One of the most popular things in the world is home decor. Furniture is expensive, but if you know where to look, you can make a lot of money from it.

Here, we’ll look at the best dropshipping suppliers for home decor that you can use for your clients. The ones that ship to the U.S. and Australia will be our main focus.

The Best Dropshippers In The US And Australia For Home Decor Are
The Best Dropshippers In The US And Australia For Home Decor Are


Alibaba is China’s largest online shopping mall. Here, bulk is the name of the game. You should be able to get furniture and home decor for a low price and then raise the price to make a lot of money.

Among the things you can find here are:

  • Figures
  • Wall Decors
  • Blinds
  • Christmas lights in glass ornaments

Home decorations can be bought for less than a dollar, and the company that makes or sells them will ship them to the US and Australia. Shipping times will be different for each supplier because they all use different ways to ship.

Some don’t charge for shipping, while others offer paid options that are faster or different.

It is safe to use Alibaba as long as you are careful about who you deal with. Read the seller’s profile and look for one who offers trade assurance. This is like an insurance plan where Alibaba takes full responsibility for the product until it gets to its final destination.

But you have to pay extra for this, and the price varies from product to product and from seller to seller.


AliExpress is like Alibaba’s little brother or sister. But most of the things sold here are not wholesale. This online marketplace has everything, and all of the suppliers and manufacturers are dropshippers, just like Alibaba.

You can find sofas, kitchen tools, bean bags, furniture from Europe, and more here. Prices start at $100 and go up. You can even find furniture that looks old and costs more than $700.

Shipping methods vary from one seller to the next, and not everything can be bought with free shipping. When standard shipping is used, it takes a long time for items to get to the US or Australia from AliExpress.

The product can also be held up by the country’s customs office, which can take a while. You can choose a supplier that works with DHL, but this can be very expensive.

Here, you can also tell the sellers to brand the items as yours or not brand the home decor or office furniture at all. So, you can keep up the impression that the furniture you sell came from you.


You have to join Salehoo before you can place an order. There are different price points, and you pay a monthly subscription fee.

Here, you can find all kinds of things that aren’t sold very often in other places. For instance, you can buy high-quality cabinets, corner tables, dining carts, and many other things.

There are more than two million items listed here. For example, you can buy a nice cabinet for as little as $30 and sell it for $63, making a gross profit of $33.

You have to pay $67 to see the list of stores and products for a whole year. If you want to join for life, it will cost you $127.

Here are some of the benefits of being a member:

  • Access to the list of suppliers
  • SaleHoo’s Market Research Labs can be used.
  • Email support

With the Market Research Labs, you can figure out which products are popular and which ones aren’t. If you look for a product online and use this tool, you can see how many other people are selling it, how often it sells, and how much it costs on average online.

Light in the Box

This business runs an online store where most of the items come from China. It has things like abstract art, fake flowers, figurines, giant clocks, resin art, and a lot more to decorate your home with.

The company sometimes has a flash sale where you can buy things at a low price. An abstract painting, for example, can cost as little as $65.

The company also does dropshipping, so you can place an order and have the item sent to the US or Australia.

Light in the Box is great because it lets you pay in a number of ways. Credit or debit cards are the most common way to pay, but you can also use PayPal, Western Union, or a wire transfer.

Since it’s an online store, you don’t have to pay any membership or subscription fees. It’s like AliExpress and Alibaba; all you have to do is sign up for an account and start ordering.

Light in the box also promises to replace any goods that are damaged in shipping and to give you a refund if the product you receive is not the one you ordered.

Creative Coop

This business has a storefront, but it also has an online shop. But it can only be bought in large quantities. If you want to buy something in a store, you have to go there in person.

You can find things for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and many other places in this store.

Your first order has to be at least $500, and UPS Ground is the default shipping method. This means that it can only be shipped by truck.

There is also something called a “freight cap” here. This is the most a customer will have to pay for a shipping fee.

If you order between $500 and $999, you won’t pay more than 25% of that total. If you spend $1,000 or more, shipping won’t cost you more than 15% of that amount.

If you want to sell the things you buy here, you need to talk to the management first. They will ask you for a re-sell certificate.

Wholesale Primitives

Like the name says, you can buy in bulk here. You can find thousands of items for decorating your home here, and many of them aren’t usually sold in other international markets.

Examples are:

  • Box Signs
  • shelves
  • Bins and boxes
  • Photo frames
  • Mirrors
  • Coasters

You have to sign up for an account before you can buy something. You can also buy decorations for your home here, and a portion of the sales will go to help people in need.

The company has offices all over the United States, and they only ship to the United States and Canada. Shipping is not free, and UPS Ground is used. The shipping cost is different for each product, but it won’t be more than 15% of the total cost of what you bought.

