Do you want to know where to find the most profitable dropshipping niches for your online shop? We’ll always have your back. It might be difficult to identify promising dropshipping niches, but the rewards can be substantial if you do.

Here we are, halfway through 2022. To that end, what do you predict 2018 will be like for dropshippers everywhere? In addition, what kinds of merchandise typically do well?

So, let’s not waste any more time and investigate the top dropshipping niches for your online store.

What Is a Niche in Dropshipping?

When it comes to dropshipping, a niche is essentially the type of product sold to a specific type of buyer. Dropshipping to a specialized niche means reaching people who have already demonstrated an interest in the things you offer.

This market segment can revolve around a single item (single-product dropshipping) or a collection of interrelated items.

You can start a dropshipping business targeting a broad market or a more specific one with lower search traffic but higher quality buyers’ intent.

Why Choose Niche Products for Dropshipping?

Dropshippers often avoid selecting a niche for fear of alienating a sizable customer base. Targeting a smaller, more specific audience, on the other hand, can result in more qualified visits.

To better illustrate this point, let’s look at an example. One of our dropshipping stores is a “more broad” one, as it sells a wide variety of electronic devices.

On the other hand, we run a specialty shop that only deals in cheap drones.

A greater crowd may visit the first shop, but they won’t be looking for anything in particular; rather, they’ll just want to look around.

Although the second shop will only be seen by a smaller number of people who are actually interested in what it has to offer (cheap drones), they will be the perfect customers. This area has a considerably greater potential for conversion.

So, to sum up, targeting a certain market segment involves:

Advantages: reduced rivalry, narrower scope, better-defined target demographic, higher conversion rates, simplified advertising, brand-building potential.
Choose your specialties with care and creativity. You shouldn’t, for instance, limit yourself to selling yoga pants. The yoga pant market is flooded. Why not market maternity leggings? You can probably imagine that it will be less difficult to achieve now.

Best Dropshipping Niches

We looked into the current demand for dropshipping and compiled this comprehensive list of the most popular niches and sub-niches. We’ll do our best to make this list as comprehensive as possible while still highlighting the most popular items in this particular market.

Health and Beauty

When people talk about health as a prominent dropshipping niche, they usually mean cosmetic items like face masks and fake eyelashes rather than medical instruments and machinery.

The top beauty and health dropshipping markets are as follows:

Jade rollers for massages
Guns that give massages
Eyelash magnets
Hair-Removal Devices
Battery-operated toothbrushes
kits with brushes for applying makeup
Wrapping one’s face in a mask
Synthetic hair worn in place of natural hair
Correctors of Posture
Whitening trays for teeth
Blue-tinted eyewear
Air cleaners

The Top and Bottom Dropshipping Specializations 6

Based on our analysis of data from major online marketplaces like AliExpress, Wish, Amazon, etc., these are some of the most popular dropshipping markets.

Be wary with exporting health supplements if you’re targeting that market; each country has its own regulations concerning acceptable ingredients and seller certifications.

Women’s Clothing and Accessories

Since there is already so much competition in the market for women’s apparel, shoes, and accessories, you should focus on a more small subset of that market.

The best dropshipping clothes niches include the following:

Lingerie and other intimate apparel
Clothing for larger sizes
Larger-than-life hoodies
Silk nightwear
Printed tee shirts
The Rise of the Crop Top
Yoga pants and leggings
Maternity garb
Fitness attire, including jogging suits
Dresses from the past
Vegan and eco-friendly footwear
Purses and clutches bearing an in-house label brand
Personalized or handmade jewelry

The Top and Bottom Dropshipping Specializations 3 2

Despite the fact that the market for women’s clothes is highly competitive, it remains one of the most fruitful for dropshippers.

Therefore, we wouldn’t tell you to completely avoid it, but rather to focus on a smaller sub-niche inside it. Doing so will improve your opportunities for connecting with the appropriate people.

Consider private label drop shipping and establishing your brand as an alternative if you’re set on entering a competitive niche. If you’re not sure how to get started with dropshipping from China, I recommend getting in touch with a full-service agent there who also does private labeling.

