Jungle Scout is a powerful tool for researching Amazon products that helps sellers learn important things. It is an important tool for people who run businesses on Amazon because it helps them find profitable product ideas, learn about their competitors, and keep track of sales and trends.

But, despite all of its benefits, Jungle Scout is just one of many tools that can be used to find information about products. This blog post will talk about the best alternatives to Amazon’s Jungle Scout and why you might need one.

The Best Games Like Jungle Scout
The Best Games Like Jungle Scout

Understanding Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is like a map that helps you find the best-selling items on Amazon. It is a tool for researching products that gives you information to help you choose the best ones to sell. You can find out how well similar products are selling so you can stay ahead of the competition.

For example, if you wanted to sell banana chips, you could use Jungle Scout to see how well other banana chip brands are selling and then change your strategy to match.

How Everything Began: The Product Discovery Tool

Jungle Scout was started in 2015 and is a popular tool for Amazon sellers to use to do research on products. The idea for the tool came from the fact that the tool’s creator, Greg Mercer, was selling products on Amazon and needed help finding a tool with product research features to help him study profitable products and their price history. He also saw an opportunity to make a great tool that would make it easier for sellers to do research on products and help them make better decisions.

At first, Jungle Scout couldn’t do much. It could only estimate sales and give basic product information. Still, as the tool changed and became more popular, it got new features like keyword and niche analysis, a product tracker, and a database of suppliers. With these changes, Jungle Scout became a full and useful tool for Amazon sellers.

Today, Amazon sellers think of Jungle Scout as one of the best tools for researching products. It has a set of tools and features that help sellers find profitable products and make decisions based on data.

Over the years, the tool has been updated and made better, making sure that it stays ahead of the curve in terms of options and how well it works. Because of this, Jungle Scout has become an important tool for many successful Amazon sellers, and the fact that it keeps growing and changing shows how useful and effective it is.

The Competition for Market Scout and Jungle Scout

When Jungle Scout first came out, it had to compete with other tools for researching products, and Amazon sellers were skeptical about how well it would work. But Jungle Scout became well-known quickly because it was simple, easy to use, and right.

Many sellers liked that they didn’t have to gather information by hand anymore and could instead rely on Jungle Scout to give them what they needed. They could make better decisions if they used the powerful keyword tracker and other tools that Jungle Scout offered.

When Jungle Scout first came out on the market, people liked it, and word quickly spread about how useful it was for Amazon sellers. As more and more sellers started to use Jungle Scout, the company grew quickly and became the leader in product research.

Jungle Scout was liked by sellers because it saved them time and let them make decisions about their Amazon business based on data. Jungle Scout became a must-have tool for Amazon sellers very quickly, and its popularity kept going up.

Today, Jungle Scout is widely known as the best tool for researching products on Amazon. It keeps getting better and adding new features to meet the needs of its users. Its success shows that the market liked the tool from the start and that Amazon sellers continue to find it useful.

Does it have an add-on for Chrome?

Jungle Scout has an add-on for Google Chrome. With the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension, Amazon sellers can quickly and easily get important information about possible products and competitors right from the Amazon website. The extension gives sellers sales data in real time, an estimate of their revenue, and other important information that helps them make decisions quickly and wisely.

Pros of Using Jungle Scout as a Product Research Tool:

  • It gives you a lot of information and insights about Amazon products and categories.
  • A user-friendly interface makes it easy to use.
  • Helps sellers find products they can sell that will make money.
  • Gives information about competitors so you can stay ahead of the game.
  • Keeps an eye on how products are doing and how sales are going.

Cons of Using Jungle Scout to Research Products:

  • Small businesses and new sellers may have to pay a lot.
  • Only available on Amazon marketplaces
  • Not much help for customers

Is there a free plan for Jungle Scout?

No, Jungle Scout doesn’t have a plan that’s free. The tool is a paid service, and both individuals and businesses can choose from different price plans. Jungle Scout has different packages, like a Lite version, a Standard version, and a Pro version, to meet the needs of different kinds of Amazon sellers.

Prices range from $24 to $348 per month, and each package has a different number of features and access to data.

Jungle Scout is not free, but many Amazon sellers find that it is a good investment for their business because it allows them to do a lot of research on products.


Jungle Scout is an all-in-one tool for Amazon sellers that gives them valuable information and insights to help them make business decisions. It lets sellers look into databases of profitable products, keep an eye on sales trends, and find the best keywords to use in their listings to make them more visible. With Jungle Scout, Amazon sellers can get a lot of information about the Amazon marketplace, such as sales data, product rankings, reviews, and more.

