Surveys are an important part of starting a business and helping it grow. They are what market research is mostly based on. You might even find sites that pay you to fill out surveys. Surveys can be done in different ways.

They depend on many things, like who your audience is, where you are, what resources you have, and more. Some organizations may want to do surveys online, while others may need to do surveys in person. Some people want to use a multiple-choice format, while others might like open-ended surveys better.

A survey management software is needed to help different people, businesses, and organizations keep track of surveys and feedback. Survey Sparrow is software that does more than just offer survey templates.

This guide explains what Survey Sparrow is, what its main features are, and how much it costs.

Review Of Survey Sparrow What Does It Have To Offer You
Review Of Survey Sparrow What Does It Have To Offer You

How does Survey Sparrow work?

Survey Sparrow is a piece of software that is meant to help businesses improve how they treat their customers. The products and features they offer help them reach this goal. Among the products are:

  • Software for surveys
  • Software for the Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Chatbots for Website Surveys
  • An Audience
  • API
  • offline polls.

Main Features of Sparrow

Smart Surveys

Survey Sparrow’s smart surveys help you get answers that are relevant and accurate. The smart survey has a lot of features that help the respondent fill out the form.

You can tell the display logic when and how to show a question or piece of information. On the other hand, skip logic shows questions based on how the respondent has answered in the past. Custom params are also a part of smart surveys. These parameters use tags to sort responses and keep track of them.

With the piping & variables feature, you can use the answer to the last question to figure out how to answer the current one. You can also show survey results in different mathematical expressions with the smart survey. You can also add multiple thank-you pages based on different circumstances.

Video Surveys

People respond to video content 82% more than they do to other types of content. Video surveys on Survey Sparrow do more than just make your surveys more fun. They will also improve the experience of the respondent, the responses to the survey, brand awareness, user engagement, and the education of your audience.

You can put videos almost anywhere on your survey with Survey Sparrow. You can also put it on your surveys as background music or video. The information in these videos can be changed. You can also play these videos in a loop so that they keep playing. You can also turn them off if you need to.

Forms of Conversation

Conversational forms make your surveys more smart, interesting, and personal. This feature was based on how people talk to each other. It has different kinds of questions to help find out more. There are many examples, such as rank order, drag-and-drop, matrix, and more.

Conversational forms, like smart surveys, also use logic for what to show and what to skip. With the Stripe integration, you can also accept payment offers for this feature. Also, conversational forms will use the constant sum to measure the preferences of your customers.

You can get contact information from customers, like their name, email address, and more. It works well on mobile devices and has a clean look.

Craft Beautiful Surveys

Using a simple builder, Survey Sparrow lets you make interesting surveys. You will have access to a library of survey templates that will help you make surveys quickly. With this feature, you can also add images, emoticons, gifs, and videos to surveys to make them more fun.

Smart surveys can also have features like skip and display logic, piping logic, contact parameters, custom parameters, expressions, and variables.

You can use various question types, for example, matrix, constant sum, opinion scale, drag & drop, file upload, rank order, and more. With this feature, you can use the Live preview option to look at and test your surveys before you launch them.

Themes Surveys

Survey Sparrow has a big gallery of themes. You can change the look of your chat survey or conversational forms by using the templates. You can change things like the font, color, and buttons.

The background can also be changed. You can add images, move them around, and change their position and color. There are many colors to choose from, and you can set each question, answer, button, and background to be a different color.

You can choose from more than 20 font families to find one that fits your theme. The surveys can also be styled and changed by the users with CSS.

Mobile-First Surveys

70% of the people who take the survey do so on their phones. Mobile-First Surveys makes it easy to get feedback without stopping. People can fill out the surveys while they are out and about. It makes it possible to gather information anytime and anywhere.

Different devices are used by your audience. So, these surveys can be used on tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and desktop computers. Also, mobile-first surveys can be filled out offline as well.

People can fill out your surveys over coffee or lunch breaks, on the subway, and in other places. When compared to traditional forms, conversational surveys have a 40% higher completion rate.