Furniture and Home Decor

We’ve all been staying inside more since the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, it seems to reason that we would like an aesthetically pleasing environment in the room in which we spend the majority of our time. Consequently, the markets for dropshipping furniture and home accessories are solid and will continue to grow.

In case you’re looking for a niche market, here are some great options:

Stackable containers
Containers for storing things in drawers or closets
lights that use light-emitting diodes
Shelving that mounts on the wall
Vases, Decorative
Throw pillows
Fabrics used to cover a bed, such as sheets or pillows
To hold books in
Supplies for working at home
Posters for the Wall as Wall Art
Garden and patio furnishings
Appliances for a private bar
Appliances and implements for the kitchen
Illumination for the nightstands
High-tech household appliances

The Top and Bottom Dropshipping Specializations 2 2

Be mindful of the item’s dimensions, weight, and shipping requirements before making any purchases on the furniture market. Remember that dropshipping and warehousing big items might be challenging.

Pet Supplies

In case you’re a pet owner who’s interested in making money through dropshipping, you’ll be happy to know that pet supplies are a very competitive market.

Some of the most well-liked subsets of pet supplies are as follows:

Beds for pets like dogs and cats
Toys for cats include hammocks and swings.
Dog identification tags and collars
Animal playthings
Garments for dogs
Cosmetics and hair care tools
Compact water containers
Pet food and water dishes
Tents for pets
Collars with electronic stimulation for the purpose of dog training
Play yards for dogs
Pet carriers for cats and dogs

The Top and Bottom Dropshipping Specializations 1

If you know a lot about the pet industry, blogging and search engine optimization can help you make more sales. Take advantage of the fact that pet owners often look to the Internet for advice on how to take better care of their pets by setting yourself up as an expert in the field.

Office Equipment and Supplies

The worldwide trend toward telecommuting and the subsequent demand for home offices drove rising demand for office supplies during and after the pandemic. But the good news is that most of us are still putting in time at home.

In addition, many businesses promised that, even after the crisis had passed, they would continue to allow their employees the option of working remotely full-time.

The Top and Bottom Dropshipping Specializations 3 1

As a result, you can see why demand for office supplies is only expected to increase. Some examples of niche markets are listed below.

Desk chairs designed with ergonomics in mind
Home workplace desks
The Need for Laptop Cooling Stations
Adjustable height workstations (adjustable height)
Document holders for your desk
Clips for cables
Workspace lighting
Art for the workplace
Supplies for the Workplace
When shopping for office supplies, it’s recommended that you zero in on items to outfit home offices, as these are the most necessary products in the industry at the moment.

Gym and Fitness

The need for health and fitness tools and supplies is constantly on the rise. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with generic dropshipping stores, just like the clothes niche.

So, pick a narrower sub-niche. Here are a few suggestions:

Bands of rubberized tension
Pedaling garb
Yoga rugs
Use of foam rollers
Barbells, dumbbells, and other weight training equipment
Shoes for running in
bras for sports
Knee pads with an elastic back and a firm bottom
Fitness gloves
Water bottles and shakers with your name on them
Bags for carrying sporting equipment
Health monitors

The Top and Bottom Dropshipping Specializations 2 1

Use your imagination when deciding on a sub-niche. What people spend money on could surprise you. The “jawline exercise silica ball,” for instance, is a real product that people want.

Hobby and Outdoor

Beyond the necessity of staying indoors, the epidemic emphasized the value of getting out into nature.

Hobby and outdoor dropshipping products are therefore in high demand.

Consider the following sub-markets:

Camping gear
Tackles and other fishing gear
Helmets for cyclists
Backpacking footwear
Backpacks for vacationing
Equipment for the Wall
Sacks for the night’s sleep
Tools with several uses
outerwear for hiking
Protective gear for snowboarding and skiing
Stamps made from molten wax to use as seals
Binders for storing coins

Promoting a product by showing how it is used and how it appears in a video may be an effective marketing strategy. In addition, the conversion rate for videos is substantially higher than that of still images or written word.

Car Accessories

Car accessories are our next greatest dropshipping market. The items in this list can be strictly technological in nature or they can provide a practical use for the traveler.

