Not all themes are made equal. Some themes are made for tech, and others are made for toys. If you choose the wrong theme, it could hurt your store.

What should you use for your e-commerce site when there are so many themes to choose from?

In this review, I’ll talk about the Prestige theme, which is one of Shopify’s most beautiful and useful themes. It is best for people who already have stores that make money or who have enough money to start an online business.

Review Of The Shopify Prestige Theme Is It Really Made For High End Brands
Review Of The Shopify Prestige Theme Is It Really Made For High End Brands

What is the Prestige Theme for Shopify?

Fashion is what the Shopify Prestige theme is made for. It will look good in your store if you sell clothes or bags. You can use it for other niches, like perfume and cologne, but it works best for the beauty and fashion niche.

It comes in three ways. Allure, Couture, and Vogue are these.

The Allure style

The landing page of the Allure theme is a big image that takes up the whole width of the screen. You can put two buttons on that banner that people who come to your site can click. You can put up to three sliders in the banner, which acts as a slider.

You can put two buttons on each slider that will take the customer to a collection page. You can add a total of six collection buttons and three sliders.

Your shop’s menu will always be on the top left. Depending on the categories you make for each one, these menu buttons can grow.

You can add a row of your best sellers right below the banner. You can choose which ones to show, and there can be two photos in each product box. If a customer puts his mouse on the picture, it will change.

You can add another slide below that to show off a different collection, and you can do this more than once on your landing page. You can add a section with up to five links near the bottom. Each link takes you to a section with a different photo and text.

You can also show featured products on the home pages. The customer can see the photo, the description, the available options, and the “Add to Cart” button right away.

At the very bottom, you can add a blogroll, a footer, and a box for people to sign up for your email list.

The Couture Style

This style is like the first one in some ways. Your sliders can have up to four images, and they take up the whole width of the screen. You can add up to two call-to-action buttons inside the slider, just like you can with the Allure sliders.

This theme’s menu is in the upper middle, not the upper left. You can add up to four photos on one section right below the slider. Each picture has a place for the name of the product and the price.

You can add a section for your collection, a section for a single product with the price and a “Add to Cart” button, a section for videos, a blog roll, and a footer menu with an email subscription box, just like with the Allure theme.

The Vogue Style

This is not the same as the other two. The background for your menu lane is the slider at the top of your page.

You can only use three slider images, and you can move the buttons inside the slider to the bottom left or the middle. The menu is also in the middle of the top.

The rest of Vogue’s features are the same as those of the other two styles.

Main Features of the Prestige Theme

The most important theme features are the ones that set your store apart from others. Even though you might think they are the same, there are small things you might not notice that make all the difference.

Image Hotspot Linking

What is “hotspot linking” in an image? If you’ve ever posted a photo on Facebook, you know that you can tag the faces of your friends on that photo and then choose who that person is from your list of friends. If a person taps on that face after seeing that photo live, a message will pop up.

Image hotspot linking works like that. The difference is that you’re tagging parts of a product in a photo. If you are selling shoes, you can put text on a hotspot, like the shoelace.

If a person clicks on the shoelace or points his mouse at it, a text will show up. You can probably tell from that text that it is made of high-quality woven fiber. What you type there will show up when the customer taps or moves his mouse over the shoelace.

This is a great feature because the customer doesn’t even have to go to the product page anymore. You can put these highlights on each of your products, which makes them much easier to find.

Made for images with a high resolution

Your photos can get pixelated in many themes. That’s not what this one does. You can use a big picture and keep the quality. The pictures will be sharp and easy to see.

A sale can depend on how clear a photo is. Photos that aren’t clear make a website look like it was made by a beginner or that the photo was taken somewhere else and put on the website. In any online store, clear photos are the most important thing.

The problem is that not all themes can handle big images. Some themes will crop your photos for you. The banners and sliders in the demo show that the Prestige theme was made to show large photos.

Timeline of the story

People are interested in the history of a company today. With this theme, you can make a section for a timeline.

You can add important dates to this section of the timeline, as well as short texts that explain what happened during these dates. For example, you can write “Your company was founded in 2016” in that section.

Add another year, like 2018, and say that Vogue Magazine wrote about your company and its products. Then you could add another year, like 2019, and say that your new collection or line of products came out.

You can put this timeline section on the home page of your website. It lets people know how trustworthy you are, what you’ve accomplished, and how long you’ve been in business.

