If you use AliExpress for dropshipping, you probably know that shipping times can be long. Even worse, products are shipping even slower now because of shipping delays and problems with the supply chain.

But your customers won’t have to wait more than two weeks to get their products.

If you’re serious about starting a dropshipping business and want to keep your customers happy, you should offer the best shipping method with fast shipping times. So, in this article, we’ll talk about some dropshipping tips for finding products on AliExpress that ship quickly.

How To Ship Things Quickly On AliExpress?

AliExpress’s fast shipping can help your dropshipping store in many ways.

If you’re going to sell things from AliExpress, one of the most important things for a successful dropshipping store or e-commerce business is to sell things that ship quickly.

Here are some of the most important reasons why you should make sure your products ship quickly.

Customers have a better time when they shop.

Let’s be honest. Most customers don’t want to wait more than two weeks to get their products, especially when other sites offer two-day shipping. This can cause customers to ask questions, which can slow down your customer service channels. Because of this, customers must get their orders quickly, usually within a week or less.

It cuts down on cart abandonment and incomplete checkouts.

A long shipping time is one of the main reasons why your customers won’t finish their purchase. Some customers might see the estimated delivery date when they’re checking out, and if it’s more than 2 weeks away, that usually makes them decide not to buy.

It makes customers more loyal and happy.

For a dropshipping business to be successful, it needs customers who buy from it again and again. To keep your customers happy, it’s very important to ship your products quickly. Customers will keep coming back to buy from you if they like your products and can always get them on time.

Boosts sales and the rate of conversion

Every customer wants their items to be sent out as soon as possible. Almost no one wants to have to wait weeks for their goods to arrive. Customers look for fast shipping times when they read reviews of a store or check the price and details of an item. If you have a product that ships in 3 to 7 business days, your sales and conversion rates will definitely go up.

Getting more attention and good reviews

Eventually, AliExpress sellers who use the best shipping methods and ship their items quickly will be known. This will make your customers happy, and if they’re happy with your products and delivery times, they’ll tell other people about it. When you start your online store, it should be important to use AliExpress products that can be shipped quickly.

How to Make AliExpress Shipping Times Quick

You can use a filter on AliExpress to find local sellers with fast shipping times.

The easiest way to find things on AliExpress that ship more quickly is to filter for local AliExpress suppliers.

You just need to click on “ship from” and choose the country where you want the products to be sent.

So, for instance, let’s say that the people you want to sell to are all in the US. You just filter out products that are being shipped from within the US. So, you’ll get a list of products from sellers with locations in that country.

Even though some products might be listed in the US, you should double-check the delivery times because not all suppliers are honest and inventory levels can change.

Most AliExpress suppliers are in China, but they have warehouses and fulfillment centers in the US. But inventory levels might not be the same in Chinese warehouses in the U.S., so you should check with each supplier to make sure inventory levels are up to date.

Find the best shipping method for your country on AliExpress.

When you order things from AliExpress, you’ve probably seen that there are different ways to ship them.

Most AliExpress shipping methods give you an idea of how long it will take to get your package, but these times can vary a lot. Because of this, you should always try out different methods to see which one works best for your country.

For instance, if you have more than one shipping method that all have the same range of delivery times. You might want to try ordering the product both ways to see which one gets the product to you faster.

This can also save you money, since sometimes the most expensive option isn’t the best one.

Test several suppliers to find the one with the fastest shipping method and processing time.

With so many suppliers offering the same product, trying out different suppliers is a great way to find products with faster shipping and processing times.

Processing time is important because it shows how quickly the order will be filled by the supplier before the product is sent out. Local suppliers might use different shipping methods, but if they process orders slowly, your customers will still have to wait longer for their orders to arrive.

Send a message to your AliExpress supplier before you buy something from them.

Another way to get products shipped faster is to contact the supplier directly.

Most of the time, getting to know a supplier and asking a few questions will help you figure out how long it will take for them to ship.

One good way to do this is to tell the supplier that you’ll be dropshipping and to tell them where you’re from and what you want. T But what I mean is that a buyer will be able to tell you right away if they can meet your needs.

You might even be able to get discounts on your orders and use different shipping methods to get your items faster.

TIP: Ask your suppliers directly if you can put your brand name on their products. This can help you get more customers and make more sales.

Use alternatives to Aliexpress

If you’re not sure about buying from AliExpress sellers or can’t find fashioning times for what you want, you can easily find great AliExpress alternatives to buy what you need.

Whether your audience is in the US or the EU, the options below can help you find products that are right for them.

Spocket –

A great alternative with suppliers in the US and EU who can ship products quickly. Spocket now lets you import products from AliExpress with their import tool. Spocket is a great place to look for products that can be sent to you quickly.

Printful –

Offers a wide range of products that can be printed on demand and shipped quickly.

SaleHoo –

Salehoo is a great alternative to AliExpress if you want to buy something you can’t find on AliExpress. Salehoo gives you access to more than 25 million products and some of the most reliable dropshipping suppliers.

Alibaba –

Alibaba is where almost all of the items on AliExpress come from. Alibaba has almost an infinite number of products that you can buy directly from the manufacturer or distributor.

Global Brands –

Another great option for wholesalers and dropshipping suppliers you can trust. One of the most trustworthy companies that sells certified and brand-name products directly from wholesalers.

Doba –

A lot of different wholesalers can find fast shipping drop ship products on this site. Doba also handles all the suppliers and makes sure the products are always up-to-date.



When you choose AliExpress suppliers for your dropshipping products, you should focus on getting a faster shipping method. If you do what’s said in this article, you’ll be fine. AliExpress has a number of ways to ship items. As a result, there will be more than one way for you to ship orders. How you and your customer feel about each other depends on how long it takes to ship. So, most drop shippers will want to think about the shipping times on AliExpress.

Think about working with sellers who are willing to meet your needs. A reliable supplier will help you decide which shipping method to use. They will also get your order to you quickly. Using ePacket, Aliexpress standard, or Aliexpress premium shipping will save you time on shipping, no matter which one you choose. If you don’t mind paying more for faster shipping, you can use a big courier.