Many business owners would love to one day launch their own private label. E-commerce is all about the thrill of releasing your own product under your own name.

Private labeling presents many opportunities for business owners, but getting in touch with reliable manufacturers should be at the top of your list. Quite a few companies invest the bulk of their efforts here.

This post was written to assist you in locating a supplier who can produce goods for private labeling.

We’ll provide you a rundown of the best companies in the industry that provide private labeling options. The best places to look for them, as well as other suggestions for starting a profitable private label firm, will be revealed.

Alright, let’s get this party started.

What Is a Private Label Business?

Private labeling refers to the practice of having a product created in a unique fashion so that it can be sold under one’s own brand name.

In most cases, a private label product’s maker is an unaffiliated entity. Almost certainly a manufacturing facility or original equipment manufacturer (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

If you order anything from a supplier or manufacturer, they will make it exactly how you want it.

The shop may request that the manufacturer not sell these private labeled items to any other stores.

Private Label Manufacturers of the Highest Quality

Platforms to Find Private Label Manufacturers 

Let’s start with a discussion of some of the top channels for locating reliable direct private label producers. They may also offer private label products for your company, although selling some of their products through these channels.


Alibaba is a seller’s and a retailer’s paradise. It’s responsible for hundreds of millions in revenue for thousands of companies thanks to their high-quality goods and services.

The good news is that Alibaba also provides a platform for private label vendors to advertise their wares. Contrary to popular belief, these are not offerings from Alibaba. It is home to several vendors selling private label products and services.

You need only to hunt for the best goods source for it to occur. It’s important to be specific when asking vendors whether or not they provide private label services for the goods you’re looking to sell.

If so, all you have to do is give them some information about your company and they’ll get back to you with a quote.

In order for suppliers to be able to offer private label service, you should anticipate that they will want a minimum order quantity.


Over the past few years, AliExpress and “online shopping” have become practically interchangeable terms. If you’re an entrepreneur in the digital space, you’ve probably heard of this massive Chinese e-commerce platform.

Since AliExpress is a division of Alibaba, the same protocol applies. After learning about your organization, the supplier will provide pricing and terms for private marking their goods.


Another option for your private label business in China is this e-commerce website. You could get the impression from browsing the site’s various product categories that they sell everything under the sun.

However, there is a caveat. It’s likely that, like other online marketplaces, not all of the listed vendors will provide private label goods and services. Where do you go from here?

Simply typing “private label” into the DHgate search box will bring up results for the private label vendors. In the next window, you’ll get a list of available vendors. Then, from among the providers you’ve chosen at random, you can make a shortlist and initiate conversations with potential partners.

You can use the search bar to look for a certain product or market segment if you already know what you’re looking for.


Wonnda was established in 2022 as a Berlin-based startup. Its goal is to create a digital private label ecosystem in Europe that helps emerging consumer brands find reliable suppliers and quickly bring new products to market.

Wonnda has a marketplace, and on top of that, it has a collaboration tool that brings together everyone involved in a project in one spot.

Wonnda is where you can find the best suppliers, get samples, keep tabs on your projects, and see how far along in the production process you are.

Wonnda only features manufacturers with European headquarters that have been hand-picked and vetted. Cosmetics, supplements, fashion accessories, pet care, home & living, and food & beverage are the primary product types.

Private Label Manufacturers USA

The United States is the most lucrative market in which to sell private label goods, so we thought we’d recommend a few of the top private label factories based there.

With an estimated $875 billion in retail e-commerce revenue in 2022, it will have earned the title of world’s largest consumer market.

Many problems can be solved by collaborating with these manufacturers.

In the United States, you can start your own private label firm. If you live in the United States, you may also be eligible for expedited shipping. To begin Amazon dropshipping, it will also assist you in getting your company registered on Amazon.

Private label producers in the United States are listed below.


It’s essentially a scaled-down version of the popular shopping platform AliExpress. You can find products in any market segment. This online store offers a wide variety of private-label goods in many categories, including beauty, clothing, and technology.

Private label services are advertised on the site’s dedicated page.

Although the website only mentions private labeling for cosmetics and textiles, getting private labeling for any other product is probably possible by contacting customer service.

The most attractive feature of this provider is the availability of specialized applications and plugins that facilitate the incorporation of their products and services into your online store.

Because of this, you may streamline your web-based operations. This shop and its services are also worth considering if you’re interested in trying out automated dropshipping.


That label originates in the United States but sells its wares worldwide. They also provide private label services in addition to selling products under their own name.

Using this platform, you can market and sell a wide variety of apparel and accessories. This private label brand extends beyond shirts and jackets to include athletic apparel, hats, and workwear.

This leaves a lot of wiggle area in terms of who you choose to market to.

Bags, shorts, and even underwear are all part of the assortment of extras. Shirts and hoodies are only two of the many garments that may be personalized at this shop.

