We all know that selling the right product is one of the keys to success in dropshipping, but it’s never easy to do.

Even worse, even after going through a lot of trouble to find the product you think will go viral, you still have to spend more time looking for the right supplier for that product.

How to Look for a Good Item to Sell

You can find the item you want to sell in a number of ways.


On Amazon, it’s easy to look at the products that are popular right now. You can get ideas from sections like “customers’ most-loved,” “current customers’ most-loved,” “popular deal,” and so on.

Also, the number of reviews for a product can be a great way to figure out how many people have bought it.

Apps like SellTheTrend and AdSpy can be used.

You can find winning products that haven’t already flooded the market by using niche scraping software or dropshipping product research software.

Niche Scrapers, SellTheTrend, Dropship Spy, and AliShark are some of the biggest names in this kind of software.

There are also apps like AdSpy, PowerAdSpy, and BigSpy that let you spy on your competitors’ ads to find out what their best-selling products are. These apps use a similar but slightly different method.

How to Look for a Provider

Once you know what you want to sell, you can search for it on AliExpress using a keyword and then import it.

Kimono is a good example.

Find a seller of the Kimono you like, then bring it into the country.

Hot Products on Aliexpress
Hot Products on Aliexpress

Check out this page to find out more about how to bring products.

Or, use Find Suppliers feature to see if you can find a supplier for the product you want to sell.

On the left side, click on Find Suppliers.


Supplier finder is meant to make it easier for you to find the best supplier for your product.

Find out more about the Supplier finder!

So there you go! We hope that you enjoy using Find Suppliers and Supplier finder, and we wish you the best of luck in finding the product and supplier that will help you make more money. Happy dropshipping !