Inspiring thoughts, here they are:

Radio frequency identification transmission systems with Bluetooth
Lighting Emitting Diodes (LEDs) within the Home
Car seats for pets
Phone holders for cars
Electrical adapters for use in automobiles that charge USB devices
Packages for Use in Case of Emergencies
Bike or kayak racks
Rear-view mirrors with blind-spot indicators

The Top and Bottom Dropshipping Specializations 5

Make sure the car accessories you sell are reasonable in price if you’re just getting started in the industry.

Dropshipping expensive things can be a lucrative business strategy, but it takes established brand recognition and dedicated customers to succeed. In any case, you’ll have a lot more success if you stick to the low to medium pricing range when selling your goods.

Toys and Games

Since people now spend more time indoors than ever before, it stands to reason that the toy and game market would likewise be in high demand. During the epidemic, we should all do everything we can to keep ourselves and our loved ones indoors, therefore locating fun activities inside is a top priority.

Toys for all ages, including board games and even Karaoke machines, are in high demand right now.

Some suggestions are as follows:

The Basics (think LEGOs)
Ingenious Projects You Can Make Yourself
A sandbox
In the realm of collectibles, figs
Card and board games
Rhetorical Questions:
Equipment for making works of art
Enjoyable diversion

The Top and Bottom Dropshipping Specializations 4

The video games shown here are just a sampling of the hundreds available for resale by dropshippers. You should be careful not to target anyone under the age of 18 with mature content.

Environment-Friendly Products

There is excellent reason that concerns about climate change are at an all-time high right now. All throughout the world, governments, businesses, and nonprofits have made commitments to do their part in protecting our planet and minimizing their environmental impact.

As a result, it’s no surprise that consumers are demanding more and more eco-friendly goods made in a responsible manner using recycled materials. We see this not as a temporary fad, but as a fundamental shift in consumer culture.

A few examples of potential product designs are as follows:

Bristle-free toothbrushes made from bamboo
Handbags and footwear made from recycled materials
Bags that can be used more than once
Toys powered by the sun
Beeswax lids are durable and reusable.
A straw made of stainless steel
Classic, risk-free, and age-appropriate wooden playthings
Pads for removing makeup that can be reused

It is expected that the demand for eco-friendly dropshipping items would increase as people become more aware of the importance of their individual actions in preserving Earth.

Tech Gadgets

selling. This is the practice of selling items that go nicely with your primary offerings.

To illustrate, if you run an online shop that sells wireless headphones, you could easily expand your product line to include wireless charging docks.

Right now, these are some of the most in-demand subfields:

Adaptive mobile phone covers
In-ear monitors
Pads that charge phones wirelessly
Lenses for mobile phones
Phone stand
Aerial vehicles and drone-related equipment
Wearable virtual-reality hardware
Bluetooth speakers
Automation tools for the house
Electronic and mechanical devices
Progress in technology is rapid, and as it advances, older tools are rapidly rendered obsolete. To succeed in this field, you need to anticipate and capitalize on trends before they become oversaturated.

Men’s Clothing and Accessories

The market for men’s apparel and accessories comes next. Products like this consistently rank among those that customers are most interested in finding online.

Runners for men
footwear for men
Pants designed for carrying things, commonly worn by athletes
Outfits involving denim (jeans, jackets, etc.)
Males carrying luggage slung over one shoulder
Shirts with an Oxford Collar
Fur coats
Clothes for men

The Top and Bottom Dropshipping Specializations 3

Since the male grooming market is far less crowded than the female one, it’s worth exploring if you’re interested in men’s fashion and accessories.

Mother and Baby

Last but not least, we have pregnancy, parenting, and baby supplies as a category that’s in tremendous demand at the moment.

If you check marketplaces like Amazon, baby products are consistently among the top most popular ones, so the market is there — you just have to stick out and be innovative.

For inspiration, consider these cutting-edge proposals in the mother-and-child market:

Safe, all-wooden playthings
Packing diapers
Seat belts for infants
Baby wraps
Stroller straps
Infant sleepwear
A baby’s first bottle or pacifier
Clothing Suitable for Pregnancy
teething rings that don’t contain lead
Mother and baby supplies

The Top and Bottom Dropshipping Specializations 2

If you’re going to succeed in this market, your items had better be designed with the baby’s health, safety, and happiness in mind. No parent will buy a product made of harmful ingredients, or that’s unsafe for their newborn.

