Finding a marketable product is the holy grail of every online retailer.

There are millions of possibilities, so this process can drag on for quite some time.

There is no easy way to achieve success.

Constant study, investigation, and monitoring of the market’s leading contenders are necessities.

Still, there’s a way to hasten things up.

Instead of spending time researching obscure goods, you can keep an eye on what’s currently popular.

Products that are currently trendy are in high demand and are sure to bring in new customers for your e-commerce site.

However, this raises the issue of where to look in the first place to identify popular goods.

What Are Trending Products? 

Trending products are those that have a large number of fans.

These trends are normally classified into three categories:

Short-Term Trends 

Short-term trends usually include products that gain sudden traction due to a viral video or a show. Fidget spinners are a great example of short-term trends.

As quickly as they rose to prominence in 2017, they faded away within a matter of months.

Some store owners were able to make insane profits while others have dead stock and are unable to find any buyers.

It just shows that if you want to make these products work then you need to find the right timing.

Dropshipping is a better option than basing your store’s inventory on fleeting fads.

Long-Term Trends

Long-term trends, as the name suggests, consist of items that are here to stay or will be around for a while.

Accessories like phone cases and headphones that remain popular for years at a time are prime examples of such lasting fashions.

The increased competition has led to a saturated market, but that hasn’t diminished their continued popularity.

Micro USB cables were widely used for many years before type-C cables became the norm.

Long-term trends are always a safe bet, but the real challenge is beating out the competition.

Seasonal Trends

Last but not least, there are seasonal trends, which include items that are only popular at certain times of the year.

Things like gardening tools and seeds may not be used as often during the colder months.

Also, there are seasonal items like Christmas trees that only have a short window of interest.

Always have a backup plan if you sell seasonal items.

Why Should You Sell Trending Products on Your Online Store? 

There are a number of benefits to stocking your online shop with popular items. To begin with, there is a lot of interest in products that are currently trendy because they often go viral on social media.

It’s possible to make a lot of money by selling products that are currently popular, but only if you jump on the bandwagon at the right time. Furthermore, it would be less difficult to promote your business if you spotted the trend early on.

For one thing, not many established retailers will be able to afford to promote the product through advertising. In addition to making more money off each sale, this will increase your visibility in search engine results pages.

Effective Ways to Find Trending Products

There is a wide variety in the types and categories of products that are currently trendy. Here are 10 strategies for identifying products that are currently popular and will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Social Media Platforms 

Finding popular items is a breeze when you search for them on social media.

Nonetheless, you may be unsure of the best social media platform to employ.

In all honesty, it is going to depend on who your intended readers are.

Given its large and diverse user base, Facebook is a good place to begin if you don’t yet have a specific strategy in mind.

Joining and following many eCommerce-related groups, pages, and profiles will greatly facilitate your search for trending products on the platform.

Find out what’s popular on TikTok if your audience consists mainly of millennials and Gen Zers.

Users have been known to suggest Pinterest to one another due to its potent suggestive function.

If you set eCommerce as your homepage’s default topic or enter the term into the search bar, you’ll get a variety of results based on the relative popularity of the keywords you use.

Google Trends 

Want to find out how many people are interested in a specific product or niche?

Just type the term into Google Trends to see how often people are using it.

The graph displays the average monthly searches for a given keyword.

Since Google Trends provides a visual representation of the frequency with which particular keywords are searched, it is a valuable resource for keeping abreast of shifting fashions.

Moreover, you can filter the outcomes by region and time period.

If the line charting the trend is heading upwards, then the product in question may be a good option.

Just because something is trending on Google Trends doesn’t mean it will continue to be popular in a month’s time.

Here is where you get to use your discretion and decide if doing so is worthwhile.

Join Reddit 

As one of the most popular online communities, Reddit is teeming with talented individuals.

As might be expected, eCommerce-related discussions can also be found on Reddit.

Joining the various eCommerce threads on Reddit is a great place to start your search for popular products.

You’ll find both customers and business owners advertising their wares and services on these sites.

Subreddits devoted to specific product categories can narrow your search and narrow your results.

E-commerce Podcasts 

Podcasts are one of many options for getting up to speed on current events and other topics.

