Upselling is one of the most basic skills that every salesperson should know. It is a method or process in which you offer a customer something extra on top of what they already bought.

Most of the time, it works with the first product bought or comes at a lower price.

You need to do this because many customers don’t know they need more than what they bought. If someone bought a hamburger, you could offer them fries or a drink.

Most of the time, this is done at a fast food chain where the customer can talk to the counter staff directly. How do you do this on the Internet?

Once you’ve chosen the products you want to sell in your Shopify store and started selling them, you should set up an upsell app.

Some Of The Best Shopify Upsell Apps Can Even Be Used For Free To Boost Sales
Some Of The Best Shopify Upsell Apps Can Even Be Used For Free To Boost Sales

We tried out the best Shopify upsell apps.

Let’s look at some Shopify upsell apps that you can use to make your Shopify store sell more.

A Lot of Times Bought Together

If you’ve ever looked at or bought something from Amazon, you know that at the bottom of each product page is a section that tells you what other people bought with that product.

A Shopify app called “Frequently Bought Together” works in the same way.

The app isn’t free, and after the 3-day free trial, it costs $6.99 a month.

The app looks at what people buy from your store and decides automatically what products to offer them.

What you can do with it is listed below.

  • Set the number of products that should be suggested.
  • Change where the upsell grid appears on the page.
  • If you don’t want automated ones, you can choose which product to recommend.
  • If a customer decides to buy your upsell suggestion, offer them a discount in the form of a percentage.

Since the app isn’t free, store owners who already have a steady stream of sales should use it the most. This way, the app can figure out what sells best and make that offer based on data.

Bold Upsell – Upsell Smarter

Bold Upsell is not free, and after the 14-day free trial, it will cost you $9.99.

This will show pop-ups to sell more and different products. The customer just has to click it if he wants it.

If a customer buys shoes, for example, the app will show socks or a more expensive pair of shoes.

Here are a few good things about this app.

  • You can offer up to three add-ons. after the other
  • Make different offers based on what the customer bought or chose in the first place.
  • If the first upsell or cross-sell was turned down, change the second and third offers. Offer different products based on product categories or prices.
  • Integrate with other apps so you can offer the upsell at the checkout.

Bold Upsell is a great app for store owners who want to connect it to other apps, like the Bold Discount app. When you put these two things together, you can make upsell offers that also have lower prices.

This app is great for small shops. We tried it on our own, and it worked perfectly!

Ultimate Special Offers

This is one of the best Shopify upsell apps you can find online because it lets you set up upselling, bundles, bulk or volume pricing, and a lot more.

After the 10-day free trial, it will cost you $19 a month to use the app.

What you can do with the app is listed below.

  • Discount: Give customers low prices on any product or collection you want.
  • Buy one, get one is a type of discount where customers can get two of the same product for the price of one. You can also let customers choose a free product that isn’t the same as the one they’re paying for.
  • Bulk Discounts: You can give wholesalers discounts if they buy in bulk. You can set up the app so that it gives a discount at a set price or as a percentage.

The app works best for store owners who want to sell a lot of items rather than a single item.You can also save money by buying several items at once through the app.


Personalizer is an app that lets you set up your upsell suggestions in grids or carousels.

It costs $10 a month, and you can use it for free for only 15 days. The value of the app is that you can use it for free until it has increased your sales by 5 times the cost of the app each month.

Here are the main reasons why you should use Personalizer.

  • Shows the most popular and trending items based on how your store is doing.
  • Has analytics that will show you how much of your total income came from the app.
  • Real-time analytics that show CTR, average order size, number of product views per visitor, and more
  • The shopping cart has upsell and cross-sell options.

This app works best for store owners who want to do a lot of analytics. Like the other apps, this one lets you upsell and cross-sell, but it also uses analysis to help you make better offers and change your prices to match.

We put this to the test in our new grocery store and loved it. With this one, you get a lot for your money. This article will teach you how to start your own online food store.

Pop Upsell

As the name suggests, this Shopify upsell app shows a customer an offer in a pop-up. This pop-up appears when a customer visits your store for the first time or is about to leave your site.

You can use the app for free and get the following from it.

  • Make coupons and other offers, like special prices and free shipping.
  • Make pop-ups if certain conditions are met, such as the number of products.
  • Subscribers’ emails need to be collected.
  • Pop-up windows could be used to show deals.
  • Show only a few deals

This is best for people who are new to marketing and still trying out different things.

The app is free, and you can use it to learn about upselling before you sign up for other apps that cost money every month.

Smart Search and Quick Search

Big companies usually use the best Shopify upsell app. It’s an app that you can find in the online stores of Durex, Phillips, Mediamarkt, National Geographic, and more.

The app is free to use, and you can try out the features that aren’t available in the free version for 14 days.

What you can do with it is listed below.

  • Analytics in real time
  • The search box makes it easy for your customers to find what they want on your website.
  • Make upsell and cross-sell blocks based on the types and categories of your products.
  • Use the upsell and cross-sell feature, where you can make special offers, to give each customer a more personalized experience.
  • You can choose how the upsell widget will look, which products it will show, and which page it will appear on.

This is best for store owners who want to see how well their deals are doing. This app has a very powerful analysis tool that lets you see what customers click on, buy, and search for.

Bold Brain

Bold Brain is a “upsell” app for people who are looking for apps that use AI.

