Even though ePacket has been around for quite some time, new shipping providers are constantly appearing. One such promising logistics firm that every dropshipper should investigate is Yanwen.

In case you’ve never heard of Yanwen before, this article will fill you in on everything you need to know, from the company’s background and operation to its implications for dropshipping and the eCommerce industry.

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What Is Yanwen?

Yanwen, based in China, is a 3PL (third-party logistics) provider serving the international eCommerce market. The company’s headquarters can be found in Beijing.

Beijing Yanwen Logistics Company Limited is their formal name.

What Is Yanwen Shipping History?

In 1998, in Beijing, China, Yanwen was established. In 2015, it began providing services to major online marketplaces such as AliExpress. There are now more than 3 million packages shipped through the eCommerce industry every day, and Yanwen is there to handle them all.

From that point on, the Yanwen shipping networks expanded at a dizzying rate. They appear to have as their long-term goal the position of preeminence among the firms that operate the global shipping networks that transport packages purchased online in China to the rest of the world.

How Does Yanwen Shipping Work?

Yanwen works with the merchants and the international shipping couriers or postal services to get the packages to the purchasers. It’s essentially a go-between for merchants and shipping firms.

From beginning to end, Yanwen typically follows the following phases.

Collection of Items

Before anything else, Yanwen gathers the things that need to be transported from the online merchants. This is where their massive footprint in China comes in handy.

With locations in over fifty cities across China, Yanwen makes it simple for merchants to transfer inventory to the company for prompt distribution.

Sorting of Items

Yanwen collects the goods and then arranges them in categories according to their characteristics (kind, size, destination, etc.). This will help Yanwen save time and effort during the shipping process.

Yanwen states that their products are sorted and ready to send out within 24 hours.

Domestic Transportation

The goods are shipped out from their respective sites once they have been sorted in preparation for export. In this regard, Yanwen’s extensive fleet of commercial vehicles ensures that deliveries are never late.

Export Process

Products are prepared for shipment once they reach China’s borders. Yanwen cooperates with the Chinese government to speed up the export approval process. As part of their duties, they also ensure the merchandise pass through any necessary customs procedures.

International Shipping

Following customs clearance in China, goods are prepared for export. To transport goods, Yanwen may use airplanes, ships, or trains.

Import Clearance

Also, when the goods arrive at their final destinations, Yanwen helps clear them through customs.

They have a mechanism in place to notify customs officials ahead of time, allowing for expedited processing of import paperwork.

Handing Over the Packages to Local Couriers

Yanwen collaborates closely with the local courier or postal agencies in the countries where packages are sent. Products are transferred to the local courier services of the destination countries once they have been cleared by import functions.

From there, items shipped from Yanwen are handed over to the local courier services of the countries to which they are destined.

I mean, it’s quite methodical, right? This is the step that completes the delivery of Yanwen. Since Yanwen has been working with other courier services for so long, it is now standard procedure for them to coordinate on a daily basis.

What Options Are Available for Yanwen Express Delivery System?

While placing an order with Yanwen logistics, you may be presented with the following alternatives. Delivery time, cost, and availability of tracking data vary across these choices.

Yanwen Express

It has earned a reputation as a prompt and trustworthy shipping choice. It’s a little more expensive than some alternatives, but you get speedy, fully tracked deliveries the whole way through.

Yanwen Economic Air Mail

Due to its reasonable prices and reasonable delivery times, this is the most popular choice. Consumers who are in no rush to receive their orders or who do not want to pay a fortune for shipping often choose this method.

However, if your business model depends on rapid product distribution—for example, Amazon dropshipping—this may not be the best choice for you.

Yanwen Special Line

This is the most time-efficient and rapid method of getting packages where they need to go. Because packages selected for this delivery method are flown to their final destinations.

One of a Kind Line for Yanwen
It’s the quickest way to get your goods to customers, but it also costs the most.

How Big Is the Yanwen Shipping Network?

Within China, Yanwen’s network is extensive. Over fifty Chinese cities have been affected. This means that all vendors in China have access to Yanwen shipping services, regardless of where they are physically situated in the country.

