Putting together a Shopify store takes time. Yes, it’s simple, but there’s so much to do. What happens is that you work on your store for weeks.

If you make $15 per hour and it took you 50 hours to build your Shopify store, that means you spent $750 worth of your time. You would have been better off asking someone else to build it for you. If you did overtime for 50 hours, you would have made money.

Today, I’ll tell you about seven Shopify developers that cost less than $100. At the end of this article, you can decide which one fits your needs best and then order a Shopify store from that person.

The Best Shopify Programmers For Less Than 100
The Best Shopify Programmers For Less Than 100

Dilhan 88

This is a Level 2 seller with 189 reviews and a perfect score. Dilhan does more than just run a Shopify store. He also fixes bugs and broken links.

Here are some of the things that Dilhan can do for you:

  • Fixing Bugs: If you already have a Shopify store and there are a lot of mistakes, you can ask him to find out why these mistakes are happening. He will write code to fix them, which is something you can’t even expect from most Shopify app developers.
  • Adding New Features: Dilhan is a developer and a coder. You can ask him to do special things in your Shopify store, as long as they are easy. Change the color of some borders if you don’t know how to do it from the backend is an example of this.
  • Store Build: If you don’t already have a Shopify store, Dilhan will start from scratch and build one for you. Just give him your Shopify login information so he can log in and do the work for you.

Dilhan has three types of services to offer. With these three packages, you don’t have to start from scratch to make a Shopify store.

  • Basic: This plan will cost you $30. The main goal of this plan is to fix bugs in the store. Before you buy this service, you have to talk to him first so he can see if he can fix the bug. This will be done in only two days, and the design can be changed and bugs fixed on only two pages.
  • Standard: This package costs $60 and will be sent in four days. He will fix up to five pages.
  • Premium: This one costs $100, and he will start from scratch and build your store. The most pages you can have is six, and it also includes designing the content and uploading the content.

No matter what package you buy, you will get the source code.

One important thing about Dilhan is that you have to talk to him first before you can start a project. This is wonderful. You and Dilhan will work together to figure out what you need, instead of him just doing it on his own.

If you don’t do this, your project will just take longer than it should. The worst thing that can happen is that you change your mind in the middle of the process and he has to start over.

Penta 25

Another Level 2 seller is Penta25, which has a rating of 4.9 out of 264 reviews. He knows a lot about Shopify dropshipping and can build your Shopify store from the ground up. He will even open and run your store for you.

Penta has been dropshipping for a very long time. He offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will help you with any problems for the rest of your life. He is easy to work with, and he treats each Shopify store as if it were his own.

In general, you can expect the following:

  • Unique store
  • Premium template
  • Site that is fast and made for mobile devices
  • Site logo
  • Website that changes to fit different screens

If you buy his most expensive plan, he will also give you a guide to marketing your store.

These are the things he does:

  • Basic: It costs $40, and he will put 20 winning products in your store. The items are ready to sell, and you’ll even get a logo for free. The delivery will take seven days, and he will also help you. This package has a responsive design, a maximum of four pages, and six extensions and plug-ins. It will take seven days to send the package.
  • Standard: This plan costs $75 and comes with 8 pages and 30 products that you can sell. It also comes with 20 days of support and eight plug-ins. A payment gateway is already set up as part of this package. He will only take four days to bring this store to you.
  • Premium: This plan costs $140 and includes integration with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. The store has on-page SEO, and you can get help for life. This package has 50 products, 10 extensions, and 10 pages.

Overall, Penta gives you a Shopify store that is already set up and ready to go. Also, he will only add items that are popular at the moment.

All of the pages have a responsive theme, and he will make sure that your store works well on mobile devices. It is not clear if you will choose the extensions or plugins or if he will do it for you.

Before you can work with Penta, you need to get in touch with him so you can talk about the project. He calls this a “consultation.”

Abaik Solutions

With 88 reviews and a rating of 5 stars, Abaik Solutions is a Level 1 seller. His real name is Munwar, and since 2013, he has been a dropshipping expert for Shopify. He gives free support, does good work, and gets it done on time.