FAQs on Best Selling Dropshipping Niches

Is there anything more you need to know about the best dropshipping markets? Have no fear, we’ve got your back! This section will address the most popular inquiries about the topic.

How To Choose the Best Niches for Dropshipping?

Here are some things to keep in mind as you rank potential dropshipping markets:

Use Tools and Do Research

Using the various available resources for product or audience research is the first step in selecting the optimal dropshipping niche for your business.

Use Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, Facebook Audience Insights, Ubersuggest, AnswerThePublic, and other comparable resources.

Evergreen vs. Trending Dropshipping Niches

Whether a product is timeless or trendy is the first factor to think about while deciding on the best-selling dropshipping categories.

Although popular products in a dropshipping niche may be profitable at first, they may not be so lucrative as the fad dies off.

Fidget spinners are a fantastic illustration of such a fleeting fad. They enjoyed a brief period of prominence, but it was short-lived.

The Right Target Audience for Your Niche

It is important to regularly verify the search volume of your chosen niche. That’s a crucial consideration because it tells you how big your potential market is and whether or not you can expect it to buy the product.

Next, consider your perfect customer profile; do you really know who you want to sell to? Who is the perfect client for you?

Finally, tell me how you plan on interacting with this target demographic. Do you have means of getting them?

Suppliers for Your Dropshipping Niche

Identifying reliable suppliers in your target market is essential before settling on a certain market segment or offering. Having reliable dropshipping suppliers is essential to the success of any dropshipper.

If you plan on selling private label products, finding a reliable source is more important than ever. Most likely, you’ll have to work with a single manufacturer who agrees to create the product under your label.

You must have faith in your suppliers in terms of their products, timeliness of delivery, and ability to store inventory whether you operate with one or numerous.

The Number of Competitors in Your Niche

Naturally, you need to research the competition before deciding what to dropship. Is it the case that many businesses offer the same dropshipping product? How fruitful have they been? To what extent do their services cost?

It can be difficult for a new dropshipper to break into an already saturated market. Do your homework before jumping to any conclusions.

You’ll have the most success selling items that are in high demand but have little other competitors. Try to locate a space that is not already overrun by competitors, and focus on relieving the problems that clients have in that area.

Your Passion and Experience

Finally, do you truly enjoy selling this category of product? Do you know what you’re doing, and have you worked in this field before?

If the blog posts you’re putting up on your site are just fluff with no actual value, your readers will catch on. If you can prove your expertise, they will begin to respect you as an authority figure and stick with you.

What Niches Are Trending

We’ve listed 13 subsets of the market that are expected to grow in prominence throughout 2022. However, you shouldn’t settle for a generic market, such as women’s clothing.

Rather, you should narrow down your product selections by going deeper. With less competition and more targeted visitors, an internet shop selling specialty items can thrive.

How Do I Pick a Niche for Dropshipping?

Good dropshipping niches can be found by answering the following questions, as we’ve discussed previously.

Do I have sufficient evidence to support my choice?
Should I open a specialty shop or a convenience store?
Do customers want what I have to offer?
Can I get my message across?
Have I calculated whether or not I have a sufficient advertising budget?
Is this something that will always be popular, or is it just a fad?
How fierce is the product’s rivalry?
Can I locate reliable sources to meet my needs?
Have I ever sold something like this before?
Where can I find out if upselling and cross-selling opportunities exist for me?
Who am I serving, what problems am I solving for them, and why should they care about what I’m selling?

What Is the Most Profitable Niche Market?

Statistically, the “dating and relationships” niche market is the most lucrative, followed by the “health and wealth” niche market.

However, dropshipping can take a different path when dealing with non-physical products, as is the case in the dating and relationships and the wealth sectors.

In any case, we advise integrating this data with the aforementioned dropshipping tendencies in order to choose a product with a sizable customer base.

So, keep in mind that everyone seeks affection, good health, and financial security. You can see the problems people are having and use your product to help them

What Niches Are Trending Right Now?

