You have to put out video ads if you have a store. You also need to make a video that will go in a slider at the top of your home page. You will usually shoot this video, but you will need some serious video editing skills to make it look great.

If you want to learn how to edit videos, it will take you some time to get good at it. You should hire someone else to do a project like this. Today, I’ll tell you about the best Fiverr services I know for editing videos online.

The Best Places To Edit Your Videos Online So You Can Do It Quickly
The Best Places To Edit Your Videos Online So You Can Do It Quickly


This seller is Top-Rated on Fiverr because 8,447 reviews have given them a perfect score. He does such a great job editing videos that they could be shown on TV.

You can expect the following from this seller:

  • Make the video file in any format.
  • Keep the quality of the video high, up to 4K.
  • Provide room for revision
  • Make a file for you in the cloud.

He will not only fix the quality of your video, but he will also add special effects to it. He has three gigs that are all different in price and what they offer.

Here’s what he does:

  • Basic: $50, and it will be sent to you in five days. This one has three possible changes.
  • Standard: $150, with a seven-day deadline and up to five changes.
  • Premium: $500, with delivery in ten days and no more than nine changes.

All of these gigs have the same services included. Color grading, sound mixing and graphics, and motion graphics are some of these. The main differences are how long it takes to deliver and how many changes can be made.

He can edit wedding photos, videos from drones, aerial shots, commercials, and even birthday videos. He can also do editing, intros, and outros with a green screen.

For your project to go well, you need to talk to him first before you place an order. You should know exactly what you want to happen in your video. If you can, you have to show examples of the kinds of videos you want to copy. If you are picky about the software for making videos, you should know that he uses Premiere Pro CC and DaVinci Resolve. He also cuts and puts together videos with Sony Vegas.

Elwood Hall

Elwood is the second person on our list. He is a Level 1 video editor who has gotten a perfect score from 38 clients. Elwood is so good at editing videos that he can do things like the opening of Jurassic Park.

Here are some things you can count on from Elwood:

  • A unique video that makes you think
  • Making trailers, openings, and endings in 4K resolution
  • Effects on the eyes and moving pictures
  • Mixing sounds and making sounds
  • Video color grading

Here’s what he does:

  • Basic: $200, and it will arrive in three days. This editing is for a final video that will be one minute long. You can send him videos that are up to 30 minutes long, but the final version will only be one minute long. You can ask for as many as two changes.
  • Standard: $450, and it will be sent to you in four days. The end result for this one is a 3-minute video. You can send him up to an hour’s worth of video, and he will let you make up to three changes.
  • Premium: $600, and it will be sent to you in five days. This job is for a long-form video, which is great for short films. You can send him up to 90 minutes of raw video, but he will only make a 5-minute video out of it.

All of his jobs involve color grading, subtitles, motion graphics, and mixing sound. Elwood is a skilled worker. He has made trailers for both digital videos and videos that are shown on TV. He has made ads for movies like Jurassic World 2, American Made, and Atomic Blonde on social media.

Carter Gustin

Carter is getting better and better at Fiverr. His services for editing sports videos are great. He is a rising star, so he doesn’t have a rating yet.

Carter is a video editor who knows that each of our lives is different. He is willing to work with you to make videos that both of you are happy with. He wants to make you the best video possible at a fair price.

Here’s what he does:

  • Simple: $100 for delivery in seven days. You can give him up to 15 minutes of footage for this gig. The great thing about this is that the final video will be no longer than three minutes. But subtitles and graphics that move don’t come with this gig.
  • Standard: $300, and it will be sent to you in seven days. You can send him up to 30 minutes of video, and he will make a 10-minute video out of it all. There are subtitles, but there are no moving pictures. You can only make two changes.
  • Premium: $600, with a seven-day delivery time. You can send him 180 minutes of video for this gig, and he will turn it into 60 minutes of video. This would be great for a movie, and it already has subtitles and graphics that move.

Color grading and sound mixing are part of all of the gigs. Before you order a project from him, you must tell him that you want a video introduction or ending.

He is also a professional cinematographer, which is different from video editing. He has been taking pictures and making videos for a long time, and this is his full-time job.


This video editor is a Pro Seller and has a Top-Rated rating. The company’s real name is Life of Media. They have a perfect rating on Fiverr, where 34 customers have left feedback.

Here is what they offer:

  • Basic: $550, and it will arrive in three days. You can send in 15 minutes of video with this package, but the final video will only be one minute long. It doesn’t have any animations or subtitles.
  • Standard: $950, and it will be sent to you in four days. Up to 30 minutes of video can be sent. You will end up with a three-minute video. This gig also doesn’t have any subtitles or motion graphics. You can make up to two changes.
  • Premium: $1,990, and it will be sent to you in five days. You can send in up to 45 minutes of video, but the video will only run for five minutes. This one has graphics that move and subtitles.

Color grading, sound mixing, and design are all part of all of their jobs. If you want to make as many changes as you want, you have to buy the premium package.

Experts in both videography and motion graphics are on the team. They also know how to combine sounds and change them. They can use thousands of pieces of stock music and videos. Since they are all licensed, you don’t have to worry about using them without permission.

Before you can order, you have to talk to the staff. You can talk to them through either Zoom or Skype. Once you send them a message, they will give you this information.

Ammar Khan

Ammar has a perfect score and is a Level 2 video editor. He has 114 reviews right now. He wants all of his clients to be happy, and he promises that the video you get will be of high quality.