Gift Craft

As the name suggests, this online store sells a lot of things that you can give as gifts. There is no furniture here because these are small things.

The company has more than one store, and its main office in the United States is in New York.

Here are some examples of the kinds of things you can buy:

  • Decorative accessories
  • Lighting
  • Wall décor
  • Throws and pillows
  • Accent furniture

There are several brands on the website, and you can buy all of them if you apply to be a retailer partner and get approved. It can be sent to more than one place, so you can sell it in both the US and Australia.

Sage Brook Home

This company is based in the United States and sells a wide range of home decors. The company only ships to the continental US, and its shipping rate is a flat rate.

Here, there are two levels of shipping rates: Tier 1 and Tier 2. Tier 1 orders can’t be for more than $2,000 each. The flat rate changes depending on the state, but the cost is always the same percentage of the order. Tier 2 works the same, but the order must be at least $2,000 to qualify.

Here, you can buy things like:

  • Photo frames
  • Vases and jars
  • Candleholders
  • The time and the date
  • Outdoor decor
  • Drapes and cushions

You can only buy here if you sign up as a member or wholesaler. If you are a wholesaler, your first order must be at least $1,000, but if you are from some states, it can be less.

Australian Dropshippers

This site is a marketplace where companies can list their products and people can buy them either in bulk or individually.

It’s like AliExpress or Alibaba, but it’s based in Australia and serves the Australian market. It also sends packages to the US and UK.

You can do the following things with this website:

  • Companies and suppliers that have been checked
  • Work with the supplier directly to get the best deals.
  • More than 8,000 business people

Here, you don’t have to pay anything to be a member. All you have to do is go to the Australian dropshipper directory to find all kinds of things you can sell.

If you’re looking for home decor, just click on gift wares, homewares, or furniture and you’ll see all the companies that sell products internationally.

There is no flat rate for shipping because the price depends on what you bought and how much the seller charges for handling.

Eastwind Gifts Distributors

This is a wholesale site that lets you dropship for free. It also gives you discounts of up to 10% if you spend at least $700.

Here are some examples of the kinds of things you can buy:

  • Wall watches
  • Jars Lanterns
  • Birdhouses
  • Rustic home décor
  • Curtains
  • Glass gifts
  • Crafts for religion

It only ships to the US and Canada and takes major credit cards and PayPal. Shipping rates vary, and the price is based on how much your whole order costs. The company ships with both UPS and USPS.

Most of the time, the things you ordered will be packed and ready to ship within three days, and they will all come from Los Angeles, California.


Lavida is an Australian company that sells a wide range of home decor to other businesses. It only ships to Australia, and every so often, it holds trade fairs in the area.

You have to become a member before you can dropship their goods. Click on the Wholesale Register link at the top right of the website to do this. If you are not a member, you won’t be able to see prices or place orders.

Here are the things you can order:

  • Artwork
  • Artificial plants
  • Ceramics
  • clocks
  • glassware for decoration
  • Garden items
  • Candles and string lights

You can’t buy things here in small quantities, so you have to sell them in bulk. If you place an order, you should be ready for different processing times. The length will change depending on the season.

During busy times, like when Lavida has trade shows, it can take up to 10 business days to process an order. After that, you can start counting the shipping days.

There is a minimum cost of $330 for a purchase. The shipping cost is not included.


Alrug is a company from Australia that makes rugs. The company makes all kinds of carpets and rugs and ships them all over the world.

Here are some kinds of rugs and carpets you can buy:

  • Persian designs
  • Designer Rugs
  • Indian themes

The truth is that the rugs here are real. The price for most of the rugs is $4,000. If you’re lucky, you might be able to buy a $1,000 rug for $300 if there are huge sales that cut $700 off the price.

Alrug is a dropshipper, which means that it will send the products to your customers. If you want, you can also buy in bulk.

The name of the business is “bespoke,” which means that rugs are made to order. Sometimes the rugs aren’t in stock, so you have to wait until they’re made. All of the rugs here are made by hand, which is why they cost a lot.

Eternal Design

This company is based in Australia, and it makes furniture. You can find all kinds of living room, dining room, and kitchen furniture here.

Dropshipping is possible with Eternal Design, but you have to send your questions to the company management before you can start. Their dropshipping website doesn’t make it clear what the rules are.

Also, you can’t just come here to buy furniture. You have to join. After you fill out the application, a member will look it over. If you are accepted, an account will be made for you.

You have to activate the account before you can see the price list, see what products are in stock, or place an order.

Signing up for the company is free, and there are no monthly fees.



So, there are the top 13 best dropshippers for home decor in both the US and Australia. Some have better services and more choices, but some are also a bit strict with what they want. If you want nice decorations for your home, you should also expect to pay more.

But in the end, the purchase is well worth it, and your customers are sure to be happy with it.