If you want to find the best WordPress Email Marketing plugins to keep your audience informed, build brand awareness, and keep them interested, you’re in the right place.

Marketing has always been about getting your business more attention. Because the internet is so easy to get to these days, you need to market to your audience where they really spend their time, which is on the internet.

The Best Plugins for Email Marketing on WordPress and WooCommerce
The Best Plugins for Email Marketing on WordPress and WooCommerce

Email marketing is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to market online. So, especially for eCommerce businesses, it should be one of the most important parts of your marketing campaigns.

Since WordPress has more than 58,000 plugins, it takes a lot of work to figure out which ones really help and which ones are just hype.

The best plugins for email marketing

  • Newsletter is a good email marketing plugin to start with on WordPress. The plugin makes it easy for users to take care of almost everything related to email marketing, such as building an email list, making email templates, and tracking data about email campaigns. With more than 300,000 active installations and 764 5-star reviews, it’s clear that many users like it and recommend it.

What’s important:

No limits on the number of subscribers or newsletters
Adds a contact form to your website so you can grow your email list.
Integration with Google Analytics for powerful tracking and tracking to links
Easy and straightforward way to make beautiful layouts for your emails.
Price of WooCommerce Integration:

There is a basic version that is free. At the moment, the premium version costs $65 per year. They also say they will give money back within 30 days.

Email Subscribers & Newsletters

  • Email Subscribers & Newsletters is a solution for email marketing that has everything you need. This plugin’s free version is so complete and powerful that it’s almost as good as the ones you have to pay for. It gives you all the tools you need to set up email campaigns and keep your audience interested. It is one of the most popular plugins for email marketers who want to focus on growing their audience. What’s even better? Most of the plugins on the market are more expensive than their advanced plans.

What’s important:

You can have as many contacts, posts, lists, and forms as you want.
Offers both a single opt-in and a double opt-in for the subscription box.
Notifications and sequences can be automated.
Advanced settings for safety and keeping the list clean
Help with integrating WooCommerce Cost:

Most of the features are already included in their free plan, but you can also choose between the Starter plan and the Pro plan. The cheapest of these plans costs $6.5 a month.


  • MailPoet is a free plugin for WordPress that lets you send as many emails as you want if your email list has less than 1,000 people on it. The plugin works well with WordPress, so you can do everything you need to do for email marketing from your WP admin page. The plugin also has a number of well-designed email templates that help users make emails that look great on all devices.

What’s important:

Send unlimited emails
Use the newsletter sign-up form on your website to start your own mailing list.
Use the WordPress dashboard to take full control of your email marketing.
Automation of sending emails on a schedule
Statistics about your email campaigns in detail
WooCommerce users can use advanced features

If you have less than 1,000 subscribers, it is free. If you have more subscribers than the limit, the price changes.


  • When it comes to email marketing, Sendinblue is definitely one of the big names. If you are already using Sendinblue’s service, you should not hesitate to add this plugin to your website. After the plugin is connected to the Sendinblue account, users can easily run their email campaigns from the WordPress dashboard.

What’s important:

Build emails from scratch with a drag-and-drop builder
Put a sign-up form on your website to get more people on your list.
Setting for advanced segmentation so that campaigns can be sent to a more specific audience
Automating your marketing message and how you divide your audience
Real-time dashboard for tracking your email campaign’s data and results Price:

The plugin itself doesn’t cost anything. But there is a fee for Sendinblue’s service. There is a free plan that lets you send up to 300 emails per day. The cost of more advanced plans ranges from $25/mo to $599/mo, depending on the plan you choose and how many emails you want to send.


  • This is the plug-in that Mailchimp recommends. Mailchimp is the world’s largest email marketing service, and it gives users a number of tools to help them build their eCommerce marketing strategy. The plugin connects your website to your MailChimp account, making it easier for people to grow their audience. After you install the plugin on your website, information about your customers and what they’ve bought will be sent automatically to your Mailchimp account. From there, you can make your targeted email campaigns.

What’s important:

Sync data to your Mailchimp audience list automatically
When people sign up on your website, it adds them to your MailChimp account.
Marketing automation includes sending emails to users who have items left in their shopping carts to remind them to buy them.
Show off product suggestions
Sort contacts into groups based on what they’ve bought Price:

This plugin is also totally free, just like Sendinblue. But Mailchimp users have to choose between the plans they offer. Mailchimp has a free plan, but it only lets you reach up to 2,000 people and has only the most basic features. Depending on how many contacts you have, the cost to upgrade to a more advanced plan ranges from $9.99/mo to $299/mo.


  • HubSpot is a plugin that gives users all the marketing tools they need to help their business grow. With this plugin, it’s easy to turn new visitors into customers and keep track of all the marketing data you need to grow your business. Some of the marketing tools are CRM, email marketing, live chat and chatbots, ad management, reporting, forms, and many more.

What’s important:

Live chat and chatbots are great ways to keep customers interested and happy.
Use a drag-and-drop builder in WordPress to make email newsletters for marketing automation.
Offers CRM and contact management to make it easy for users to keep track of their contacts through methods like segmentation.
With built-in analytics, sales and marketing actions can be tracked.
Make beautiful forms and popups and put them on your website. Price:

Starter, Professional, and Enterprise plans for HubSpot start at $45/month, $800/month, and $3200/month, respectively. The starter plan, which costs $45 a month, includes 1,000 marketing contacts. As you add more contacts, the price will go up.

So there you go! We hope you enjoy this article and can use it to make changes to your website that will help you market your business better.

Use these must-have plugins and have fun!