offers a lifetime membership for a single payment. If you don’t want to pay a fee on a regular basis, you’ll have full access to the tool.

Over 2.5 million successful Shopify products in one database
More than 500,000 highly trafficked and profitable Shopify stores, hand-picked
Determine what’s popular and sell it on your own website or online market.
Apply filters to your search results by selecting different criteria, such as:
Full sales and revenue analytics, plus other advanced product metrics
Complete statistics on the number of likes, shares, and followers you have on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter
Retail Auditing Software for Analyzing Hot New Items

Sell The Trend ($39.97/month)

More than 8 cutting-edge tools, such as a research machine, dropship product explorer, store explorer, engagement calculator, and video ads creator, make Sell The Trend a popular AI-powered dropshipping research and product discovery software.

Sell Many in the dropshipping industry praise The Trend as one of the most useful and feature-packed research tools available. Users can easily scope out winning niches and opportunities, as well as find profitable products, with this tool.

With the direct integration with Shopify, you can easily push any of the products to your online store and start taking orders from customers right away.

Recently, Sell The Trend introduced a full Shopify dropshipping automation service to simplify stock and order processing. In addition to providing services for creating Shopify stores, the company also sells a wide range of Shopify-related products.

Dropshipping Software Research Powerhouse Featuring 9 Unique Tools
Dropshipping products from AliExpress that have proven to be profitable are collected and updated daily.
Use this potent dropship sleuth tool to find out more about popular shops.
Over a thousand of the hottest items from Amazon and AliExpress
The Shopify platform makes it simple to upload new items to an existing store.
Instantaneous video ad maker for professional results
Learn the ins and outs of the dropshipping business for free!

Peeksta ($19.99/month)

Peeksta is cutting-edge, enterprise-level software for researching dropshipping products. It has many useful features, such as a database of popular products that has been carefully curated to include advanced performance analytics and sales data.

Peeksta not only maintains a database of successful products, but also has a product spy tool that can be used to locate lucrative advertisements on sites like Facebook and TikTok.

But Peeksta’s most cutting-edge function is undoubtedly the shop sleuth. With this app, you can quickly scour more than a hundred thousand active dropshipping stores for their best-selling items and conduct in-depth analyses of their monthly traffic and daily orders.

Multi-Functional, All-In-One Dropshipping Research Platform
Successful dropshipping products compiled in a searchable database.
Social media ad monitoring software that lets you see which ones are performing best
Top-selling items from over a hundred thousand of Shopify’s most successful stores
Learn about US and UK vendors who offer express delivery.
High-quality thumbnail creator and video ad creator creativity
Cost-effective monthly plans with a free, fully-functional two-day trial

Asify (Free)

Asify, a free Chrome extension, is used by over 4,000 people every day to do in-depth product research on the AliExpress website.

After the add-on has been installed, you can shop on AliExpress by searching for an item or browsing the site’s many categories. Instantly, Asify will provide you with expanded data on each product, such as daily sales totals, top selling countries, and in-depth seller ratings.

Asify also makes it easy to bulk download all of the product images with a single click, saving you time when uploading them to your online shop. In addition to providing you with an estimate of shipping costs and estimated delivery times, Asify will also provide you with a detailed breakdown of the information you need.

A free add-on for Google Chrome that facilitates product research on AliExpress
Delivers real-time data on daily sales and leading countries
Automatically calculates profits and recommends titles and keywords
Find the best deals by comparing prices across multiple vendors.
Shopify’s Image Search Function Allows You to Download Images for All Products on AliExpress
Relied on by 4,000+ regulars per day, including many leading dropshippers

More Research Tools

In most cases, the resources discussed here offer a comprehensive method for discovering, investigating, and settling on desirable dropshipping products. But if you’d rather do your own legwork, there are a number of free resources you can use to find profitable dropshipping niches or identify new products to sell.

