We get the question, “How can we use AliExpress shipping?” from dropshipping business owners all the time.

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AliExpress is home to many different types of dropshippers who buy in bulk and resell their wares to customers. Which brings us to the topic at hand: the various approaches taken by these dropshipping businesses when shipping from AliExpress.

  • “Can you explain the logistics of AliExpress shipping?”
  • “What is the AliExpress shipping time?”
  • “How much does AliExpress shipping cost?”
  • How practical is it to keep tabs on purchases made on AliExpress?

This article delves into the Dropshipping supply chain and the various AliExpress shipping options and associated costs in an effort to answer such questions. If you still have questions after reading this, keep reading!

Supply Chain for Dropshipping

Let’s take a closer look at this supply chain before diving into the specifics of AliExpress shipping options for a dropshipping business.

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Your job as a dropshipping business owner is to promote your products to customers. You can buy goods from an AliExpress vendor in response to customer orders and have them shipped straight to the end user.

When it comes to dropshipping, there are three main parts of the supply chain:


The manufacturing sector dominates the supply chain for delivering orders. They manufacture items for the wholesale market. These departments are not engaged in business-to-consumer trade and do not sell to consumers. Bulk orders are typically required when a wholesaler or retailer buys a product directly from a manufacturer (meeting minimum requirements). The item can then be resold or redelivered.

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The supply chain continues with wholesalers following directly after manufacturers. They buy products at wholesale prices and resell them to retailers at a profit. Their minimum order quantity is lower than that of a manufacturer. In cases where the minimum order quantity is specified by the manufacturer, the wholesaler may impose a limit of 50 or 20 units.


Wholesalers may also engage in direct sales to end users, but retailers have a front-row seat to the marketplace. They deal directly with the customers who will be using the product and are therefore responsible for the final sale.

One can start a dropshipping company at any point along this chain. If you have connections, then you can connect with wholesalers and manufacturers to receive better margins.

A dropshipping business on AliExpress is typically established at the wholesaler or retailer level.

How Will AliExpress Shipping Be Used To Deliver Items To Customers?

We need to learn how AliExpress shipping works now that you have researched the various parties involved at various stages of the dropshipping process. We’ve broken down the procedure into its component parts. Learn More

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Step 1: you’ll place your order.

You run an online business that drops ships goods to customers, and you use social media and other online channels to promote your wares. Someone makes a purchase from your Shopify site (or any other store).

After receiving the payment, you will confirm it by emailing the client.

Any user payments are recorded in the system without any user intervention (if you are using a dropshipping tool).

Step 2: Verification of Dropshipping

After your dropshipping request has been approved, you can place an order on AliExpress to have the goods shipped to you.

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The use of an AliExpress dropshipping platform is essential at this stage to ensure a smooth operation. We’ve found to be the most effective dropshipping software for online stores.

Some of the things Dropship corporation provide are as follows:

  • It’s the official dropshipping tool from AliExpress. With this app, you can make bulk purchases on AliExpress and have the charges automatically summed.
  • Click here to quickly compare multiple AliExpress sellers who stock the same item. Profit margins can be optimised and enhanced in this way.
  • Select the most appropriate AliExpress shipping method for each individual order based on the specific instructions provided by the customer.
  • AliExpress allows you to place hundreds of orders with just a few clicks, allowing you to do so in seconds rather than minutes.
  • The tool is synced with your AliExpress account, so monitoring your shipments is quick and simple.

With Dropship corpoation, dropshipping companies can manage their AliExpress orders in one central location. To put it simply, it’s a management tool designed to help you run your dropshipping business more effectively and efficiently. As a result of using the Dropship corporation tool’s features to shop around for the best price, your business’s bottom line will increase.

The dropshipping tool has a simple integration process with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Wix, and WooCommerce. You can even use the tool’s CSV function to incorporate offline or additional channel purchases.

Step 3: Shipping the Order

With a dropshipping tool your order is automatically monitored, synchronised, and fulfilled. Now that the order has shipped, you can check its status in the dashboard.