It has a free version, but the full suite will cost you $19.99 per month plus 2% of any sales that came from the widget.

The app looks at information about how your store is being used. From this information, it chooses the best offer that your customer is most likely to buy.

Here are some of the best things about the app:

  • Widget: This is where the suggestion will show up.
  • Offers: The app will figure out what products to show as “top rated” and “recently bought” by other customers.
  • Product Views: The app will show the most recently viewed items, as well as any new items that have just been added to the store.

This app is great for people who want an analysis that sorts different types of customers into groups or segments. Once you have done this, you can change your email campaign to make your offers more personal.

In-Cart Upsell

This free upsell app for Shopify focuses on artificial intelligence and advanced targeting features.

It has a free version, but if you pay for the Beginner or Professional package, you can get more features.

The best thing about the app is that it doesn’t bother the customer like pop-ups do, and you can choose when the offer will appear.

Here are your options and what you can do with each one.

  • Free, but you can only get one offer at a time
  • Beginner: This plan costs $14 per month and lets you make up to 25 offers and use geo-targeting. Here, you can make offers that are only good in certain countries or places.
  • Professional costs $39 a month, and you can make up to 500 different offers with it. In this plan, you can use A/B testing to make two different versions of the same offer and see which one works better.

If you need to make a lot of offers, use this app.

This works best for big stores with hundreds or even thousands of items that need different types of discounts.

Upsells with discounts

This one has a free trial for 7 days, so you can try out all of its features. It has a free version, but you can only use it if your Shopify account is still in its trial version.

It focuses on giving you the ability to make deals in your store, and it also takes advantage of the power of cross-selling.

Here are the plans and how much they cost each month.

  • Basic – $19.99
  • Professional is $29.99
  • Ahead of time – $44.99

No matter what your plan is, the app lets you set up a “buy one, get one” deal. You can also offer deals like 50% off or buy two and get 50% off the third.

This app is best for people who run stores and want to make different offers with a focus on discounts. You can’t bundle with the app.

Upsell X

Upsell X is a free upsell app for Shopify, but there is also a paid version that lets you get more out of it.

It lets you make an offer that customers can see as they look through your store for products.

The only difference between the free one and the paid one is that the free one only lets you sell ten upsells per month, while the paid one lets you sell as many as you want.

Here are some good reasons to use the app.

  • Make a “buy one, get one” ad.
  • After the first purchase, offer discounts on the next one.
  • Any free item that comes with a purchase should be given away.

The free version is only useful if you are new to selling online and don’t yet have a steady flow of sales.

The paid version costs $29.99 per month, and you should buy it if you can show that most of your sales come from upsells.

 Also Bought Recommendations

As the rating shows, this is one of the best Shopify apps that help you sell more. The same person who made the Frequently Bought Together app also made this one.

It costs $9.99 a month, but you can try it for free for 30 days.

It shows products that other customers bought along with the product they are looking at.

It uses a proprietary analysis that looks at what you’ve bought before and suggests the best-selling items through its cross-selling platform.

What you can do with it is listed below.

  • Use product sliders to show your store’s most popular items.
  • Placement of widgets can be changed; you can decide where to put the slider.

People who don’t want to choose what to upsell and cross-sell by hand should use this app. Its success depends on the algorithm and the information it got from your sales numbers.

Cross Sell Recommend Products

Cross Sell is an upsell app for Shopify that costs $19.99 per month to use.

You can try it for free for 10 days, and it’s known for letting you choose which products you want customers to see.

Here are some good things about the app.

  • Cross-sell products by putting them on the product and cart pages
  • Make a pop-up that tells people about products.
  • Show customers products that are related to what they have already put in their shopping cart.

It is a great app for people who sell things that go together, such as shoes and shoelaces or suits and ties. At this price, you need to make sure you have a full list of products before turning it on.

SMART Bundle Upsell

As the name suggests, this one is all about giving you control over how to bundle products.

Fast food places like McDonald’s sell food in packages to make more money. With this app, you can do the same thing with your Shopify store.

This one costs $47 per month, but you can try it for free for 7 days.

It sounds like it would cost a lot, so it makes sense to find out what you get. Here’s what it has:

  • Choose which products you want to bundle.
  • Sell more or different products to the customer based on what they already have in their cart.
  • Reward system for customers who spend more; set up an automatic discount if a customer adds more items to her cart.

This is a great app if you sell things like makeup and fashion accessories that go well together. It will help you make customers want your products because you can sell things that go with what they bought in the first place.

Not only that, but this app was made by people who run Shopify stores themselves.


All of the best Shopify upsell apps for 2019 have been mentioned.

Before you decide which app to buy, you should think about how you want to go about upselling and cross-selling.

Check your traffic and get more if you don’t have much yet. Then, look at your prices and profit margins and decide if you can offer discounts or bundles to stay competitive.


Our favorites are…

After looking at all of the upsell apps, I think these are the ones you should check out.

  • SMART Bundle Upsell because of its high rating and the experience of its developer in the field.
  • Cross Sell Recommend Products is great for adding simple recommended products because it makes it easy to do so.
  • Also bought Recommendations because it had a 5-star rating and was easy for newbies to use.
  • Upsells with discounts Even though it doesn’t have any advanced features, this app is still great and easy to use.
  • Pop Upsell is easy for beginners to use because it only uses a popup.
  • Personalizer has a crazy amount of data behind it that helps you learn more about your customers.