To keep up with the latest happenings in the e-commerce world, listen to a podcast while you exercise, drive, or even drift off to sleep.

In addition to discussing current events and recommending products, some podcasters also provide recommendations on products.

Can’t make up your mind which podcast to listen to? Learn more about eCommerce by listening to some of the podcasts we recommend.

Online Marketplaces 

For a wealth of information on what’s hot right now in the consumer goods industry, look no further than online marketplaces like Amazon and AliExpress.

There are filters like “best sellers” on these sites to help you zero in on the most sought-after items quickly.

Amazon also has a feature called Amazon Suggest that displays the most popular products on Amazon based on search volume. Products are typically suggested that are relevant to the search term.

You can use this information to determine which products are in high demand.

If you type “gaming” into Amazon’s search bar, for instance, the site will suggest some popular audio equipment like headphones, mice, and gaming chairs.

How to Find Trending Products in 10 Simple Ways
How to Find Trending Products in 10 Simple Ways

YouTube Videos 

YouTube is one of the most popular online video-sharing websites.

If you know what you’re looking for, the site can be a treasure trove of information about new and popular items.

Searching for “(product name or niche) + unboxing” on YouTube is one method for finding new and interesting products.

Assuming you can find a few informative videos, you’ll have a better idea of whether or not to pursue selling this product.

Though it’s important to remember that it’s simple to lose track of time while browsing random videos on YouTube.

In this case, you should only focus on watching the most popular and recently uploaded videos. For the simple reason that those are the kinds of products that are most likely to become widely distributed online.

When you run a search and narrow your results, you may use the “FILTERS” option that appears beneath the search bar.

To view the most recent videos first, click that.

Product Hunting Tools 

Product hunting tools are available if you prefer not to conduct your own manual search for hot new items.

In order to determine what products consumers like, these instruments compile information from a wide variety of online sources.

Not every product that these methods recommend will succeed.

Nonetheless, they will provide you with quicker access to data on which product, based on consumer habits, has the greatest potential for success.

The only drawback of using product hunting tools is that most of them require a monthly or annual subscription fee. Moreover, there is no assurance that you will locate the “correct” product.

Check out our compilation of the top business-oriented product research tools if you’re still curious to learn more.

Influencer Activity 

Influencer shoutouts have become increasingly common on social media platforms like Instagram.

Influencer marketing entails compensating a public figure whose followers would be interested in your product for an honest review and recommendation.

Monitoring these opinion leaders’ actions can be a fruitful way to spot future trending products.

Basically, all you have to do is start following influential people in your chosen field.

Pay close attention to the post’s engagement rates whenever an influencer reviews a product.

A product may begin trending if the post receives a large number of likes and comments.

Amazon Movers and Shakers 

Amazon’s Movers and Shakers list is another great resource for finding new, popular products to add to your cart.

The most sought-after items of late are displayed here. However, the use of this function is time-limited, so plan accordingly.

A new list of products may be available tomorrow, completely different from what you see today.

Due to this, the Amazon Movers and Shakers list is best suited for dropshippers or businesses with a fast turnaround time for product testing.

Blogs and Online Resources

To conclude, if you know where to look, you can find countless sources of product inspiration and ideas on the internet.

Popular products are frequently discussed on various online blogs and publications.

If you’re having trouble tracking down hot products, perhaps you should shift your focus to hot markets instead.

FAQs about Finding Trending Products 

How to Know if a Product Is Trending? 

Using Google Trends is the quickest way to see if a product is popular at the moment. The trend of the product’s popularity can be gauged by looking at how often people are searching for the term.

Is It Challenging to Sell Trending Products? 

It’s easier to sell a product if you catch on to a trend early on. For one thing, you’ll have an advantage in the marketplace if you jump on a trend early on, when demand is high but supply is low.

But even if you’re late to the game, you can still make money off of selling hot new items; you just might have a tougher time doing so.

Can I Sell Trending Products in the Long-Term? 

The answer is conditional on how long the trend lasts. Sometimes a fad will only last a month, and then there won’t be much interest in the product anymore. That’s why it’s important to learn how to determine whether or not a trend will last.