The greatest feature of this store is that they sell fantastic items at reasonable costs.

MANA Products 

It’s a fantastic private label producer situated in the United States that caters to companies all around the globe. Skincare and cosmetics are their key areas of business.

It’s not just that they’ll put a client’s name on a product; they’ll also create something new if they ask. If you’ve been looking for a partner to help you create your own beauty business but don’t want to deal with manufacturing, this could be it.

Products for the hair, skin, and face are among those they stock and sell.

Everything you need to know can be found on the site. Having used their sourcing services, especially the private label ones, you can see that numerous private label brands have been successfully formed.


There is yet another private label producer in the USA. Clothing is another product line that they offer. Although they specialize in athletics, they also sell a wide variety of other apparel, such as t-shirts, zippers, hoodies, etc.

They’re a U.S.-based company with international branches in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, France, and the United Kingdom.

In other words, you can launch your private label apparel company anywhere in the aforementioned regions.

This website’s finest feature is the affordable prices it provides. On their website, they even offer a money-back guarantee if you find a lower price elsewhere.

Max Private Label

This is an excellent example of a U.S.-based private label producer. As a private label specialist, they provide services for a select range of cosmetics.

They have included the appropriate certifications, so it appears that they are particularly concerned with maintaining the quality of the cosmetics they sell.

They have a wide variety of grooming supplies for humans, animals, and even plants.

On their site, they openly advertise that they will also create customized versions of any of their existing products if that’s what you like. Using this website appears to be a viable option for launching a private label cosmetics line in the United States.

Private Label Companies in Canada

There is a lot of room for expansion in the Canadian market for online sales. In 2020, analysts predicted that retail e-commerce in Canada would generate about $30 billion in yearly revenue.

So, we figured we’d tell you about some of Canada’s finest private label factories.

If you want to launch a private label business in Canada, these are the suppliers you should contact. Even if you’re starting a firm in the United States, you need think about them.

Canada is home to numerous excellent private label producers, and we’ve included links to some of the best ones below.


Gertex is a Canadian company that facilitates drop shipment. The majority of the items for sale on this website are one-of-a-kind creations. Accordingly, this creates a fantastic opening for businesses to launch a private label apparel line.

On addition to hosiery and textiles, this site specializes in stylish and branded items. They have a wide variety of garments in their inventory.

This website can serve as a private label business source for you to launch an online clothes store.


Another excellent Canadian vendor is Oscardo. This vendor offers a wide selection of goods. This website features a wide variety of goods in several different categories, including clothing, accessories, home decor, kitchenware, and gifts.

They offer a wide variety of goods. You can learn more about private labeling through the site’s “custom products” menu item.

The products, bearing the label “Designed in Canada,” are ideal for marketing in North America.

Bargains Group 

Whenever the topic of private labeling in Canada comes up, Bargains Group must be mentioned.

By implying that prices can be lowered, “bargains” encourages new business owners to haggle. You may avoid the middleman and haggle over costs and services with them. Get in touch with them and ask about their expected shipping times and minimum order quantities.

It’s easy to get lost in the website’s extensive catalog of goods. They also function as a wholesaler of various goods. That’s how you know they mean business. So, a private company can rely on it as a reliable supplier.

You can get the best selection of private label apparel and trendy accessories here.

Best Private Label Manufacturers in Other Countries 

So that you aren’t limited to working with suppliers from just one area, let’s look into private label manufacturers in various countries. You can use this directory to locate foreign producers.

Listed below are companies based in countries other than the United States. Country names are also listed next to the corporate names for full transparency.

Clothes2Order – United Kingdom 

When it comes to private label services, this website truly shines. Use this platform to establish your own private label apparel line.

They sell a wide variety of shirts, purses, coats, hats, and other apparel and accessories. Their lightning-bolt delivery technique is the finest part.

There are basically two choices for shipping with them. Express shipping, which typically arrives at its destination within a few days, and next-day shipping are the two most common options.

When you spend over £100, you can get shipping for free. Companies that produce bespoke garments are also fair game. In addition, you might think of this website as a POD (Print on Demand) enterprise.

With the ever-present popularity of t-shirts, this website is a great place to find the raw materials for your own private label t-shirt line.

Perfume Designer Manufacturer – France

The French export most recognized worldwide is listed here. That, indeed, is an aromatized spray. This is a rare example of a private label brand that doesn’t sell its wares through its official website.

They feature a straightforward user interface that just needs you to specify the fragrance you’re after. Consequently, this is a superb chance to launch a private label perfume company in France.

Ask their staff if they will ship the merchandise to countries other than France. Therefore, you may expand your focus to include European nations.

Vanilla Sugar – Australia

This is a fantastic platform for acquiring Australian goods. Private label goods are all they sell on this website. This site is different from others who sell the products directly in addition to taking custom orders.