Instagram feed in full width

You can add your Instagram posts to a section of the theme. In this part, you need to link to the Instagram page for your store.

Once the Instagram integration is done, the store will now show up on that Instagram page. Up to four Instagram photos can be shown in your store. If a customer sees this, he can like your photo, and you’ll get an automatic “love” vote for that photo on Instagram.

Under the section of photos, there is a button that will take a customer to your Instagram account.

Home page menu lists

You can put a menu bar on your home page. You can add as many sub-categories as you want here. You can add them to the menu if you have a lot of things. If a customer clicks on the menu at the top, it will drop down automatically.

For instance, you might sell shoes and clothes. There are options for Sneakers, Men’s Tops, and Women’s Tops on the top menu.

If you want to break down the Sneakers category even more, you can add sub-categories like Adidas, Nike, Reebok, and many more.

Customers can find their way around your site better if your menu is as flexible as this one. People won’t have a hard time finding your goods.

Most themes can’t do this because customers have to click on each collection photo, go back to the home page, and then click on another collection photo. This, on the other hand, gives the customer a menu on every page.

Functions of the Theme of Prestige

You can use or program functional features to make your website work harder for you. There are a few things here that you should look at and see if other themes have them.

Home page content sections that can be changed

Your landing page is your home page. Customers will almost always come to this page. It’s the most important part of a website, just like the lobby of a hotel. On the home page, you try to get the customer to stay and buy your products.

You can add and take away sections when you have prestige. If you don’t have an Instagram page, you can get rid of that part. You can also add two video segments if you want to.

Since the home page of the website can be changed, your store won’t look like other stores with the same theme. You can also switch where they are. You can put the photo roll section of Instagram before the collections section if you want to.

Mobile-friendly design

With a mobile-friendly design, your store will automatically change depending on whether the customer is using a phone or a tablet. It will show the website up and down, not side to side.

Why does this matter? A person should be able to use only one hand to scroll and look around your website. Your store is not a game in which the customer has to turn the phone on its side.

Also, when the mobile site is shown, all of your menu buttons will be hidden under one button. If this doesn’t happen, the menus will look crowded on the phone’s small screen.

Optimization for search engines

You can dropship on Amazon or run your own store, but you can’t forget about SEO. The problem with SEO is that you may know how to use it, but if you can’t change certain parts of your website’s theme, it won’t work perfectly.

You can change the following things in the Prestige theme to make your post SEO-friendly:

  • Title of the item
  • Meta description or excerpt
  • Product content or details
  • Names of the different products

As you can see, this isn’t built into every theme. Many themes let you change the title, but they don’t have a place to add a meta-description, which is one of the most important things that Google looks at.

Social media icons

Because of social media, marketing has never been better than it is now. Today, there are many ways to reach the right people on the social media site of your choice.

With the Shopify prestige theme, it’s easy because you can add your social media apps to your store. Besides Instagram, you can also add sections for Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter.

You can put these icons at the bottom of your page. People will be able to get to your social media pages if they click on that. If they do, sharing your posts will be much easier for them.

Help with drop-down navigation

The choices a customer can make under each menu are called a “drop-down navigation.” This is pretty much a standard for a lot of themes, since it makes it easier for a customer to choose which parts of your store to visit.

This theme is great because you can add several sub-menus under the main menu. You have full control over these drop-down menus. Some themes do these things automatically, and you can’t choose what to put in your drop-downs.

Here, you can choose to make subcategories inside of subcategories. These sub-menus will be on every page, so the customer doesn’t have to go back to your home page to get to other categories.

Styles and color schemes that are built in

The theme has three different styles, and all you have to do is pick the one that fits your business. You can add and remove parts of the theme by hand, but the three styles make it much easier to build your store because they are already done.

You can change the background and font style in your dashboard if you don’t like them.

Burst gives away free stock photos.

Burst is a part of Shopify, where you can get free photos to make your website look more professional. The pictures are all free, and they were all taken by professionals.

Here are some sample categories:

  • Fashion
  • Women
  • Men
  • Coffee
  • Fitness
  • Baby
  • Jewelry
  • Sunset
  • Beaches
  • Fun
  • Technology

Photos are expensive. You have to hire a photographer or buy them from sites like Shutterstock.

You might be lucky enough to find a cheap photo that only costs $10, but most websites that sell photos require you to pay a monthly fee to use their services. You can get as many photos as you want with Burst. All of them can be used for business for free.

