Users are more likely to visit the first few websites that pop up in search engine results, according to studies.

Therefore, if your Shopify store website is prominent among other search results in your niche, you will likely attract more customers.

The question then becomes how to have one’s website ranked highly. By optimizing for search engines (SEO). However, search engine optimization (SEO) is not a picnic for everyone. And even more so if you don’t speak the language of technology.

Fortunately, you can ensure that you meet your SEO objectives by making use of fantastic apps. In this article, we’ll discuss and evaluate several of them so you can select the best Shopify SEO app possible.

Yes, let’s dive right in, shall we?

What Is an SEO App for Shopify?

An SEO app is a piece of software that aids in optimizing a website for higher search engine rankings.

After downloading and installing the app, you’ll receive suggestions for how to enhance your website and its content in areas like:

A Search Engine’s Key Words
Tags for search engines
Website development
That still includes Shopify SEO tools. The only real distinction is that Shopify-specific SEO solutions are built specifically to work with Shopify stores. This means they provide a superior service to their customers.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at what features are available in various Shopify SEO apps.

SEO Manager 

SEO Manager is a fantastic tool for anyone, from SEO newbies to seasoned pros. This is because, despite its extensive feature set, it is incredibly user-friendly.

At the outset, the program lets you input fundamentals like keywords and a website summary.

For instance, learning the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) is a breeze with the variety of pre-made templates at your disposal. It’s easy to get started with editing your website; just select a template that you like and go with it.

To improve your site’s visibility, you can try out a new design, add some keywords, write up a quick synopsis, and craft some unique meta tags. For your SEO, these are a must-have. If you use Google Ads for your dropshipping ads, they will also affect how well your ads perform.

The SEO Manager app provides advice as you work to make your site more search engine friendly.

In spite of this, the app’s most attractive function is undoubtedly the wide variety of testing options and immediate responses it gives. You can see immediately if the SEO tweaks you’ve made have paid off by seeing where your site stands in the search engines’ results.

Your website’s mobile friendliness can also be verified.


Highlight Features: 

In addition to Google Trends, it also works with Google Search Console.
It checks for ‘404’ issues on your site and offers instant fixes.
It provides advice and does checks for problems with SEO, keywords, and picture ALT text.
Titles, descriptions, keywords, and more can all be modified.
Through the use of JSON-LD, your website’s information can be presented to Google in a more organized and scannable format.
Easily manage sitemaps and submit them to search engines
The SEO Manager staff will install it at no cost to you (if you need it)


7-day free trial


Plug In SEO

Whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience under your belt, Plug In SEO will serve you well. If you’re looking to hand off all SEO work to someone else, this software could be useful.

Plug In SEO, to begin, has both a free and paid version.

The free edition provides diagnostic checks on SEO elements like titles and keywords to determine if they are optimal or need to be adjusted. If you’re happy and capable of handling the most of the SEO job yourself, then you should.
An abundance of SEO resources and cutting-edge tools are at your disposal with the premium edition. You may even get unique SEO themes made for your site if you like.
This SEO tool has the capability to perform diagnostic tests on your website to identify problems that may be affecting your search engine rankings.

As a consequence of the analysis, you’ll be prompted to fix issues like duplicate content, broken links, and missing meta descriptions and keywords.

It’s worth noting that Plug In SEO’s paid users have access to a wide variety of assistance choices. Whether you have questions about the app’s functionality or require a template, you can reach out for help.

You can hire an SEO expert to handle your behalf by signing up for the premium Plug In SEO plan.

Highlight Features

Provides a thorough analysis of your Shopify site’s pages and blogs, highlighting problem areas and suggesting fixes related to keywords and other search engine optimization factors
Looks for 404 errors and offers advice on how to fix them
Connects seamlessly with Shopify’s SEO tools
When uploading, JSON-LD structured data is added automatically.
Whenever you make SEO adjustments to your site, Google will show you an instant preview.


Limited functionality and no cost

Reload SEO

Shopify is only one of the many e-commerce systems that is compatible with Reload SEO. The dashboard is made to make it easy to monitor important SEO metrics like keyword searches and search engine rankings.

This SEO software is unlike any other because it gives you detailed information on how your competitors are doing in the search engine rankings. This data could serve as a starting point for further research into optimizing your website for search engines.

However, the real value of Reload SEO is in the instantaneous feedback it gives you on the effects of any adjustments you make to your site’s SEO.