The location from which AliExpress shipments originate is unknown to us at this time. AliExpress tracking information may only indicate “Dispatched from Country of Origin.”
You can access the tool’s AliExpress tracking functionality directly from the dashboard. Spending time on AliExpress to check on the specifics of each order is unnecessary.

Afterwards, all that’s left to do is get in touch with the customer and double check that everything’s fine. Then, based on customer responses, you can determine which AliExpress vendor is best suited to meet the needs of your dropshipping operation.

Where Can I Find Out How Long It Will Take To Receive My Order From AliExpress And How Much It Will Cost?

The time it takes to get an order to you can change a lot based on who you buy from and how you have it shipped. From a few days to an entire month, anything is possible. Comparison shop the different AliExpress shipping times offered by various companies.

In fact, when handling orders on AliExpress, you’ll be presented with a wide variety of AliExpress shipping options. A few of our top picks are summarised below. You can better meet your customers’ needs by providing appropriate shipping options by knowing the time and cost associated with these AliExpress shipping options.

Standard Shipping

Initial Free Ground Transport Standard Shipping from AliExpress is the most affordable option for dropshipping companies. Free shipping and low prices are why so many people use it.

Standard Shipping, however, has an unappealing delivery time. You should expect delivery times to be greater than 20 days. The typical timeline is between 15 and 30 days.


As a trusted and well-known name in the shipping industry, FedEx is a top pick for many dropshipping companies.

FedEx, as one of the most well-known names in expedited shipping, naturally provides timely deliveries for AliExpress orders. Your customers’ orders will typically arrive in 7-15 days, but may take less time in some cases. This functionality, however, comes at a steep price. Spending $20 or more is required due to the rarity of free FedEx shipping.


ePacket is a popular alternative to standard shipping on AliExpress. In reality, this is a cheap shipping option that provides quicker service at a lower cost. Sometimes, ePacket offers free shipping depending on the size and weight of your package. Unless otherwise specified, a fee of $1 to $10 may be assessed. This AliExpress shipping choice takes about the same amount of time as standard shipping (around 16-28 days).

Infrequent Mail from China
China Post Ordinary has been a trusted AliExpress shipping partner for many years. There will be a delay of 20 days to 60 days for shipping. If you choose this method of shipment, your customers may have to wait as long as two months for their purchases to arrive.

China Post Ordinary

On the other hand, most items can be shipped via China Post Ordinary for either free or at very low cost. China Post Ordinary is a cheap option if you’re strapped for cash.

SunYou Economic Air Mail

SunYou Low-Cost Airmail is Number Five
The last option we’ll go over is SunYou Economic Air Mail, which isn’t the fastest but is free of charge.

Items shipped via SunYou Economic Air Mail typically arrive within 30–50 days, but some customers have reported receiving their packages in as little as 10 days. Typically, there is either no cost or a very small fee.

The Inner Workings of AliExpress’ Shipping

AliExpress is not like other online marketplaces in terms of shipping, like Amazon or eBay. Suppliers who regularly dropship their wares can be located here. To start a dropshipping business, you must first place an order and have the products shipped using the preferred shipping method.

How long does it take for AliExpress to ship?

Depending on the shipping service you choose, AliExpress can send your order in 10–60 days. If you choose free shipping, your customers might have to wait at least 15 days for the product to arrive.

How to Track an AliExpress Order

The best way to track something on AliExpress is to use tool, which syncs your data automatically. This means that from your dashboard, you can directly track all the orders that have been shipped and make sure they arrive on time.

How can Dropship corporation help with AliExpress dropshipping?

it has a dropshipping tool that can help you run your ecommerce business from start to finish. You can link your dropshipping store to AliExpress shipping with this tool. This means that you can use your dashboard to find suppliers, compare them, place orders, and track shipments.

Depending on your needs, there are a number of great AliExpress shipping options you can use to get products to your customers quickly and at a reasonable price. We’ve talked about most of these choices. Check it out and come up with a way to charge for shipping that works for your dropshipping business.

Use the Dropship corporation tool to keep track of your AliExpress shipping and orders. It helps you connect all of your business activities so you can see them all in one place. On our site, you can find out more about the tool.