Dropshipping on WooCommerce is one of the most well-known ways to run an online business.

But dropshipping with WooCommerce can be harder than with Shopify, and you might need some technical knowledge to do it.

Because of this, we’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions about WooCommerce dropshipping. This guide should help you get your eCommerce store up and running and start growing it.

Let’s start!

What Is WooCommerce Dropshipping?

WooCommerce is an open-source plugin for WordPress sites that was made specifically for online stores.

So, you need to install the WooCommerce plugin, which you can then access from your WordPress dashboard.

What’s WooCommerce? Dropshipping
Dropshipping with WooCommerce is not a new idea, since this plugin is used by more than 4.4 million websites around the world.

WooCommerce is free to install and use for anyone who has a WordPress site. It will make your website work like an eCommerce store, letting you sell products, accept payments online, keep track of inventory, offer discounts, sync orders, etc.

Some of WooCommerce’s features are free, but you have to pay for others. But you can use different plugins, both free and paid, to make dropshipping with WooCommerce easier for you.

How to Build a WooCommerce Dropshipping Store?

If you’ve never built a WordPress site before, building a WooCommerce store might seem hard. Here are the steps you should take:

Build a WordPress Website

You need a WordPress website before you can build a WooCommerce dropshipping store.

If you don’t have a website yet, choose a domain name and hosting, and then install WordPress.

Set Up Your WooCommerce Store

After that, you can move on to installing the WooCommerce plugin. Next, you can set up your store and choose the WooCommerce settings you want from the dashboard of your WordPress site.

At this point, you’ll be able to choose your store’s location, currency, payment methods, shipping options, and so on.

Choose and Customize a Theme

When you’re done setting up your store, you’ll need to choose a theme that fits your brand and the way you want your store to work. Choose a theme, and then change it to fit your needs.

Choose a Theme and Change It
Elementor is a great drag-and-drop website builder that you can use if you’re not a developer.

Add Your Products

At last, you’ll have to start putting your products on the site. How you plan to get your products will determine whether you add products manually or automatically.

Get in touch with a dropshipping agent who has their own app to automate your listings if you work with one and you want to use it.

If you buy from AliExpress suppliers, you can use WooCommerce dropshipping plugins like WooDropship, AliDropship, Spocket, etc. to help you do this.

Install Optional Plugins

After you’ve added your products, you can check to see if you need other plugins for things like SEO, subscriptions, making different forms, etc.

And you’re all set! Now you need to think of ways to get people to know about your online store and products.

Check out this WooCommerce Mastery guide if you want to learn more about how to set up WooCommerce.

Is WooCommerce Dropshipping Better Than Shopify?

When it comes to WooCommers vs. Shopify, a lot of dropshippers have different ideas. Both have their pros and cons.

For example, Shopify is better for beginners because its backend is much easier to use and you don’t need to know much to set it up. Shopify handles both hosting and domain registration, which makes it super easy to use.

WooCommerce, on the other hand, can only be installed after you have a WordPress site with a registered domain and hosting.

But WooCommerce wins the battle when it comes to customization and free vs. paid features.

Shopify costs $29 per month, which is a flat rate. But this doesn’t include many of the things your store needs, so you’d have to pay more to upgrade your membership.

Is dropshipping with WooCommerce better than with Shopify?
On the other hand, installing WooCommerce is free, and even though some features may cost extra, it’s easy to find a free alternative.

Both platforms are good for dropshipping stores as a whole. If you’re just getting started, you might want to use Shopify. When you start to grow your business, you might find that WooCommerce is a better fit for you.

How Much Will WooCommerce Dropshipping Cost Me?

Installing and using the WooCommerce plugin is free. But you need a WordPress site first.

These are the costs associated with having a WordPress + WooCommerce online store:

$3 to $50 a month for hosting
Domain: approximately $15 a year
The only two costs that don’t change are hosting and domain. The rest of the options are not required:

You can choose between a free one and a paid one.
Shipping is free, flat-rate, or you can pick it up locally.
Payment gateways: Most, like WooCommerce Payments and PayPal, are free to use, but will charge you 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. Other: SEO plugins, mailing plugins, etc.
As you can see, the prices for WooCommerce can be cheap ($5 a month) or expensive, depending on which options you choose.

Is WooCommerce Dropshipping Cheaper Than Shopify?

The Ultimate FAQ Guide to WooCommerce Dropshipping

Yes, WooCommerce can be less expensive than Shopify.

But this depends on how much you use paid features and how much your hosting and domain name cost.

Is dropshipping on WooCommerce cheaper than on Shopify?
Since the plugin is free to install and use, you could even start a WooCommerce store for free. You would only have to pay for the domain name and hosting.

But as your online store grows, you may need features that aren’t included in the free plan.

What Are the Advantages of WooCommerce Dropshipping?

Some of the things that are good about dropshipping with WooCommerce are:

Best eCommerce plugin for WordPress sites, according to reviews;
It’s free to use and set up, and it gives you more control.
Better for making changes;
Hundreds of plug-ins and themes;
It’s easy to set up and run a store;
Might cost less than Shopify (depending on the paid add-ons you decide to use)

What Are the Disadvantages of WooCommerce Dropshipping?

Putting together a WooCommerce dropshipping store can also be difficult:

The WooCommerce plugin can only be added to a WordPress site;
You’re in charge of picking a host;
You are also in charge of registering your domain name;
Needs to know how to use WordPress or at least Elementor (which doesn’t require coding);
If you use a lot of paid plugins, it might cost you more than Shopify;

How Many Products Can a WooCommerce Dropshipping Website Handle?

