Today’s market conditions make it easier than ever to start a dropshipping sunglasses business. All you need is an idea and a well-thought-out plan to get started. To come up with the best plan that will work right away, you need to do a lot of research on the product you’re going to sell in your online store.

These are the Top 10 Sunglasses Brands to Dropship in 2023. 1
These are the Top 10 Sunglasses Brands to Dropship in 2023.

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This one will be about the most popular sunglasses to dropship in 2023. Sunglasses are known for being both a fashion statement and a way to protect your eyes.

How sunglasses have come to be

Sunglasses from the 1200s

In the 12th century, when the Chinese were looking for a way to hide from the bright sun, they were the first people to make sunglasses. Sunglasses were mostly worn by wealthy people, but judges and other public officials also wore them to hide their faces and feelings from other people. In fact, the judges wore sunglasses to make it look like they weren’t feeling anything about the case. This was done so they wouldn’t give away what kind of decision they were going to make.

Sunglasses from the 1500s

Then, in the 15th century, Chinese people gave Italians glasses that helped them see better. These glasses had a darkened layer on them that protected the wearer from UV light. Three hundred years later, James Ayscough tried to help people see better by studying tinted lenses and making the green/blue ones. He thought that changing the colour might help people who had trouble seeing.

20th century and 21st century glasses

In the 20th century, movie stars started to wear sunglasses on the set to protect their eyes from the very bright reflector lights. By the 1930s, sunglasses were used by almost everyone in the US. In the next 10 years, people tried to make special sunglasses that would protect pilots’ eyes from the glare at high altitude. Opticians and doctors worked together to make a special dark green tint that would absorb light in the yellow band of the spectrum. Finally, the Polaroid filter was made, which made sunglasses not only good for your eyes but also a popular fashion item.

What kinds of sunglasses will be popular to dropship in 2023?

Now that we’ve looked into the world of sunglasses and their market standings, we need to decide what kinds of sunglasses your dropshipping store should sell. In general, having a larger number of items in your store can help you make a sale quickly and make money right away. However, you can always tailor your store to a smaller audience if you know that’s what the market needs.

Sunglasses for pilots

Aviator sunglasses are some of the most well-known glasses in the world. They were made to protect pilots from the sun’s glare while they were flying above the clouds, but they are now the most popular pair of sunglasses.

These kinds of glasses are now fashionable, but they still serve the same safety purpose they were made for. Because of their classic style and adaptability, they have stood the test of time and stayed in a high position in the popularity contest.

Aviator sunglasses were first made by the company Ray-Ban, but now they are sold by almost every fashion designer, including many well-known luxury brands. So, because Aviators are so popular, you should have them in your dropshipping sunglasses store. In addition to the original Ray-Ban aviator glasses, there are many other high-end versions, like the Diesel black unisex aviators, the Guess gold unisex aviators, and the Bally silver unisex aviators.

Round Sunglasses

John Lennon of the Beatles was the first person to make round sunglasses famous, and they quickly became a must-have for people who like to go to theme festivals or want to show their quirky side. The frames on the original ones are very thin, giving them a more vintage look.

But there are many different kinds of this style, like ones with a thicker frame that makes them look more stylish.

So, if you have this item in your store, it will definitely catch the eye of a modern hippie who will gladly buy it. You can look at Sting’s burgundy unisex round glasses, which look like the originals but are made in a more modern way.


After the Aviator glasses were a big hit, Ray-Ban took the market by storm again with the new Wayfarer glasses. The company used a different moulding method to come up with a new design that is still easy to spot today. In fact, their plan back then was to get out of the comfort zone of the sunglasses market, which was mostly made up of products with metal frames.

Ray-Ban made a shape that was more modern than what was already out there. The Wayfarer is a square frame with slightly rounded corners that gives off a more casual vibe.

Still, many companies sell sunglasses with a similar design. For example, Diesel, Guess, Emporio Armani, Police, and many others all sell luxury sunglasses from the same series. You can check out the Diesel grey men’s sunglasses or the Green unisex model, or you can go with Guess’s brown women’s sunglasses if you want to attract people with simpler tastes.