Use Google’s free Keyword Planner for extensive keyword research. Enter a keyword, and the tool will return a long list of related suggestions, complete with metrics like average monthly searches.
Unlike Keyword Tool, WordTracker will help you find popular and relevant keywords in no time. WordTracker’s ability to narrow search results by country and search volume is one of its most distinctive features.
Terapeak — a free research tool and insights tracker for eBay shops, available to all subscribers. Created exclusively for eBay vendors, its goal is to help them boost sales and profile ratings through the use of data.
AliQuick is a free and lightweight Chrome add-on that allows you to perform product research directly on the AliExpress website. Provides access to all AliExpress product images with a single click and advanced sales analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you still have concerns or questions, take a look at the FAQ. The most frequently asked questions about utilizing a dropshipping product research tool have been addressed. Additional resources for locating and sourcing products to dropship are available on our blog.

Why use a dropshipping research tool?

The quickest and easiest way to find profitable products to sell on your website or marketplaces is to use a dropshipping research tool. It’s also the best way to keep tabs on the competition and get a leg up on other online stores by discovering hot new niches or undiscovered markets.

Since dropshippers can easily find winning and proven dropshipping products without spending countless hours researching multiple products, suppliers, and competitors, using a dropshipping research tool has been shown to significantly increase sales, profits, and overall success rates within the ecommerce industry.

It’s common knowledge that finding popular items to sell is crucial to the success of any online business, whether it’s selling directly to customers or using a dropshipper. Without any prior knowledge or training in market research or data analysis, dropshipping research tools make this possible in a fraction of the time.

How do dropshipping research tools work?

Dropshipping research tools typically scrape data from the web to provide trustworthy performance analytics, allowing you to quickly analyze products on popular dropshipping platforms like AliExpress or Shopify.

In addition to providing estimates for selling prices, profit margins, and advertising costs, dropshipping research tools typically provide insights into sales volume, social media engagement scores, and the competition.

Sometimes, dropshipping research tools will include a collection of best-selling items that have been selected by experts on the basis of popularity, recent trends, and past sales performance across multiple channels. Most search engines allow you to quickly refine your results by selecting various criteria.

The best dropshipping research tools not only provide users with a database of successful products, but also direct them to the most reliable suppliers and most formidable rivals on marketplaces like eBay and Shopify.

Do I need a dropshipping research tool?

While it’s true that using a dropshipping research tool can save you a lot of time, you can still find successful products through good ol’ fashioned manual research. Many dropshippers, in fact, opt to use tried-and-true free resources and sites in their pursuit of profitable products.

If you want to do your own product research without spending any money, you can use free online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, as well as keyword suggestion tools like Keyword Planner and WordTracker. You can use them to find out how popular a certain product is.

The use of a dropshipping research tool is recommended, however, if you want to save a substantial amount of time and energy. You can rapidly identify best-sellers and shift your focus to driving sales right away. It’s the quickest route to becoming a successful dropshipper.

How much do dropshipping research tools cost?

You can find profitable products to dropship without spending any money on research tools. For instance, FindNiche only provides rudimentary performance data and a small selection of products to peruse.

However, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium or professional membership to gain access to advanced data like sales analytics and sales trends, as well as links to suppliers and competitors on Shopify or eBay.

There is typically a monthly fee associated with using dropshipping research tools. Costs are context-dependent and will change based on the type of program being purchased. Prices for unlimited access to all products and data are typically between $20 and $30 monthly. When paying annually, you may be eligible for significant savings.

Can I spy on competitors with a dropshipping research tool?

You can find your competitors on Shopify, eBay, and Amazon with the help of the dropshipping research tools recommended in this guide. You can also click through to live social media ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more.

You can now monitor your rivals across multiple online marketplaces. You can view sales data, as well as social media metrics like total views, likes, comments, and shares for a product.

Are all dropshipping research tools for AliExpress?

While the majority of dropshipping research tools are geared toward locating successful AliExpress products, they can be used for any online retailer. They are either tailored specifically to product research on AliExpress or provide quick access to the cheapest suppliers there.

Banggood, Sunsky Online, TVC Mall, CJ Dropshipping, and SaleYee are just some of the other top China-based dropshipping suppliers from which you can buy many of the products you find with research tools or on AliExpress.

The United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe also serve as local warehouses for many of these supplies. You can still find the items at low prices, but the shipping times will be much shorter if you do this. For additional information, see our detailed guide to suitable alternatives to AliExpress for dropshipping.

What is the best dropshipping research tool?