The product research features of the tool make it easy and quick for sellers to figure out if a product is a good fit for their business or not. Jungle Scout also gives sellers information about their competitors, so they can see how their products compare to those of their competitors.

Jungle Scout also has a number of other features, such as a product tracker that helps sellers see how their products are doing over time and a supplier database that makes it easier to find and evaluate potential suppliers. With its full set of tools and features, Jungle Scout is a must-have for Amazon sellers who want to grow their business and make decisions based on data.

A Look at the Best Alternatives to Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a powerful tool for researching products, but people often wonder if there are any good alternatives. People look for other options because they might want something that costs less than what Jungle Scout charges. So people who want good alternatives to Jungle Scout won’t be let down. There are, in fact, other options with strong market research tools and similar features and benefits. Before you choose, you should know about some of the best alternatives to Jungle Scout.

Here is a quick look at some of the most popular alternatives to Jungle Scout, along with a quick analysis of how they compare to Jungle Scout:

Helium 10

Helium 10 is a set of tools for researching and managing Amazon products. It has tools for researching keywords, tracking products, and analyzing sales data.

AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker is a product research tool and analysis software that helps sellers find profitable products, track sales and trends, and optimize their listings for better search engine rankings.


Sellics is an all-in-one tool for Amazon sellers that helps them do research on products. It has features for product research, keyword optimization, and tracking sales.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch is a tool for researching products and putting them on the market. It gives information about sales, trends, and competitors.

Jungle Scout and Other Keyword Research Tools Side by Side

Now that you know more about the best alternatives to Jungle Scout, it’s time to see how they stack up against Jungle Scout. Here’s a side-by-side look at Jungle Scout and the other choices:

Helium 10

  • Pros: It has a full set of tools, such as keyword research and product tracking.
  • Cons: Jungle Scout is more expensive.

AMZ Tracker

  • Pros: It has an easy-to-use interface and a lot of information about sales and trends.
  • Cons: You can only sell on Amazon marketplaces


  • Pros: It is an all-in-one tool for Amazon sellers, including keyword optimization and research on products.
  • Cons: Jungle Scout is more expensive.

Viral Launch

  • Pros: It has tools for researching and launching products, such as information on product trends and competitors.
  • Cons: You can only sell on Amazon marketplaces

Recommendations for the best games like Jungle Scout

Based on the comparison, we think Sellics is the best alternative to Jungle Scout. Even though it costs more than Jungle Scout, Sellics gives Amazon sellers a full set of tools, such as product keyword research, keyword optimization, and tracking sales. This one-stop-shop tool makes it easier for sellers to run a successful Amazon business.

Is there an alternative to Jungle Scout that is free?

There are many free apps that can be used instead of Jungle Scout. Here are some of these choices:


Sonar is a free tool that shows how many times a keyword is searched for and how much an Amazon product is likely to sell. You can use it to do research and find things to sell on Amazon that will make you money. Even though it doesn’t have as many features as Jungle Scout, it’s a great place to start for sellers on a tight budget.


AMZScout is another free tool that lets you look up information about Amazon products, like sales estimates and keywords. It’s easy to use and a good choice for people who are just getting started on Amazon.


Keepa is a free tool that lets you track prices and see how well Amazon products are selling. It lets sellers keep an eye on prices and sales trends, so they can make smart choices about where to find products and how much to charge for them. Keepa can be a useful tool for sellers who are just starting out or who want to add more information to their research.


In conclusion, Jungle Scout is a useful tool for Amazon sellers, but there are other options with similar features and benefits.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Jungle Scout, you might want to try Sellics. It has a full set of tools and an all-in-one approach to managing your Amazon business. No matter which device you choose, you should do research to find out the pros and cons.

Remember that the key to being successful on Amazon is to find products that sell well, keep an eye on sales and trends, and tweak your listings so that they rank higher in search engines. With the right product research tool, you can reach these goals and grow your Amazon business.



Here are some more resources for those who want to learn more about alternatives to Jungle Scout:

  • Videos: Watch YouTube tutorials and product demos to see how each tool works.
  • Podcasts: You can listen to podcasts and interviews with Amazon sellers who have used alternatives to Jungle Scout to be successful.
  • Articles: Read articles and blog posts that go into more detail about alternatives to Jungle Scout and what they have to offer.
  • Using the best alternative to Jungle Scout, you can take your Amazon business to the next level and be successful on the site.