Our data shows that each of the 13 submarkets listed above is seeing growth at the present time.

Products that are better for the environment and society as a whole, as well as the most cutting-edge innovations in portable technology, were what we saw to be most prominent. In addition, the prevalence of these intelligent gadgets is rising rapidly.

What Is the Most Sold Item in the World?

The Top and Bottom Dropshipping Specializations

Curiously, the item that has sold the most in history is not something people absolutely need, like food. Instead, it’s meant as a joke (are you guessing yet?)

Drumroll… It’s Sony’s PlayStation, and 344 million copies have been sold around the world so far.

The Playstation
One thing we can conclude from this is that it’s not always what people require. Rather, success depends on anticipating consumer needs and meeting them through strategic product placement in the market.

What Will Be the Trending Dropshipping Niches ?

To sum up, we anticipate sustained expansion across the board for the aforementioned top dropshipping niches.

There may also be an uptick in demand for natural hair products, clean beauty skin care items, eco-friendly subscription boxes, etc.

What Dropshipping Niches to Avoid?

If you’re just starting out in the business, it’s important to know what pitfalls to look out for:

General stores

A high return and refund rate is typical for stores that sell a wide variety of clothing and household goods but don’t carry a single, widely recognized brand.

Seasonal products

It may be lucrative in October to sell Halloween masks or costumes, but the rest of the year may be less fruitful.

We agree that having some Halloween merchandise available during this time is great, if not necessary; however, we advise against making your store’s primary focus this holiday. The same holds true for dropshipping seasonal items like Christmas decorations.

Large or bulky products

Since you won’t be handling the merchandise yourself and storage won’t be an issue, you would believe that selling things like couches and closets is no big deal.

But consider the price of boxes and postage. Dropshippers who ignore this risk seeing their profit margins slashed in half.

Fragile products

Dropshipping fragile things requires extra caution. To begin, there are specific regulations regarding the storage, handling, and transport of these items.

Second, if things are damaged in transit, you will have to deal with a flood of requests for refunds and returns.

Fake brands

Many problems might arise during customs clearance when counterfeit goods and false brands are involved.

While there is no law against dropshipping from DHgate, you could get into trouble if you choose to sell any of the many counterfeit brands that are commonly sold there. Consequently, this is something we advise against.

Medical supplements

Dropshipping is perfectly acceptable in the health industry. To dropship supplements, especially CBD-containing ones like edibles, requires a great deal more preparation and study.

The sad truth is that CBD-infused products are still not legal in many nations. Even if the supplements don’t contain CBD specifically, you’ll still need to check that they don’t contain any substances that are illegal in the nations from which you expect to draw your clientele.

Products with advertising restrictions

It’s unclear whether it’s against the law to dropship adult entertainment supplies, cigarettes, booze, or surveillance gear. However, there are many limitations on how you can promote and sell such items.

If you’re not an experienced dropshipper, you should probably steer clear of selling such sensitive items through Facebook Ads or Google Ads.

Which Shopify Niche Is Best?

Vegan and eco-friendly products, LGBTQ+ products, PoD (print on demand) things, home offices, pet products and supplies, home decor, tech gadgets, shapewear, backpacks, etc. are some of the greatest Shopify niches or products to sell.

What Are the Best High Ticket Dropshipping Niches?

We have some suggestions for the seasoned dropshipper who is confident in their ability to leverage their marketing and sales acumen to sell more expensive dropshipped products.

Outdoor and yard elements (umbrellas, pergolas, barbecues, hammocks); Home furnishings; Game room equipment (foosball tables, dart boards, etc.);
Name-brand clothing (not knockoffs);
Canoes or kayaks;
Innovations in the kitchen (coffee makers, water purifiers, etc.);
Computer workstations; Exercise bikes;

What Is the Best Dropshipping Niche?

As competition increases in the dropshipping market, we’ve found that there’s no one ideal target audience.

The most common dropshipping markets include fashion and cosmetics. Don’t forget that with increased demand comes increased competition when it comes to popular niches.

Instead, we advise picking a narrow niche that has a respectable search volume but less competition when deciding on the best dropshipping niches for your business.