Email Subscription

The theme gives you a way to sign up for email updates. If you want to, you can change the text and call-to-action buttons. This email sign-up is somewhere in the footer at the bottom of your screen.

In marketing, it’s important to have a sign-up form for emails. Once you have a list of customers’ email addresses, you can start sending them ads. You can also send out newsletters with this. You could tell people that you are having a Black Friday sale or that you have a new line of products.

By adding this to the theme, you’re doing yourself a huge favor, since email subscription software usually costs more than $10 per month. The one with the Prestige theme doesn’t cost anything.

Features of the Backend Shopify Theme

You can change the backend features to make your website look different. For instance, you might want to add pages like “Frequently Asked Questions” or make the website show related products, like recommendations. All of these can be done with the Prestige theme.

FAQ Page

The answers on a FAQ page work best when they are collapsed. The questions and answers on a FAQ page that looks like a Word document are too hard to understand.

With the Prestige theme, you can make a separate FAQ and type the answers without formatting the content. From the point of view of a customer, all the questions are nicely laid out on the page.

There would be a drop-down arrow next to each question that would show the answer. With this layout, your frequently asked questions pages won’t look like a big block of text. Also, there can only be one FAQ page for each store.

Here’s how to make a frequently asked questions page with this theme:

  • Make a new Shopify page.
  • Look for an area that says Template at the bottom right of that page. Choose PAGE.FAQ from that drop-down menu.
  • Go to the theme editor for your Shopify store and then choose the FAQ page.
  • Go to Sections on the sidebar editor and then choose FAQ.

Now, type in the questions and answers you want, and then click “Save.”

Add Products Related to This

If you’ve been to stores that suggest other items and say “Buy it with,” you’ve seen a product that goes with it. You can do the same thing with the Prestige theme.

This is a great way to sell more because some customers might not have known that you have a product that goes well with what they are looking at. With these kinds of upsells, you can definitely raise the average amount each customer spends on an order.

Here’s how to do it behind the scenes:

  • Go to the page for the product you want to add as a related product. Among other things, it is a red bag. Do this on the product page of your Shopify admin, as if you were editing the product.
  • Go to the part of that product page that has the search engine. Find the URL and copy the last part of it. The last part is the characters that come after the last slash.


This URL’s last part is: red-bag-with-rose.

The last part is called the Handle.

  • Go to the product you want to be linked with the red bag. Take a red dress as an example.

Go to the TAG part of that product page. Now, type two underscores followed by the word “with:” and the handle in the tag box.

This is how the tag will look now: __with:red-bag-with-rose

No spaces should be there. Click the button Save. Now, whenever a customer looks at a red dress on your Shopify store, the red bag will be suggested.

Why the Prestige Theme Should Be Used

You can save a lot of money by using the Prestige theme. You no longer have to pay to get an Instagram app, a social media app, or any other app that helps with marketing.

Even if you have to pay $180 all at once, you will save money in the long run because you won’t have to buy the following apps:

  • Email subscription
  • Social media
  • Upsell apps
  • Page editors like FAQ apps
  • Put in the shopping cart

All of these apps can be subscribed to for at least $10 per month. The subscription fee is on top of what you pay Shopify each month to keep your website up and running.

Long-term, you will save hundreds of dollars per year and still do a great job of marketing because of the features of the theme.

Customer Feedback On The Prestige Shopify Theme

This theme’s feedback score is one of the best in Shopify. It has a score of 93% based on 246 reviews. Only 12 of the 246 people who gave it a rating don’t like it. Here are some of the most common problems they had with it.

Slow Theme

The theme is slow to load. This makes sense, since the theme was made to hold lots of photos. This can only be fixed in two ways. The first is to increase your hosting bandwidth, and the second is to shrink the size of the image.

No Refund

The company that made it won’t take it back.

Doesn’t work with currency converters.

A customer said that the theme doesn’t have a currency converter and that it doesn’t work with third-party currency converter apps.


Theme of Prestige Ending

There is no perfect theme, and even the Prestige theme will have its own problems. The great thing about this theme is that there are no costs for updates. This means that you don’t have to pay extra for the bugs if they are fixed.

It has a lot of great features that will help your marketing, like Instagram, email subscriptions, and products that go with them. Installing third-party apps does not cost a lot of money. At $180, this is definitely worth the money.