For this service, he is willing to:

  • Theme Installation: He won’t just put in a theme for you; he’ll also change it to fit your needs.
  • Header And Footer: He will set up both your store’s header and footer.
  • Page Set-Up: He will upload the content for your store’s default pages, like “About us,” “Contact Us,” and others. You can tell him to use templates, or you can give him your own.
  • Shipping: He will set up your store’s shipping options.
  • Collections And Products: The store also has categories and products that you can start selling.

Just like the other sellers, Munwar sells three packages.

  • Basic – costs $90. At this rate, you’ll get ten products and two pages. The service includes making changes to the design. He will also upload your content and set up the way people pay for things. This comes with one extension as well. The delivery time is two days, and you can make as many changes as you want.
  • Standard: $120 for this package. The store you get has 25 items on five pages. The package includes the ability to change the design and upload content. You will have a way to get paid, and you can ask him to install up to three apps.
  • Premium: This one has seven pages and costs $200. He will put 50 products on the store, and he will also let you change the way they look. In as little as four days, the store will be delivered. You can ask him to install up to three apps, and he will also add a payment gateway for your store.

The basic package is the only one of his that doesn’t have a payment gateway. Also, you may have noticed that the page count and the number of products are the main things that are different. If you already know how to add pages or products, you should buy the basic package.

But if you really want a big store with lots of products that’s ready to sell, you’ll need to get the Premium package.


HumZam doesn’t just build stores on Shopify; he can also do it on WordPress. He is a Level 2 seller, and out of 111 surveys, he got a 4.9 rating.

You will get the following:

  • Maintenance and advice are free of charge.
  • 100% satisfaction he’ll give you your money back if you’re not happy.
  • Making something from nothing
  • Re-designing your store

His service includes everything you need to build a website. He is flexible and can make changes to your store if you want. He can set up your store on WordPress, Wix, and Shopify. He not only knows how to build stores, but also how to fix bugs.

Before you ask him to build your store, make sure you know what platform you want to use. You don’t want to change your mind after the project has already begun.

If you already have a store and it isn’t working right, just send him a chat message and he will tell you if he can fix it or not. His service also comes with a landing page and a way to accept payments.

HumZam has three different packages:

  • Basic: This one only costs $10 and comes with a “coming soon” page. With this package, you get 10 products, and your store is ready to sell. He will also put up content and use a responsive theme. There is only one page in the store, but he will also install one app.
  • Standard: This package will cost you $55 and give you a store with 5 pages. With this package, he will change the theme to suit your needs and give you 10 products. This store is already set up and can take payments, but you will need to add your own payment gateway. You can also ask him to put five plug-ins on the computer.
  • Premium: This will cost you $110 and give you 10 pages for your store. It has SEO stock images and a section for a blog, but there are no blog posts. The store is ready, just like the rest, and you will be able to add 20 products to it. He will also put up to 10 apps on your phone.

HumZam is great because he is willing to lower the price of his services. If you don’t have much money, you should talk to him about a fair price. The number of products could also change, of course.

Creative Hands

You can get a Shopify store from this provider for as little as $25. His rating as a Level 2 seller is 4.9 out of 135 reviews.

In his job, he wants clients to tell him more about the project before he does anything else. This keeps jobs from being done twice and clears up any confusion. He has good designs, and he will also look into products that sell well.

Here’s a summary of what he has to say:

  • Menus in the header and footer
  • Bringing in goods
  • Research on a product
  • Setting up the menu’s navigation
  • Great website design
  • Images that are clean and have a high resolution
  • Set up a page with things like Contact Us and Order Tracking.
  • Installing an app
  • Your online store needs a logo and banners.
  • Banners
  • Setting up a payment gateway
  • Costs of shipping
  • Social media integration
  • Live talk

All of the sites he makes can be used on phones. He only uses themes that work well with mobile devices.

Like the others, this seller has three packages.

  • Basic – costs $25. With this package, your store will be ready in three days. The store is ready to sell five apps and 15 other things. You can also make as many changes as you want.
  • Standard: This one costs $50 and takes three days to arrive. With this package, your store will have six apps, and Facebook pixel will be built in. The package comes with a logo and 25 different items.
  • Premium: This one costs $100 and comes with 50 winning items. You can also make as many changes as you want. In four days, this package will be sent out. It also has a logo, 10 apps, and the Facebook pixel built in.