Surveys That Come Back

Recurring surveys are ones that you do more than once. This feature makes it easy to sort your surveys and automate them. With the automation option, you can set up when these surveys will run.

How often you do these surveys depends on what you want. It could be every day, every week, every month, every three months, or any other time frame that works for you. You don’t have to start over every time you do the same survey.

Recurring surveys send email reminders to the people who filled them out. You can also ask those who only answered part of the survey to finish it.

Audience Management

Most of the time, audience management helps make targeted surveys. You can set up several sub-accounts for different departments or clients of your business. Survey Sparrow makes it easy to pay because it bills a single account.

You can group your contacts by age, job title, hierarchy level, and more using custom fields. This will make it easier to put the answers into groups. You can also put people into groups and make surveys for each group.

You can also put your surveys in folders to keep them together. Excel and CSV can both be used to export and import your contacts.

Deep Thoughts

You can report in real time with the help of insights and data. The information in these reports is used by 95% of businesses to help them make important business decisions. When a respondent sends in their feedback, it is saved. You can look at these answers question by question and track how the questionnaire is doing on different devices.

You can also compare the answers to look for trends and patterns. This will help you figure out what your customers want from you. You can filter the reports by periods, questions, answers, degree of completion, respondent details, and more.

You can set up a time for your feedback reports to arrive in your inbox. Survey Sparrow can also send an email when these reports are ready or when a survey is done. You can send these reports out as PDFs or SPSS files.

Give Out Surveys

If you share your surveys, you can reach more people and get more people to take part. Survey Sparrow has a lot of ways for you to share your surveys with your audience. There are a lot of ways to change these survey and sharing options.

You can send them by email, post them on social media, send a text message, send a unique link, put a survey on your website, use a QR code, or put a code in an email. Email marketing tools like MailChimp will be used by the email embedded code.

White-Label Surveys

White-label surveys show off the personality of your brand and help you get better answers. You can brand your surveys in many different ways with Survey Sparrow. You can choose the custom domain, which uses your brand name instead of Survey Sparrow in the URL.

You can choose CSS customization if you know how to code. It lets you change the look of your survey, including the theme, fonts, icons, labels, and more, to match your brand. White-label surveys also have custom emails as a part of them.

You can add logos, fonts, and other things to match the image of your brand. Also, you can customize the emails for each person who opens them.

Built-in Surveys

Embedded surveys are surveys that pop up as people look around your site. They are very interactive and don’t send customers in a different direction. When the respondent is not redirected, they are more likely to fill out the survey.

You don’t need to know how to code in order to embed these surveys. The surveys are built in as pop-up cards, a website chatbot, and inline embeds. With inline embed, you can put the survey wherever you want.

Embedded surveys run all the time, and customers can access them from anywhere, at any time. So, you’ll be able to get more leads and boost the number of people who buy from you.

Secure Surveys

Using SSL connections, Survey Sparrow lets you keep survey data safe. With “https” on the domain URL, the custom SSL will protect your survey domain. You can also keep track of IP addresses with Survey Sparrow to stop spamming.

Since the responses section keeps track of your IP address, you can’t use it to take a survey twice. You can also make surveys that can only be accessed with a password. You can also use Single Sign-On (SSO) or IP whitelisting as an alternative.

SSO lets you use your organization’s credentials to get into all the important apps. IP white-listing, on the other hand, lets trusted networks or places access your Survey Sparrow account.

Integrations, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and Webhooks

Integrations let you connect the way you work in the apps you use most often. You will connect apps like WordPress, Hubspot, SalesForce, Facebook Pixel, and more. Webhooks let you talk to third-party apps and send them survey data.

The Survey Sparrow API makes it easy to connect to business apps like Helpdesk, CRM, and more.

Check out Sparrow’s pricing plans.

There are six main pricing plans for surveys on Survey Sparrow.

Free to try

You can try it out for free for 14 days. To start the free trial, you don’t need to have a credit card. The free trial version has features like embedded surveys, ten questions per survey, 100 Responses per month, over 1500 app integrations, and advanced report filters.