Outside of China, its network is extensive. Previously, we discussed how Yanwen collects packages from Chinese vendors and hands them off to foreign shipping companies like China Post, DHL, FedEx, USPS, TNT, etc. for final delivery. Yanwen works with the vast majority of China’s dropshipping agencies, and can therefore collect packages directly from them on behalf of dropshippers.

Currently, they offer shipping services to over 200 different countries. Since this is the case, shipping times in Yanwen are incredibly quick. Yanwen can succeed without setting up shop in every single country on the planet.

They would rather work with the local courier firms in the countries of destination to speed up the delivery procedure.

What Are the Modes of Shipments Used by Yanwen?

The majority of Yanwen’s shipping options are used. They are free to choose from the following shipping options to best suit their needs.

Transport by Yanwen means of transportation: road, air, train, and ship
Over 300 commercial vehicles, primarily trucks, are used by Yanwen to transport goods and packages across China.

What Is the Frequency of Shipments Processed by Yanwen?

Since 1998, Yanwen’s shipping options have steadily expanded. As of 2022, it has been documented that Yanwen can process over 2 million things each day.

According to their website, these are the facts. Due to rising product demand and momentum in the online retail sector, the daily tally of things sold would have long since surpassed 2.5 million by now.

Does Yanwen Provide an Express Delivery System?

Yes. Express shipping is available from Yanwen, ensuring packages arrive quickly and safely. Yanwen Express now offers international shipping to more than a hundred countries.

Express delivery services are available from Yanwen to all of the top-tier countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and France. Many other countries also have express delivery options.

How Long Does Yanwen Shipping Take?

How quickly your Yanwen shipment arrives at its destination is subject to a number of variables. In this respect, the destination’s location is important, along with other variables such as shipping method, customs processing times, etc.

In most cases, you will be informed of the typical time frame in which you may expect to receive your items. Shipments from Yanwen often take between two and six weeks to reach their destination.

Online Stores and Yanwen The Complete Guide 2

Does Yanwen Provide Tracking Services?

Yes. In addition, Yanwen offers tracking services. Of course, consumers’ tastes may vary. When a customer places an order with Yanwen, they have the option of not receiving tracking information if they want not to have it.

Customers who opt to have their orders tracked receive a confirmation email with a tracking number shortly after placing their order.

With that tracking number, they may monitor the progress of their packages. If the consumer has placed an order through an online store, then the store will provide the client with tracking information.

What Is the Format of the Yanwen Tracking Numbers?

Typically, a Yanwen tracking number will have 13 digits. Including the initial and final capital letters and the 9 numbers, the length of the code is 10 characters.

As an example of a Yanwen tracking number, here’s one: UN123456789YP (YP stands for “Yanwen Post”).

It’s also possible for this tracking number to change. When the packages from Yanwen reach their final destinations, they are transferred to the local courier service.

The fresh tracking number for the shipment is provided by the courier and shared with the customer. There has been no discernible disruption in the continuity of the tracking procedure as a whole.

How Long Does Yanwen Take to Deliver to the USA?

Delivery times for Yanwen to the United States are typically between two and three weeks. In rare cases, such as those involving freight, customs, etc., the package could take up to 60 days to arrive.

How Can I Track Parcels in the USA, UK, and Canada?

Packages sent internationally can be followed through local services like USPS tracking or FedEx tracking once they reach the United States.

Tracking Yanwen
Your packages could be tracked using the same tracking numbers that Yanwen or your seller gave you prior to their arrival in the United States.

International packages can be tracked through the services of their respective national carriers. Shipping packages to Canada, for instance, can be coordinated through Canada Post, and shipping packages to the UK can be coordinated with Royal Mail.

Does Yanwen Provide Any Other Value Added Services?

Yes. Yanwen goes above and beyond by providing services beyond those offered by traditional shipping companies, such as tracking and delivery confirmation. They also provide a variety of other services that add value.

Yanwen’s API integrations are one such service, as they make it possible for dropshippers and e-commerce site proprietors to display tracking and delivery information provided by Yanwen on their respective websites.

This API integration service provides real-time shipment tracking information on their websites or e-commerce platforms.

The following are some of Yawen’s additional value-added services.

