TikTok is a social networking app that lets people share videos with voiceovers and has taken the world by storm.

With more than 690 million users around the world, it has given eCommerce fans a lot of chances to market and grow their businesses through visual engagement.

So, without a doubt, it is also a great way for dropshippers to reach as many people as possible. But dropshipping on TikTok is a little different than on other social networks.

In our Ultimate FAQ Guide, we’ll talk about how you can get the most out of this platform, which is growing quickly.

Let’s just jump right in!

The ultimate guide to questions about dropshipping on Tiktok 3
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Can you Dropship on TikTok?

Yes, you can do dropshipping on TikTok as long as you know what to sell and have your Shopify or WooCommerce website ready.

TikTok can be used to market a dropshipping business just as well as other social media sites.

We’ll talk more about this later in this guide, but in short, businesses can promote their products by uploading relevant videos, running ad campaigns, or reaching out to TikTok influencers.

Is Dropshipping on TikTok Profitable?

Whether or not dropshipping on TikTok is profitable depends a lot on the products you sell, the people you sell to, and your marketing strategy.

Keep in mind that about half of the people who use TikTok are between the ages of 18 and 29.

So, you should focus your marketing efforts on things that Millennials and Gen Z are interested in right now.

This will help you reach as many people as possible on the platform and also make it more likely that you will make more money.

How to Build a TikTok Account for a Dropshipping Store?

Setting up a business account on TikTok is the same as setting up a regular profile.

Just give basic information like your email address and phone number. Enter a code to verify your account, and then you can start making changes to your profile.

You can also use the following suggestions to make your profile stand out from the rest:

Select the Right Birth Date

If you want to start a dropshipping business, you are probably 18 or older.

Still, many people skip this step by entering random numbers that make them look younger.

If the app asks you for your birthday when you’re making a personal or business profile, choose a date that makes you at least 18 years old.

If you don’t, your account won’t be able to host live streams, and you won’t be able to watch some videos.

This will hurt your reach and defeat the whole point of using TikTok in the first place.

Use Consistent Social Media Handles

If you can, make sure your social media handles are the same on all platforms. The same goes for TikTok.

This is especially important if you want to show your audience that you are a brand and not just another dropshipping store.

If you do this, you might also get more views on your TikTok profile from other sites, and vice versa. Also, your followers would find it easier to find you on other platforms.

Choose a High-Resolution Profile Picture

Make sure that the picture you use, whether it’s a logo or one you took yourself, has a high resolution.

We recommend hiring a professional graphic designer to make your logo, since it will be a direct representation of your brand.

And if you’re using your own picture as the face of the brand, get it taken by a pro. Give a warm smile to show that you’re happy.

Write a Compelling Profile Bio

One of the most important parts of setting up your TikTok dropshipping account is writing a profile bio that people will want to read.

Only about 80 characters will be available to you. So, if you want to rank higher in search results, make sure you focus on your business’s main keywords.

And of course, don’t forget to add a link to your store so that people who want to buy from you don’t have to look around.

Connect TikTok Profile to Youtube/Instagram (Optional)

Even though it’s not required, linking your business profile on TikTok to your Instagram or YouTube account can help you get more followers.

This is even more true if one of your other two accounts has a good number of followers.

To connect your accounts, just tap “edit profile,” and the options you’re looking for will be at the bottom of the screen.

How You Can Benefit from a TikTok Business Account?

TikTok business accounts have a lot more features than regular creator profiles, especially if you switch to a Pro account.

Some of the many benefits of a TikTok Pro account are as follows:

The ultimate guide to questions about dropshipping on Tiktok 2

Check how many times your videos have been watched.
The status of video and content trends
information about where your audience is from.
Details about the audience, such as their gender.
The growth of your account as a whole.

How to Switch to a TikTok Pro Account?

Follow the steps below to switch to a TikTok Pro account:

First, go to your profile.
Step 2: Click “Privacy and settings”
Step 3: Tap “Manage my account.”
Step 4: Click the button that says “Switch to Pro Account.”
Step 5: Click on “Continue.”
After that, just follow the steps on your screen, and your TikTok Pro account will be ready to go in no time.

Are TikTok Ads Good for Dropshipping?

Whether or not TikTok ads are a good way to promote your Shopify dropshipping store depends on how you market it.

Most of the people who use TikTok are in their 20s, so this is an area where you need to be creative.

If you do TikTok ads right, you can make a lot of money from them because young people often buy things on the spot if the ads catch their attention.

TikTok ads, on the other hand, cost $10 per thousand views. Depending on the type of ad and how long it runs, the cost can add up quickly and take a big chunk out of your budget.

So, before you start making TikTok ads, you should carefully consider the pros and cons to get the results you want.

Types of TikTok Ads to Grow your Dropshipping Business

Your sales could go to the next level if you use TikTok ads. But knowing how they work is important if you want your brand’s advertising to be successful.

So, here are 5 types of TikTok ads you can use to grow your dropshipping business:

Brand Takeover Ads

Because users only see Brand Takeover ads once a day, they have less competition. These ads usually last between 3 and 5 seconds and can be made with either pictures or videos.