Sunglasses with Cat Eyes

Cat-eye sunglasses are another cool style for your dropshipping sunglasses store that will surely bring in a lot of online buyers. With a date stamp from the 1950s, these glasses have a unique look that can be seen in the upper frame, which is curved and shaped like a cat’s eye.

Of course, this type of sunglasses comes in many different styles now. Check out Diesel’s turquoise sunglasses for women and Emilio Pucci’s yellow glasses for women if you’re thinking of selling them in your dropshipping store. They will definitely make your female customers gasp.

Butterfly Sunglasses

Butterfly-shaped sunglasses were first made popular by the high-end brand Prada. This style is known for its large lenses that cover the eye sockets completely, making them even better at blocking UV rays. Usually, these sunglasses are wider on the outside and get narrower as they get closer to the nose. In fact, these lenses are a more funky take on the traditional frames.

Last but not least, many designer brands sold these kinds of glasses. Gold sunglasses for women by Emilio Pucci are one of the styles you can find at Dropship Corporation.

Sunglasses for Sports

If you want to attract people who are more into sports, you should definitely think about putting sporty sunglasses in your dropshipping store. These glasses look more sleek and protect your eyes better from the sun. In fact, you can target athletes with this item because they will always be more interested in lenses that help them perform better and reach their full potential.

Check out Fila’s sporty glasses and Bolle’s unisex sporty sunglasses, which will appeal to traditional sportspeople. Dsquared2’s unisex sunglasses will add a more modern and futuristic item to your store.

Clubmaster Sunglasses

In the 1950s and 1960s, Clubmaster sunglasses became very popular. They were first called browline sunglasses. Overall, these glasses are pretty different from others because they have a unique frame on top of the lens while leaving the bottom half of the lens open.

Men’s Police sunglasses are a great example of this type, but there are also Police’s gold rose women’s glasses and gunmetal sunglasses, among others.

Sunglasses with shapes

Geometric sunglasses are all those weirdly shaped glasses that look like they came from the 1970s. Whether they are hexagonal, octagonal, or some other geometric shape, these glasses are made for people who really want to stand out and do something different. In fact, these geometric glasses will always have a pretty shaped look and show off the shape of the wearer’s face like no other model would.

So, this kind of sunglasses will be appealing to people who like to live on the edge and want to stand out from the crowd. Women’s sunglasses from Roberto Cavalli and brown women’s sunglasses from Emilio Pucci are just two examples of what Dropship Corporation has to offer that you can add to your dropshipping store.

Oversized Sunglasses

This style of sunglasses is mostly worn by women and has been around since the 1970s, when women wore them to hide their faces. Most modern oversized sunglasses have a cut-out detail that isn’t usually on the plastic frame’s outer edge. Also, the frames can be different shapes, like rectangles or squares, and the lenses are usually dark to protect the eyes from UV light as much as possible.

The brown women’s glasses by Carolina Herrera, the oversized sunglasses by Guess, and the sunglasses by Atelier Swarovski are just some of the high-end glasses you might want to sell in your store.

Statement Sunglasses

The last type of sunglasses on this list is a group of different styles called “statement” sunglasses. Some of the things that make these sunglasses stand out are their funky designs, their mix of modern and retro styles, and their unique frames that you can’t find in other regular models. The different colours of the lenses are another way to tell them apart.

Overall, the statement type is made for a small group of people who only want these kinds of glasses and are ready to buy them. So, having them as part of your stock can bring in customers who are interested in different things.

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In conclusion

In the current market, if you want your dropshipping business to be taken seriously, you need to specify or narrow down your niche. This will keep your website from being too busy and full of products. Dropshipping men’s and women’s sunglasses can be a great way to start a business in this area and can boost your business to the top of the market.

Due to the fact that selling sunglasses online is still a relatively untapped market, it’s a good idea to stake your claim and become a major player before the market gets too crowded. So, now that we’ve given you some useful information about this niche, all you have to do is do some research, come up with a plan, and shine your light in the world of dropshipping.