Cargo Forwarding

Yanwen is not only the best eCommerce shipping service in China and beyond its borders, but also the best Freight and Cargo forwarding company, offering solutions to companies all over the world.

Logistics Finance

Businesses, especially those in the e-commerce sector, can rely on Yanwen for help in the areas of logistics and finance.

Tax Rebate

In addition to popular support, Yanwen also enjoys official Chinese government backing. Tax credits for sales brought into China from overseas can be claimed with this method. Specifically for the Export Customs Declaration, Yanwen has formal authorization to help online merchants in China.

Warehousing Facilitation

Yanwen’s warehouse services are available to customers all around the world. Whether you’re working in business-to-business or business-to-consumer settings, Yanwen is there to help you out.

Does Amazon Use Yanwen?

Yes. Yanwen is a shipping partner of Amazon. Since most Chinese imports sold on Amazon come from China, it makes sense that the company would work with the country’s most popular shipping company, Yanwen.

Does the Amazon warehouse utilize Yanwen?
You may learn more about the benefits of Yanwen and how Amazon sellers can integrate with Yanwen on a special page created just for that purpose.

To sum up, an Amazon seller who wishes to use Yanwen shipping must first register with Yanwen and then connect his Amazon and Yanwen accounts.

Moreover, the user would be responsible for delivering the necessary products to Yanwen on time so that the company may ship them to the designated nations.

Can You Return the Package through Yanwen?

Yes. If you are unhappy with the goods you received, you can send the shipment back. You can return the package to the seller through Yanwen services, but only if you both agree on the return policy.

The buyer is responsible for covering all costs associated with a return. The refund amount is negotiable with the seller, and both parties can agree on the conditions. In the event of a return, Yanwen does not act as a go-between between the customer and seller.

What If You Don’t Receive the Products that You Ordered Through Yanwen?

If you have any concerns about not receiving the goods you ordered from Yanwen, you need not worry. As a first step, you should establish who will serve as your primary point of contact during the shipment procedure.

Until the goods are delivered, it is customary for an eCommerce buyer to maintain communication with the vendor. The vendor will communicate with Yanwen directly to resolve any issues with the delivered goods.

Getting your things delivered requires contacting Yanwen if you placed the order yourself via the Yanwen website.

In the next page, we will go over the various options available to you for getting in touch with Yanwen.

How Do I Contact Yanwen Shipping?

Your supplier will provide you with a link to use to monitor the progress of your shipment. You can easily track packages you’ve ordered through third-party marketplaces like AliExpress and Alibaba without having to get in touch with Yanwen directly.

Send an email to Yanwen if there’s anything else you need to discuss. For any official correspondence, please use marketing@yw56.com. cn

You may ask your agent in China to communicate with Yanwen on your behalf.

In addition, you may use their “contact us” page to get in touch with them for further details. The Yanwen International Logistics team can also be reached through their official WeChat account. They pride themselves on providing excellent service to each and every one of their customers.

The company also provides phone numbers for customers to contact its agents. Within China, you can reach them at (400) 108-5656. The number for international callers is +86 755 8251 2889.

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What Items Are Not Allowed to Be Shipped via Yanwen?

Most shipping firms, including Yanwen, have a comprehensive list of things that cannot be transported domestically or internationally.

Products that were banned in Yanwen
Some examples of these things are listed below.

Weapons and ammunition
Ammunition \sFirearms
Canned goods
pharmaceuticals and medicines
Imitation or Fake Goods
Those categories are just a small part of the many that their website covers. Please refer to this page for a comprehensive list of things that Yanwen does not ship.

Can You Trust Yanwen for International Shipments?

Yes. More than two decades have passed throughout Yanwen’s career in this field. In addition, they are gaining ground in the market. This demonstrates the high level of confidence their clientele has in them.

Use Yanwen as your third-party logistics provider, particularly for your eCommerce needs.

Final Words

You have now completed reading the FAQs regarding Yanwen logistics services. You must already be aware of how effectively and affordably this shipping firm handles international parcel delivery.

We believe this information will be helpful to you and hope you would agree. Leave a comment below if any queries remain unanswered. As soon as we can, we will respond to your inquiry.