Your success with dropshipping will depend on the quality of the products you sell and how quickly you send them out. If these two things are taken care of, you can expect to make a lot of money with your online business.

Problem is, a lot of dropshippers don’t know this. Too many of them, and they would much rather sell cheap goods from China. The products aren’t very good, and shipping takes a very long time. This is why they don’t succeed.

Use a company called Spocket to fix this problem.

In this Spocket review, we’ll look at the services it offers, how much it costs to use those services, and how it can help you boost your online sales and meet the two requirements we talked about earlier.

Spocket Review A Complete Guide To Dropshipping From The US And EU
Spocket Review A Complete Guide To Dropshipping From The US And EU

What’s a socket?

Spocket is an app that can be added to your store on Shopify or WoomCommerce. It is a company that works with hundreds of suppliers all over the world. You can choose a certain supplier for a certain product in a certain part of the world.

Many dropshippers only use AiExpress now, which has mostly Chinese products. AliExpress is great because it has so many sellers, and the prices of the items are really low.

The bad thing is that most of the products are of low quality and take weeks or months to ship, even to customers in Asia.

With Spocket, you can pick where your suppliers are based. You can choose from manufacturers in the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia.

So, how does this make a difference?

If you choose a supplier from the U.S. and then sell the product to the U.S., it will take less than a week to ship the product. Also, the cost of shipping will be much lower than if a product came from China to the US.

Spocket also promises that the items on this page are of good quality. If you want, you can even get a sample.

Who Might Want to Use Spocket?

Spocket is for people who want to grow their dropshipping business and are serious about it. It’s not for people who think everything should be free. You see, getting free stuff can help you start a business, but you can’t make a serious business out of it because you don’t have any money in it.

Things that are free often aren’t very good. With Spocket, you can expect to sell high-quality items, which will help your online reputation as a company that only sells good items.

Products that aren’t very good are like eye candy. Even though they’re good the first time, you can’t expect people to buy them again.

Spocket is for people who want to buy things online but don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for them. Spocket is a company that finds suppliers for its clients. They make sure the products are of good quality and that the supplier can meet the needs of your customers.

Features of Sockets

Spocket has a long list of features and benefits that make dropshipping easy for anyone who wants to get into the e-commerce business.

There are many suppliers from different places.

Spocket started out with only two countries as places where supplies came from, and it hasn’t spread to other countries yet.

Spocket now has suppliers from Germany, Australia, New Zealand, the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

You can sell your products to more than one country if you are worried about how long it will take to ship them. There are many suppliers from different countries from which to choose.

If you want to sell jeans in the US, use Spocket to find a US supplier and then sell the jeans in the US. This will make shipping go faster.

On the dashboard, you can easily do this by filtering the products by country, as shown below. You can also choose products by their “Ships From” and “Ships To” dates.

So, if you only want to sell products from UK-based sellers who ship to the UK, you just need to choose those sellers from the drop-down menu and apply the filter.

These countries also don’t limit where you can ship to. You can choose a manufacturer that ships from the UK but only buy from suppliers that will also ship to, say, Albania.

With this kind of filtering system, it will be easy for you to shift your focus from one region to another.

Multiple Product Categories

Even though there aren’t as many categories on this site as there are on AliExpress, the focus is on quality, not quantity.

Here, you can find so many different kinds of products, like:

  • Automotive
  • Bags
  • Wallet
  • Footwear
  • Gift items
  • Pets
  • Toys
  • Sports
  • Technology

Dashboard and Order Management

With Spocket, you’ll have a dashboard that shows you a clear picture of the products you’ve chosen, including those that have already been bought.

On the Spocket dashboard, you can also find tools that make it easy to manage an order. When a customer buys something from your store, the Spocket dashboard lets you know how that order is going.

Click on the “My Orders” tab on the left side of your dashboard to see a list of your orders and their current status.

You can click on View Customer Info to see more about your customer’s order, such as the order information, the cost of the product you have to pay the supplier, the cost of shipping, and any taxes. To see all of these, click on “Checkout,” and you’ll see the total amount you need to pay the supplier.

Your profit is the difference between what your customer paid and how much it all cost. You can also leave a note for the supplier to read on the order management dashboard. The person who bought the item can also leave a note, which will also be sent to the seller.

Import List That’s Easy to Use

The app has an import list that lets you change the information about a product before it is sent to your online store.

Like, you might not like the name “coffee mug” for a product. You can change this to “white funny quote coffee mug” if you want to.

This feature is important because it fits in well with SEO best practices. If you know that customers are specifically looking for a white mug, you should use the words “white” and “mug” in your product title so that search engines will show your product page in the search results.

Here, you can also add tags, choose a product type, and then choose which collection the product will belong to.

Once you push it to your store, the product will only show up in the collection you chose. This keeps your online store neat and organized.

You can also change the product’s description from this screen, so you don’t have to do it by hand in Shopify or WooCommerce. The description tool is helpful because it lets you change the size, style, and color of the fonts in your text.

You can also decide which versions of the product you want to sell. Variants will come from the manufacturer’s list by default, but you can remove others if you want. For example, one version of the coffee mug’s handle is white, while another has a black handle.