What he does is:

  • Video editing and production after the fact
  • Music was added to the video.
  • Video editing that is unique to YouTube
  • Graphics in motion and getting rid of a green screen

Here’s what he does:

  • Basic costs $35 and takes three days to arrive. The final product is a two-minute-long video. You can make as many changes as you want, but only for sound design and mixing.
  • Standard: $100, and it will be sent to you in six days. The video runs for a total of two minutes. You can get color correction, sound design, and subtitles here.
  • Premium: $485, and it will arrive in ten days. Color grading, motion graphics, subtitles, and sound mixing are all included in this gig.

All of his gigs come with unlimited changes. But he didn’t say how long your video clips can be. Before you order, you have to talk to him about the project. After you’ve talked about what the end result will look like, you can place an order.

Ammar’s services for editing videos are best for people who want to put ads on YouTube or other sites. All of the videos he makes are two minutes long, so you can use them for funny clips or to promote your business.

Sheppard Media

This person is a Level 2 video editor who has gotten 4.9 out of 5 stars from 411 feedback reviews. This isn’t all that bad. Sheppard works as a free agent in Germany. He has worked in the fields of graphic arts and video editing for a long time.

Here’s what he does:

  • Simple: $25 for a minute of finished video. You can send him 15 minutes of video that he will cut together. This service will be done in a day’s time. But this is just basic video editing. It doesn’t include adding motion graphics, subtitles, or adjusting the color.
  • Standard: $75, and it will be sent to you in two days. You can send him 3 minutes of video, and he will turn it into a 2 minute video. This includes adjusting the colors and mixing the sounds, but not motion graphics or subtitles.
  • Premium: $110, and it will arrive in three days. This is the all-inclusive package. You can send him 45 minutes of footage, and he’ll make a video that runs for only 3 minutes.

Sheppard is very skilled. He knows how to change the color of a video, do basic editing, and add film effects. He can also add sound effects and music to your video. He is willing to do any kind of work. If you are using a green screen, he can change the background by editing it.

Sheppard is a good choice if you want a video that you can use for ads. His work is cheap, and he is easy to work with. You can ask him to add a 3D logo to your video, make some animations, or even make a short film if that is your hobby or business.

Nosh Media

Nosh Media is an up-and-coming company that has only worked with one customer so far. She has a portfolio on Fiverr, and it looks like her services are good.

Here are her gigs:

  • Basic: A video with a one-minute ending costs $5. This will arrive in seven days. She is new, so it takes a while, but this job already includes editing sound.
  • Standard: A video that runs for two minutes costs $100. This package includes adjusting the color, mixing the sound, and adding subtitles. In seven days, she will give birth. In addition to the usual services, she will do text, animations, and add music.
  • Premium: $200 for a video that runs for three minutes. The shipping takes seven days, and you’ll get a full package. This job of editing videos involves adding a voiceover and even making someone else appear in the video.

Nosh Media makes videos that explain things. She does not, however, make whiteboard animations. Online stores that sell physical goods are her target market. People who have a Shopify store are most likely to use her services.

She wants you to send her a sample of your product if you decide to work with her. On top of that, you have to send us any extra materials you want to use in your video.

GLS Moxan

This seller has a high score. With 2,348 reviews, GLS Moxan has been given a perfect score. At the time this was written, he had 18 orders waiting for him.

Moxan has a way to place an order. You must first get in touch with him. You need to tell him what you want to do, and he needs to know if he can help you reach your goal. You also have to give him the video clips from your video. This will help him figure out how good he can make your video.

Here’s what he does:

  • Simple: $20 for a simple task of editing a video. He will give it to me in three days, and the color grading will be done. But you won’t be able to see moving pictures or hear sounds.
  • Standard is $85 and takes five days to arrive. You’ll get color grading, sound mixing, and motion graphics with this gig. You can ask him to add graphics, text, and music. This also includes the beginning of videos.
  • Premium: $200, and it will arrive in five days. There are already subtitles on this.

It is not clear how many minutes you will get. So, you have to talk to him before you place an order. All of his gigs let you ask for as many changes as you want.

This service provider is the best. He is the kind of caretaker who knows that this is hard work. This is why he wants you to get in touch with him first. He needs to figure out if he can do what you want.

Astar Pictures

Last on my list is a Level 1 video editor with a perfect rating. She has 22 feedback surveys right now. Astar promises to provide a service for editing videos that is quick and done in a very professional way. She pays attention to every little thing, and she will make what you want into something that people can watch. She’ll make your video dreams come true.

Here’s what he does:

  • Simple: $200 for delivery in three days. In this gig, you can send as much video footage as you want, but the final video will only be one minute long. This includes adjusting the color and sound, but not adding motion graphics or subtitles.
  • Standard: $275, and delivery takes three days. Here, you get everything that comes with the Basic package, plus motion graphics. The video can only play for a maximum of two minutes.
  • Price: $350 for delivery over seven days. The whole video you get will run for four minutes. There are subtitles on this one.

Astar has been working in this field for at least 10 years. Alexandra is her real name, and she has a degree in film production. She also writes music, and she loves to use music to make videos that make people feel something. Alexandra doesn’t have any preferences about the videos she makes. She can make YouTube videos, tutorials, introductions, endings, and a whole lot more.



Putting together a video takes a lot of time. It’s hard, which is why making movies and ads costs a lot of money. Your time would be much better spent marketing and taking care of your customers than learning how to do it yourself.

Here are nine things I think you should do. Each one is good at something different. Some can make animations, and some can also start and end your video. Ask them questions before you order, and make sure you understand what they want and what you should do.