That’s how the private label industry is supposed to work. An excellent private label manufacturer will not sell their own brand’s products, but rather will focus only on doing business with other companies. In fact, you’re currently seeing one such site.

They state that they supply specialized goods to corporations all around the globe. This means that they are not confined to the continent of Australia.

Tonnie – Taiwan

Dismayed to find a Taiwanese participant? Fear not. This is an excellent addition to the growing group of private label producers.

They’ve been operating since the 1970s. Because of this, you may have faith in the quality of their offerings. They are well-known not just for the quality of their products but also for the chic and original packaging they come in. There are times when novel packaging is able to capture people’s interest as well.

Any number of goods can be mixed and matched to your specifications. This is a fantastic place to get everything your private label company requires.

The primary focus of this online store is the sale of individualized beauty aids. Many varieties of cosmetics and skin care items are available.

This platform is designed for those who run a web store selling items related to clothing, skin care, and cosmetics.

This platform is ideal for arranging shipment of private-labeled goods to Taiwan and neighboring areas of Asia. If you need to ship internationally, however, you must contact this particular vendor.

Intrepid Sourcing – Hong Kong

Intrepid Sourcing is a Hong Kong-based company whose mission is to source and supply made-to-order goods of any kind. This website has been around for a long time, so you know you can rely on the services they provide.

There’s a promise of collaboration in product development and manufacturing on the website. So it’s not just another case of private labeling.

Private labeling entails teaming up with a manufacturer or wholesaler to distribute goods under your own label. Intrepid Sourcing is the place to go if you want to see your product idea come to fruition. Incredible, huh?

By using this platform, you may differentiate yourself from other private label retailers. Your product idea can be developed with their help.

You should try to make it work and conduct some preliminary cost estimating and budgeting.

FAQs about Private Label Manufacturers

For a better understanding of private label producers, we’ve provided answers to the most often asked questions. Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here.

How Do I Find a Private Label Manufacturer?

Consider this the most vital inquiry. It can be time consuming and difficult to locate a reliable private label producer. You still won’t know if they’re trustworthy or not.

Our best advice is to look into the private label factories we’ve listed here.

But if you’d rather seek out private label producers on your own, you have several options. Some of the greatest places to look for a private label producer are detailed below.

Find a private label manufacturer to collaborate with by doing some basic Google research and digging deep. In order to narrow your search, try using different keywords.
Do include the name of the niche and nation in your search if you are looking for a private label manufacturer in a certain area.

Seek out the websites of the locations Google suggests you visit.
Look for a private label producer on many online marketplaces. They are available via online marketplaces including Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, etc.
Find national directories of manufacturers to research their products. Mfg, Maker’s Row, Thomas Net, The Manufacturer, etc. are all good examples.
Reddit and other social media sites are also good places to look for private label manufacturers.
There are additional resources available to help source private label producers. Salehoo, Wholesale Central, etc., are all examples of such resources.

What Is the Difference Between Private Label and White Label Products? 

Products bearing the store’s private label or white label are sold under those names. The key distinction is that private label goods are manufactured exclusively for the store to the buyer’s specifications (including but not limited to color, size, choices, etc.).

By producing goods in large quantities and then reselling them under several store labels, or “white labels,” a producer can make a profit by supplying the same product to numerous different stores.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Private Label Business?

There are benefits and drawbacks to starting any kind of business. Even while private labeling is a lucrative industry, it is not without its difficulties.

These are some of the benefits and drawbacks of running a private label company.

Pros of Private Label Business 

expanded margins of profit.
Stronger advertising presence.
Increased potential for future purchases.
Independence in deciding on product details.
That market has less competition.
Stronger product regulation.

Cons of Private Label Business 

Spending more money.
Costlier minimum order quantities.
Trouble locating reliable producers

What Is the Difference Between Wholesale and Private Label?

The business concepts of wholesale and private brands are poles apart. Products can be purchased in bulk at a cheaper unit cost in wholesale, and then resold to consumers in smaller lots at higher unit costs in the retail sector.

Simply said, you sell things under any brand name or no brand name at all.

Private labels involve retailing goods under a company’s own label. The goods themselves will be tailored to your specific requirements. Earning a profit margin from this venture will follow the same principles as wholesale.

When purchasing private label goods, you buy in bulk to save money and then sell in smaller amounts to make a profit.

How Much Does Private Label Manufacturing Cost?

The initial investment required to begin a private label manufacturing business is proportional to the quantity and quality of the products you intend to sell.

An assessment suggests that private label manufacturing is more expensive than wholesale or white label production.

Getting your private label products made will require a minimum investment of $1,000.


Locating reliable private label manufacturers is the backbone of your private label supply chain. For this reason, we published a directory of companies who supply private label goods.

Please let us know in the comments area if you found this post helpful. Do let us know if there is anything else about this topic that you feel should be made more clear or covered.