If you want a theme that is simple, clean, and professional, you might want to think about the Shopify Jumpstart theme.

It’s a free theme that was made for crowdfunding, and in this article, we’ll talk about its features and benefits.

Review Of The Shopify Jumpstart Theme The Theme That Looks Professional
Review Of The Shopify Jumpstart Theme The Theme That Looks Professional

What is the Shopify Jumpstart Theme?

The Jumpstart theme is made for companies that are just getting started. There is only one version, but you can still use it if you only have one product to sell.

Because it is easy to use and set up, it is one of the few themes that can help you start your business the same day you build it.

But you can only do this if you have everything you need, like videos, photos, and product descriptions.

The design starts with a home page where, instead of a slider, you can upload a video. Here, you should give the site visitor a chance to see your product and carefully explain what it does.

This video is your chance to persuade a site visitor to help fund, invest in, or buy your product, if it’s already for sale. It is the part of the website that will say what you want it to say.

There is a play button in the middle of the screen. If you click it, the web page will change color and only show the video that is playing.

You can embed a YouTube video, and the customer can control playback, volume, or full-screen mode without leaving your website. The customer will still be on your home page if he decides to close the video.

Features of the Theme Landing Page

By default, the theme only has one page that site visitors can scroll through. You can add more pages, though. It was made this way so that it wouldn’t get too hard to use if there was too much content and pages.

It lets a customer go to the bottom of your site and scroll down without getting lost. In the end, he would have known everything there is to know about your crowdfunding campaign or new product.

Tracking System for Crowdfunding

There is a tracking system below the video that will show your visitors how close you are to your goal. It shows that you are credible and are willing to share your success with the public.

Here, people can see how close your crowdfunding campaign is to reaching its goal, how many people have supported it, and how much money people have pledged to give to your campaign.

This can get people interested, and they can use the results to decide if they want to help your business or not.

More pictures and a description of the product

After the tracking section, the theme lets you add more photos and text to explain what your new product does and how it helps people.

Place to sign up for emails

After the photo area, there is a place where you can ask the visitor to sign up for updates from your business. Try giving something away for free if you want to get people’s email addresses.

Other things about the Jumpstart theme

You can add a section right below the place where people can sign up for your email list. In this section, you can put icons, product features, and simple descriptions.

This is a great way to explain what you have to offer and how customers will benefit from investing in your new business or buying the product you are selling.


Right after the section on features and benefits, you can add a slider with more photos. This is a good way to show more photos that will help a customer understand your business or product.


You can add a section called “Frequently Asked Questions” to your site to answer questions that people might have. This is helpful so that you don’t keep getting emails with the same questions.

Customers can see the answers to the questions if they click on the plus sign next to each question.


The last part of the site is like a blog, but it’s called “News.” This is where you would put news about your product or business, like press releases or updates. This can help you build your credibility.

What We Do

You can add a page near the bottom of the page to explain who you are, what you do, or your company’s mission and vision.

Do Something

You can put the product, its full details, the price, and the “Add to Cart” button in the bottom part.

If the customer clicks on the product details, he will be taken to a product page that is separate from your home page. Here, he can see the product’s details and choose a specific type, like color or size, before going to the checkout page.

Main Features of the Shopify Theme

Since you won’t be looking for a lot of winning products, the theme can only fit a few.

Even so, Shopify gave it a lot of features that can help you make a professional site and other features that will make building your site easy.

Small Catalog

The website doesn’t have a lot of junk on it. It was made to only show a few products, so it’s easy for customers to decide if they want to buy or not.


You can upload a group of photos that show how your product is used or give more information about it.


You don’t have to keep track of investments by hand. This is done automatically by the website, which also shows the most recent change in real time.

“As seen on” page”

Here is where you can put icons for different media channels. If CNN, NBC, or other media sites reviewed your product, you could add a section that says “As seen on” and then show icons of these media sites.

Home Page Video

You can put a video from YouTube on your site.

Social Media

At the bottom of the page and on the product page, there are icons for social media. You need to add the link to your social media accounts. When a customer clicks on the social media icon, he will be taken to your social media page.

In addition to having a nice-looking website, Shopify’s themes have some features that can help you get more traffic and make your website more adaptable to your needs.

  • Customizable page: Page that can be changed. The home page can be changed. If there is a section like FAQ that you don’t want, you can get rid of it.
  • Search Engine Optimization: The theme lets you add important SEO details like meta tags, meta descriptions, and others. This will make it easier for search engines to find your site.
  • Drop-downs: You can make a drop-down menu in the admin panel if you want to. This can help you group your products into categories and make it easier for people to look around your site.
  • Mobile-friendly: means that the website will change into a different format if the customer is using a mobile device.
  • Free Photos: Since this theme uses a lot of photos, Shopify thought you might need help getting professional photos. If you use this theme, Shopify’s partner, Burst, will give you free access to thousands of photos.
  • Footer: At the bottom, there is a space where you can put important information like terms of service, refund policies, and investment policies.

Last Thoughts on the Review of the Jumpstart Theme

So far, only 11 people have reviewed this book, which is not a good sign. Only 36% of customers are happy, and many of them are upset that the “buy” button is not on the product page.

This is easy to fix if they just ask the Shopify admin for help.

Overall, we’ll still give it 4.0 stars out of 5. It is a modern theme, and you should choose it if you want to build a store that looks really cool. As far as the page’s content goes, there is nothing else you could want.

If you are building a business, this theme has everything you need. You have videos, a photo section, a FAQ section, and a lot more.