As soon as the user opens the app, they show up on the “For You” page. The hashtag challenge goes well with this ad, which can be used to promote it.

Hashtag Challenges

If done right, hashtag challenges could become very popular very quickly.

The way they work is that the brand will make a challenge and set some rules for it.

The TikTok users need to make content that follows these rules and post it with the given hashtag.

Some brands also set up rewards and giveaways for users who take part in hashtag challenges. This is one of the best ways to make people more familiar with your brand.

In-feed Ads

On the “For You” page, which is also called the “news feeds,” users see “In-feed” ads. They can be up to 60 seconds long, but TikTok usually suggests keeping them between 9 and 15 seconds.

These ads can be shared and have a button that users can click to go to the store’s landing page. In general, they are a great way to get more people to visit your website.

Branded Effects

If you have a private label dropshipping business, stickers and filters with your brand name on them can hurt your efforts to make your brand more well-known.

Since the whole point of TikTok is to make and share videos, filters can work like a charm.

So getting custom filters made for your brand can help you get more people interested and may also help you sell more.

Topview Ads

As the name suggests, the Topview Ads show up right after a person opens the TikTok app. These ads play on their own and can last up to 60 seconds.

They also have sound and are full-screen. At the end of the ad, you should put a call to action to make it more effective.

But no matter what, they are one of the safest investments you could make to promote your dropshipping business on TikTok and are sure to help you reach more people.

How to Create a TikTok Ad Campaign for your Dropshipping Business?

If you’ve decided that you want to use TikTok ads, go to the TikTok ads page and create an ad account if you don’t already have one.

After that, do what follows:

Select Ad Mode

After you log in, you’ll see two options:

Mode Simplified
Custom Mode
We recommend sticking with the simplified mode at first. It will be easier, faster, and less expensive to make ads on it.

Select Ad Campaign

Once you choose an appropriate ad mode, you’ll be taken to a page that asks for your campaign. Choose the one that best fits the needs of your business and click “Continue.”

Create an Ad

After choosing the ad campaign, it’s time to set up the “Ad Group” page by entering the following information:

Type of Placement Placement Demographics
Ad Group TikTok
Scroll down until you see “Budget & Bid Optimization” after you’ve put in the settings you want.

There, you can choose how long the ads will run and also set a daily budget.

Click “Continue” when you’re done and go to the “Ad” page. Here is where you’ll give your ad a name and upload its creative.

Submit Ad and Monitor from Dashboard

When you’re done, click “Submit” on the “Ads” page, and the impressions will start coming in.

The “Dashboard” button is in the top left corner of the screen. Here is where you’ll be able to manage and watch all of your TikTok ads.

Is TikTok Good for Shopify?

TikTok recently teamed up with Shopify to make it easier for business owners to connect with younger customers and drive sales.

So, if your Shopify dropshipping business is aimed at people under 30, and you have the right business plan, TikTok can have a big effect on your overall sales.

How Do I Use TikTok on Shopify?

Find the TikTok app in the Shopify app store and click “add app” to install it. With this, the TikTok channel will be added to your Shopify store.

After you install the app, you can use a number of features, such as

Video-Generator Tool

The video generator makes it easy to make ads for TikTok.

All you have to do is find pictures or videos of your products that you want to use in your ads. This tool will take care of the rest.

Pixel Installation

TikTok Pixel is a smart piece of code that lets Shopify owners track what users are doing and how well their ads are doing.

You also don’t have to change any code like you did before to add TikTok Pixel.

Once the TikTok app is set up on your Shopify store, adding TikTok Pixel is as easy as clicking one button.

Campaign Analytics

You can use the analytics you get from TikTok Pixel to make your advertising campaigns even better.

In the same way, it can also help you make more money by making it easier to figure out which ads are doing better.

Audience Targeting

TikTok lets you show ads to people based on where they live, how they act, and what kind of people they are.

This can help you narrow down your niche and find out what kind of people are most interested in your Shopify store.

In addition to the above features, TikTok and Shopify are also working hard to make it possible for users to browse and buy products directly from the TikTok app.

How do you Find Winning Products on TikTok to Dropship?

No matter how many ads you run or how much money you spend, your efforts will be for nothing if your products don’t appeal to the audience.

Browse Hashtags

Going to the search bar and looking through the hashtags p is the easiest way to find products on TikTok.

There, you can search for hashtags that are more general, like “#amazonfinds,” or for the names of specific products, like “posture corrector.”

Then, look at the list of hashtags to see how many people are talking about those products.

You can dropship the same products or find something similar that not many dropshippers are interested in.

Search for eCommerce Platforms

Again, use the search filter and type in the name of an online shopping site like AliExpress.

You could be looking at hundreds or even thousands of videos of people talking about different products.

You should keep in mind that you shouldn’t spend too much time on each video. Skim through them quickly. If you don’t, you’ll fall down the rabbit hole and waste hours without getting anywhere.

The ultimate guide to questions about dropshipping on Tiktok

Look for Latest Trends

As we already said, a lot of people in their 20s use TikTok. So keep an eye out for trends that young people like.

Think about the fidget spinner. Even though it was popular for a short time, you didn’t see many adults buying it.