You can sell just the one with the black handle, just the one with the white handle, or both. You can also change the price of each product and variant based on how much you want to sell it for.

Spocket’s suggested retail price is used as the default selling price, but you can change it if you want to.

You can also add pictures to the product. You can use the manufacturer’s pictures or your own, as long as you ordered the product and took your own pictures.

If you don’t want to order a sample, you can use photo editing software to change the photos from the manufacturer to give your store a uniform look and product background.

Great places to get help

To use Spocket, you don’t have to be an expert. It has a lot of video tutorials that show you how to use the app. Some of the things you can learn about are:

  • How to find things to buy
  • How to make changes to the products
  • How to take and fill orders

You can also ask your question in a community of Spocket users and wait for someone to answer based on his experience.

Price Control

You can set the prices of all of your products in Spocket. You don’t have to go through and change each one by hand. This is helpful, especially if you sell a lot of different things.

Global Pricing Rules is the name for this part. Go to Settings > Global Pricing Rules to get to this page.

Here, you can decide how much to add to the price of the item. You can choose a fixed price, a percentage, or a multiplier.

There is only one option.

If you choose percentage, you will need to type in the percentage of the mark-up that will be added to the cost of the product. Let us say you chose 100%.

If the product from Spocket costs $10, your store will automatically sell it for $20 because 100% of $10 is $10.

If you chose fixed, you will need to type the fixed value. If you put $20, all of the items will be sold for $20 more than what they were originally priced at.

The number you choose for multiplier will be multiplied by the cost of the product. If you use a multiplier of 3, and the cost of the product is $10, you will sell it in your store for $30, because $10 times 3 is $30.

Before you decide on the price rules, you need to think about the cost of shipping, your marketing costs, the costs of Shopify or WooCommerce, taxes, and other things.

If all of these costs add up to about $10 per product, you can’t add $10 to the price as a markup because you’ll just break even. You need to charge more for it.

What do I do with Spocket?

Signing up for an account and choosing a plan is the first thing you need to do. The prices will be talked about in a moment.

Here are the steps you need to take after signing up for an account to get Spocket working with your Shopify or WooCommerce store.

Connect your store.

Before you join Spocket, you need to have an account with either Shopify or WooCommerce. Click on My Shop at the bottom left of your Spocket dashboard.

Then, either click on Shopify or WooCommerce. Then you’ll be asked to type in the URL of your store.

Try to find things

The second step is to find things to sell. You can do this by clicking the Search Products link in the control panel’s upper left corner. You can look for things you want to sell from there.

Use the filters at the top of the page to make browsing easier and faster. You should have an idea of what you want to buy before you go to Spocket, so you don’t get overwhelmed by the number of options.

If you like a product, just click on it and then click on the button that says “Add to Import List.”

Set the rules for pricing everywhere.

This has been talked about before. So, just go back to that section and choose how much of a markup you want for each of the products you’ve chosen.

Before you add a product to your store, you should look at the product page to see how much shipping will cost. Here’s how to figure out how much of a markup you need to make a profit.

Spocket could be better by adding a column to the dashboard that shows your products for import, how much each one costs, and how much shipping each one costs.

This kind of view doesn’t exist yet, so you have to copy and paste this information by hand into Excel. Then you can figure out the average shipping cost for the products you chose.

Change the Items

Go to your Import List to do this. Click the Import List link on the left side of the control panel. Here, you can see a list of all the items you chose.

Click on each one, then change it until you’re happy with it. It makes sense to make a standard template for your product description so that when customers click on your products, they all look the same.

Check the grammar and make sure the details match your photos.

Bring the items to your store.

The final step is to get these products out into the world. You need to click on the Push to Store button in each product. There is no way to choose all of the items at once.

What you can do is put more items on each page. If you have ten products on that page of your Import List, you can click the green Push Current Page tab at the top. If you click this, all of the products on that page will be added to your online store.

Price Sockets

What does it cost to use Spocket’s services?

Those who want to try dropshipping for the first time are in luck because there is a free plan. Here is a list of the different plans and the features that come with each.


The basic type of account is always free. But you can only pick from a list of 25 products.

The good thing is that you can process as many orders as you want and still get email help. You can still use the forum and the community help center, but you can’t call or chat.

With the free plan, you can also use the currency exchange to do business in different amounts, and the supplier will give you a shipping tracker that you can give to your customer.


The PRO plan costs $49 per month, but if you pay for it all at once, it will only cost you $29 per month.

Here, you get all the benefits of the Basic plan, but you can only sell up to 250 products and up to 25 premium products.


Here, the price is $99 per month, but if you pay for a full year, it goes down to $69 per month. With this plan, you can buy as many products as you want, including as many premium products as you want. You also get all of the benefits of PRO and BASIC.


Spocket Review: The End

Spocket is a great way to find dropshipping suppliers in many different places. The price is fair, and the service was made so that it is easy to find products and keep track of orders.

With Spocket, you can spend less time looking for high-quality products and more time marketing your store.

It’s easy to fill orders, and you don’t have to worry about how much each product costs because you can use global pricing rules to make sure that each product on your site is priced right so that you can make a profit.