Highlight Features 

You may find its global keyword tracking useful if you’re considering expanding into new markets.
Investigates SEO problems and suggests solutions.
It performs a thorough analysis of links and provides a comprehensive index of links to assist in locating link building opportunities.
Statistics on the customers who visit your Shopify store


For 14 days, it’s free.

SEO Doctor

The experts at SEO Doctor can boost your site’s search engine optimization and bring in new customers. Both brick-and-mortar stores and online merchants can benefit from the latter.

To that end, it will automatically scan your Shopify store and fix any SEO problems it finds. If the problem needs your attention, the SEO Doctor will suggest that you take action.

Spend some time thinking about which of the app’s subscription plans would work best for you, and you’ll get much more out of it. For instance, the SEO tools included in the free plan can only be used manually. You should subscribe to a paid plan if you require additional automation features.

Highlight Features

Using the Google Knowledge Graph with confidence
Connects to Google’s Webmaster and Search Console
Putting Up a Sitemap
Site load times can be decreased by compressing images and renaming them if necessary.
Access Google’s mobile-friendly testing tools right here!


Free for 5 days
Totally no cost structure
Plan Upgrade – $14.99/mo.

SEO Optimizer

Your Shopify store’s rankings can benefit from SEO Optimizer’s attention to both visual and textual elements. After being installed, it will analyze your website and make suggestions to speed it up, such as compressing images.

In addition, you can get weekly reports on the app’s health that can alert you to problems like dead links or 404 errors. In addition, the Pro version includes an automated system for finding and fixing SEO problems.

Highlight Features

Creates, updates, and submits a sitemap for your Shopify store to Google.
Promotes the use of a particular visual Enhancing ALT Tags
Guarantees higher search engine rankings by fine-tuning page titles and meta descriptions
Constantly incorporates JSON-LD


There is no trial period with the free plan, but you only get access to a handful of basic features.
Adv – $29.88/mo.

Avada SEO Suite

Do you fear that the structure or pictures on your Shopify website are hurting your SEO rankings? If you’re having trouble with your website’s search engine rankings, AVADA SEO Suite might be the answer.

To reduce page load times and increase conversions, use the SEO Suite’s image compression tools.

Avail of AVADA SEO Suite’s product-specific meta-tag and description editing (this is important for ads too). Also, Google’s structure data is added mechanically.

Highlight Features

Uses Google’s Search Console to sync with Google’s index
Weekly reports with analysis data are provided.
Facilitates Site Map Administration
All subscription tiers have access to tools including Alt text optimization, 404 scans, and an SEO audit checklist. (On the free plan, you can only optimize 50 items.)


No cost; basic functionality only
Optional Upgrade to Highest-Quality Premium Package $29/month

Smart SEO

If you want to save time by having programs automatically generate meta tags and ALT image tags, Smart SEO is a fantastic option. In order to use the app, all you have to do is select a premade layout from among several options.

Smart SEO stands apart from competing SEO apps by supporting multiple languages. This makes it a great choice for users in a wide variety of countries. It’s also useful if your Shopify store has pages available in different languages.

Highlight Features

Site administration
JSON-LD metadata is embedded in every picture instantly.
Searching for Missing Links
Alternate and meta tag improvement


Totally no cost structure

Schema Plus SEO

To improve your site’s visibility in search engines, we’ve developed Schema Plus SEO. It does this by reorganizing your shop’s content in a way that is friendlier to search engines.

The time it takes search engines to index your site will decrease, increasing the likelihood that you will achieve higher SEO rankings.

With Schema Plus, search engine results featuring content from your site will also feature rich snippets. Customer reviews and star ratings are examples of these types of excerpts. Insights like these are very helpful in attracting visitors.

Highlight Features

To improve your site’s visibility in search engines, we’ve developed Schema Plus SEO. It does this by reorganizing your shop’s content in a way that is friendlier to search engines.

The time it takes search engines to index your site will decrease, increasing the likelihood that you will achieve higher SEO ranks.

With Schema Plus, search engine results featuring content from your site will also feature rich snippets. Customer reviews and star ratings are examples of these kind of excerpts. Insights like these are quite helpful in attracting visitors.


There’s a free trial period of 7 days.

SEO Images King

SEO Images King has various pricing tiers to accommodate Shopify stores of varying sizes. It’s perfect if you want to expand your dropshipping or retail Shopify business.

A wide variety of search engine optimization features are actually available within this program, despite the misleading moniker. It enhances the quality of thumbnails, alt text, meta descriptions, and product titles. Free JSON-LD support is also included.