At the same time, dropshippers made a lot of money off of selling fidget spinners.

So the product you choose doesn’t have to be complicated or special. It should be something that young people are interested in.

Our Ultimate FAQ Guide has more information about How to Find Dropshipping Products that Sell.

Common Tiktok Marketing Strategies for Dropshippers

Don’t worry if you can’t afford to run advertising campaigns.

You can also use these common marketing techniques to get the word out about your dropshipping business:

Hosting Livestreams

The way the TikTok algorithm works is strange, and you never know what videos it will choose. So putting on regular live streams can be a great way to get people’s attention.

But if you don’t have any good ideas, live streams may be a waste of your time. So, before you lead the session, make a plan for how you will keep people interested.

Influencer Marketing

One of the best ways to market your dropshipping business is through influencer marketing.

If the person has a lot of followers, it might be better than running ads. They can help you get instant traffic and promote your product(s).

Influencers also know how to get the attention of the people who are listening. They will make good content that will help people recognize your brand.

So, you could either talk to someone you know or direct message (DM) one of the many TikTok influencers who do paid PRs.

Giveaways & Contests

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Giving things away and holding contests are always good ways to get people’s attention.

When you combine fun giveaways with the hashtag challenge we talked about above, you have what it takes to go viral.

Common Mistakes People Make While Doing Dropshipping on TikTok

Compared to other social networks like Facebook and Instagram, TikTok is quite different.

It’s easy to make a mistake if you think that the same techniques will work on this platform as well.

This is why people often make the following mistakes when dropshipping on TikTok:

Neglecting the Visuals

Already, visuals are a big part of marketing. And on TikTok, there is even more at stake.

It already takes a lot of creativity to make video content. But your ideas will only get you so far if you don’t pay attention to how they look.

If you want your videos to go viral, everything about them, from the background to the quality of the video, needs to be great.

If you don’t, someone else is likely to copy your idea and take your customers by making it more interesting.


Most people don’t like long reads very much. Especially on a site like TikTok where people share videos.

This is where writing content that is interesting and clear comes in. You only have a few seconds to get your prospect’s attention when you’re trying to sell something.

So, from the first line on, you need to address what hurts them. Keep your posts short and to the point, and try to make an emotional connection with the people who read them.

Lack of Experimentation

A business needs to try new things in order to grow. On TikTok, something new is popular almost every day.

So, if you think your business has reached a plateau, try out some of these new ideas.

We aren’t asking you to change your product and start a new business. Instead, you can try using new ways to market your business.

Choice of Music

TikTok is based on the fact that music is one of the most important parts of making video content.

Make sure that the background music for a product ad fits with the type of people you’re trying to reach.

If you want to reach young people, include popular music like that at the top of the Billboard charts.

Insufficient Market Knowledge

As we said above, every day on TikTok there is something new that is popular. You need to keep an eye on these trends if you want your business to grow.

Look up recent hashtags and watch videos to find out what’s hot right now.

This also means keeping an eye on products that are popular for a short time. Even though they’re risky, they can help you make a lot of money quickly.

Lack of Creativity

As a dropshipper on TikTok, creativity is the single most important thing you need to do well.

It’s not easy to make a lot of short videos, but if you do it right, your brand can become well-known overnight.

So, if you can’t think of any creative ideas, we suggest you ask a professional marketing team for help.

Famous Products to Dropship on TikTok

TikTok is really hard to predict. A product can go viral with just one interesting video.

This is the case with the well-known products below:

A AGROSTE Leggings

Forget about plastic surgery, because magic leggings with a butt lift effect have taken over. You can find them in many different sizes and colors.

You can wear them to work out or to impress your partner with how much you’ve changed.

So remember that something as simple as leggings can go viral in an instant.

Have plans to dropship this item? Here is a list of the best dropshipping suppliers for leggings to get you started.

Sky High Mascara by Maybelline

People often think that dropshipping beauty products is risky. But this Maybelline mascara made everyone pay attention.

You can see for yourself why this product became so popular by watching the video and seeing how quickly it works.

LED String Lights by Daybetter

These cheap LED string lights are back in style. They are also called “TikTok lights.”

TikTokers often use them in their rooms while making videos that look good.

Not only are they easy to change, but you can also control them with a remote.

Glowing Ceiling Balls

No one could have predicted that these ceiling balls that glow in the dark would go viral.

People use them to help them relax and relieve stress. Watching the video will help you understand why.

When you touch these sticky balls, they make a fun sound, and they’re also pretty to look at.

Nosame Shower Head

The water filter on this showerhead is what made it so popular.

It protects your skin and hair from hard water with its filter and helps you get the look you want after a shower. Also, it makes the water pressure go up.

Finding products to sell is the hardest part of setting up a dropshipping store. And, as you may have noticed, even the strangest things can go viral.

So look at a longer list and let us help you figure out what to sell.

Final Thoughts

Dropshipping is a great thing to do on TikTok right now. Compared to other social media sites, it has less competition.

It also costs less to run ad campaigns, and TikTok Pro gives you free analytics to help you improve your marketing and increase your chances of success.