You can sign up for the free plan before fully signing up for any of the plans below:

Basic Version

The price per month for the basic version is $19. It has all the features of the free version plus 1000 responses, display logic, unlimited questions, scoring, and sharing through social media, email, widget, web URL, and QR code.


The monthly cost of the premium package is $49. It has all of the same features as the basic version, plus the ability to schedule reports, send reminder emails, accept payments, have up to 10,000 responses, show or hide responses, and make surveys happen over and over again.


The Business package will cost you $149 per month. The plan has everything in the premium plan plus 2 offline devices, 100,000 emails, 2 account users, white-labeling, Hubspot Integrations, and Salesforce Integrations.


For $499 per month, you can use the Enterprise plan. The plan has all of the features of the Business plan plus five offline devices, 10 account users, NPS workflows, an NPS word cloud, NPS trends and dashboards, and an NPS sentiment analysis.


To find out how much the Elite Plan costs, you will need to talk to survey Sparrow. But the features are the same as the Enterprise plan plus a minimum of 10 users, IP whitelisting, Single Sign-On (SSO), customs data center, Sub accounts, and consolidated billing.

Survey Sparrow gives you three other ways to pay. They are more like extras that you can use to meet different needs. Among these choices are:

  • Price Quotes. On the main plans, the offline plan has the same survey features as the main plans. In addition to the fee for your main plan, you will have to pay an extra $10. For example, if you choose the Business plan, you will have to pay $149 per month plus an extra $10. The offline fee is charged per device and per month.
  • NPS. NPS pricing plans are based on the experience, loyalty, and retention of customers. The NPS package includes two plans.
  • Simple NPS. The monthly cost for this plan is $199. It has features like a maximum of 5,000 responses, an insightful dashboard, tagging, 2 users, NPS workflows, an NPS word cloud, NPS trends and dashboards, an NPS sentiment analysis, and more.
  • NPS Premium. The monthly cost for this plan is $399. It has all the features of NPS Basic, plus 5 user accounts, a maximum of 25,000 responses, a custom domain, custom alerts, a data center, Multilingual NPS, and more.
  • Agency. This package is made to fit the needs of your agency with features that are made just for it. You will need to get in touch with Survey Sparrow to find out how much it will cost. But the price will depend on which features you want.

This plan comes with a central account, branding tools, the ability to copy surveys, analyze reports, work with clients, and more.


Research is a crucial part of running a business. Using surveys gives important information about customers, the market, competitors, and more. From traditional questionnaires to more advanced, interactive forms, the way surveys are made has changed.

Survey Sparrow is a piece of software that makes these forms available. The different kinds of questionnaires that Survey Sparrow has are its main features.

These features are found in different products, such as:

  • Software for surveys
  • Software for the Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Chatbots for Website Surveys
  • An Audience
  • APIs
  • offline polls.

On this platform, you can do the following types of surveys:

  • Smart Surveys. These are surveys that use logic called “show and skip.” The questions depend on how the respondents answer in different ways.
  • Video Surveys. People are more affected by video surveys than written ones. Because of this, they get a bigger number of responses.
  • Forms Of Conversation. These surveys are a mix of ones that are smart, personalized, and fun. They pay more attention to what customers want.
  • Surveys Built In. There are places on your website where embedded surveys can be used, such as chatbots, pop-up cards, and inline embeds. They keep respondents from leaving because they were sent somewhere else.
  • Surveys That Come Back. Recurring surveys are ones that happen more than once. You can set them to happen every day, every week, every month, or every three months. Survey Sparrow saves these surveys so they don’t have to be made from scratch. This saves time.
  • Surveys That Start With Mobile Devices. Any device can be used to take mobile-first surveys. They can be used on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. 70% of respondents use mobile devices.
  • Keep Surveys Safe. These are surveys that protect survey data and keep spamming, which messes up the results, from happening. Survey Sparrow makes these surveys possible by using SSL.
  • Surveys With No Brand Name. Branding is done on white-label surveys. They help you spread the word about your brand and give it a personality.

Survey Sparrow also lets you make surveys with beautiful themes and templates. You can also choose to write your own code for your themes and templates. All of the features you can use will depend on the price plan you choose.