Which dropshipping research tool is best for you will depend on your budget and research preferences. To give just one example, FindNiche is widely regarded as the best dropshipping research tool due to its extensive set of tools for discovering profitable niches. This includes both an inventory of goods available on AliExpress and a compilation of the best-selling items offered by Shopify vendors.

One of the best ways to investigate products on AliExpress is with the help of AliInsider. With its Chrome add-on, you can quickly and easily evaluate any product on AliExpress. It’s more adaptable and gives you more power than a simple list of prize winners.

Do your homework on the various options to determine which one will serve your purposes the best. There are a variety of pricing options and tiers of access for the tools discussed in this guide, so be sure to take that into account when making your selections.

What is the best free dropshipping research tool?

The majority of the dropshipping research tools included in this guide can be tried out for free. For instance, while FindNiche’s free tier grants access to a subset of its features, products, and analytics, Ecomhunt’s free tier grants access to the vast majority of its award-winning wares.

Therefore, you can look into and experiment with many of the solutions mentioned above to find the one that best fits your needs and budget. You can try out all of the features and benefits without entering any payment information.

You can put the product through its paces before committing to it, and you might even discover a new favorite item. Many dropshippers don’t bother upgrading or paying for the premium versions of these tools because the free versions work just fine for finding products to sell.

How do I list the winning products on my store?

It is possible that the dropshipping research tool you use will be able to directly connect to your sales channel and help you import products. If you use Shopify as an e-commerce platform, you can import products from Dropship Spy’s curated database with a single click.

To avoid this, you can use dropshipping automation software to quickly and easily add products to your online shop. Processing orders, uploading tracking information, and managing inventory can all be done automatically.

In the marketplace, you can find a variety of reliable dropshipping automation tools. In fact, many of them work with AliExpress and other major dropshipping platforms with ease. To find out more, check out our article on top dropshipping programs.

How do dropshipping research tools choose winning products?

The procedure for selecting the products that will be included in the dropshipping research tool’s curated database of winners will vary from one business to the next. Sometimes, the products will be found and added by hand by market researchers or e-commerce pros. There are also use cases where the tool will use artificial intelligence or automated algorithms to make product recommendations.

Products are chosen either manually or automatically based on criteria such as demand, profit margins, growth rate, and market share. Several online marketplaces like Facebook, Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay are utilized in this procedure.

A product is considered to be a hot-seller if it quickly racks up thousands of sales on online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. It has great dropshipping potential if it can be purchased on AliExpress for a much lower price. Additionally, it is seen to be trending with consumers if it has thousands of video views, likes, and shares on Facebook.

How do I manually research dropshipping products?

It is possible to conduct thorough product research without resorting to a dropshipping research tool. You can see how fast an item is selling by checking online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, or by using free tools like Google Trends.

Alternatively, you can use Facebook’s search function to locate video advertisements from other vendors. When logged into Facebook, use the search bar at the top to find what you’re looking for. Videos and pictures can be easily located by using the filters provided. Find a relevant video for the product you’re investigating, and you’ll get an instant sense of its popularity thanks to the number of likes and comments it has received from viewers.

Before deciding to dropship a product, it is wise to research its reputation online. Popular items often have hundreds or thousands of reviews, making Amazon the best platform for searching for reviews. When shopping on Amazon, you can rest assured that the reviews you read are from actual customers or verified buyers because the company is very strict with reviews.

Sales figures can also be inferred from customer feedback left on Only about 1% to 2% of Amazon customers write a review after making a purchase. So, if a product has 10,000 reviews on Amazon, it has probably sold between $1 and $2 million. You can easily gauge the product’s sales velocity by comparing this date to when it was first listed on Amazon.

How do I find more dropshipping research tools?

Browse our other posts and guides for more dropshipping research resources. All the top dropshipping apps and tools are covered in our extensive library of articles.

Final Word

Finding successful products to dropship through your online store and marketplaces like eBay and Amazon can be a time-consuming and laborious process without the help of a product research tool.

Tools like niche scrapers and winning products databases are included in this guide to help you quickly find the best products for dropshipping.

In general, you can try out these programs without spending a dime. More advanced features and essential product data are only available in the paid version.