Those details can only be updated one product at a time in the free version; with the subscription plans, this entire procedure is automated. The number of goods you can have optimized automatically varies depending on the plan you’re on.

Highlight Features

Improvements to Images
Quick and easy optimization
To boost your site’s SEO and make suggestions for more effective keyword usage, an SEO scan can make use of AI.


Totally no cost structure
Cost for a little store: $7.99 a month
Small store: $9.99 per month Big store: $18.99 per month

SPO (SEO Product Optimizer)

SPO is one-of-a-kind since it draws viewers from both SEs and SMs to your site.

You may alter the look of previews of links shared on social media, which can increase clickthroughs. As an added bonus, you can see how your link will seem on various social networking platforms before you really share it.

SPO suggests relevant niche-specific keywords for use in search engine optimization. In addition, it provides placement recommendations that may lead to increased conversions from low-competition keywords.

Highlight Features

Preview links for products can be modified in bulk, but only in paid plans.
It works with Bing, Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook in addition to Google Trends and Google PageSpeed.
JSON-LD, which can generate rich snippets and social network profiles, is available with a paid plan.
To put it simply, it offers SEO guidance.


The first 14 days are free.
Limited Functionality, No Cost (limited features)
Costs only $15.99 per month for the basic package

Search Pie: SEO Booster & Speed

In order to increase the amount of customers who visit your Shopify store, Search Pie provides a number of options.

This is accomplished via the following:

To decrease load times, it is suggested that you use automatic alt tags and optimize your images.
Providing keyword suggestions
Conducting site analysis and comparing your results to those of your rivals
Supplying search engine optimization data customized for your area
It’s simple to expand your company’s operations using this SEO app’s scalable pricing.

Highlight Features 

Meta tag optimization in bulk
Examining SEO Health
Live help whenever you need it
You can get information about how well your site is optimized for mobile users with JSON-LD and rich captions.


Cost-free demo for 3 days
The free plan has an infinite lifetime but few features.
Price: $39.99 for the Pro Plan
The $79.99 Unlimited Plan


The Shopify SEO audits made possible by FavSEO are just the beginning. Once an audit has been conducted, the user-friendly dashboard’s analytical feedback can be accessed.

Do you find keyword research to be difficult? The issue is also covered by FavSEO. Through the app’s integration with Google Webmaster, you may research potential keywords and see where they rank on the search engine.

Options for the Best Shopify SEO App 1

Highlight Features

You can optimize numerous meta tags at once with the help of the bulk editor (premium plan)
Individual blog posts, web pages, or even products can have their title tags and meta descriptions modified with the title/description editor.
Taking care of Sitemaps
Online chat assistance


Trial for 10 days at no cost
Free for the basic plan, $20/month for the upgraded plan.

Frequently Asked Questions about SEO Apps for Shopify

Does Shopify Have Built-In SEO?

If you want to improve your online store’s visibility in search engines, you’re in luck because Shopify includes powerful SEO tools by default. In addition, canonical tags will be inserted to your pages mechanically to eliminate the possibility of any duplicate content issues in SERPs.

How Can I Improve My Google Ranking on Shopify?

Shopify’s Google page rank is based on:

Is the content of your landing page pertinent to the query being used to find it?
How quickly do pages load on your Shopify store?
Utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Keywords
Fixing these and other SEO problems indicated by Shopify’s SEO applications may provide significant improvements in search engine results.

Is Shopify Good for SEO?

Yes. Shopify makes it simple to include SEO meta data and product descriptions. Shopify may already be integrated with a wide variety of apps, but there are even more you can use to simplify SEO.

And if that weren’t enough, unprotected Shopify stores get automatically scanned and indexed by Google. Search engines won’t find your site until it has been indexed and crawled first.

Are SEO Apps for Shopify Worth Investing in?

Especially if you pick one that supports your SEO aims in addition to being feature-rich. Shopify SEO apps are also valuable for the following reasons:

Because running a business takes a lot of time, it might be hard to meet the search engine optimization requirements.
You may also be unfamiliar with SEO’s inner workings if you’re just starting out. A search engine optimization app might simplify things.
Shopify’s SEO apps give you up-to-date SEO ranking advice and thorough SEO audits to help you improve your site’s visibility.

Final Verdict on Best SEO App For Shopify 

Both new and seasoned business owners can benefit greatly from using an SEO app designed specifically for Shopify. However, for optimal results, it’s important to first determine what those needs are before settling on an SEO app for Shopify.

To that end, it’s a good idea to work with vendors whose systems are also compatible with Shopify.