The Narrative theme can be played in three different ways.

It’s different from the other free Shopify themes because you can use videos in your sliders.

It’s called “Narrative” because the main idea behind it is to tell a story.

All three versions let you put a lot of big pictures in different parts of your home page.

This design is great if the things you sell look good, because you can put together a series of photos that show off your brand and the things you sell.

Review Of The Shopify Narrative Theme Its Clean And Has A Lot Of Good Features
Review Of The Shopify Narrative Theme Its Clean And Has A Lot Of Good Features

What is the point of the story?

Warm, Light, and Cold are the three ways the story’s main idea is shown. There are some similarities between them, but there are also some small differences that you won’t find in other versions.

The name of your brand is in the upper middle of the home page for all three styles. A menu button is on the left, and a shopping cart is on the right. In all three styles, the whole width of the screen is taken up by a slider.

Warm Style Theme

You can’t put a video on the slider with this style. You can, however, put a carousel of menus right on the slider.

If a website visitor clicks on that menu, he will be able to choose to look at that page. The carousel does not, however, turn on its own. They have to be swiped by a customer.

You can put a picture with text under the slider. This works best to show what you have to offer or what your business is all about. Put something there, like a picture of coffee beans, and then say why they are the best beans out there.

You can also put a product here, like the newest one in your collection, but you can’t put a price that changes automatically when you change the price ranges on your admin page. It won’t show any sales or discounts unless you type them in yourself.

There is a section below this where you can put a video. When the customer clicks on this video, it will play and take up the whole screen. When the customer scrolls again, the video will go back to where it was.

This is followed by more pictures, and then there is a section with pictures on one side that you can scroll through.

Style of Light Theme

In this style, you can put a video on the slider, and it will play over and over by itself. You can put a button in that video slider that will take a customer to a page you choose. You can also put text on top of this video that will stay there.

You can add more photos and text like the one in the Warm style in the sections that follow. In some places, you can click on the text area to add a button.

It also has a part where you can scroll down the right side.

Style of Cold Theme

In terms of sliders, the Cold theme is the same as the Light theme, but the photo with the text takes up the whole width of the screen.

The rest of the home page is mostly made up of places to put photos, but this section is where you can upload collections.

Features of the Shopify Narrative Theme

This theme is different from others because it is made for small businesses that only sell a few items. It works best for small businesses that sell less than ten items.

The Narrative theme was made so that a product’s benefits and features could all be shown on a single page. This doesn’t mean you can’t add anything else. You can, but it works best for single products that are meant to make a difference.

For example, if you made a new exercise tool, the Narrative theme is probably the best one to use if you want to build a Shopify store.

Here are some things that make up the theme.

Hero Video

Here is where you can add a video that will always play at the top of your page. It is set up to play in wide mode, so it looks great on mobile devices as well.

Visual telling a story

The plan was made to take your customers slowly from the beginning to the end of a demonstration. If you are selling bikes, you can use the different sections to upload a zoomed-in picture of each part and say something about it.

Navigation is Set

On the home page, there is a menu button in the upper left corner. This is the same for all styles, and it’s the only place you can put navigation links or buttons. You can’t put them in the middle, and you can’t put them at the bottom.

Slideshow on the side

This is the bottom part of the home page. On the left is a big picture, and on the right, customers can scroll through several products. If they like one, they just have to click on the View button and they will be taken to that product’s page.

Wide Layout

Most of the photos, if not all of them, take up the whole screen. Some themes don’t let you do this, and the only thing you can put on them are small photos.

Advantages of Using the Story Theme

In addition to the features, Shopify has some things that will make your site better and more useful.

Here are some good reasons to use the theme.

Custom Content

If you don’t like some parts of the home page, you can get rid of them. You can, for example, choose to get rid of some photo areas that have text next to them.


If a customer comes to your store on a mobile device, the page will automatically change into a website that works on mobile devices. Customers will find it easy to find their way around your site, which will make them more likely to buy.

Social media and the footer

The theme lets you make a footer page where you can link to important documents like your terms of service, your refund policy, and others.

You can add your social media links to your admin panel. Customers can go to your social media site from your website by clicking on any of the icons at the bottom of the screen.

Since they are logged in to their account when they open your social media page, they can also share it with their friends.

In the footer area, you can also sign up for an email list. If you can get your customers to give you their email address, you can send them marketing materials to increase your sales.

Free Images

Since the theme was made to show a lot of photos, Shopify’s partner Burst will give you free photos to use. Here, you can get as many professional photos as you want and use them in your store.


You can have a blog page where you post tips that will help your customers. You can also use this blog to write about things that will make you more visible online and get more people to visit your website.

A business needs a blog page because search engines like to index pages with lots of content. Make sure to use this for search engine optimization or to improve the experience of your customers.


Last Thoughts on the Theme of Narrative Review

At the moment, 73% of people like the theme. Compared to other Shopify themes, this is pretty high.

We will give it 4.5 stars out of 5. It does what it’s supposed to do, and customers rarely have problems with it. The only thing that people usually complain about is that the image is cut off on mobile devices.

If you use this site, your store will really look like a business. The design makes us think of the first website where you could buy an iPhone or Mac.

The website has very little junk on it. Everything you put on this website is important, as if it were trying to get people to buy something.