In short, a lot! The long answer is that it depends on how strong your hosting is.

In general, there are WordPress and WooCommerce stores that can hold between 50,000 and 100,000 products with ease and still run very quickly.

How many products can a WooCommerce dropshipping site handle?
How well your store works with that many products will depend a lot on how you host it. Even if you start out with a shared hosting plan that works for you, you may need to switch to a better one as traffic grows.

What Are the Best WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugins?

Most likely, you’ll need a dropshipping plugin for your WooCommerce store if you want to use it for dropshipping.

With these plugins, you can connect to your supplier, find products, automate orders and listings, manage your stock and inventory, and do other things. Overall, you should try to automate as many tasks as you can.

AliDropship, WooDropship, DropshipMe, Spocket, and other plugins are some of the best dropshipping plugins that work well with WooCommerce.

How to Find Suppliers For My WooCommerce Dropshipping Store?

Every dropshipping business needs to find products to sell. Since we’re talking about dropshipping, you probably need suppliers who will also handle order fulfillment and shipping.

Most of the time, you have two ways to find suppliers for your WooCommerce store.

You can use AliExpress to find suppliers with a fulfillment center and then use a WooCommerce dropshipping app or a CSV file to bring their products into your store.
Or, you can work with a dropshipping and sourcing agent who has an app or plugin that works with WooCommerce;

Can a Dropshipping Agent Help Me With WooCommerce Dropshipping?

Absolutely! Many good dropshipping agents have apps that can automate your WooCommerce listings and orders from suppliers.

If you want to work with a dropshipping agent, make sure they meet these requirements:

They can get products straight from the makers;
They have warehouses in China and, if possible, the United States;
They offer private label, white label, and branded dropshipping services;
They offer a variety of shipping options based on where your customers live;
They have a fulfillment center and fill orders from all over the world;
They have a WooCommerce app or extension that works with your store;
When it comes to costs, they are open and honest;
They are easy to get in touch with and have good customer service.

How to Import Products to Your WooCommerceDropshipping Store?

You have a couple of options for bringing products from AliExpress, independent suppliers, and other sourcing websites into your WooCommerce store.

Built-In CSV File

Before you can import products from a CSV file, you’ll need to find a way to download the products from your preferred website and save them in CSV format (it can be an Excel file saved with a .csv extension).

You can either manually scrape information into a new CSV file or look for a way to automatically download product CSVs from Aliexpress.

WooCommerce’s prerequisites for CSV files are something you should investigate in advance. That way, you can prepare your file for import in exactly the way it needs to be prepared.

Incorporated CSV File
To import your file, navigate to WooCommerce > Products > Import in your WordPress dashboard. In order to import a.csv file, you must first map your products and double-check that the correct columns, data, and formatting are included.

Once you finish, click ‘Run the Importer’ and wait for it to end.

Third-Party Apps

In order to speed up the process of importing products to WooCommerce, an increasing number of dropshippers are turning to third-party apps and plugins.

If you work with a dropshipping agent, for instance, they might provide WooCommerce integration as part of their services.

You can use CJ Dropshipping, AliDropship, WooDropship, Ezusy, and many more to import products to your WooCommerce dropshipping store.

How to Import Products From Aliexpress to Your WooCommerce Dropshipping Store?

Either a.csv file containing the desired products exported from AliExpress or a third-party app can be used to import those products into your WooCommerce store.

CJ Dropshipping, AliDropship, WooDropship, and many others are just some of the third-party apps that automate WooCommerce Aliexpress dropshipping.

What Are the Best Themes for Your WooCommerce Dropshipping Store?

Storefront, Flatsome, Shopkeeper, Avada, Uncode, Davinci, Betheme, Craftekko, Handmade, Bronx, The Retailer, Shopper, WooStroid2, and so on are some of the most popular themes for WooCommerce online stores.

Which Themes Work Best for Your Dropshipping Store Built on WooCommerce?
If you’re running an online shop using WooCommerce, here are some things you should look for in a theme:

How mobile-friendly is the motif?
Is it simple to set up?
Can alterations be made quickly and simply to the theme?
Is the theme’s aesthetic suitable for your company’s image?
Can you get around the site quickly and easily?
What do other people say about it?
Will I receive regular maintenance and help in case of problems?

Why Is Hosting Important For My WooCommerce Dropshipping Store?

You probably know by now that in order to create a WooCommerce store, a WordPress website is required. In this context, hosting becomes relevant.

Hosting can make or break your online shop depending on how many products you sell and how many people visit your website.

For the time being, shared hosting may suffice. You’ll need to upgrade, though, once your shop’s popularity soars.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not just the volume of visitors or the volume of content that can overwhelm a website; it’s also the number of plugins you’ll need to run the site effectively.

I have a WooCommerce dropshipping store, but why is hosting so crucial?
Choosing the right host provider is crucial in WooCommerce dropshipping, as using a poor hosting solution can slow down even the most well-optimized website.

In Conclusion

Dropshipping with WooCommerce has its advantages and disadvantages, but it’s generally a cheap way to launch an online store.

WooCommerce dropshipping may seem complicated at first, but you don’t need any special skills to get started. You need not hire an expensive programmer at all.

There are currently available tools that allow you to create a functional website using a drag-and-drop editor with minimal technical expertise or financial outlay.

Choose a hosting package and register a domain name to get things rolling. WooCommerce is a free plugin that can be easily installed on a WordPress site. A fully functional WooCommerce store can be set up in a matter of days.