Before he can add the Pixel, he needs to set up his ad account. Once you have that, you can use your Facebook admin pages to find the pixel code that he needs to install.

All of his services are the same in what they offer. The difference is in the apps and the number of products that can be uploaded. You can pay him $525 to set up your Shopify store, or you can keep building it on your own.

If you want the stores faster, you can always buy an add-on that tells the seller to put your project at the top of the list. For an extra $30, you can have the store delivered in as little as two days instead of three.


Even though this seller is only level 1, they have a perfect rating with 68 reviews. He is a pro at building Shopify stores and knows how to make what you want happen.

He has been building Shopify stores for a total of three years. Let’s look at what he does as part of his services:

  • Dropshipping with automation
  • Product research and choosing a market niche
  • Popular items that are in style
  • How to Use Shopify: A Premium Guide
  • A marketing guide to help you sell
  • Your store’s logo
  • If you don’t like the store, you can get unlimited changes.
  • Responsive designs
  • Optimization for speed so that your site is quick

In automated dropshipping, he will use plug-ins so that the supplier no longer has to fulfill the order. Once the customer buys the item, the order will be sent to the seller automatically.

Now, let’s look at the three packages he’s offering:

  • Basic: This one costs $10 and comes with four pages and 25 products for your shop. The store also has a way to pay, and you will be able to choose from four apps. In two days, this store will be sent to you.
  • Standard: This will cost you $60 and have six pages. This one comes with 50 products, and you’ll also get a logo. There are six apps in the store, and you can also upload your own content. This package will be sent to you in two days. This can only be changed up to four times.
  • Premium: This one costs $110 and gives you a store that is fully automated. The package comes with eight pages, a Shopify guide, and a marketing guide. You can also ask the seller to help you set up the payment gateway. This package has 80 items and eight apps.

Only the Premium package comes with unlimited changes. Also, the marketing and Shopify guides are only available if you pay $60. If you want the store to come faster, you have to pay an extra $10 to $30.


You can ask ShopNinja to build your Shopify store for as little as $20. He knows how to pick products that people want, and he has built enough stores to know what to do. 36 people have given him a score of 5 stars.

He is an expert at building dropshipping stores, and he gets his products from Alibaba, Amazon, Printful, and DHGate, among other places.

You can expect the following from his services:

  • Modern design
  • Store that works well and loads quickly
  • Products that were carefully researched
  • Make a brand for your store.
  • Collection pages
  • Sliders and pictures of products
  • Banners made just for your store

When the project is done and given to you, you get a store that is ready to go. You don’t have to talk to this seller like you do with the other developers. You can ask him to start on your project right away.

Here are his store’s packages:

  • Simple, and it costs $20. With this package, you’ll have a store that looks professional and is ready to sell 20 items. The titles of the products are also SEO-friendly. The store only has four pages, but it has three apps, a way to make payments, and a way for you to add content to your pages.
  • Standard: This one costs $50 and comes with 30 ready-to-sell products. It has six pages, and you’ll be able to add five apps. Your store has a payment gateway and all the products have names that are good for SEO, just like the first project.
  • Premium The last package, which is “premium,” costs $100. This store has 40 items on 10 pages and 10 apps on 10 pages. It also has a payment gateway, and the titles of your products are made for SEO. At this price, you get a premium theme and stock images with a high resolution.

If you buy the premium theme, you will also get a guide on how to market your store. All of the designs are made to fit your needs, and you’ll also get apps to help increase the number of people who buy from your store.

This seller doesn’t offer customer service after the sale like some of the others. But this seller lets you make as many changes as you want, no matter what package you buy. If you don’t like the design, just let the seller know and he will change it.

Working with him and setting up project meetings is the best way to handle this. You need to keep an eye on his progress as he works, and if he needs to make any changes, you can ask him to do so before he moves on.



One of the best things you can do for your business is to hire outside help. You let someone else do it for you so you don’t have to. You now have more time to work on more important parts of your business, like marketing and getting new customers.

Check out the seven Shopify developers I think you should hire. All of them do what they do well. Before you order, you should talk to them and make sure they understand what you want. Don’t do business with someone if you don’t know what you’ll get for your money.